View Full Version : hi every1 :(

11th March 2007, 7:19 AM
hi every1 i'm really sad today. omg this is really not my day. :(

11th March 2007, 7:25 AM
I need some cheering up. but no one likes me to even help me.

11th March 2007, 7:47 AM
Awww... welcome back. Sorry to hear that. Why u feel so sad?

11th March 2007, 8:13 AM
Hey, why are you sad? Cheer up. (Or else the pie will come after you XD)

Umm, welcome to the forums. I suggest you read the rules since you have already broken them.

We don't need another rules breaker. Each forum has a different set of rules, so don't forget to search for them and read them. You don't want a bad reputation, do you?

So, have a good time.

PS: The rule you broke was "No double posting"

11th March 2007, 8:17 AM
Not this rule breaking speech again ;(. [Don't take me serious Safyre xD].

Well if you are sad at least say why you are so people can point some things to help you. I believe it's just a troll; my guessing.

11th March 2007, 8:49 PM
Who knows?
Welcome anyway.

11th March 2007, 10:17 PM
Hey, Dont be sad! Be happy , Its free :).
I will help you cheer up, but i stil dont know how.
I hope you will cheer up soon..

11th March 2007, 10:23 PM
Hi Inu_dog_girl! This is not your blog or anything. DON'T come in here just to make a thread to say you're sad or having a bad day; that's what the current mood thread is for. We could honestly care less about your day, so take it to either your own blog or to the current mood thread and see who'll read or comfort you. If you want advice or something, then go to the Official Advice Thread. NOT HERE.

If you're looking to be welcomed as a newbie, make yourself a better introductory thread WITHOUT any spam or repeated posting. And please, read the rules thoroughly and familiarize yourself with them, but don't break them. PLEASE.