View Full Version : Wobbuffet GRRRRRR!!

17th December 2006, 7:45 PM
Ok, I'm ev training this wobbuffet;

Careful Nature
Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond
ev's 252 def/252 SDef/4 hp

Is there any easier way to train the darn thing up in ev's? I've been going at it for like 2 hours and I'm still not even done w/def cus he keeps dying against geodudes selfdestruct in magma hideout. And I somehow lost my exp share, trying to locate it on other games right now but no luck so far.

17th December 2006, 7:50 PM
Give it Macho Brace and it will double the Evs on every guy. Also change Destiny Bond to Safeguard Wobbafet is too slow to use it efficiently.

17th December 2006, 7:53 PM
It does have mbrace. It's just dying every fourth battle or so from selfdestruct. I've been doing a huge amount of ev training recently (24 fully ev trained level 100's is my current resume) and i'm just annoyed that wobbu is taking so long.
Oh, and everyone talks about 'using wobbuffet effectively'. How do you use him effectively v. non effectively? I've always thought he was overated because i've never had a hard time taking him down in bf or against friends.

17th December 2006, 8:01 PM
Then go to the level 5 guys xD they're easier to kill.I EVed my Starmie in SAtk by slaughtering Numels with Surf.Or you can use Exp. Share with a higher level Pokemon since Wobbuffett has no direct attacks it might be good to do that...

17th December 2006, 10:19 PM
You could start by constantly feeding it Irons and Zincs for some DEF and SP.DEF Evs, then attach the EXP.Share to Wobbuffet, and battle pokemon that give 3 EVs in DEF and SP.DEF such as Golems and Tentacruel

Pika Egg
17th December 2006, 10:38 PM
Using Wobbu effectively simply means being able to predict the opponent's move, Encore something that won't kill you in a turn or two, and then take them down with Counter/MC..or switch to another pokemon that can take the Encored move while it sets up with Swords Dance, Calm Mind, etc.

This isn't as easy in-game since most in-game trainers just use whatever they have in no particular order, whereas human opponents are easier to predict (for example, an in-game Salamence may use Dragon Claw or Aerial Ace, but most human opponents will use a purely Physical 'mence, so you don't have to guess between Counter and MC.)

17th December 2006, 11:12 PM
Wobbuffet also works best when you have a Wisher on your team. Vaporeon is Wobbuffet's best friend. And if you can't trade from FR/LG, then tough luck, since all the Wishers in R/S/E suck (unless you can get XD, then Gardevoir or Salamence can pull it off decently).