View Full Version : Salamance or Aggron?

Battle Frontier Champ
12th December 2006, 3:26 AM
Not sure with my team if i should go with Salamence or aggron here are their movesets.
Salamence@Choice Band/Leftovers/Leichi
w/CB Brick Break- w/Leftovers and Leichi Swords dance
Aerial Ace/Dragon Claw

Aggron@ Leftovers
Thunder Wave/Earthquake/Counter

Which one should i use?

12th December 2006, 3:28 AM
Even if we don't know the rest of your team, Salamence is always a better choice for a physical sweeper than Aggron for the reason that it's faster, stronger, and doesn't have TWO 4x weakness.

Also, use CBMence with Rock Slide. And wtf, Mence can't learn Swords Dance.

12th December 2006, 3:31 AM
Both. They are both good pokemon to trsain. Especially with those movesets. But yeah. Salamence only has one double weakness compared to Aggron's two.

12th December 2006, 3:54 AM
Intimitate and its speed make Salamence so much better.

12th December 2006, 3:57 AM
Definitely use Salamence, I'm actually going to use one soon

Battle Frontier Champ
12th December 2006, 4:00 AM
Opps didnt know salemence cant learn swords dance because its a pain to get dragon dance on him cause breeding. and do u want the rest of my team i posted it earlier for emarald but i can post it again if you want me to.

12th December 2006, 4:15 AM
Salamence is a better phisical sweeper than Aggron because it's faster.

12th December 2006, 6:31 AM
I'd go with Salemence it is generally better then Aggron all around.

12th December 2006, 5:05 PM
yep go with salamence.

12th December 2006, 6:19 PM
Easy choice, Salamence! Or you can do what i tell other people, try both.
You can easily determine after a couple of matches which one is better, but as said, Salamence is probably going to be your first choice.

Battle Frontier Champ
12th December 2006, 10:04 PM
thanks guys this helpedd alot