View Full Version : can't edit signature

18th February 2007, 5:16 AM
this is weird i can post and edit my posts just fine,
but i try to change my signature (following the rules),
i get a message that internet explorer has to exit.
what's the matter?

for e.g.
even when i don't change anything or if i click on "preview", it still produces the message

can anyone help? :(

18th February 2007, 5:48 AM
This sounds like a problem of your browser and/or your computer. If you can and willing to, try to downoad Mozilla Firefox or Opera and then try again to edit your signature.

If you have those already, try on those browsers and if it still displays that message, I'm willing to bet it's your computer. But only if no browsers solve your problem. And if restarting doesn't resolve anything.