View Full Version : wat is skarmbliss?

3rd April 2007, 5:39 AM
wtf is skarmbliss?, i no it is something to do with skarmory and blissey.;227; ;242;

3rd April 2007, 5:59 AM
its just using the two on the same team. It gets its own term because it makes your team's defenses hard to crack.

Sceptile Owns All
3rd April 2007, 6:02 AM
It's a combination with Skarmory and Blissey. You switch them around, so when you're against a Physical attacker, you use Skarmory (has good defence), and when you're against a Special attacker, you use Blissey (has good special defence). I've never used the combination myself, but I'm sure it works good.

3rd April 2007, 6:11 AM
thanks guys, i dont like skarmory that much though

3rd April 2007, 5:38 PM
And I don't like blissey.

Those 2 are a standard on most noobs' teams now, as they are a formidable (not to mention cheap) defensive duo.

3rd April 2007, 5:39 PM
It works well, but it can be broken by mixed sweepers - my Dragonite carries both Focus Punch and Fire Blast which usually puts an end to Skarmbliss.

4th April 2007, 5:00 AM
It is when you have Skarmory and Blissy on the same team. It is supposed to be the best defence a team can have or something like that.