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19th December 2006, 9:18 PM
GTC Deck
Pokemon = 22
3-2-3 Tyranitar ex d(DF)
3-2-3 Gardevoir ex d(DF)
3-3 Cradily(LM)

Trainers = 17
3x Holon Fossil
4x Rare Candy
3x Bills Maintence
2x Holon Farmer
2x Scott

Energy = 21
6x Fire Energy
6x Lightning Energy
3x Grass Energy
2x Delta Rainbow Energy
3x React Energy

First the strategy: Well, Cradily is here for every deck, BBSS, Metanite, Megalix etc. it devolves opp's Poke' 1 stage, and as it is not used in many decks, people don't think about it when making a deck, so it will be easier to devolve `rm and mess up their strategy! In this format most decks made of PokePOWERs will have at least 1 Lunatone and 1 Solrock, soit's not gonna be a bigger problem. But if they get it, it will stop Gardy's Improsion. Also they won't get those 2 Poke' out to battle. That's 1 point of T-tar being in this deck - if ur opp. has LunaRock deck, T-tar just 2HKO, or if something weak is active, OHKO. Gardy ex - he's mainly for buckup and 1 Poke' LunaRock. He locks down ANY PokePOWER or PokeBODY in play. So every Snorlax d deck here would be KO in few minutes. As you seen, this deck is weak to MewTrick decks, but that's not gonna be a problem. Improsion on Mew ex, devolve Manetrick and kill him with Mud Shot. So for this season, this deck's gonna be a winner. Unlucky me if I won't get to the Worlds.

Cipher 2008
19th December 2006, 9:33 PM
It helps to know which other Pokémon, such as Larvitar, you use, as other variations of the card may have more reason to be in the deck. If that makes sense.

It looks like a good deck. Very well thought out and I love the use of the Marker Pokémon (as I call them).