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24th November 2008, 5:39 PM
[19:49:05] <Venomothim> what's +v?
[19:49:22] <+Entei> +v = vaccum
[19:49:24] <Venomothim> curiosity killed the moth
[19:49:34] <MurderMachine> John
[19:49:43] <+Entei> Jack
[19:49:44] <%Fenix> isn't it spelled "vacuum"?
[19:49:51] <MurderMachine> *vacuum
[19:50:03] <Venomothim> 2 u's? that's wierd
[19:50:07] <+Locke_Yggdrasill> Oh ho ho ho
[19:50:09] <+Locke_Yggdrasill> Entei said cu
[19:50:11] <+Locke_Yggdrasill> <censored>*
[19:50:12] <MurderMachine> Welcome to the English language
[19:50:28] <+Entei> damn it
[19:50:33] <+Entei> +v = vacuum
[19:50:36] <Venomothim> Why can't it be spelled vacume
[19:50:47] <%Fenix> vacume?
[19:50:52] <Venomothim> or vakyume
[19:51:11] <MurderMachine> Venomothim- because Latin derived words are spelled like their Latin or Greek roots, not how they're pronounced
[19:51:13] <Bloodbuster> Vacuum.
[19:51:35] <Venomothim> Greeks
[19:52:02] <Venomothim> Wait a second, ancient greeks didn't have vaccuums
[19:52:11] <MurderMachine> Venomothim- ...
[19:52:16] <Blazing_Cookie> hi
[19:52:18] <Blazing_Cookie> :-)
[19:52:23] <MurderMachine> Hey Cookie
[19:52:33] <Bloodbuster> Cookie
[19:52:42] <Blazing_Cookie> hi Jonny
[19:52:50] <+Entei> chocolate cookie!
[19:52:51] <devilboy> hey
[19:52:53] * +Entei eats
[19:53:15] <MurderMachine> Venomothim- a vacuum isn't just a vacuum cleaner, it also describes an area in which there are no particles, and has a reversed pressure which causes anything to be sucked in and expand until the initial space is filled
[19:53:26] <Blazing_Cookie> O_O
[19:53:29] <Blazing_Cookie> entei...
[19:53:36] <Blazing_Cookie> do not eat me again
[19:53:37] <Venomothim> Wow... smart!!
[19:53:37] <Blazing_Cookie> :'(
[19:54:21] <Venomothim> I supposed they used the words washing machine too
[19:54:26] <%Fenix> ......
[19:54:53] <%Fenix> facepalm.gif
[19:55:05] <+zero_embi> fission mailed
[19:55:09] <+Entei> headdesk.gif
[19:55:12] <+Entei> ..... x.x

Ho-oh Master
24th November 2008, 10:03 PM
* Fox_McCloud attacks bob with epic glate
* Fox_McCloud attacks bob with epic glare
<Fatale> MISS!
* Bob is immune to 'epic glate'
*** Eagledawn has quit (Quit: http://irc2go.com/)
<Fatale> bob is immune to 'epic glare'
<Bob> fox_mccloud attacks me with 'epic glare' for 1175 damage.
* Fox_McCloud ^5 bob
* Bob ^5 Fox_McCloud back with a ****
<Fox_McCloud> O_O
<Fox_McCloud> WTF
<zero_embi> ROFL

Never high five Bob again :<


* Fox_McCloud gives Fatale beer
<Fatale> Mmmm beer.
<Fox_McCloud> Are you enjoying your beer?
<Fox_McCloud> Are you enjoying your beer Fatale?
<Cresselia> nope
<Cresselia> LOL
<Fatale> yeah want a go? :)
<Fox_McCloud> lolwut

26th November 2008, 10:12 PM
Log of me messing with some random idiot called bat, really funny but REALLY tl;dr as well! I told you in advance, click at your own risk. (http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgvsqf6h_0g3pcxkgt)

27th November 2008, 12:00 AM
wow cheyenne i remember that! that was just epically funny and totally unexpected. fox, fatale is just so funny. fenix, those are epic logs.

22:20:42 &#171;@Juice_Springsteen&#187; I am a girl and whatnot <-- this is my random quote

27th November 2008, 6:06 AM
This is what happens when all the Ops go to sleep in the Wifi Chat. No scipts or ops watching over it. -_- Awful.

(9:02:13 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; wat happned to all da other ops
(9:02:13 pm) * WiFiGuest1870 (WiFiGuest1@PurpleSurge-9E9DA6CE.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
(9:02:13 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
(9:02:14 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; O.O
(9:02:17 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; shamin
(9:02:18 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; lol
*** WiFiGuest1870 (WiFiGuest1@PurpleSurge-9E9DA6CE.dyn.optonline.net) has quit IRC (Quit: WiFiGuest1870)
(9:02:21 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Lol
(9:02:21 pm) &#171;PockySticks&#187; Probably sleepin.
(9:02:21 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; like ummmm
(9:02:21 pm) * WiFiGuest3667 (WiFiGuest3@PurpleSurge-9E9DA6CE.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
(9:02:25 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; lol
(9:02:25 pm) &#171;syak&#187; looking for battle
(9:02:27 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; nate
(9:02:32 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; him...
(9:02:35 pm) &#171;Electivire_Kills&#187; wow are they asleep or somthing
(9:02:36 pm) &#171;tay&#187; does anyone have a chimchar
(9:02:36 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; Trading Dialga and Rilou
(9:02:37 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Nate isn't here anymore.
(9:02:38 pm) &#171;Galo&#187; LF saikyou pokes UT offer events and legitim shinys pm me
(9:02:38 pm) * {UA}M1K3 (no_@PurpleSurge-791762D6.dyn.optonline.net) has left #SPP-WiFi
(9:02:41 pm) &#171;Pikapirate&#187; doesn't anyone have pinsir??
(9:02:41 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
(9:02:41 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; shaymin
(9:02:41 pm) &#171;Conway&#187; Looking for a lvl 1 bold Eevee
(9:02:44 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; =O
(9:02:45 pm) * {UA}M1K3 (no_@PurpleSurge-791762D6.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
(9:02:47 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Wow
(9:02:49 pm) &#171;sheet&#187; PLZ BOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(9:02:49 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; XD
(9:02:50 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; shay what?
(9:02:50 pm) * jasonwww (aspinwall1@PurpleSurge-9E4EDA43.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
(9:02:52 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Shaymin!!!
(9:02:54 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; :P
(9:02:56 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Lol
(9:02:56 pm) &#171;Mad&#187; lol
(9:02:59 pm) &#171;Zipzap713&#187; God. This is what happens when we only have
(9:03:00 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; 10 bucks says I get banned
(9:03:01 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest2738&#187; SHAYMIN
(9:03:02 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; watch
(9:03:02 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
(9:03:04 pm) * WiFiGuest7607 (WiFiGuest7@PurpleSurge-D1D69FCF.dsl.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
(9:03:05 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; Shiny Shaymin
(9:03:07 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; Rawr..
(9:03:08 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; omg noway
(9:03:09 pm) &#171;Zipzap713&#187; 3 active ops at night -_-
(9:03:09 pm) &#171;{UA}M1K3&#187; lmfao
(9:03:14 pm) &#171;{UA}M1K3&#187; do /me laughs
(9:03:15 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; lol
(9:03:15 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; Shiny celebi
(9:03:16 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest7217&#187; I'M TRADING SHAYMIN. AND IT'S HACKED. ROFLMAO
(9:03:16 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
(9:03:16 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
(9:03:17 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; 3 ops are asleep :P
(9:03:21 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; haha
(9:03:24 pm) &#171;Froslass&#187; articoono
(9:03:25 pm) &#171;sheet&#187; uckfay
(9:03:30 pm) &#171;ShinySuicune&#187; This is cool
(9:03:31 pm) &#171;Froslass&#187; Looking for timid/calm/modest Articuno!!!! Please pm me if you have one!!!!
(9:03:34 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; phuck
(9:03:37 pm) &#171;{UA}M1K3&#187; do /me laughs someone
(9:03:37 pm) &#171;Samiale&#187; ouyay ucksay
(9:03:40 pm) &#171;Galo&#187; LF saikyou pokes UT offer events and legitim shinys pm me
(9:03:44 pm) &#171;SHINE&#187; LF toxic orb
(9:03:50 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest7607&#187; Anyone trading a jolteon with hidden power?
(9:03:59 pm) &#171;sheet&#187; im looking for uber hacked shiny shaymins and darkrais!
*** jasonwww (aspinwall1@PurpleSurge-9E4EDA43.dyn.optonline.net) has quit IRC (Quit:)

