View Full Version : FR(LG) v. SE--Help me pick a Party, please.

14th April 2007, 9:09 AM
***FIRST OF ALL: This isn't a real Rating thread, as I don't have my movesets finalized as well as some Pokemon I'm considering rebreeding in the near future. I'll gladly take suggestions on members, movesets/natures, and any other bits of advice--if anyone can come up with something within my resources.***

Basically my friend and I are having a battle in a couple weeks. He's going to be using a team made from a file he just started on Fire Red about a month ago, and possibly stuff he might get from his brother's copy of Leaf Green.
I've got a mediocre file I made on my sapphire during a long road trip a couple years ago, and my new Emerald file.
In short, this is basically going to be a battle between the two different version groups in generation III.

Basically, these are the rules we set up for this battle:

Level Cap: 80, or possibly none at at all. We're going to finalize that in a day or two.

Restricted Pokemon:
No Mewtwo or Rayquayza
No event related pokemon (we don't have any to begin with, anyway)
No more than one starter
No more than one legendary, provided that it's not already banned.

That's about it.
* * *

Anyway, I have an idea of what Pokemon my friend might be using. He was already getting ready to play another guy, which is why he restarted his Fire Red a while ago. Long story short, I helped him come up with some of his party members, so I know some of the stuff he'd have available. Fortunately, he doesn't know too much about my party.

Here's what I know he'll use, followed by the ones I suspect he'll have ready:


Suicune (very unlikely)
Gengar (possible)
Alakazam (possible)
Tyranitar (very likely)
Machamp (unlikely)
* * *
Here's what he know's I'll most likely be using, the ones he might suspect, followed by the ones he probably won't expect. Possibly, things he might not have even seen before:




(I've also got a Swellow, Pelipper, and Mightyena within that level range, but I don't really think they're up to this battle... Also, I'll have to do a considerable amount of leveling to get some of these guys in range.)

Well, now you guys see what I have to work with. I know, it's not particularly strong, but it's what I got.
So far, this is what I'm tentatively settled on for this battle:

Rhydon (I know this thing's risky, but knowing my friend, this guy will probably be useful)
Skarmory (Leading with spikes--I don't think my friend knows about how useful spikes is.)

Oh, I also suspect that my friend won't know what a Flygon, Gardevoir, Dusclops, or maybe even a Camerupt are. If I were to give my Flygon a misleading nickname, like "FYRE-FLY," or something that sounds generic for a bug, fire, or flying type...would that be too underhanded? I'm thinking I'll try to make Gardevoir sound like a grass type, and Dusclops sound like a rock or ground type. Camerupt shouldn't be too hard for him to figure out anyway... I'm not too concerned about nicknaming her, should I decide to use her for this battle.

We'll see. Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. Oh, and sorry if this thread is mislabelled or something. I wasn't really sure where to post this thing.