View Full Version : Why was I banned from the chatroom?

13th March 2007, 10:12 AM
Ten minutes a go I was banned from the chatroom. I wasn't given any reason by the moderator except a slur against my life outlook. I wasn't aware that being emo was against the rules, and if it indeed is, can the terms of use in the chatroom be updated? Or if I had done something else that was against the rules can I get a better explanation rather than "Gtfo emo" ?

I don't even consider myself emo, i was just joking about it and made one or two cracks and all I was met with was a "Gtfo emo" and got kicked. I log back in to inquire about and I was ignored for like three minutes - and when I was trying to change the subject i get banned. What's up with that? All I wanted to do was have a discussion on the metagame impacts of the newer pokemon - I was civil, I wasn't overtly disruptive, and I wasn't rude or offensive. Why was I banned?