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20th February 2007, 1:27 AM
Notes:(Df = Dragon Frontiers. Pk= Power Keepers) This is a "Concept deck" which means I don't own some of the cards listed and it can be changed at any time.

Extras: This deck is made almost entirely out of Dragon Frontiers cards. In fact most of the cards come from the ShadowBlaze starter deck. I bought this because I haven't played pokemon since the good old "Neo" series was here.

Here is my new deck : "SS" or Shady Sand

Pokemon [22]

- Cyndaquil (DF) X4
- Quilava (DF) X2
- Typhlosion (DF) X1
- Trapinch (DF- Gnaw attack) X 4
- Vibrava (DF - "Psychic Wing" poke-body) X 2
- Flygon ex (DF) X1
- Lickitung (DF) X1
- Ekans (DF) X3
- Arbok (DF) X 1
- Feebas (DF) X 3
- Milotic (DF) X1

Energy [25]

- Psychic (13)
- Fire (11)
- Rainbow (1) (DF)

Trainers [13]

- Professor Elm's Trainign Method X2
- Energy Search X2
- Potion X2
- Buffer Piece X2
- Oak's Reasearch X2
- Old Rod X2
- Phoebe's stadium X1 (PK)

Strategy: Use my trainers and Lickitung to get a Feebas on my bench and evolve it into Milotic ASAP. Then proceed to use it's poke- power "Sharing" to use my opponets supporter cards to get Flygon EX and Typhlosion on the field. I also use my own supporters after each "Sharing" is used.

Once the two are on the field continue to use "Sharing" to get energy cards back, evolve other pokemon, bring back pokemon if they are in discard pile, etc. And if possible get "Phoebe's Stadium" on the field. Once Phoebe stadium is on the field interchange Flygon EX and Typhlosion to keep taking off damage counters on my pokemon and put them on opponets. And then use Flygon's abilities to strike all of the Bench pokemon.

With this stratrgy I can turn any useful supporter cards picked up by the opponet against him and ,unless Gardy EX appears, stop any future set-ups of Tyranitar ex or other potentially harmful pokemon.

Once again this is a concept deck and with a good suggestion is subject to change. I want to keep it a fire/ psychic deck and keep Typhlosion as a main line inside it. If you have a suggestion to take out this card or there are too many of a certain type of card (trainer, pokemon or energy) please also leave a suggestion of what to replace it with or your suggestion is deemed useless and impractical because I'll have only 59 or less cards in my deck.

thank you in advance for helping me out!