(9:05:19 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest3634&#187; lhjtykjghjkfgjgjgfhjgyjfjfjgfjfgjggasijdfhhhffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffshayminfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffarceusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaSky FORME SHAYMIN
(9:05:20 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest1906&#187; no
(9:05:20 pm) &#171;Erena&#187; if you want some starters PM me
(9:05:23 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
(9:05:23 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
(9:05:25 pm) &#171;tay&#187; just case i want to call it that dosnt mean im retarted
(9:05:25 pm) &#171;LFstandardBattle&#187; LF UBER HACKED SHAYMIN
(9:05:26 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator
(9:05:26 pm) * Zipzap713: you're not channel operator

Yeah. I don't think Serebiibot's scripts are working well tonight. Glad to see the SerebiiScript works though.
But Jess came back a little bit later and brought order to it.

29th November 2008, 7:51 AM

[01:46] <Erik_Destler> let me
[01:46] <Erik_Destler> entertain you
[01:46] <Erik_Destler> let me
[01:46] <DryBones> ew no
[01:46] <Erik_Destler> make you smile ^-^
[01:47] <Innamorato> The embarrassed faces made it
[01:47] <lopez> wat ru <censored>?


29th November 2008, 5:35 PM
From 2 different viewpoints. This is quite long and contains bad (but censored) language. You've been warned :O

So, this guy strolls into Serebii's chat room and repeatedly says "pokemon sucks it's a waste of time\". Naturally, I post a few things onto the main chatroom about it but he doesn't notice and keeps on going. Only one option left then.. PM him.

<Neptune> So you say Pokemon is a waste of time
<Neptune> Why the f*** are you whining about it
<Neptune> That's wasting time

-Which is pretty much what he was doing.

<SPPGuest1675> your moms a waste of time ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

-Should've said "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah".

<Neptune> Don't give a s***
<Neptune> I've heard that loads before
<SPPGuest1675> You athiest

-Oh no! The epitome of insults! AAAAAAAAAA!

<Neptune> Erm.. oh no?
<SPPGuest1675> yo mamas so dirty she goes to the beach to get salt water for her crabs
<Neptune> That was pathetic

-That was admittely a good "yo mama"

<Neptunesanathiest> hahahahaaha

-Attack of the atheistic Neptune

<Neptune> Hillarious?
<Neptunesanathiest> hilarious
<Neptunesanathiest> hey beat it punk


<Neptune> Punk lol
<Neptune> Fail
<Neptunesanathiest> you are an 11 year old punk im owning you son
<Neptunesanathiest> what

-11 year old punks. What next??

<Neptune> Do you come on IRC to purposefully troll people
<Neptune> And yet you say Pokemon is a waste of time
<Neptune> Hahaha you absolute dickhead

-So I try being serious again. Needless to say, it did not work.

<Neptunesanathiest> f*** you a**h*** piece of s***
<Neptunesanathiest> haahahhaha

-It was funnny. Come on, admit it. YOU LAUGHED.

<Neptune> Meh

-So did I.

<Neptune> Hey
<Neptune> Guess what

-It was my turn to throw a totally ridiculous comment at him. BATTALHAR!

<Neptunesanathiest> You like it in the a**?

-Umm.. dunno where that came from.

<Neptunesanathiest> You a negro
<Neptunesanathiest> you rasict f***

-Did you know you could get white muslims? Me neither.

<Neptune> Do your pieces of s*** come out from somewhere else than your a**
<Neptune> Like your mouth
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptune> lmao
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker

-Crakers. He goes on about this for about 100 lines, so I'll just cut it out.


booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

t me
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker

-Didn't know you could kick people from PMs. By now, my whole screen was filled with crakers.

<Neptunesanathiest> Xbox 360 > Nintendo

-No, I don't know where this came from either.

<Neptunesanathiest> speak again craker
<Neptunesanathiest> craker
<Neptune> Don't you mean cracker
<Neptunesanathiest> yeahhhh i got booted
<Neptune> GO YOU!

-A legendary achievement.

<Neptune> Sure I'm a cracker, but I'm a DELICIOUS cracker.

-Just stating the obvious.

<Neptunesanathiest> nerd
<Neptunesanathiest> it means white boy you stupid craker

-Of course. Who didn't know?

<Neptune> At least I'm not a muslim :>

-So I add in a stupid smiley for a retard effect, hoping it would help him understand better.

<Neptunesanathiest> Rather be a muslim then a craker
<Neptunesanathiest> :)
<Neptunesanathiest> :)

-What about chocolate spread on crakers?

<Neptune> Go blow yourself up with a bomb
<Neptune> Go on
<Neptune> You know how to make them

-I really wanted to make the "where you live? so I can bomb it" statement but that would be

kinda lame.

<Neptunesanathiest> ill take you with me craker

-This statement kinda implies a craker is a weapon. Fire the craker!

<Neptunesanathiest> quit i could go all day
<Neptune> So could I
<Neptunesanathiest> quit then ill quit
<Neptunesanathiest> craker

-I really didn't have anything to do. Yet again enforcing his statements with crakers.

<Neptunesanathiest> cmon cracker
<Neptunesanathiest> You wanna cracker cracker?

-This made me laugh. Lots.

<Neptune> Do you have a cracker obsession
<Neptune> Are you a f***ing parrot

-Polly want a cracker?


crakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



<Neptune> Good insult
<Neptune> I've heard it what
<Neptune> 1000 times already
<Neptunesanathiest> cracker
<Neptune> You added a c
* Neptune claps


<Neptunesanathiest> craker
<Neptune> Shut up you pansy
<Neptunesanathiest> KINGler said type /quit neptune
<Neptune> pansy

-So I was gonna start calling him a pansy, and enforce every of my statements with it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to use it much. Check out what KINGler (A.K.A. Mastadi) was doing undercover!


<KINGler> Hey
<Neptunesanathiest> what
<KINGler> I heard you want Neptune to quit
<KINGler> he's a d***head I know him
<Neptunesanathiest> yes i agree hes a cracker too

-Neptune's not really a d***head. :[ I was just making myself sound like I hated him and was on the same side like the guy :P

<KINGler> Ok listen I asked an IRCOp to ban him
<KINGler> what we need to do is
<KINGler> type /quit Neptune
<KINGler> if he gets enough of these neptune will be banned
<Neptunesanathiest> i got booted lol

-It's THAT much of a remarkable achievement.

<Neptunesanathiest> you do it
<KINGler> You don't need to be on a channel
<KINGler> If you type it in this window
<KINGler> it will work too
<KINGler> We need 10 of these and I already got 6

-Atheist Neptune is THAT bad.

<Neptunesanathiest> i really dont care if i get booted

-What a tough craker.

<KINGler> you won't get booted
<KINGler> just type /quit Neptune
<KINGler> ok got 7 already, 3 more to go :) Come on, help me get rid of neptune :D
<Neptunesanathiest> did it in his
<Neptunesanathiest> you do it
<KINGler> I already did
<Neptunesanathiest> quit neptune
<KINGler> no
<KINGler> you need to type
<KINGler> "/quit neptune"
<KINGler> with a /
No such nick/channel

-As you can imagine, this sentence was quickly followed by thousands of "ROFL, LOL, LMAO" in a rendezvous channel.

