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11th January 2007, 1:30 AM

1x skitty LM
1x delcatty ex CG
4x larvitar DF(bite)
1x pupitar UF
1x pupitar DF(headbutt)
1x tyranitar DS
1x carvanha HP
1x sharpedo HP
1x makuhita DX
2x makuhita DS
1x hariyama EM
1x cleffa UF
1x heracross DF
1x holon's electrode
1x magmar TRR
1x mewtwo DS
1x groudon ex PR


1x Wallys training
2x Holon lass
1x computer search
1x energy charge
1x pokemon park
1x Holon mentor
1x Holon scientist
4x crystal shard
1x buffer piece
1x holon legacy(shuts opponent down but helps sharpedo)


2x metal
2x Holon energy FF
3x multi
9x fighting
9x fire

the suspense of the deck well I played a game with a friend and there were 3 cases in which after I drew I had no cards left and when the game ended I had 32 cards left from upstream it is a risky deck one copy of main and secondary attackers but more energy equals more power. I know this deck needs a gyarados * and maybe trr's magby. basically drawing discarding and attacking make the deck strong.