View Full Version : does clear body negate superpower's attk lowering effect?

shining snorlax
3rd April 2007, 6:20 AM
I can't test it right now, and it'd be nice to know.

3rd April 2007, 6:25 AM
Clear body will only negate stats lowering effect from the foe's attack.

3rd April 2007, 6:26 AM
No, you should've noticed that if you tried to catch the regis.

shining snorlax
3rd April 2007, 7:07 AM
I play leafgreen. I got one in a trade, and was curious. thanks much.

3rd April 2007, 6:43 PM
nop that why the regi's suffer

4th April 2007, 2:32 AM
White Herb will restore it if you still want to use Superpower.

shining snorlax
4th April 2007, 4:22 AM
thanks, guys