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14th March 2007, 8:58 PM
Hi! I know you guys get a ton of these posts... but, I feel the need to introduce myself anyway. My name is Jake (or Jacob), I'm 18, and I go to Virginia Tech. I used to be really into Pokemon until about 6 years ago. After that, I didn't pay attention to anything and now with the releases of the GBA games and soon to be DS games, I decided to try it out, and it is even better than when I remember it.

I hope some people can help me get back into the swing of things! I asked to be adopted on the one thread, but I don't know how that works... so yea.

Ummm my favorite Pokemon would have to be... Snubbull! ;209; I don't even know why, because I don't use him at all... I just like him. :-)

14th March 2007, 9:00 PM
Hallo! Wie hesst du? Nahh, just kidding. Read the rules and you won't get flamed. PM me if you want to be friends!

14th March 2007, 9:54 PM
Yeah, welcome to these forums jvuiller. There's actually alot going on in the D/P forums. Read the rules and have fun here!

15th March 2007, 1:48 AM
Guten tag!
Good intro and great grammar.
Read the rules and I'm sure you'll be a great member.