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18th December 2006, 6:25 AM
Sign up thread (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=178100)

Okay, this is a thread to discuss the RPG Something from Nothing. I'm sure you all have some questions about how this is going to work, since... well, it's a kinda confusing RPG. XP

Any questions regarding signups, characters, weapons, species, enemies, or just general insanity may be posted here.

Do not post here if you are not a member/reservation of Something from Nothing. =D

So... ask away! ;3

19th December 2006, 4:15 AM
InnerFlame: Accepted... Holy **** girl, where does your imagination come from!? o.o SWEETNESS. In many ways. XDDD

Cdra, they come from nature, the snow and the rain. The fluffy white clouds that hangs over head, the squiggly in wood and the cracks concrete that seem to come out differently in my head. As my mind roams from place to place, world to world, ideas to ideas these thing just come into my thoughts. Through dreams, through words, through people actions don't no why but they just do. And I also find if I wonder why, or I use the phase 'what if' follow by an ideas, it these builds themselves in my mind. When doing another things, writing other stories something in it always seem to trigger a new idea which make it difficult to stick to just one idea.

I also have a imagination snagging device, that steals the imagination of everyone on my block, district and state. With it I will rule to world of make believe people and turned them into my slaves until selected # of people and maybe creatures come and vanish me and the world live happily ever after. Until someone even stronger and chalked with even more imaginative power than me appears. Okay I'm done with my off-topicness...

From the sweetness pun-ish comment for my character I would said that you dig her. When I created her I was trying to make her as unique as I could possibly mainly because you used the words 'go into any degree' and I thought, time to get creative...

Okay would it be okay if a make an not important creature character who may just hang around with us and flirt with the other players? She or He wouldn't really be much help and wouldn't throw the RPG off. S/He would pretty much be there for fun and maybe just comical relief. S/He might even help develop personality of some of the other characters.

Oh and another thing was exactly should I expect to see from enemies? Do they look like normal, adnormal residences of the Non-Existence or this there something thing that set them apart at we will just know when we see them?