View Full Version : hey guys, how come Serebii is sometiems laggy and you can't get on?

17th March 2007, 4:45 AM
Thanks for looking.

Mega Trickster
17th March 2007, 4:51 AM
There are like hundreds of people on this forum at one time. If theres too many doing too many things, the forum crashes for a bit.

Chaos Rush
17th March 2007, 4:53 AM
This is why this shouldn't be an all ages forum. It should be something like you must be at least 10/11/12 years old to be on here.

17th March 2007, 5:16 AM
It's called downtimes, and when the server gets overwhelmed by the numerous (thousands) of members trying to log on, search, etc., it can just either lag or crash.

Read the announcements, please.