View Full Version : New Tournament deck, Please Rate, I need it by the 3rd of March!

once in a blue Mew
1st March 2007, 8:41 PM
so basicly this is another edition of my deck and i need somebody's help in fixing it, or if anyone thinks that it's actually good you can say so, so here is my deck that i will be using in the state championships (i will be participating in the Texas Devision so i may see some of you there, but chances are slim) so here is... MY DECK!!!

Bagon X1 EX Dragon Fronters 43/101
Bagon X1 EX Delta Species 57/107
Shelgon X2 EX Delta Species 53/107
Salamence X1 EX Delta Species 14/113
Seedot X3 EX Deoxys 71/107
Nuzleaf X2 EX Deoxys 43/107
Shiftrey X1 EX Deoxys 25/107
Treecko X1 Promo 1 016
Grovyle X1 EX Emerald 28/106
Sceptile X1 Promo 4 5/17
Pinsir X1 EX Dragon Fronters 9/101
Rayquaza ex X1 Rayquaza Tin 039
Togepi X1 EX Dragon Fronters 43/101
Togetic X1 EX Dragon Fronters 11/101
Squirtle X2 EX Crystal Guardians 63/100
Wartortle X1 EX Crystal Guardians 42/100

Grass X6
Fire X5
Water X5
Lightning X2
Fighting X1
Multi X2
Holon FF X2
Rainbow X1
Double Rainbow X1

Bill's Maintenance X3
Professor Cozmo's Discovery X2
Celio's Network X2
Lady Outing X2
Wally's Training X2
Life Herb X1
Super Scoop Up X1
Balloon Berry X1
Meteor Falls X1

i think i found a loop hole in Wally's Training, it says that you can choose between the 1st stage pokemon and 2nd stage pokemon and then you can put it on the basic pokemon, now if this is a loophole then i'm perfect, this is especially because Salamence can be put quickly on to the feild so can Septile and Shiftry, but if it's not then i can still use Pincer's "Delta Call" to have my Shelgon and then Salamence on the feild so it could be fatal if i use one of the two, so what do you guys think? it's good, no? so feel free to comment and suggest changes, but keep in mind, i may not have some of the cards that you reccomend, and i don't have any money so just rate it, or modify it to what you think that will work, thank you to who ever suggests something!

Cipher 2008
1st March 2007, 8:54 PM
Give us set names and card numbers otherwise this list is useless to us.

You also have very little consistency in your Pokémon. You need 3s and 4s more than 1s and 2s.

once in a blue Mew
1st March 2007, 8:58 PM
oh, ok, sorry about that, i'll edit it right now