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16th February 2007, 11:34 PM
Salvete omnes! Now that the showing-off of my foreign language is out of the way, as you can tell I am new. I've been lurking around for awhile, and finally decided to join in the fun. So...that's about it. See you around!

17th February 2007, 12:19 AM
Welcome to Serebii,Smunkie!

I like your signature. Very witty! So what foreign language do you happen to speak?

PM me if you want to be friends.

17th February 2007, 12:39 AM
Hi! Follow the rules and have fun! Pm me if you have questions or if you want to be friends.

17th February 2007, 2:44 AM
Nice sig.
Welcome to SPPf!

17th February 2007, 4:13 AM
Thanks, everyone =)
Yoshinichi: the language I speak, or am learning to speak anyway, is Latin. Salvete omnes mean Hello everyone.

17th February 2007, 5:49 AM
Hi, welcome to Serebii. Hope u have a great time here. PM me if u need anything or a friend. Take care

17th February 2007, 5:33 PM
Thank you =)

17th February 2007, 9:26 PM
Salutations! Remember don't make a fool of yourself (that's my job!) And out of curiosity how long did it take you to get your initiation letter?

Edit: whoah! this was a complete accident! kinda proves my point though. I only clicked "post reply once" waited five minutes, didn't work, tried again.... I thought perphaps since I haven't posted yet I could change my post. you get the picture, I oughta be more patient
Edit: when you finish registration, you're not a complete member for example you can't post, PM or anything! until you get an E-mail completing your registration.

17th February 2007, 9:43 PM
Don't make a fool out of myself? Well, since on the Internet there's nothing to trip over, I think I'll be able to follow that advice =D
Errr....initiation letter?