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4th January 2007, 12:36 AM
Question, when is Serebii.net going to start doing 4th generation Pokemon for "Pokemon of the Week"?

(I'm sorry if this is the wrong part of the fourm to post this)

Anyways, here's what I think of the best battle move set for ;389;Dotaitos (from my prespective):



-Superpower/Hidden Power (Fighting)

-Frenzy Plant/Wood Hammer/Giga Drain/Solarbeam/Energy Ball

-Earthquake/Synthesis/Substitute/Giga Drain/Return/Sunny Day

-Earthquake/Synthesis/Substitute/Giga Drain/Return/Sunny Day/Giga Drain

Item: Black Steel Orb/Great Land Plate/Green Plate/Hot Rock/Miracle Seed/

Nature: Timid

If I get an answer saying yes (in some way) staff, if it's good, will you post it?

Cipher 2008
4th January 2007, 12:55 AM
Uh, maybe when Diamond and Pearl are released in the US? 'Cos he kinda needs the English names for everything, and there's no point in doing fourth-gen POTW when the vast majority of people in the US and Europe don't own the games yet.

Oh, and Serebii does his own POTWs. If you look at what you've done for it and you look at what he does for it...nuff said.

4th January 2007, 12:56 AM
Meh.....true, but we could prepare for it

Anyways what do you think of my Pokemon's stats?

i love pochama!
15th January 2007, 9:11 PM
please tell me when pokemon diamond and pearl is coming to europe!

oh and by the way.my blaziken is on level 100 and knows heatwave to.

i can't wait for pochamas real name!

and i do want diamond and pearl pokemon to be a pokemon of the week.

RaZoR LeAf
15th January 2007, 9:27 PM
When DP is on worldwide release, there will be an update of DP related stuff. If you want to give, or suggest things for pokemon, there is a DP forum for that.