1st December 2008, 8:17 AM
<Noctowl> i find screamers a bad idea in humanity
<SerenityPaintedDeath> ...
<SerenityPaintedDeath> what is this i don't even
<Noctowl> what?
* MisterCow has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Noctowl> huh, hardly everyone are talking
<SerenityPaintedDeath> <Noctowl> huh, hardly everyone are talking
<SerenityPaintedDeath> I should sig that
<Noctowl> wat?
<Noctowl> oh
* DryBones has joined #spp
<Noctowl> wats sig

4th December 2008, 9:51 PM

[15:41:11] SilverShadow: I can't believe 5th gen is coming...
[15:41:24] Yusei: when is it coming
[15:41:29] Yusei: where did you hear of it
[15:41:40] SilverShadow: Uh, on the main page of this site.
[15:41:41] &#37;Tekirai: there's a new electric pokemon
[15:41:43] %Tekirai: so uh
[15:41:46] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: 5th Gen? Already? I'm visiting America, so I might see it!
[15:42:06] %Tekirai: you say that as if all pokemon news goes to america first
[15:42:09] SilverShadow: And from Serebii early this morning while I was on here...
[15:42:14] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: no
[15:42:22] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: i don't speak japanese
[15:42:59] SilverShadow: Well, the topic DOES say "The 5th Gen Cometh", as well.
[15:43:08] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: yeah, i know
[15:43:45] Iceman: Maybe it's "Cometh" to Japan?
[15:44:08] Gangar[AlphaCentauri]: there isn't even a third Sinnoh TV series here, yet!
[15:44:26] Iceman: Oh wait, I just found out. All Pokemon stuff originates from Neptune.
[15:44:29] Iceman: Good luck.
[15:44:36] SilverShadow: It means that the 5th gen is officially hinted.
[15:44:44] SilverShadow: By the big dudes.
[15:46:00] %darkgamerGS: Actually
[15:46:06] %darkgamerGS: That circle with a ? inside of it
[15:46:13] %darkgamerGS: Is covering another Pikachu
[15:46:17] %Tekirai: it's a missingno
[15:46:20] %Tekirai: that's the new pokemon!!!
[15:46:24] %darkgamerGS: New?
[15:46:28] %darkgamerGS: XD
[15:46:28] %Tekirai: yes
[15:46:29] Katya: oh great
[15:46:29] %Tekirai: 'new'
[15:46:32] Katya: speculation
[15:46:37] %Tekirai: <censored> guys
[15:46:37] %darkgamerGS: Katya, ssh
[15:46:39] %Tekirai: it's a circle
[15:46:41] %Tekirai: with a ?
[15:46:44] %Tekirai: what else would it be
[15:46:44] %darkgamerGS: They don't know I'm feeding them lies
[15:46:46] Katya: omg
[15:46:49] Katya: it's a new Rotom form
[15:46:52] %darkgamerGS: Ema's actually more accurate
[15:47:07] %Tekirai: it does not hide the pokemon
[15:47:10] %Tekirai: it IS the pokemon
[15:47:24] %Tekirai: and it's definitely female
[15:47:28] %Tekirai: it's pink
[15:47:38] %Tekirai: Pikachu finds a female missingno in the woods
[15:47:46] %Tekirai: and brings her to meet the rest of the gang
[15:47:54] %Tekirai: ... then everything glitches up and the movie freezes
[15:48:00] %Tekirai: for the next hour
[15:48:03] %Tekirai: then the credits roll! :D
[15:48:07] SPPGuest9392: Then everyone has a seizure and the movie is banned
[15:48:29] %darkgamerGS: They'd have to scroll pretty damn slow to fit everything
[15:48:29] Yusei: lol
[15:48:34] %Tekirai: oh but the credits would be glitched too
[15:48:39] Yusei: I think I wanna say that movie
[15:48:48] %Tekirai: Voice of Ash Ketchum played by FLWFfdkks493wp43w

7th December 2008, 7:11 AM
[09:26:39] <j031sc0ol> can ya help me
j031sc0ol is EGX-Guest8@PurpleSurge-EF63323.dyn.optonline.net * EGX
j031sc0ol is a registered nick
j031sc0ol on #spp ~#awesomeness
j031sc0ol using hollywood.purplesurge.com the most addictive drug
j031sc0ol has been idle 1sec, signed on Sun Dec 07 05:32:32
j031sc0ol End of /WHOIS list.
[09:26:46] <Fenix> with?
[09:27:13] <j031sc0ol> i was banned on spp-wifi like 2 days ago cuz of my brother
[09:27:19] <j031sc0ol> and never got unbanned
[09:27:36] <j031sc0ol> can ya help me?
[09:27:44] <j031sc0ol> in any way?
[09:27:47] <j031sc0ol> hello?
[09:27:57] <Fenix> ..
[09:28:02] <Fenix> why should I believe you
[09:28:26] <Fenix> the brother/sister/friend/grandma/dog story has been so abused
[09:28:38] <j031sc0ol> no but im not even kiddin
[09:29:03] <j031sc0ol> hes my age and wen i want to the bathroom he advertised
[09:29:07] <Fenix> <%Neji> Tell him we require family photos of the person with their brother, cause that excuse is rediculous
[09:29:15] <j031sc0ol> ok
[09:29:18] <j031sc0ol> how do i send?

13th December 2008, 9:07 AM
03:05.11 < Dratini927--sleep-- kicks: arse («««« BOOM HEADSHOT for Repeating! Kick Number 25491 »»»»)

Matt indeed does kick arse.

