View Full Version : There's an introduction secktshun?

Elly Strife
27th March 2007, 4:42 AM
Yep. So, I've been thinking about signing up here for a while, and I just now decided to. So, hi guys.

Also, I remember a thread here, with a BUNCH of mystery dungeon sprites in it... But I can't find it. Could any of you point me to it?

lol thx for da refer MT

-- ;201-e;;201-l;;201-l;;201-y;

Mega Trickster
27th March 2007, 4:44 AM
Welcome. Read the rules and blah blah blaaaaaaah.

*waits for somebody to tell you to use the search button lol*

Elly Strife
27th March 2007, 4:47 AM
I tried the search button. My browser yelled at me.



Spirit Rubi
27th March 2007, 5:05 AM
;129; & ;194; welcome to you SPPf.

Enjoy your stay. Remember to give ;194; a cookie and ;129; a bar of chocolate.

27th March 2007, 6:15 AM
There isn't any thread for specific MD sprites. Either right click in SPP or view source to find the sprites you want, or try to google it or search around Fan Sprites or Fan Art.

But anyway, welcome and read the rules, announcements, stickied rules/announcements/FAQs here and elsewhere on the forum. Yeah, have fun whilst staying out of trouble.