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25th March 2007, 9:36 AM
My name is currently of no consequence.

I ride the edge of the rules, so don't go freaking out if I use words like "poo" to express my distaste, or I completely embarass you in discussion because your points are pathetic and weak. It's ok, you'll live.

I played this game, long ago. My Charizard was my best friend.

But I grew up, got other interests. And as pokemon became less of a socially acceptable thing, I let it go, and lived in popularity.

I have regretted it ever since. I never felt whole.

Diamond and Pearl have re-invigorated me. I'm at a point where I no longer care what others say. Pokemon can be, and will be again, my indulgent vice.

The time of the poison, dark, fighting, and steel types is come, through the fire and the flames we carry on. For in the shell of a Shuckle lays power untapped, and the wrath of the long rideculed, underused, and underappreciate will be unleashed.

I am the voice of the encroaching chaos.

And I am shameless in my method.

sword of a scyther
25th March 2007, 10:48 AM
...............what did you say????
;123;: this kid is pointless
(glares at scyther)
;123;: right
anyway i did not get a word you said welcome to sppf and read the rules no spamming (don't tell me you don't know what that means) and have fun
;123;: ps. poo is not a rude word swear words are forbidden

25th March 2007, 11:07 AM
Welcome to SPPF!

Don't act insane. Follow the rules. Don't act crazy. Listen to mods. Don't go psycho. Don't spam.

I feel like inviting facetious to this thread. He'd state my opinion for me with something like:

Oh my God. What the hell is wrong with you?
A bunch of pixels are your "best fwiend"? Get a life you sicko.

You sound like you're making a speech of your last moments alive with nonsense and crap. Kill yourself or something.

But, he's not on this late (Or early).

25th March 2007, 11:37 AM
Ya, I get this alot.

Good thing I'm an arrogant prick and your opinions mean nothing to me :D

And please don't pretend you're better than me, cause dudes, you're on the same pokemon forum I am. Think about it. We all need a little help.

sword of a scyther
25th March 2007, 1:06 PM
yay great anyways your username you should've put space making it shamelees in my method instead of shamelessinmymethod

27th March 2007, 2:27 AM
Welcome to Serebii!
Read the rules an check announcements!
Have fun!