Locke Yggdrasill
14th December 2008, 3:55 AM
15:54:06PM [andyght] can u let mebe op for 10 mins see how i do cause i luv helping and shareing =)
15:55:04PM [andyght] hello
15:56:55PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] WEll
15:57:02PM [andyght] im very kind
15:57:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Actions speak louder than words
15:57:13PM [andyght] an u give me chance
15:57:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and we're on the internet so I'll see no actions
15:57:23PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] so you'll need a hell of alot of words
15:57:33PM [andyght] what u mean friend
15:58:18PM [andyght] i help a lot i help with all things including home work i never spam scam or hack i always nice i cheer u up when ur down and i give u anything i can to make the game fun for you
15:59:25PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I never do my homework, and I don't play pokemon. Also I really don't care if you spam or hack because I spam and hack and I never need cheering up.
15:59:39PM [andyght] just give me 10 mins of it plz
16:00:13PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'll pass on your offer, thanks.
16:00:26PM [andyght] plz
16:00:28PM [andyght] just once
16:00:30PM [andyght] if i mess up
16:00:32PM [andyght] de op me
16:01:00PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] But you see I know you're going to mess up, and I know I'll end up de-opping you anyway, so opping you in the first place would be a waste of my time.
16:01:09PM [andyght] just plz
16:01:13PM [andyght] let me enjoy it
16:01:15PM [andyght] for bit
16:01:17PM [andyght] bit
16:02:06PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] So why exactly do you want to be an op on a pokemon chatroom?
16:02:11PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] It requires constant work and maintainence
16:02:14PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] It's not fun
16:02:16PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] nor is it enjoyable
16:02:27PM [andyght] im good at that it dont need to be i luv helping
16:02:32PM [andyght] i luv maakeing people happy
16:02:44PM [andyght] idc bout the work it fine for me
16:02:46PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] But when you're an op you don't make people happy
16:02:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you ban people
16:02:58PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and make them argue and complain with you
16:03:01PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and then they start crying
16:03:04PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and it's all a big mess
16:03:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] if you want to make people happy go get a job at burger king
16:03:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] tell them they can have it their way
16:03:23PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and you'll have made someone's day better
16:03:35PM [andyght] just plz
16:03:44PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] No
16:03:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I've refuted all of your reasons
16:03:53PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and you have no reasons left
16:04:00PM [andyght] i can help u do ur work
16:04:05PM [andyght] or i can do it for u
16:04:11PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'm fine, thanks.
16:04:42PM [andyght] plz
16:04:46PM [andyght] just for 3 mins
16:05:43PM [andyght] plz
16:06:21PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I've made my decision. I've informed you. I've informed you again. I've informed you again. I've backed up my decision with fact, and I've given you an alternative. What else do you want?
16:06:44PM [andyght] whats an alternitive
16:07:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] look it up
16:07:23PM [andyght] plz just make me op for 2 mins
16:07:57PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] What are you going to do with your status?
16:08:05PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] How are you going to help me in 2 minutes?
16:08:10PM [andyght] yes
16:08:20PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] IT's not a yes or no answer
16:08:28PM [andyght] ohh
16:08:32PM [andyght] umm il help u do work
16:08:33PM [andyght] il help u
16:08:35PM [andyght] do
16:08:37PM [andyght] anything u want
16:08:39PM [andyght] il give u
16:08:42PM [andyght] feew pkmon
16:08:51PM [andyght] il
16:08:52PM [andyght] help
16:08:54PM [andyght] u
16:09:00PM [andyght] tel people the rules
16:09:01PM [andyght] and limited
16:09:06PM [andyght] and anything u need
16:09:10PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't play pokemon
16:09:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't want your pokemon
16:09:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't have to tell people the rules
16:09:20PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] they're on the website
16:09:25PM [andyght] what u need
16:09:29PM [andyght] il help anything
16:09:30PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] i don't need anything
16:09:37PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] which is why i'm not giving you op status
16:09:44PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and even if I did need something
16:09:45PM [andyght] i can put foums
16:09:57PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you can put foums?
16:10:01PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] what are foums?
16:10:05PM [andyght] fourums
16:10:51PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you can put forums?
16:12:43PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] ?
16:12:57PM [andyght] yes
16:13:03PM [andyght] and il make u look good
16:13:07PM [andyght] bye commenting you
16:13:09PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] how can you put forums?
16:13:18PM [andyght] go to fourms
16:13:19PM [andyght] and
16:13:21PM [andyght] creat
16:13:55PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] create what?
16:14:00PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you're not making any sense
16:14:06PM [andyght] nvm
16:14:35PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] well I've decided to let you have op status because you seem like your intentions are good
16:14:44PM [andyght] thank you
16:14:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] JUST KIDDING
16:14:51PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] OH HO HO HO
16:14:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] OH HO HO HO
16:14:56PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] OH HO HO HO
16:15:04PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] HOOK LINE AND SINKER
16:15:20PM [andyght] wel i can report u to bot and show u called me the h o word
16:16:03PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] i called you the h o word?
16:16:07PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I never called you a ho
16:16:09PM [andyght] yea
16:16:15PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] however now I'm calling you a gullible little ****
16:16:15PM [andyght] u just did
16:16:21PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] lolwut
16:16:24PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] see you later man
16:16:27PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] have fun reporting me to the bot
16:16:28PM [andyght] make me op or il report
16:16:42PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'm gonna have a few laughs over this
16:16:43PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] hahahaha
16:16:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'll report you for extortion :)
16:16:58PM [andyght] just let me be op for 30 secs
16:17:11PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] okay
16:17:13PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] 30 seconds
16:18:07PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] ok
16:18:10PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] there you go.
16:18:10PM [andyght] u said 30 secs
16:18:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] That was 30 seconds
16:18:19PM [andyght] i wasnt one
16:18:23PM [andyght] it not say
16:19:19PM [andyght] can u rely let me for 30 secs
16:19:42PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] 16:17:13PM • Locke_Yggdrasill sets mode [+o Andyght]
16:20:12PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] 16:17:57PM • Locke_Yggdrasill sets mode [-o Andyght]
[Totally fabricated]
16:20:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't know how much more you want
16:20:20PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you 30 seconds
16:20:25PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] it's not my fault you didn't do anythign with it
16:20:34PM [andyght] i dont get it it not say i am
16:20:35PM [andyght] tho
16:20:43PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] of course it didn't
16:20:49PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I told you you were
16:20:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] because I made you an op
16:21:03PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Serebiibot didn't do it, I did
16:21:22PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Look dude I gave you your 30 seconds, just chill out now
16:21:30PM [andyght] il give u anything for being mod for 20 mins
16:21:37PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Dude
16:21:42PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you op for 30 seconds
16:21:48PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't do ANYTHING that you said you were going to do
16:21:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't tell anyone the rules
16:21:54PM [andyght] yes
16:21:55PM [andyght] i did
16:21:56PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't help me out at all
16:22:00PM [andyght] i tried
16:22:01PM [andyght] then
16:22:01PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you basically just sat there
16:22:02PM [andyght] it say
16:22:04PM [andyght] mod off
16:22:08PM [andyght] do last time
16:22:10PM [andyght] last
16:22:14PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] No dude
16:22:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you what you wanted
16:22:29PM [andyght] 1 more time
16:22:29PM [andyght] plz
16:22:30PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] Now I'm not doing it again
16:22:33PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] No
16:22:45PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] You've been bothering me for 30 minutes
16:22:50PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you what you wanted
16:22:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I'm not going to do it again
16:23:05PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] You failed to keep your promise
16:23:07PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and that's that.
16:23:32PM [andyght] noo
16:23:33PM [andyght] look
16:23:45PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] look at what?
16:23:45PM • andyght was kicked by Tekirai:#SPP-WiFi [stop minioping *ka-tonk* ~ 2022 have been Snackoo'd ~]
16:24:07PM [andyght] what u mean
16:24:17PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] you didn't keep your promise
16:24:22PM [andyght] yes read up
16:24:32PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I don't care if it said mod off
16:24:37PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] It said it after 30 seconds
16:24:47PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] I gave you THIRTY SECONDS to do whatever you wanted
16:24:54PM [Locke_Yggdrasill] and you blew it


14th December 2008, 11:07 PM
olol, I remember that kid. He was the first of maaany to PM me yesterday about being an op. :[ Somebody must be relaying them all to me. I BET IT'S SLOWKING!!1one

hey speaking of Slowking

[21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> Slowking, dont say Brb anymore. Say Be back in a bit.
[21:25] <&#37;Tekirai> ...
[21:25] <%Tekirai> brb
[21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> Hurry Back Tekirai
[21:25] * RunJollyGarchomp was kicked by Slowking (4&#171;14&#171;4&#171;14&#171; Do not overuse bold! (100% bold)2 12Errors Rectified 13606 4&#187;14&#187;4&#187;14&#187;)
[21:25] <+HotSkittyOnWailordAction> GTG. Bye all!
[21:25] <%Tekirai> hurr >_>
[21:25] <{POW}richboywinston> i heard if u restart ur game ur wifi works again :P
[21:25] * RunJollyGarchomp (namaphy@PurpleSurge-7F2ABA5D.sd.sd.cox.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
[21:25] * vGX_BigDaddyV (PS-Guest27@7554BD3E.EA1020E0.74D5360A.IP) has joined #SPP-WiFi
[21:25] <+HotSkittyOnWailordAction> o_o
[21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> DUDE
[21:25] <Pichu_Sisters> when did wi-fi go off like did it happen today
[21:25] <Guest60369> my wifi isent stupid but when i try to battle my friends it say you lost you connection
[21:25] <%Tekirai> dude
[21:25] <JiiC> Bye
[21:25] <RunJollyGarchomp> DONT DO THAT
[21:25] * Slowking sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-7F2ABA5D.sd.sd.cox.net
[21:25] * RunJollyGarchomp was kicked by Delcatty (Caps makes kittens cry, so now you die! (100% Caps))
[21:25] <vGX_BigDaddyV> Trading evd:gliscor, breloom, salamence, honchkrow, leafeon, glaceon, vaporeon, porygon-z, blissey, spiritomb, alakazam, jolteon, staraptor, aggron, ambipom, venomoth, magnezone, tyranitar and hitmonchan SHINY EVD: togekiss, charizard, roserade, umbreon, gallade, houndoom, heatran, electivire, metagross, espeon, lucario, dusknoir, sceptile, nidoking, swampert, weavile, cresselia, infernape, steelix and aerodactyl
[21:25] <%Tekirai> ...
[21:25] <WiFiGuest9601> wait
[21:26] <+HotSkittyOnWailordAction> rofl
[21:26] * %Tekirai smile
[21:26] <{PS}Voidmaster> lol
[21:26] * JiiC (WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-E10BC46C.bb.online.no) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[21:26] * MAsterK-NL (WiFiGuest1@PurpleSurge-B8F0DADB.upc-j.chello.nl) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[21:26] <{PS}Voidmaster> swaggers getting owned
[21:26] * WiFiGuest2546 (WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-AF81D90F.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[21:26] <{MA}blackleg_sanji> LF the following evs: Pelipper, Kriketune, Ledian, Dustox, Spinda and other BL and UU pkmn; I will trade lvl 100 evs like swampert and lvl 100 shiny evs like blaziken in return :)
[21:26] <%Tekirai> all according to plan
[21:26] <WiFiGuest9601> is G.P.S a event or J.P.S?
[21:26] <dizzy> lf ADAMANT EVD tyranitar:):)
[21:26] * %Tekirai eeeeexcellent

