View Full Version : Modified Blaziken Structure

12th January 2007, 6:55 AM
I'm sorry, I don't know what the set symbols stand for, so I'll name the attacks they have.

Numel x3 (Firebreathing/Tackle)
Camerupt x2 (Super Singe/Ram)
Torchic x4 (Peck/Fireworks)
Combusken x1 (Slash/Super Singe)
Combusken x2 (Quick Attack/Combustion)
Blaziken x2 (Firestarter/Fire Stream)
Horsea x3 (Paralyzing Gaze/Wave Splash)
Seadra x1 (Energy Cannon/Water Arrow)
Seadra x1 (Agility/Waterfall)
Goldeen x2 (Flail)
Seaking x2 (Water Arrow/Fast Stream)

PokeNav x1
Potion x1
Life Herb x1
Energy Retrieval x1
TV Reporter x1
Bill x1
Steven's Advice x1
High Pressure System x1
Energy Search x2
Celio's Network x2
Professor Birch x2
Professor Elm x1

Water Energy x7
Fire Energy x15

The other cards I have are only from old sets, yet there's quite a few. My funds are limited, so I can't buy more right now. Regardless, I'd like to know if my deck has any glaring weaknesses.