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7th April 2007, 8:15 PM
I'm having trouble figuring out how Return works. How do I raise a Pokemon's happiness to make Return stronger?

7th April 2007, 8:25 PM
you just have to keep them in your party or use them alot and they will grow to like you more and then the move will get stronger

Emerald Metagross
7th April 2007, 8:30 PM
Use them in battle, but don't let them faint, give them vitamins, make them hold Soothe Bell, etc.

7th April 2007, 8:33 PM
Vitamins, as in Protein, Carbos, etc.?

Thanks for the responses.

7th April 2007, 8:57 PM
actually to increase happiness they dont even need to be used in battle, but it helps

7th April 2007, 9:13 PM
In R/S/E go to Verdanturf and talk to a lady in one of the houses to find out how much it likes you. Btw the Max BP for Return is 104.

8th April 2007, 1:58 AM
Soothe bell, Vitamins, Berries, Don't Let them Faint, Use in Battle.
Also, Different pokemon have a different Base happyness. Check the Pokedex

And, I thought that the hiest for return is 102 Base Power?

Edit: Rank Up!

8th April 2007, 3:50 AM
Just keep battling the elite4 and heal it at the pokemon centre then go to the girl in verdanturf town and she'll tell you the happines of your pokemon.

And Return does have 102 as it's base tower.