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10th March 2007, 7:51 AM
Hey everyone!

I'm a little late, but here I am in this forum!

I'm Myuu3! Got the idea to the name from Serebii.
I chose another japanese name. And the "3" is a bonus! ^^

I'm 13 years old, and live in DK ~ no not Donkey Kong xD Denmark!
I hate it, cuz we have to wait longer for the game releases, but I just bought Pokémon Diamond at the net from US. ^^

I'm a kind person, who knows kind-a-lot Pokémon stuff.
The best of Pokémon is the fightning games.
I like it for the Natures, EVs, Abilities... and of course the moves.
It is the biggest strategi game in the world.

My favorite Pokémons from each gen:

1st - Charizard ~ Gengar ~ Raichu ~ Starmie
2nd - Cyndaquil ~ Tyranitar ~ Sneasel
3rd - Sceptile ~ Salamence ~ Zangoose
And the newest - Turtwig ~ Rentoraa ~ Lucario

I like the first gen. mostly. It brings back minds. ^^

Well, that's me. I hope we can be friends.


10th March 2007, 8:14 AM
Hello and welcome to SPPF, even though you've been here for a while so you're probably already going to know this, the rules my friend, are you mighty wands of greatness when here!

But don't get that in the way of your stays, you can still talk, ask, explain, debate, join a club (hints to sig) or just blabber with other users. Just keep the rules in mind.

Enjoy and I wish a good future for you!....... so.... welcome!... Or I already said that... In that case, "hello"!

11th March 2007, 6:13 AM
I wish I lived in Donkey Kong...

Enperuto Rulez
11th March 2007, 6:57 AM
welcome and enjoy your stay

12th March 2007, 8:42 PM
Thank you guys! :D Ur cool! ^^