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19th January 2007, 4:09 AM
Okay, this is my Modified deck that I will be using in the tournament this Saturday.

Please give me any advice and/or suggestions which would improve my deck and be helpful to me in the tournament. Thanks.


2 Pikachu - EX Emerald

2 Pikachu - POP Series 4

1 Raichu - EX Holon Phantoms

1 Plusle - EX Trainer's Kit 2

1 Minun - Ex Trainer's Kit 2

2 Delta Species Mewtwo - EX Holon Phantoms

2 Dunsparce - EX Legend Maker

2 Ralts - EX Dragon Frontiers

2 Misdreavus - EX Legend Maker

2 Spoink - EX Crystal Guardians

2 Grumpig - EX Deoxys

1 Wobbuffet - EX Legend Maker

1 Wobbuffet - POP Series 4

1 Mew - Expedition (yeah, apparently, I've found out that this card was indeed re-printed in a later set, so I can use it in my deck).


11 Electric Energy

11 Psychic Energy


2 Celio's Network - EX Fire Red and Leaf Green

1 Professor Cosmo's Discovery - EX Holon Phantoms

1 Scott - EX Emerald

1 Mr. Stone's Project - EX Holon Phantoms

1 Energy Search - EX Unseen Forces

2 Lum Berry - EX Emerald

2 Sitrus Berry - EX Unseen Forces

1 Strength Charm - EX Team Magma VS. Team Aqua (this was a reprinted card as well, apparently)

1 Professor Oak's Research - EX Dragon Frontiers

1 Castaway - EX Crystal Guardians

1 Low Pressure System - EX Dragon (I don't know if this was reprinted, but I am assuming it is, because it was on the Modified list of cards that my friend gave me......)

1 Power Tree - EX Legend Maker

1 Mysterious Shard - EX Crystal Guardians

And by the way, I haven't tested my Modified Deck with anyone yet. So I have no idea how powerful it is, or whether it needs some adjustments. I will have to do this very soon, at least before I show up at the Championships on Saturday. ^^o

Also, I might add either of these cards to my deck, and change things around, if I need to:

1 Grumpig - EX Crystal Guardians

1 Deoxys - EX Deoxys

1 Holon Legacy - EX Dragon Frontiers

Of course, if I wanted to "take a risk", I could also add in one of my EX Pokemon (I hate the drawback of, your-opponent-takes-2-Prizes). I have a Promo - Zapdos EX that I could use, and it seems to be pretty powerful (it does have one drawback however, because that one attack it has, well that would hurt my Benched Pokemon......). Unfortunately, I cannot use my Mewtwo EX because it's from EX Ruby and Sapphire. X.X

16th February 2007, 8:10 PM
did you win?