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Crono Sabre
6th February 2007, 8:01 AM
Pokemon: [23]
[x3] Trapinch d [Quick Bind]
[x2] Vibrava d [Sonic Noise]
[x3] Flygon d EX
[x2] Swablu d
[x2] Altaria d EX
[x1] Ralts d
[x1] Gardevoir d EX
[x2] Spearow
[x2] Fearow d
[x1] Chimecho d
[x4] Holon's Castform

Trainers: [24]
[x2] Battle Frontier
[x2] Copycat
[x2] Holon Adventurer
[x4] Holon Mentor
[x2] Holon Researcher
[x1] Holon Scientist
[x4] Holon Transceiver
[x4] Rare Candy
[x1] Warp Point
[x2] Windstorm

Energy: [12]
[x2] Fire
[x4] Water
[x7] Psychic

Strategy: Start with Holon's Castform. Use Holon Mentor to get basics. Repeatedly use Delta Draw. Build up everyone ASAP. Build Fearow d before anything else so I can search for others. I prefer to get Gardevoir d EX out first before Flygon d EX. Once Gardevoir d EX is out, Imprison the opponent's Powers and Bodies. Use Altaria d EX's Extra Boost toattach an energy to Gardevoir d EX, then attach a Holon's Castform to it. Once there are enough energies attached, use Gardevoir d EX's Flame Ball to move the Holon's Castform to a benched Flygon d EX or Altaria d EX. Flygon d EX would be the priority of Flame Ball's energy movement. Once everything is set up, start sweeping the opponent.

15th February 2007, 8:54 PM
bad. you dont have kirlia

15th February 2007, 11:02 PM
bad. you dont have kirlia

Bad advice. He has 4 Rare Candy

Crono Sabre
18th February 2007, 8:22 AM
Some changes have been made ;o