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15th February 2007, 8:59 PM
Hello all, Ashen here. As the title of the topic (and certainly my usertitle states), I'm an old player. And by old player, I mean old: started out all the way in the dark ages of 1995. I've pretty much mastered RBY, so indeed, an oldie trainer I am. That's not to say I haven't been playing since then. GSC is teh win, especially Crystal.

I'm anxiously awaiting the release of DP, as I'm sure a great many of you all are, so I've been trying to win the darnedness out of my current GBA games (I used to have RSE, LG/FR, but I lost my Ruby). Needless to say, since I'm so used to playing RBY/GSC, I'm a bit old-fashioned, so to In-Game Teams I go. (swt)

I'm also an avid RPG freak, and not just a FFa fan (unlike many so-claimed RPG freaks, lawl). So, after lurking for a little too long, I've registered, and I'm ready to spread whatever knowledge I have, and gain whatever knowledge have you all.

(goes off to fix signature as well [why the heck did it not save (sad)?])

bubbles the cat
15th February 2007, 9:03 PM
hi noob. have fun.

16th February 2007, 2:43 AM
Have fun on the forums!

16th February 2007, 2:47 AM
Welcome here.

16th February 2007, 6:59 AM
Hello, welcome to Serebii. Have fun and enjoy the forums.

16th February 2007, 7:29 AM
hi noob. have fun.

Newb, I hope you mean. A n00b is someone who fails to follow the rules, a newb is someone who is not yet familiar with a certain area.

*closes dictionary*

Welcome to le forum. Make sure you don't get addicted, as SPPf certainly has the ability to keep you from other business. Hope to see you around. :)

16th February 2007, 12:40 PM
Welcome to the forums hope you have fun! Just remember to follow the rules!

Ludicolo Master
17th February 2007, 11:56 AM
W.T.F Welcome To Forums. this is all.