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7th April 2007, 12:44 AM
This is my first post on here so if i have broke a rule i'm sorry

I've just gone and caught myself a nice new kyogre, stats are as such

Lonely - nature
Lvl - 70
Hp - 224
Attack - 181
Defence - 130
Sp Attack - 226
Sp Defence - 205
Speed - 132

I've checked his IV's and it doesn’t seem too good (if I’m doing it right), do you recon I should reset and catch a new one or leave it as it is?

7th April 2007, 12:59 AM
Estimated IV's?

Crappy nature too, but it's an uber and if you just want it for the 'dex, it's fine.

7th April 2007, 1:07 AM
^Who cares if it's uber? You can't just tell people to not use a Pokemon they enjoy, just because it's uber. Okay?

7th April 2007, 1:09 AM
well i'm after a good pokemon and not just a space in my dex filled so would you say its a good idea to restart and catch again?

7th April 2007, 1:09 AM
It's a bad nature and the IVs are below average. If you just want it for the pokedex, keep it. If you really want it for your team, start again. Your choice though.

@Pokemon Master, he never suggested that he actually doesn't use it because it's uber.... I don't know where you got that idea...

7th April 2007, 1:12 AM
I'm just saying not everyone likes to use them.

I would restart and go for a modest natured one. In-game, natures and IVs don't really matter too much. Competetively speaking, or just if you want a better one, try for a new one.

7th April 2007, 1:14 AM
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Haha. Sorry everyone. I mis-read. I just get mad when people suggest legendaries/ubers are worthless and that people shouldn't use them. But I mis-read and I truly apologize. :D.

7th April 2007, 1:18 AM
It's alright. I personally don't like to use ubers because it makes everything too easy, but if other people want to use them, that's fine with me.

7th April 2007, 1:18 AM
Lol, that's ok, everyone makes mistakes!

7th April 2007, 1:18 AM
^Yes, yes. I understand your point of view. :p.

Oh and thank you Conquistador. :)

7th April 2007, 1:22 AM
I just want a nice powerfull uber to use if i do ever choose to fight with him, i did reset and now am trying to catch a nice new one and see what he turns out like!

7th April 2007, 8:45 AM
I'm an anti-uber activist, but Kyogre is really helpful when I'm training my battle frontier pokemon. He can pretty much take out the entire elite four with thunder, surf, and ice beam.

The Mighty Wurmple
7th April 2007, 8:46 AM
I'd definitely re-catch it, so you can get a better nature and IV's.

7th April 2007, 9:06 AM
Definitely go for a Modest one. You can K.O stuff easier with it.

Shiny Machamp Trainer "B"
7th April 2007, 9:10 AM
This is my first post on here so if i have broke a rule i'm sorry

This kind of thing is supposed to go in the team rate section. I don't know if it "breaks a rule," but it doesnt quite go in this section.