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5th April 2007, 5:14 AM
Here they are:
1. When EV training, how can you make a newly hatched pokemon get at least 4 EV's before leveling up?
2. I noticed that qhen giving vitamins to my torchic, it only accepted one HP up. Why?

5th April 2007, 6:51 AM
1. im really not sure, possibly u can only just make it defeat 4 pokemon before ur next level
2. you have probably given it 9 HP Ups, and 10 is the limit.

Sceptile Owns All
5th April 2007, 7:03 AM
1. Train on a weak Pokemon with Macho Brace and/or Pokerus or use Vitamins.
2. It had 81-90 HP Evs or it had 491-500 other Evs already.