View Full Version : Hi!im new to serebii forums!

19th March 2007, 4:54 AM
hello everyone!im new and i just wanted to say hi.also i need help.does anybody know how i can put pictures in my sig?thanks ahead to anyone!

19th March 2007, 5:12 AM
Hi! Welcome to the forum! Also to put images in your sig you have to put tags around it like these if you need more info just read the FAQS or check the signature rules.

19th March 2007, 5:23 AM
oh thank you very much!i didnt think i would get a reply so soon!=)

19th March 2007, 5:27 AM
Hey welcome. If u ever need help w/ NE thing feel free to PM me ^_^

19th March 2007, 5:58 AM
Welcome to SSPf and i hope you have fun here.

20th March 2007, 1:36 AM
Welcome to Serebii!
Read the rules and enjoy yourself!
Have fun.=)