View Full Version : hi i'm a newbe

24th February 2007, 9:01 PM
hey i'm new. ;136; i like eevees! whoot! (man this is boring)

24th February 2007, 9:08 PM
Hi welcome to Serebii. Hope u have fun, read the rules, and enjoy your stay. PM me if u need anything or a friend. Take care

24th February 2007, 9:15 PM
so far i'm not having fun. :(

24th February 2007, 9:26 PM
Well then, it's time to have fun!

If you play the pokemon games, go to the Pokemon gaming forums. The TCG? Go to the TCG forum. If you like anime or manga and want to discuss it, head on over to the alternate Anime/manga forums.

Even if you don't like Pokemon, there's a place for almost anyone here on Serebiiforums.com. :)

24th February 2007, 9:28 PM
:( :( *crying*

24th February 2007, 9:30 PM
Whining won't do anything but get you in trouble around here. :D

Look, if your bored, then Private Message me and I can help you some, kay?

24th February 2007, 9:30 PM
still to me its not fun. the only reason sign on here is to show people my cool site but i got in trouble. (stuiped rules. no offence)

24th February 2007, 9:31 PM
already in trouble and it's ur first day!!

24th February 2007, 9:32 PM
man this is boring
just kick me out then i'll be happy. (will mabe)

24th February 2007, 9:33 PM
man i hate being a newbe.

Gliding Girl
24th February 2007, 9:34 PM
Hiya ammmmmmmm Welcome!If Yuor getting bored try out pokemon big brother its realy fun and hope you enjoy your stay read the rules and don't get banned.

24th February 2007, 9:58 PM
nice espeon picture.

24th February 2007, 10:00 PM
being a newbie is 1337 everyone is nice to you

24th February 2007, 10:08 PM
what? r u saying?

25th February 2007, 2:42 AM
hey i'm new. ;136; i like eevees! whoot! (man this is boring)

Hi I'm old, I like spriting! w00t! (It gets better)
Sorry to mimic your setup of writing, Welcome to SPPF, Read the rules, Obey the rules, Have fun
[] D_L out

25th February 2007, 3:09 AM
dont worry im sure you can find a way to have fun!welcome

25th February 2007, 5:32 AM
I would like to be friends, I'm a noobie also.

25th February 2007, 8:48 AM
you dont think this is fun? ever since i joined i have been adicted and not left the computer !

26th February 2007, 5:05 PM
Well hello to you guys and have fun here you guys could pm me for chat or whatever you want.

27th February 2007, 1:28 AM
Learn to have fun on Serebii!

27th February 2007, 2:04 PM
welcome! but try to find somthing to do oke?