View Full Version : Would underused Pokémon benefit you?

16th December 2006, 3:13 AM
This is a thread that I think could be acceptable in this forum. Basically, being that underused Pokémon [well, some of them] are pretty powerful, such as a Modest Butterfree with EVs in SAtk and SDef, or an Omastar, would it beneficial to the trainer to use these underused Pokémon or to your opponent?

And a posted team of a potential Underused Powerhouse Party [xD - I suck with Team Names/Themes] will come soon...I hope...

16th December 2006, 3:18 AM
I really don't think as you'll get stomped on in competetive play with the OU pokemon, but, personally, I like using UU pokemon in-game for fun

16th December 2006, 3:21 AM
(Dammit, wrong forum...could a mod please put this in competitive play, please? I apologize for this.)

To change the subject to competitive play this time, would it be beneficial for you to play, let's say, an Underused-Neverused team against an Overused-Uber team? I highly doubt that, due to the stats, but there are those few that are super-powerful that are still not appreciated.

16th December 2006, 2:06 PM
in underused superpowerful pokemon i do believe you mean BL (borderline) are you talking about pokemon such as entei who have stats to good for UU but arent used in OU?

howling houndour
16th December 2006, 7:31 PM
I love mixed sweeper octillery

16th December 2006, 7:47 PM
Adamant shuckle is what I like to use in UD play. With cb= kick azzzzzzz... I just get a kick out of beating people with it.

Or annoyer pikachu, not sure if its considered UD though.