View Full Version : Help i cant use my nickname

legendary master Jose
2nd January 2007, 8:37 PM
hey everyone i have a problem my chat nickname is Kenny but i cant use it i had it registered everytime i try to use it it says nickname already in use when its not why wont it let me use my nick name

RaZoR LeAf
8th January 2007, 7:25 PM
If it's registered to you, you should be able to ghost it.

/nickserv ghost Kenny <password>

Put the password in and it will disconnect the nickname in use, if it's someone else using it, or if it's a clone left over from a disconnection on your part. If that doesn't work, it means the registration on the nickname has dropped, and someone else has registered it. try /nickserv info Kenny to check who it is registered too.