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24th December 2006, 5:08 AM
This is a big list of all the major decks in the metagame. The metagame is basically what decks and strategies people are using in the format. Iíll only be focusing on the Modified format, since in Unlimited, there's like what, 2, 3 decks that win at all? Iíll be listing the most major ones, their strategies/decklists, and good ways to counter them.

Current Metagame (DX-on)

Tier 1

These are the decks that a huge majority of people are playing. People that canít think up of their own deck ideas or people desperate for a high place in a tournament and have no time to test usually find a deck list off of the internet for one of these and use it. This is called netdecking. No, please donít do it. Itís too cheap.


This is probably the most widely played/copied deck in the entire format. It is based around Metagross d and Dragonite d.


The strategy of this deck is to use Metagrossí Crush and Burn attack, discarding energies to increase damage, and using Dragoniteís Delta Charge to retrieve it. Metagross DX ( http://pokebeach.com/sets/exdeoxys/11.jpg ) is usually added to get back energies even faster. A standard Metanite decklist looks pretty close to this.

3 Metagross d
1 Metagross DX
2 Metang d
4 Beldum d
3 Dragonite d
2 Dragonair d DS (Twister)
3 Dratini d DS (Thunder Wave)
1 Latios * DX
4 Holonís Castform
1 Holonís Voltorb

4 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Researcher
2 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Scientist
1 Holon Farmer
4 Rare Candy
4 Windstorm
3 Fluffy Berry

4 Metal Energy
8 Lightning Energy

Like I said earlier, do NOT just copy this list and play it. People who netdeck annoy me to the point where I feel like throwing raw eggs at them. Okay, not really, but still donít do it. This decklist is only here for planning against it.


Note: Unlike the decklist, this part I will let you copy.

~ Cessation Crystal. Itís pure magic. Your opponents will just windstorm it away, but if you play it with Crobat DS ( http://pokebeach.com/sets/exds/002.jpg ), your opponent canít even play their stupid Windstorms. Unfurtunately, then youíll end up doing 0 damage because of grass resistance. No biggie, just use Holon FF ( http://pokebeach.com/sets/exds/104.jpg ) and Fighting energy. Your opponentíll be forced to attach energies by hand, at their slooowwww 1 energy per turn.

~ Battle Frontier. Holon legacy does almost the same thing and works almost as well, but then theyíll have no weakness, which would be dumb. Again, theyíll Windstorm it. So play it with Houndoom UF. ( http://pokebeach.com/sets/exuf/7.jpg ) If you play Crystal Shard as well, youíll KO their Metagrosses and Dragonites easily. Please note that this combination wonít win at all against any deck that doesnít play dark/metal/normal powers/bodies.

~ Gardevoir ex d. ( http://pokebeach.com/sets/exdf/93.jpg ) It puts imprison counters on their dragonites to stop their recovering of energies, and then their metagrosses to slow them down big time. Theyíll take forever to kill it with its 150 HP, and again, if you play crystal shard, youíll be overkilling them. Probably the best option, as Metanite isnít the only deck it works against.



This deck centers around Raichu d and Exeggutor d.


Doesnít look like a combo, right? Well, it isÖsort of. They both are good at the same thing - spreading damage to knock out 1-2-3, maybe even 4 pokes at the same time, ridding them of basic pokemon, or taking a good number of prizes. List looks like this.

4 Raichu d
4 Pikachu d HP
4 Exeggutor d
4 Exeggcute d
4 Holonís Castform
2 Holonís Magnemite

3 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Researcher
2 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Scientist
1 Holon Farmer
2 Copycat
4 Maryís Request
4 Cessation Crystal
4 Cursed Stone
2 Holon Legacy

4 Metal Energy
2 Double Rainbow Energy
4 Scramble Energy


Uh. There arenít a lot, but here goes nothing.

~ Windstorm. Raieggs likes to use Cursed Stone + Cessation Crystal. Windstorm = byebye both.

~ Medicham CG + Scramble Energy. Iím freaking serious. Wait until youíre behind on prozes (donít do this if you have 2 prizes left or etc) and Medicham kills bith by weakness. Windstorm away their Holon Legacy or play a counterstadium.

~ Arbok d, Gardevoir ex d, or whatever else that does 80 damage. The pokes in this deck have rather low HP.

~ Dugtrio CG. Donít use this. Seriously.

UhÖ thatís all I could figure out.



This deck is centered around Banette ex and Houndoom UF.


Banette ex does really quick damage and Houndoom annoys the opponent to near-death. Sableye CG is sometimes used as well, to help discarding faster.


A Boom list looks like this.

