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13th March 2007, 5:12 PM
Hi there i'm Andy pokemon game fan, enjoys Various Mangas ;444; including Naruto and One Piece, currently watching Naruto on Jetix (UK) and eagerly waiting for Diamond and Pearl in the summer ;222;

btw i don't like the Anime (not since Ash gave away Charizard)

13th March 2007, 5:16 PM
Hi there Erm... where do i go for Signatures???

13th March 2007, 5:21 PM
no i mean the ask oneto be made also i made a spelling error with my name Andy_Zararchi instead off Andy Zardarchi can someone help me with this please??

13th March 2007, 5:29 PM
going there now what?

13th March 2007, 5:32 PM
You can't change your user name yourself, there's certain Mods that do this every few months or so. You ahve to request it in the name changing thread. Don't PM them, just wait for the thread to open up.

13th March 2007, 5:35 PM
okay then i'll wait oh yeah i'm working on a pokemon fanfiction/manga- undecided how i'm doing it Staring Andy Zardarchi, its not set in any reality seen before (manga/Anime) but it will have elements off it (Such as Nurse Joy)

13th March 2007, 5:41 PM
No but thanks for the Invite i am on lots of forums allready (Fancomics, Awbunker, and my own forum-which is now dead Cartoons)

14th March 2007, 1:44 AM
Welcome and I hoped you got your sig question answered.
Read the rules and have fun!