wasn't really a plan but it worked like one muahaha >:3

20th December 2008, 1:11 AM
[19:00] <thenumber1guy> offering a bj
[19:00] <thenumber1guy> lol
[19:00] * WiFiGuest7120 (WiFiGuest7@PurpleSurge-E23A1C9E.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
[19:00] * WiFiGuest6946 (WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-2FBB2F91.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[19:00] <WiFiGuest9163> anybody got a macdonalds pikachu?
[19:00] * WiFiGuest7120 is now known as swift
[19:00] * WiFiGuest7644 (WiFiGuest7@PurpleSurge-A719BB10.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #SPP-WiFi
[19:00] <WiFiGuest4284> looking for ev'd or adamant regirock
[19:01] <yogurt> wat
[19:01] <{PS}Ozma> looking for a standard battle no wifiguests and no d/c
[19:01] * ~Awayebii (SPP@serebii.net) Quit (Quit: &#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; SPPScript 7.0 From the best Pok&#233;mon site in the world...http://www.serebii.net/ | Go There Now! &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;)
[19:01] * WiFiGuest7644 is now known as Chowder_Head
[19:01] <{UA}ricanboy23> lookin 4 a evd *shiftry
[19:01] <WiFiGuest2644> trading max hp and defense shiny foretress PM ME !!
[19:01] <Chowder_Head> lf a standard battle please no noobs no dc'ers
[19:01] * Erik[busy] sets mode: -b *!*@C7B0E0A4.7E917670.4FD153E6.IP
[19:01] <vGX_BigDaddyV> Trading evd:gliscor, breloom, salamence, honchkrow, leafeon, glaceon, vaporeon, porygon-z, blissey, spiritomb, alakazam, jolteon, staraptor, aggron, ambipom, venomoth, magnezone, tyranitar and hitmonchan SHINY EVD: togekiss, charizard, roserade, umbreon, gallade, houndoom, heatran, electivire, metagross, espeon, lucario, dusknoir, sceptile, nidoking, swampert, weavile, cresselia, infernape, steelix and aerodactyl
[19:01] <daltonw> yum
[19:01] <just_me> offering starraptor,alakzam,!!
[19:01] <thenumber1guy> yum?
[19:02] <SteelGliscor> :) LF UT Modest Simple Bidoof/Bibarel /// LF UT/ Full ATK and SPE Adamant Swarm Spinarak/Ariados with Pursuit /// LF UT/Full HP and DEF Impish Sandshrew/Sandslash /// LF UT Jolly Intimidate Ekans/Arbok with Pursuit /// LF UT Adamant Huge Power Azurill/Marill/Azumarill with Ice Punch, Superpower, and Aqua Jet /// LF UT Adamant Swablu/Altaria with Outrage OR Dragon Rush /// LF 2x Choice Band, 2x Life Orb PM ME :)
[19:02] <daltonw> yum yum
[19:02] * WiFiGuest3038 (WiFiGuest3@PurpleSurge-7BE49229.dfw.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
[19:02] <thenumber1guy> YUM
[19:02] <WiFiGuest4284> looking for adamant regirock
[19:02] <thenumber1guy> YUM
[19:02] <{UA}ricanboy23> lookin 4 a evd *shiftry
[19:02] <thenumber1guy> YUM
[19:02] * Delcatty sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-7D46E794.hsd1.mn.comcast.net
[19:02] * thenumber1guy was kicked by Delcatty (Repeating makes teh kittens cry. ;__;)
[19:02] * WiFiGuest6126 (WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-1EFF9B2F.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #SPP-WiFi
[19:02] <WiFiGuest7077> OFFERING all shiny starters and other rare shinies (over 40)PM ME ONLY if you will offer an EVD pokemon!! :):):p
[19:02] <daltonw> EWWW

21st December 2008, 12:14 AM
(06:12:49) (+HappyKimba) A shiny Shinx.
(06:12:50) (Andrew) oh that's hot

21st December 2008, 3:09 AM
I think this is one of my gr8est moments:
(2:09:39 pm) <+Yeti> myth sucks dick
(2:09:47 pm) <+Muxzelf> why?
(2:10:05 pm) <~[PU]Myth> Yeti is showing her true coulars now.
(2:10:14 pm) <+Muxzelf> isent he the owner? then how is he bad?
(2:10:14 pm) <+Yeti> nah i've always thought you suck dick
(2:10:15 pm) <~[PU]Myth> *colours
(2:10:19 pm) <~[PU]Myth> see
(2:10:21 pm) <~[PU]Myth> ou hid it
(2:10:22 pm) <+Yeti> your behavior and failure to suck less ****
(2:10:23 pm) <&Pachy> A lot of people happen to be doing that lately
(2:10:27 pm) <~[PU]Myth> Pachy will own your <censored> yeti
(2:10:29 pm) <+Yeti> is just bringing it out
(2:10:33 pm) <+Yeti> bring it pachy LOL idgaf
(2:10:33 pm) <%zero_embi> ive always shown my true colors
(2:10:36 pm) <%zero_embi> :3!
(2:10:38 pm) <+Yeti> suck my dick
(2:10:39 pm) <+Yeti> rofl
(2:10:40 pm) <~[PU]Myth> you will
(2:10:41 pm) <%zero_embi> im a pretty little girl
(2:10:42 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:43 pm) <~[PU]Myth> now get out
(2:10:45 pm) <+Yeti> i really don't care
(2:10:45 pm) <+KittyKat> You will ... more like wou yill, am i right?
(2:10:46 pm) <+Yeti> bring it
(2:10:47 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:47 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:47 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:48 pm) <~[PU]Myth> part
(2:10:49 pm) <+Yeti> go for it
(2:10:50 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:50 pm) <&Pachy> You're entitled to have your opinion
(2:10:51 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:51 pm) <+Yeti> kb me
(2:10:56 pm) <+Yeti> let's rumble myth
(2:10:59 pm) <~[PU]Myth> who is?
(2:11:01 pm) <~Shikamaru> xD
(2:11:04 pm) <+Yeti> show me your moves
(2:11:04 pm) <&Pachy> Yeti is.
(2:11:06 pm) <+Yeti> champ
(2:11:10 pm) * [PU]Myth sets mode: -v Yeti
(2:11:10 pm) <%zero_embi> CAPTAIN FALCON
(2:11:10 pm) <+Regulus> CAPTAIN FALCON? More like FAPTAIN CALCON
(2:11:12 pm) <~Shikamaru> this is somewhat amusing
(2:11:16 pm) <&Pachy> I wont stop you from banning her though Myth
(2:11:20 pm) * DarkAngel sets mode: +v Yeti
(2:11:22 pm) <+Yeti> thanks pach
(2:11:22 pm) <~[PU]Myth> Pachy set the -v evasion script please
(2:11:24 pm) <+Yeti> you're a champ
(2:11:29 pm) <+Yeti> good guy
(2:11:30 pm) <+Yeti> good guy
(2:11:32 pm) * [PU]Myth sets mode: -v Yeti
(2:11:32 pm) <+Muxzelf> Dont fight guyss
(2:11:34 pm) <~Shikamaru> xD
(2:11:35 pm) * DarkAngel sets mode: +v Yeti
(2:11:38 pm) <+Yeti> soup myth
(2:11:41 pm) <~[PU]Myth> !kb yeti
(2:11:41 pm) * DarkAngel sets mode: +b *!*@SHINKY.SATURN.ON.JUPITER.INK.SHOTTING
(2:11:41 pm) * You were kicked by DarkAngel (Requested ([PU]Myth))

Yea squid suck my dick.

