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5th December 2006, 3:56 AM
Good, I have to decide to make a video of pokémon mystery Dungeon, the video will be a little fuzzy (will be muddled), and I request the authorization from Serebii to put the site of serebii.net at the end of my video like source of inspiration to have made this video.

PS: plz accept, you would be too happy Serebii and for all Serebiiens (male) and Serebiiennes (female) (note: the people come to this site) to see serebii.net at the end of my video.

thank you to send a PM while indicant if you accept or refuse

after Serebii read this, i want you to speak about it to the other administrators and moderator to accept or refuse this and leave this topic open to know the comments of all Serebiiens and Serebiiennes.

Sorry if i repeat this once more time, but its all of you give me the strenght to make this video, (sorry for my english but i live in quebec (french part so...)). There is also pokemon-france and youtube give me strenght.

question : the video will be in english?
answer : the game yes because i live in canada :) and the video will be in english and french text part for the people like you and french people can understand the video.

thank you once more time

your Serebiien


ps:i write with color of USA flag, blue-white-red for english part text
and for french part text, i write with color of France flag red-white-blue

edit:i do a big fault with the France's flag, in my brain i think the france's flag was red-white-blue but it's the opposites
the france's color flag are blue-white-red)

sorry for this big fault, but the color remains the same

i know that is the opposite chow ;)

5th December 2006, 3:32 PM
despite the fact that Serebii is such a nice guy *cough* this is illegal and he can not allow it :(