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10th January 2007, 12:56 AM
Can you change the info people get from whois-ing you?

10th January 2007, 1:19 AM
Yes, if you use IRC. Why you had to ask this on here I do not know. >_>


11th January 2007, 12:00 AM
I have mIRC. But I don't know how. And the Search Engine was no good.

No, I don't know how to use IRC! I don't even know what IRC stands for! Or the "m" for that matter! *is flamed*

And I asked this here because this is the Chat discussion.

RaZoR LeAf
11th January 2007, 12:51 AM
Internet Relay Chat. Click the icon that looks like (if I recall) a hammer or some tools. Then just edit your profile settings there.

11th January 2007, 3:40 AM
Okay, I did that, but I can't connect:

* Unable to resolve server

What does that mean?

And don't tell me I'm banned, because I couldn't be banned if I wasn't there, could I? And if I can, for what reason? I'm sure I didn't do anything.

RaZoR LeAf
11th January 2007, 12:26 PM
It means your not connecting to the server. Either you've miseplled it, or there's just a server problem.

28th January 2007, 6:33 AM
hi. i tried to login today but i couldnt. was i being ban?