23rd December 2008, 9:51 PM
(13:22:36) (@Erik_Destler) WHERe
(13:22:36) (@Erik_Destler) THE HELL
(13:22:37) (@Erik_Destler) ARE MY SHOES
(13:22:37) (@Erik_Destler) >:|
(13:22:45) (@Erik_Destler) >:|!!!!!!
(13:22:45) (&#37;Skiks) next to your purse
(13:22:57) (@Erik_Destler) my purse is in my room
(13:22:58) (@Erik_Destler) wait
(13:23:01) (@Erik_Destler) I DONT HAV E APURE
(13:23:01) (@Erik_Destler) sfdasfd

24th December 2008, 3:53 PM
[18:18:43] <Staraptivire> <Juliet> Jynx is a distubing Pokemon. <--- colbletely agree


27th December 2008, 8:24 AM
[02:21:32] <SPPGuest6367> harvest moon
[02:21:33] <SPPGuest6367> harvest moon
[02:21:34] <SPPGuest6367> harvest moon
[02:21:34] * Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-82A86854.singnet.com.sg
[02:21:34] * SPPGuest6367 was kicked by Dratini927--sleep--
[02:21:38] <%Fenix> oh god
[02:21:38] <noobers> :\
[02:21:42] <+Soap> Wat
[02:21:44] <MEMEME670> lol!
[02:21:45] <%Warfare> oh god x2.
[02:21:50] <%Fenix> If I was to get owned by reapeatng a games name
[02:21:57] <%Fenix> I would at least do it with somethng decent
[02:21:59] <%Fenix> like
[02:21:59] <MEMEME670> Laughing Out Loud
[02:22:01] <%Fenix> Starcraft
[02:22:01] <%Fenix> Starcraft
[02:22:01] <%Fenix> Starcraft
[02:22:04] <MEMEME670> yea
[02:22:05] <MEMEME670> or
[02:22:06] <MEMEME670> Diablo
[02:22:07] <MEMEME670> Diablo
[02:22:07] <MEMEME670> Diablo
[02:22:08] * Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-50635CAA.pk.shawcable.net
[02:22:08] * MEMEME670 was kicked by Dratini927--sleep--

29th December 2008, 7:50 AM

And then there's


10th January 2009, 3:51 AM
(20:18:27) (+Kiori) D:
(20:18:29) (+Kiori) Skiks is 18?
(20:18:34) (&#37;Rockman) yes
(20:18:38) (+Kiori) >D

(20:42:46) (+Kiori) [05:26:32] <@pokemew> vendetttttaaa <-- why did I read that as "underweaaaarrrr"

10th January 2009, 6:40 AM
(01:28:51pm) ([PU]Z3RO) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
(01:28:52pm) (ILUVCATS) 100
(01:28:52pm) —› nick: (SPPGuest1405) is now known as (DB_Ryseiko)
(01:28:52pm) (&#37;Neji) He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, if a woodchuck would chuck wood
(01:28:52pm) (SPPGuest0001) 0
(01:28:52pm) (Vulcan) none it has better things to do
(01:28:52pm) (Electrode90210) Chuck can't woodchuck wood
(01:28:54pm) (Electrode90210) because he's useless
(01:28:56pm) —› part: ([PU]Z3RO) (PS-Guest34@PurpleSurge-BDD1BC29.phnx.qwest.net)
(01:28:58pm) (Seph) How much Chuck could a Norris Chuck Chuck if a Norris could Chuck Norris?

(01:31:38pm) (Shawk) Chuck Norris went to the Virgin Islands. When he came back it was just the Islands...
(01:31:38pm) (SPPGuest0001) Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the woodchuck
(01:31:39pm) (%Raikuga) shutup about Suck Norris
(01:31:39pm) (shadowkami) Oh crap...
(01:31:39pm) (%Raikuga) It's gotten old
(01:31:39pm) (Electrode90210) Chuck Norris is satanic

I dunno why it is funny, but I laughed.

12th January 2009, 3:53 AM
[21:44] <thugnifecent14> does any one kno where i can get free candy
[21:44] *** C101|Gone has quit (Quit: BOOM)
[21:44] <ClanSoul> From Michael Jackson
[21:44] <SPPGuest5113> nothing is ever free
[21:44] <SPPGuest5113> well
[21:44] <ClanSoul> He'll be handing it out to children
[21:44] *** SPPGuest9512 has joined #SPP
[21:44] <SPPGuest5113> there's that
<insert unrelated text here>
[21:46] <thugnifecent14> but micheal jackson is not alowwed near me anymore
[21:47] <SPPGuest5113> "anymore"
[21:47] <SPPGuest5113> lmfao
[21:47] <Rokon> hey, i need help making a decision...
[21:47] <SPPGuest5113> why would you have let him anywhere near you in the first place
[21:47] <thugnifecent14> yea not to long ago we were on the news
[21:47] <Gambit> he liked it
[21:47] <SPPGuest5113> YOU'RE McCauley Caulkin?

What has Wacko Jacko done to our innocent children these days...

12th January 2009, 9:24 AM
* Delcatty takes control of Kiori's body then makes her pole dance for pokemew, Apollo_11, and Delcatty.
<Delcatty> ;p
<Kiori> ...;d
<Delcatty> XD
* Kiori switch places with catty ;d
<Kiori> 8D;
<Delcatty> You like it, don't yo---
<Delcatty> wut
<Delcatty> No
<Delcatty> You can't do that
<Delcatty> D:<
* Kiori becomes a papparazzi for catty 8D
<Delcatty> I
<Delcatty> I have the psychic mind-control powers
<pokemew> I'm not a lesbian
<Delcatty> ME
<pokemew> I'm outta here
<Delcatty> not YOU
<Kiori> XD
<Kiori> mew XD
<Delcatty> ME
<Delcatty> and lolwut
<Kiori> aww ;;
<pokemew> you keep enjoying it Catty >_>
<Kiori> WTF
<Delcatty> I magically changed her into a guy
<Delcatty> ^___^
<Kiori> XD
<pokemew> ;o
<Kiori> just so happens I have a guy nick XD
* Kiori is now known as Takahiro
* Delcatty humps Takahiro madly ;oo
<Takahiro> ...EW
<Delcatty> XD
<Delcatty> you dun like me
<Takahiro> oh gawd
<Delcatty> ;;
<Takahiro> XD
<Takahiro> I mean
* Delcatty sob
<Takahiro> my state of mind is still a girl wtf
<Takahiro> XD
<Takahiro> that sounds wrong
<Takahiro> .
* Delcatty sob
* Delcatty sob
* Delcatty sob

12th January 2009, 9:32 AM
* Delcatty takes control of Kiori's body then makes her pole dance for pokemew, Apollo_11, and Delcatty.
<Delcatty> ;p
<Kiori> ...;d
<Delcatty> XD
* Kiori switch places with catty ;d
<Kiori> 8D;
<Delcatty> You like it, don't yo---
<Delcatty> wut
<Delcatty> No
<Delcatty> You can't do that
<Delcatty> D:<
* Kiori becomes a papparazzi for catty 8D
<Delcatty> I
<Delcatty> I have the psychic mind-control powers
<pokemew> I'm not a lesbian
<Delcatty> ME
<pokemew> I'm outta here
<Delcatty> not YOU
<Kiori> XD
<Kiori> mew XD
<Delcatty> ME
<Delcatty> and lolwut
<Kiori> aww ;;
<pokemew> you keep enjoying it Catty >_>
<Kiori> WTF
<Delcatty> I magically changed her into a guy
<Delcatty> ^___^
<Kiori> XD
<pokemew> ;o
<Kiori> just so happens I have a guy nick XD
* Kiori is now known as Takahiro
* Delcatty humps Takahiro madly ;oo
<Takahiro> ...EW
<Delcatty> XD
<Delcatty> you dun like me
<Takahiro> oh gawd
<Delcatty> ;;
<Takahiro> XD
<Takahiro> I mean
* Delcatty sob
<Takahiro> my state of mind is still a girl wtf
<Takahiro> XD
<Takahiro> that sounds wrong
<Takahiro> .
* Delcatty sob
* Delcatty sob
* Delcatty sob
You forgot part. :P

