View Full Version : Any suggestions for the deck I'll enter into a tournament?

5th January 2007, 3:45 PM
Sableye 10/100 crystal guardians
original gastly
gastley 109/165 e-expedition
2 original haunters
Gengar 5/92 legend maker
eevee 63/100 sandstorm
espeon 16/100 sandstorm
1st promo of mewtwo
duskull 51/100 crystal guardians & 46/106 emerald
dudclops 17/100 crystal guardians
shuppet 40/100 crystal guardians
banette 1/100 crystal guardians
spoink 62/100 crystal guardians 73/97 dragon 65/106 emerald 76/107 deoxys
grumpig 32/107 deoxys
original jynx
original mr. mime
mr. mime ex 111/112 fire red leafgreen
deoxys 16/107 deoxys
jirachi 8/101 hidden legends

24 psychic energies
1 metal energy
crystal beach
pokemon breeder
super potion
energy removal
pokemon trader
oran berry
sprout tower
cessational crystal

So any suggestions before I enter a tournament????

Cipher 2008
5th January 2007, 4:31 PM

Don't enter a tournament with that. It's not tournament-legal if you're planning on entering a POP-sanctioned one.

6th January 2007, 6:52 PM
First post a strategy or tell us what pokemon your deck is centered around. After that we can probably help you out a bit more. :]

And also, try to play with maybe 18 or less energies