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8th April 2007, 5:08 AM
Hey everyone,

I have been having a bit of trouble figuring out a good competitive team and I was wondering if any of you guys could help.

I have a few pokes that are at level 100 and have been EV trained (will state when necessary) and I don’t know which one to have on my team, I will have a brief description of each pokemon’s position in the team.

Pokemon 1: Kyogre

Kyogre @ Chesto berry
Kygie: SpAtk 255/ Speed 255, Modest

The owning Kygie, with a massive 418 SpAtk, makes it the ultimate resting special sweeping uber poke, training it with boosted EXP in Leaf Green from Sapphire makeing it to lvl 100 in less than 3 days, owning Locky with it on the bus trip to camp in Canberra, double battleing it with a Raiciu, both using Thunder to own, 120 power for Kyogre and 180 power for Raiciu always hitting and almost taking out everything in its way, it being of modest nature is wicked, it took me like 20 soft-resets to finally get one, the only bad thing is the IV's of the SpAtk, whih happen to be 12, I am happy with the SPD/HP/DEF but I'm not so happy with the damn Sp defense, which should be higher than the DEF, because thunder kills, so in-conclusion my Kygie rules.

Pokemon 2: Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee @ Black belt
Bruce: Atk 255/ Speed 255, Adamant

Brick break

A physical Sweeping Hitmonlee that owns, an endured reversal, stabbed plus black belt is awesome, but the only way this mofo can be stopped is by bringing out a Gengar

Pokemon 3: Metagross

Metagross @ Leftovers
M 2 Da Gee: Atk 255/ Spd Adament

Meteor mash
Shadow Ball (physical in D/P)

The original Agiligross, 1 Agility and it's ready to out run pretty much anything, then I own them all with a few meteor showers and take out a whole team. Another Physical sweeper.

Pokemon 4: Kangaskan

Kangaskan @ Leftovers
Kangy or Kell: Hp 252/ Sp Def 128/ Atk 128

Focus punch

Every team needs a subpuncer, and this is my one. With a 90 base speed, with no EV's it's ok, but it should be low, so I can strike last, and sub, packing EV's into HP, ATK and SP DEF, i have a subpunchingearthquakingrest machine, With Early bird rest is cut down to one turn, so it's almost like a recover, another poke that suffers from Gengphobia, If a Gengar comes in im pretty much screwed.

Pokemon 5: Rayquazza

Rayquazza @ shell bell
Quazzie: Sp Atk 255/ Spd 255, Modest


My special sweeping Quazzie, just switch this in against a Skarm and see what it can do, nothing, with 150 SP atk base stat plus modest plus ev's, no dragon/flying stands a chance, not only dragon/flying pretty mch any pokemon!

Pokemon 6: Heraross

Heracross @ Leftovers
Herry: Atk 255/ Spd 255 Adamant

Brick break
Swords dance

Good old Hearcross, nice defenses wll good enough to take 1 hit, so first, because of the high speed (not that high, but ok), i use a swords dance and then own them all with Earthquake of Megahorn

Now time for the walls

Pokemon 7: Shuckle

Shuckle @ Leftovers
Shuckley: Def 255/ Sp def 255

Double team
Sludge bomb

Ah, Shuckle, An annoyer, a wall, what ever you want to call it, Shuckle has a massive 230 base stat in both Sp def and Def, I'd like you see you take this ***** out, just Double team afew times (5) the toxic and the rest is up to sludge bomb, lolz

Pokemon 8: Regice

Regice @ Leftovers
Ice-man: HP 252/ Def 128/ Sp def 128


The ownage machine, nothing can take out this tank, it’s the equivalent of a wall, a fighting wall, Toxic them, Amnesia 3 times and them rest back to full health, throw another toxic on to your new opponent and ice beam them away!

Thanks in advance

8th April 2007, 5:09 AM
Well,if you're going to use Kyogre,you're going to be doing ubers.