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21st December 2006, 7:01 PM
Pokemon = 23
3-2-3 Salamence d(DS) <--main attacker
3-2-3 Flygon d(HP) <--supporter of Salamence d and secondary attacker
2-2 Ninetales d(DF) <--supporter of Salamence
3 Holon's Castform <--what do u thnk this is for?

Trainers = 23
3x Holon Mentor
2x Holon Farmer
4x Holom Research Tower
2x Holon Ruins
4x Rare Candy
4x Holon Transciever
4x Holon Researcher

Energy = 14
3x Fire Energy
3x Grass Energy
4x Metal Energy
4x delta Rainbow Energy

The strategy is to use Castform for the start, as most decks do, use Flygon for attaching 2 eneries 2 Salamence, and Ninetales for bringing the Metal and delta Rainbow Energies back.
Btw, this deck is DS-on, so i'm gonna use it next year.

Rate + fix plz!

21st December 2006, 7:13 PM
Yay Flymence

3 Salamence d DS
1 Salamence ex d
2 Shelgon d DS (Tight Jaw)
4 Bagon d DS (Bite)
3 Flygon d HP
2 Vibrava d HP
3 Trapinch d HP
4 Holon's Castform
2 Chimecho d HP

3 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Researcher
2 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Lass
1 Holon Scientist
1 Holon Farmer
4 Rare Candy
2 Mr. Briney's Compassion
4 Windstorm

4 d Rainbow Energy
4 Metal Energy
3 Heal Energy
2 Scramble Energy