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The Phantomad
28th February 2007, 6:17 PM
Hi, I'm the Phantomad, I like unusual ghost and psychic Pokemon, I like to sprite and map, I'm trying to make a fangame, and I like RPGs. I'm a WoW fan even though my parents won't let me play it. Oh, and I like Dainose. DEAL WITH IT! Heh, I like most of the 4th gen. I must be slowly going mad. Oh yeah, I forgot, I have a tendency to ramble on and on and on. And I'm one of the few people that can actually spell. ;)

Over and out,
The Phantomad

28th February 2007, 6:22 PM
Hello, welcome to SPPf, you will find 87% of the people here are crazy. Read the rules and for future information, it is against the rules to use Unown sprites like that for spelling.

1st March 2007, 1:47 AM
I"M CRAZY!!!!!!!
Welcome to SPPf!

The Phantomad
1st March 2007, 5:56 PM
Oops, sorry. Well nice to meet ya.