View Full Version : I'm new, don't kill me!

4th March 2007, 5:18 AM
I'm new around these parts.

I'm glad to be here!

The Mighty Wurmple
4th March 2007, 5:25 AM
And so you should be ;)

No, we don't kill. Unless Ruzzy comes along. Then watch out.
Jokes, jokes :p

Welcome to Serebiiforums! Um..Have a nice stay here and have fun! PM me if you need a friend or help.

~*Sailor Satun*~
4th March 2007, 5:30 AM
Hello, Takuya.

If you need a friend, sprite or banner, just PM me and I'm on it. And, have fun.

4th March 2007, 5:31 AM
If you need a friend, sprite or banner, just PM me and I'm on it. And, have fun.

OMG I need your help then. I definately need Sprites and Banners!

~*Sailor Satun*~
4th March 2007, 5:32 AM
Neat! PM me. I'm avalible before 10. Then I watch TV.

4th March 2007, 5:34 AM

How do you PM? I tried to by clicking your avatar, but it's not working.

~*Sailor Satun*~
4th March 2007, 5:36 AM
Eh, sorry, had to add you to my buddy list for it to work.

Okay, you go down and you should see something that says "PM ~*Sailor Satun*~" Hit that, then it's easy.

4th March 2007, 5:39 AM
Thank you!

4th March 2007, 6:03 AM
GETTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA B- wait hold on...you said "Don't Kill"....
Oh..hahaha, welcome enjoy your stay and be good :D

Hazey Lucario
4th March 2007, 6:30 AM
"DON'T KILL!?" *Puts gun away*. Anyway...

Welcome to the forums! Read the rules, PM me to be friends, etc.

Have a good time here!

4th March 2007, 12:36 PM
welcome!enjoy it here

Pkmn Breeder Jack
4th March 2007, 11:16 PM
;466; *prepares for thunderpunch on Takuya*

me- No, Electrivire, he said "don't kill me", not "kill me"! Stop it!

;466; Roooaaar!!! *turns and hits Jack with thunderpunch*

me- Owowowow... *sprawled on floor*

;466; Grrrrr... *sits in corner glaring at Takuya and Jack*

Hehehe, sorry about Electrivire. He's been upset ever since my friend told him his English name was dumb. Anyhoo... Welcome to SPPF! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:)

P.S. You like Naruto? So do I! Lee and Neji rock!!

5th March 2007, 2:31 AM
Kills you...
Revives you
Enjoy Serebii!

5th March 2007, 2:33 AM
We won't kill you, welcome.