View Full Version : I suck at intros :B

18th February 2007, 4:45 PM
Y hlo thar. My moniker here is JazzHams, but you can call me Jazz. Or Hams. On Rarer occasions Basswer. My name however is not Rumplestiltskin.

But yeah, here are a few of my interests.

- Pokermans. Yeah yeah, captain obvious, etc
- Maplestory (Healinghams in maplestory if you're interested)
-Music (Most anythings good to my ears, but i preferr the sisters of scissors.)
- Mudkips (I Herd u liek them.)
- Drawing (I'm rubbish at it, but that doesent stop me.)
- Creating original characters (I like to think i'm at least half-decent at this :B)
- :B (Yes, the emote.)

.. but yeah. I feel like i've gone on too much.


18th February 2007, 5:12 PM
Erm, hi there? XD Welcome. Read the rules, and if you run into trouble, check the FAQs.