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21st February 2007, 2:07 AM
Iv'e heard them mentions on more then one occation.
what are they and why are they so special?

Comis Patronus
21st February 2007, 3:40 AM
EV's are a vital part of Pokemon training. It helps Pokemon become better in certain areas. They affect your Pokemon's growth in which EV's are more recognizable in stats and are more known to breeders who want to have a Pokemon which has sufficient abilities to match what they want.This should explain it more. (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/ev.shtml)


Reg teh Yoshi
21st February 2007, 3:52 AM
EVs are special points that are added to your Pokemons stats when you battle Pokemon that give off EXP. Diffrent EVs are given off depending on the Pokemon fought. What they do is help your stats. For every 4 EVs put into A stat that stat will get an extra point when it levels up. You can check Serebii's Guide (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/ev.shtml) or I can show you my guide:

Effort Values (EV's)
What are Effort values, or EVs for short, and what do they do? Well i'll explain here.

Starting in the 3rd Gen games Ruby and Sapphire, EVs are points that can benefit your Pokemons Stats. They are gained by defeating A Wild Pokemon or A Trainers Pokemon. Some Pokemon give out not just 1 EV Point, but 2 or even 3 points. Some will give EVs to more then one Stat. You can't gain them in battles where EXP isn't gained, so no Link Battles or Battle Frontier for the EV trainer. let's make an example on EVs, shall we?:

You just beat A Wild Abra, which gives off 1 Special Attack EV, with your Misdreavus. And Abra's are all you face ever since you leveled it up. When it levels up again you'll notice that your Special Attack has went up alot, more then usual. How did this happen? Let's look over the event: You faced 20 Arba's since it last leveled up, and when it leveled up just now it gained 5 extra points in Special Attack. This is because for every 4 EVs gained, an extra point will be added to the corresponding Stat, which in this case is Special Attack. Did you learn something?

Wait, there's more! The Stat-Boosting Vitamins like Protein and Carbos affect your EV's, giving 10 EVs to their corresponding Stat. Here's A list on what Vitamins increase EVs:

HP UP > Hit Points (HP)
Protein > Attack
Iron > Defense
Calcium > Special Attack
Zinc > Special Defense
Carbos > Speed

Also, There are LIMITS to how much EVs can be gained,:

A maximum of 510 EVs overall can be gained, once 510 have been gained EVs will no longer be added to your Pokemon.
A maximum of 255 EVs can be added to A Stat, although the true limit is 252, since 255 isn't 4 points above 252 and therefore no more points would be added to the stat after 252 EVs were gained.
And to prevent people from cheating through EV Training, there's A limit on to how much Vitamins can be used. A maximum of 10 Vitamins can be used for each stat.

Now you're thinking "This looks like something that takes A while to do, I wish I could do it faster", well there are certian Hold Items that affect EV growth, and A certian Hyper Rare Status Affliction: Pokerus.

First we shall talk about the Hold Items, in the 3rd Gen Games There was an Item known as the Macho Brace, this would Double EVs gained. but your Speed would be halved while battling (You can still gain Double EVs in speed), so if you fought A Gengar, which gave off 3 Special Attack EVs, you would get 6 EVs instead. Also, as of the release of Diamond and Pearl, 6 new Items that help with EVs have been made. They halve Speed in battle like the Macho Brace, only there's an Item for each Stat, this is helpful if you fought the wrong Pokemon as you wouldn't get their EVs doubled, only the Stat that the Item corresponds to would get double EVs. Here's A list of the Items and the Stat they they benefit:

Power Waist > HP
Power Wrist > Attack
Power Belt > Defense
Power Lens > Special Attack
Power Band > Special Defense
Power Ankle > Speed

Now we'll talk about Pokerus. Pokerus is A Virus that can infect your Pokemon. But it is super rare, more then 3 times as rare as A Shiny Pokemon!! So rare that it isn't even worth searching for, no matter for what importance. What Pokerus does is double the EVs gained, just like the Macho Brace without the Speed reducing. You will be informed about it when you heal at A Pokemon Center if you have obtained it. It disappears after 24 to 72 Hours once it has been obtained, and then the Pokemon can never get it again, so EV train it as fast as you can when you obtain this.

And now the last part of this very long Section: Reducing EVs.

Let's say you messed up while EV Training, and somehow got 20 EVs on A Stat you weren't trying to raise. These CANNOT be recovered. But beginning in Emerald 5 Berries were modified to fix this, which would remove 10 EVs from A Stat, and these could be used to remove those 20 unwanted EVs from that one Stat, and as A bonus they also increase your Pokemons happiness. Here's A list of the Berries:

#21 Pomeg Berry > HP
#22 Kelpsy Berry > Attack
#23 Qualot Berry > Defense
#24 Hondew Berry > Special Attack
#25 Grepa Berry > Special Defense
#26 Tamato Berry > Speed

21st February 2007, 3:05 PM
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