PROOF that Joe likes guys better! [[No denying it this time, Joe! ;D]]
(02:24:00:AM) (+Takahiro) wtf XD
(02:24:05:AM) (+Takahiro) oh noes :<
(02:24:11:AM) (+Takahiro) I'm not a guy ;A;
(02:24:11:AM) (+Takahiro) wait
(02:24:12:AM) —› quit: (Serebii) (SPP@serebii.net) (Connection reset by peer)
(02:24:13:AM) (+Takahiro) XD;
(02:24:14:AM) (%Delcatty) XD
(02:24:22:AM) (+Takahiro) Joe died coz I'm not a guy? XD;

Kidding, kidding, please don't kill me, Joe. D: The logs are real though. >_>;

12th January 2009, 10:30 PM
[16:26] <Zink> ice beam is the best move ever
[16:26] <Cynthia> hardly
[16:26] <SPPGuest5040> O rly Cynthia
[16:26] <SPPGuest3733> You dare doubt cynthia?
[16:27] <SPPGuest3733> (S)he IS the champion, after all
[16:27] <SPPGuest5040> He....
[16:27] *** SPPGuest5040 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[16:27] <SPPGuest3733> Holy duck
[16:27] <SPPGuest3733> lmao
[16:27] <ispitoutjumpluff> hi Maria
[16:27] <SPPGuest3733> He quit just because i said Cynthia was a guy
[16:27] <Cynthia> awesome
[16:28] <SPPGuest3733> Good work cyn
[16:28] <Cynthia> fear my gender

The power of the trap is strong.

Ho-oh Master
14th January 2009, 10:48 PM
<Entei> np: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
<MurderMachine> ...
<Fox_McCloud> Now Playing: Plain White T's - 1,2,3,4
*** SPPGuest2769 has joined #spp
<Fox_McCloud> number 17
*** Maya|shower is now known as Maya
* MurderMachine slaps hEntei
<Entei> what?
<Fox_McCloud> first time hearing this song
<Entei> I am listen to the song
<Elias> Fox, you have a script set up or somthing?
<Fox_McCloud> no
*** BiggieSmalls has quit (Ping timeout)
<Fox_McCloud> I type it
<Entei> never gonna give you up
<Elias> ah
<Entei> never gonna get you down
<Fox_McCloud> scrits aren't allowed
<Elias> <_<;;;
<Fox_McCloud> entei loves me so
<Mareena> scrits
<Fox_McCloud> I mis you so
<Fox_McCloud> where'd you go
<Entei> Fox :P
<Elias> Tell that to SerebiiBot
<Elias> <_<
<Entei> around...
* Elias is listening to "The Ballad Of John And Yoko" by The Beatles, from the album 1. 192 kbps MP3
<Fox_McCloud> seems like forever since yo've been gone..
<Fox_McCloud> Wher'd you go.. some days I feel like ****.. etc
*** StardustDragon has quit (Quit:)
*** Captain_Chris has quit (Quit:)
<Fox_McCloud> Now Playing: Shontelle - T-Shirt
<Fox_McCloud> number 16
<Entei> Fox
<Entei> I've been working
<Entei> you know
<Fox_McCloud> working on?
*** Mareena is now known as Vanessa
<Fox_McCloud> Oh
<Sableye> any1 have platnium here?
<Fox_McCloud> ******
<Fox_McCloud> *shot*
<Fox_McCloud> Entei, work is not an excuse
<Fox_McCloud> ilu
*** Tiffany has quit (Quit: peace out mah nukkuhs ;3)
<Sableye> no1 has platnium here from japan?
<Vanessa> no
<Elias> I do, but I don't play it, as I don't understand a word they're saying.
<Elias> <_<
<Sableye> =/
<Fox_McCloud> Entei, Nothin but'cha t shirt on..
<Fox_McCloud> cause I miss you.. mis syou
*** MisterCow has quit (Operation timed out)
<Vanessa> LOL FOX
<Vanessa> wow
*** luke_c has quit (Ping timeout)
*** luke_c has joined #spp
<Entei> i miss you too
<Fox_McCloud> Nothin feels like when I'm not with cho
<Fox_McCloud> I got nothing but'cha t shirt on <33
*** SPPGuest0940 has joined #spp
<Entei> <3

Peter Quill
18th January 2009, 8:43 AM
<+Katya> OK
<{UA}Kaasutizard> Laughing Out Loud
<AIPOMKING7> ooooops to many caps
<+Katya> LOL
<+LF> aloud
<+Katya> you don't say
<+Moogles> ok
<AIPOMKING7> i didnt mean to
<AIPOMKING7> accidental
<{UA}Kaasutizard> they arn;t good parents then
<+Katya> no of coursen ot
<+LF> AIPOMKING7 - I just sent your parents those logs
<{UA}Kaasutizard> thats just pathetic
<+Katya> you didn't check yoru sentence once
<+Katya> LMFAO LF
<Seph> LOL
<+LF> pack your crap
<+LF> and get out
<+pappacourt> LOL
<+Moogles> LOL
<Seph> LMAO
<DoomDesire> lmao
<AIPOMKING7> my parents r nice at times though
<+LF> your mom just texted me with "omigawd!" with a sad face
<+Katya> LOL
<+pappacourt> :(
<DoomDesire> LMFAO
<+Katya> is daddy overdosing
<AIPOMKING7> i feel unloved
<+Katya> 'where did i go wrong'
<+Katya> 'i played catch with him...'
<+pappacourt> No dad no!
<+Katya> 'i spent time with him WHERE DID I GO WRONG'
<+Katya> as he takes medicine to cure 30 headaches
<+pappacourt> NO DAD NO

19th January 2009, 4:11 AM
(21:58:44) (@pokemew) oh
(21:58:47) (@pokemew) someone called me
(21:58:49) (@pokemew) a friend
(21:58:50) (@pokemew) thats a first
(21:58:59) (@pokemew) kidding ^^
(21:59:18) (&#37;Skiks) you have friends?
(21:59:20) • %Skiks shot
(21:59:40) (@pokemew) yeah
(21:59:50) (@pokemew) And I got invited to their house too >:O
(22:01:41) (@Dratini927) The outside or the inside of it
(22:01:42) (@Dratini927) 8D
Ain't she cute.

19th January 2009, 6:18 AM
(shadow_umbreon) i am on the side that it will be made..gold was my first..and i love it...soo..i whant to have a remake of him...

* ~Snoozechomp attacks Fox_McCloud with several sexy women
{ 02:26:36 } <Fatale> Fox_McCloud is immune to 'several sexy women'

Old quotes are old.

24th January 2009, 12:40 PM
&#171;healthy-girl&#187; let's make a fruit alphabet
&#171;healthy-girl&#187; apple banana c..
&#171;healthy-girl&#187; what fruit begins with c
&#171;croagunk&#187; poison
&#171;VEEK&#187; cranberries...
&#171;healthy-girl&#187; yea!
&#171;croagunk&#187; this is incredibly stupid.....
&#171;healthy-girl&#187; d
&#171;unown&#187; ******* :D
&#171;croagunk&#187; healthy girl should meet macdonalds

LOLOLOLOLOL this was funny for me, why? idk

26th January 2009, 9:54 PM
.~.[8:52:39 pm].~. <Jonny> RyanxDaphne
.~.[8:52:40 pm].~. <Jonny> ;3
.~.[8:52:42 pm].~. <+Midna> I do...

OP and voice love.. So cute. ;)

29th January 2009, 5:13 AM
[23:12] The_Coza: * Jess sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-E857D8F7.dhcp.ccmn.ca.charter.com
[23:12] * Barack_Obama sets ban on *!*@57442911.9207F4A2.3CD593E5.IP
[23:12] * Barack_Obama has kicked The_Coza from #spp (No Advertising! (5 Minutes))

16th February 2009, 5:02 AM
(22:59:14) (~Mandy) dustin, i know you'd be delighted to know that 30&#37; of our prison population consists of illegal immigrants
(22:59:55) (+Omegabite) Pft. Tag their ears and send them back to the hellholes they came from.
(23:00:02) —› join: (Nny) (ishere@worst.vhost.ever)

16th February 2009, 10:33 AM
[01:25] * SPPGuest1980 (SPPGuest19@18E499F8.68B70D32.CB36FCCE.IP) has joined #SPP
[01:26] [SPPGuest1980] hello
[01:26] [SPPGuest1980] hello hello hello
[01:27] [Free] hi
[01:27] [SPPGuest1980] anyone here
[01:27] [Erik[Busyyyy]] no
[01:27] * SPPGuest1980 (SPPGuest19@18E499F8.68B70D32.CB36FCCE.IP) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)

I giggled, but it's also 1:30 and I am tired so that might have contributed...

