View Full Version : Hey, Pokemon newb here.

28th March 2007, 5:46 AM
Hi all.

Quite new to Pokemon really though I did finish Blue when it first came out but that was so long ago I can barely remember it ;p

Just go back into really and it's changed a hell of alot so i've been reading the forums for a few weeks and the main page too trying to learn :)

Hopefully i'll learn some stuff from you guys and make some friends what with D/P out in the US soon (will be importing to the UK) which i'm really looking forward to.

Go easy on me as like I said i'm a newb :D

28th March 2007, 5:48 AM
Hello, welcome to SPPf! Follow the rules and enjoy your stay here!

28th March 2007, 5:50 AM
Hey, newbie.

You can learn a lot about the new pokemon from the main site, serebii.net.

Also, if you have a DS, check out Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, comin out on April 22.

28th March 2007, 6:04 AM
Hello, welcome to Serebii.
Happy to see more people around my age here.
Enjoy your stay.

28th March 2007, 9:03 AM
Hi! welcome to serebii! I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!

30th March 2007, 2:12 AM
It's always nice to have new intelligent members!
Now, just read the rules!