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Leafs For Cup
19th December 2006, 5:01 AM
Yeah BF ya know... It's just some crappy team i threw together since two of them are caught at lvl 40 and i already had the other... Plus i think most frontier challenges will kill the team but i got the pike and dome symbols with worse teams...

Ninjask @Shell Bell/Brightpowder/Whatever - Will Become A stat-up berry when i get up and play Colosseum for the coupon thingies...
252 Atk; 252 Spd; 6 HP
Adamant; Speed Boost
-Silver Wind
-Baton Pass
-Swords Dance

btw its HP is divisible by 4 so it takes only 3 subs to make the berry work

Regice @Leftovers
252 HP; 252 SpAtk; 6 HP
Modest; Clear Body
-Ice Beam

Regirock @Choice Band
EV's haven't been laid out yet... prolly gunna be a 252/252/6 spread to boring...
Careful (eh... it was shiny... least its not modest); Clear Body
-Rock Slide

This team is lvl 50 so yeah...

Pika Egg
19th December 2006, 5:08 AM
movesets are ok, but Fighting and Steel moves will hurt..especially since those pokemon will often have a Rock attack too to deal with Ninjask.. Also, I'm not sure how well Choice Band will work if you plan to pass from Ninjask to Regirock...since you could get locked into EQ and have to fight someone immune. You could give Regirock the Shell Bell and expect to pass at least one SD from Ninjask...

19th December 2006, 5:28 AM
Heracross lols at this team. Seriously, you need a better Baton Pass recipient. Use Thick Club Marowak or Medicham (neither of which are in Emerald, but hey, it's well worth the trade). Salamence is fine if you can't trade.

Also, Pika Egg is right, Baton Passing to a CBer is totally stupid.

19th December 2006, 5:31 AM
BPers aren't best in the Frontier and neither is Regirock =/ Regice is the only good one on the team...You need some mean Sweepers on this team...

The Mighty Wurmple
19th December 2006, 6:34 AM
Speaking of sweepers :p

Some are:

Metagross@Choice Band
Adamant nature (+Atk, -Satk)
Trait: Clear Body
- Meteor Mash
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Explosion


Salamence@Choice Band/Leftovers
Adamant nature (+Atk, -Satk)
Trait: Intimidate
- Earthquake
- Aerial Ace
- Rock Slide
- Fire Blast/Dragon Dance (Use Dragon Dance with Leftovers)


Alakazam@Lum Berry/Shell Bell
Modest nature (+Satk, -Atk)
Trait: Synchronize
- Psychic
- Ice Punch
- Calm Mind/Thunder Punch
- Fire Punch


Starmie@Shell Bell
Modest nature (+Satk, -Atk)
Trait: Natural Cure
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Surf
- Psychic/Recover

Just to name a few

19th December 2006, 6:52 AM
Starmie,Salamence,and Metagross are the most overused BF Pokemon ever...So I suggest one of them...

Regice is also pretty OU

Frost Nova
19th December 2006, 6:57 AM
Don't forget Heracross and Gardevoir as well.

Heracross@Choice Band
Adamant Nature
- Brick Break
- Megahorn
- Rock Slide
- Facade

Trait: Guts

Gardevoir@Lum Berry
Modest Nature
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- T-Bolt
- Will-o-Wisp

Marowak@Thick Club
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Bonemerang / Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Double Edge

Medicham@Choice Band
Jolly Nature
- Hi Jump Kick
- Shadow Ball
- Rock Slide
- Fake Out

Trait: Trace / Synchronize

19th December 2006, 6:59 AM
Hera yes Garde is like a BL...Jolly it hurts my eyes...ADAMANT PEOPLE!

Frost Nova
19th December 2006, 7:01 AM
You haven't checked Maro's speed lately have you? Max speed EVs and Jolly nature is the only way Maro can outrun base 90 speed pokemon. You can go with Adamant for Medicham of course. Oh btw, Gardy's good. Nobody gives a **** that she's BL.

The Mighty Wurmple
19th December 2006, 7:07 AM
Sort of nooby question, but what does BL mean? I think it's a type of category, Like OU and UU and stuff, but I just wanna make sure.

Guess I forgot about Garde and Hera.

A fun baton-passing set for Medicham:

Jolly nature (+Spd, -Satk)
Trait: Pure Power
- Calm Mind
- Bulk Up
- Hi Jump Kick
- Baton Pass

^Lol, a joke set. Could work though o.O

Woo! Rank up, I finally hit 1000!

19th December 2006, 7:07 AM
I meant for BF....With Marowak you don't have to outspeed them sheesh...My philosophy it's better to put a huge dent in them rather then attacking first...

The Mighty Wurmple
19th December 2006, 7:09 AM
Speed can be vital though. Something like Sceptile or Alakazam could 1HKO you if they attacked first. Same with Suicune, Milotic and the likes.

19th December 2006, 7:11 AM
Some just don't need speed though...

19th December 2006, 8:04 PM
speed is (imo) very important in a fight. that first hit can mean win or loss. and i think BL means borderline

19th December 2006, 10:13 PM
If every one of your pokemon had a lot of speed and Attack/SpAttack and then you use an Attack/SpAttack stat increasing move then attack with a Super Effective move... Ouch... not to mention if you have STAB or a weather effect in play... I always beat my friends on the school bus...

Have some tanks though... I hate using tanks with one good defense and the other being crappy...

19th December 2006, 10:35 PM
ys bl stands for border line. However, i really don't think that starmie is anywhere near the most used bf pokemon. it is used by people who know what they're doing, but we are in the minority here. You guys seriously have no idea how many more people there are that just go through the game with their starter, legendaries and a pikachu they refuse to evolve.