3 Banette ex
1 Banette CG
4 Shuppet CG
2 Houndoom UF
2 Houndour UF
2 Sableye CG

3 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Farmer
1 Holon Lass
4 TV Reporter
4 Crystal Beach
1 Battle Frontier
3 Pokemon Reversal
3 Professor Elmís Training Method
3 Super Scoop Up
2 Copycat
2 Warp Point

4 Rainbow Energy
7 Psychic Energy
3 Fire Energy


~ Cessation Crystal. This thing doesnít run Windstorm most of the time. Take advantage of that. 1 Mawile CG can be teched in case youíre Houndoom locked.

~ Anything that hits 90. Banette has crap HP for an ex. Salamence d does funny stuff to this, since Banette canít kill it in one hit, but it murders that stupid puppet thing.

~ Just so you know, Safeguard pokes do NOT work against this. They just send up that Houndoom. Dustox ex doesnít work, since itís weak to CG Banette AND Houndoom. Wobbuffet PK does not work, since youíll kill yourself if you attack after Houndoom Flamethrowers you. Itís weak to CG Banette as well.


Tier 2

These I wonít get as much into or post lists for, since they arenít played as much.


Flygon ex d

I honestly have never seen this deck played, but Iíve heard a lot about it. Itís won quite a few cities, so I guess itís worth a mention. Safeguard owns this.

Flymence/Sunny D

Flygon d and Salamence d. I covered this deck in the deckbuilding guide I posted a little earlier. I have no idea how the nickname ďSunny DĒ came up, though. The Houndoom UF + Battle Frontier trick works well against this.


Tier 3

These decks are ones that have potential, but get their rears kicked by Tier 1/2 decks.



This deck was pretty popular last year, but itís way too reliant on luck. I hate depending on my opponent flipping tails on burn and sleep for wins. It (ab)uses Ariados UFís Spider Trap with Flareon exís power. Once again say this. I hate luck decks.


Last year it flat out lost to Dragtrode, T2 Cham, LBS, god knows what else. Now that those are out of the format or suffered huge losses with the rotation (Cham lost Pow, Admin, and Swoop), Mercury is actually playable. Itís based around Gardevoir d DS moving energy around. Starmie DS provides the energy, Gardevoir ex d disrupts the opponent. There are about 5 different variants - Altaria ex d, Scizor ex, Registeel ex EM (even though itís crap in this format, outclassed by Raichu d), and a few others. Itís pretty slow, though.

Shiftry ex

Ew. I hate this. I can just refuse to use a Power, and then Shiftry ex has to deal with its 2 weaknesses. Not the greatest attacker either.



These are decks that arenít known well. They might be bad or good. For now, Iíll only mention the ďgoodĒ ones. :D


Alligator Eggs

Okay, whoever came up with that nickname had to be bored. This deck is based around Feraligatr d and Exeggutor d. Eggyís Delta Circle does tons of damage and Feraligatr makes it even more.


I invented this baby in late June/early July, and itís actually doing really well. I refuse to post any more hints for it. I want a trip to Worlds :(

Seedot LM

I love this deck, but jit's way too dependant on my opponent letting me spin the dice along the corner where the 2, 4, and 6 meet. =[[


Well, thatís all I remember as of now. Please donít kill me if I forgot any. :P

Amakusa Ryu
24th December 2006, 2:45 PM
Hey, this is an excellent analysis. Of the top 3, I like Metanite, and it is a very played deck here in Argentina.

2nd January 2007, 3:34 PM
but nice analysis. I'll help you out fill the void on some decks you forgot.

Sallygross - It kind's kind of like Metanite. Do major damage by discarding energy cards then get them back next turn. Except Metagross (DX) is the energy accelarator by getting your Psychic and METAL energy back from your discard pile. It uses both Salamence Ex and Salamence D. The nice thing about this deck is that it has bench hitting, unlike Metanite. It's a tough match up for Metanite too 'cause Sallygross has both of Metanite's weaknesses. Crystal Shard really hurts this deck, but doesn't kill it. It's better than the Sunny D version since Flygon D can't use it's power to power up Salamence Ex, so it doesn't use it. With Metagross (DX) you can even play Latias *. It has won some City Championships. I think the deck is underrated and overlooked by many players (that could be my bias opinion as it's one of my favorite decks, if not my favorite). I would put it at tier 1.

Arcanine Ex/Houndoom : This one is kind of the same as Banette Ex/Houndoom. But it can be a little slower, doesn't have the support Banette Ex has (safeguard banette, ascension shuppet). And any water deck takes it down easily, even rogue ones. It also has won some City Championships so at best it's a tier 3.