The Thrashmeister
16th February 2009, 9:39 PM
I am JonasBrothersLuvr/HannahMontanaLuvr.

14:31… JonasBrothersLuvr is now known as HannahMontanaLuvr
14:31… HannahMontanaLuvr: who lovs hanna montana
14:31… KingDevil: no one
14:31… DD|HatchinEggs: Hannah Montana can go to hell also
14:31… Haseo: You and Jonas brothers can go to hell dumb heac
14:31… Haseo: head*
14:31… RoboBlue: I saw a hannah montana doll in cvs
14:31… SPPGuest4646: wow
14:31… RoboBlue: it was REALLY UGLY
14:32… Taomagicdragon: Let's not be harsh guys, not worth it.
14:32… RoboBlue: looked like friggin paris hilton
14:32… RoboBlue: I'm not saying she's ugly
14:32… RoboBlue: the doll was
14:32… RoboBlue: seriously
14:32… SPPGuest4646: robo thats because it was made to look EXACTLY like hannah lmao
14:32… Butch has joined #SPP
14:32… HannahMontanaLuvr: "Dumb head"
14:32… HannahMontanaLuvr: Wow.
14:32… RoboBlue: no, it wasn't even close
14:32… HannahMontanaLuvr: Is that the best you have?
14:32… HannahMontanaLuvr: Seriously?
14:32… SPPGuest4646: lmao
14:32… HannahMontanaLuvr: Pathetic lout.
14:32… SPPGuest4646 is now known as ImABigTimeN00b
14:32… Haseo: Atleast i dont love Hannah Montana
14:32… Haseo: Get A Life
14:32… Serebii has joined #SPP
14:32… &SerebiiBot: [Serebii] You Sunk My ScrabbleShip
14:32… SerebiiBot sets mode: +qo Serebii Serebii
14:32… __penguin__: &#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; Serebii &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187; It's The Head-Honchoebii!
14:32… +Slowking: The best boss with the best pokemon site in the world!
14:32… DD|HatchinEggs: Hannah's pmsing
14:32… @Barack_Obama: *WB(Serebii)WB* - Serebii, the best boss with the best Pok&#233;mon site in the world!
14:32… DD|HatchinEggs: o noooo
14:33… RoboBlue: hey serebii
14:33… RoboBlue: you seem to be on a lot lately
14:33… HannahMontanaLuvr: Roflmao
14:33… HannahMontanaLuvr: I love how you can't tell what a joke is
14:33… HannahMontanaLuvr: Or what a troll is
14:33… DD|HatchinEggs: plug yer ears ooo noo
14:33… DD|HatchinEggs: shes gonna sing!
14:34… HannahMontanaLuvr: Where in my name does it say that I'm Hannah Montana?
14:34… HannahMontanaLuvr: I'm not Hannah Montana.
14:34… ImABigTimeN00b: lol
14:34… DD|HatchinEggs: shes sing ahhh
14:34… Haseo: Your Worst

It's been almost a year since I last came on IRC... yet the intelligence level in SPP hasn't increased one bit.

16th February 2009, 10:22 PM
COMEDY GOLD!: [15:21] <Evil_Toast[dinner]> -.--.--.--.-
[15:21] *** Barack_Obama sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-96A0803D.sub-70-208-171.myvzw.com
[15:21] *** Evil_Toast[dinner] has been kicked by Barack_Obama (Excessive Punctuation (5 Minutes))

The Thrashmeister
16th February 2009, 11:22 PM
16:20… iluvaimayy: WHY AM I HERE GOD TEL MEE
16:20… Serebii sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-C24E37C2.bb.sky.com
16:20… This *!*@PurpleSurge-C24E37C2.bb.sky.com ban affects: iluvaimayy
16:20… iluvaimayy was kicked by Serebii (&#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; Overusing caps. (100&#37; Caps) 137755 &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;)
16:21… SPPGuest7102 has joined #spp
16:21… Venomothim: well, he just gave you a sign

16:26… Lumiseon: You don't even have it, Ygg
16:27… SPPGuest5576 has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
16:27… KingDevil: hey
16:27… Jahzilla: can som1 help me rebuild my team?????????????
16:27… Venomothim: Hi PinpleMoney
16:27… Yggdrasil: it?
16:27… Yggdrasil: whats it?
16:27… Lumiseon: Plati um.
16:27… PurpleMonkey: Purple*
16:27… Dane-ish: if i migrate a pokemon that knows fire punch, or thunder punch etc, can i still breed it into pokemon on d/p??
16:27… Venomothim: *PurnpleMokney
16:27… Yggdrasil: how do you know!?
16:27… PurpleMonkey: Yeah wahts cracking in here anywho
16:27… Venomothim: noob hour
16:27… Yggdrasil: you're just being <censored>
16:27… TheThrashmeister: http://www.serebii.net/platinum/foreign.shtml
16:27… Lumiseon: Because it's not out in the US, noob
16:27… Dane-ish: hey, im not a noob
16:27… Yggdrasil: so?
16:27… Dane-ish: just asking a question
16:27… TheThrashmeister: he could have the Japanese version
16:27… TheThrashmeister: :s
16:27… Yggdrasil: its out in japan and iraq
16:27… Yggdrasil: yeah!
16:28… TheThrashmeister: like the majority of fanboys do
16:28… Yggdrasil: or the iraqi version!
16:28… Venomothim: we are not calling you a noob
16:28… Lumiseon: iraq...?
16:28… Yggdrasil: where every pokemon know explosion

19th February 2009, 9:53 PM
15:49:37 | <ivysaur> my infernape could beet any of ur pokemons
15:49:44 | <DryBones> beet?
15:49:45 | * SPPGuest0984 (SPPGuest09@PurpleSurge-22DD9BDF.btes.tv) has joined #spp
15:49:48 | <Yuupi_Shimabara> Lol.
15:49:54 | <DryBones> Your infernape could vegetable?
15:50:00 | <DryBones> Nice
15:50:03 | <Yuupi_Shimabara> Well my Empoleon could rutabega everyone's here.

21st February 2009, 10:55 AM
(4:54:54 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; can anyone help me find a male and female jack!!!!!!!!!????
(4:54:58 am) &#171;Yuupi_Shimabara&#187; Never for anything else in the store.
(4:55:06 am) &#171;DryBones&#187; Hai Kirby
(4:55:12 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; I just discovered the most horrific thing
(4:55:13 am) &#171;@Captain_Chris&#187; Kirbs
(4:55:19 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; my TV lacks a headphone jack
(4:55:21 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; so I need a female
(4:55:21 am) &#171;@Captain_Chris&#187; I could find a male jack
(4:55:23 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; for my TV
(4:55:30 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; so I can plug in my head
(4:55:31 am) &#171;@Captain_Chris&#187; But it'll be difficult finding a girl with the name Jack.
(4:55:32 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; phones*
(4:55:45 am) &#171;+Delio&#187; D: a female
(4:55:53 am) &#171;Yuupi_Shimabara&#187; Does it have to be Jack?
(4:55:57 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; YES
(4:55:59 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; you need to purchase an adaptor with two RCA (Audio) jacks on one side and a stereo 1/8th inch or 1/4 inch female jack on the other, depending on the jack on your headphones.
(4:56:05 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; I NEED ONE OF THESE FEMALES
(4:56:09 am) &#171;Yuupi_Shimabara&#187; Can it be a derivative of Jack?
(4:56:17 am) &#171;@Captain_Chris&#187; Quoting.
(4:56:23 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; what
(4:56:24 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; NO
(4:56:29 am) &#171;@Kirby&#187; help me get a female!

... Yep. #SPP after dark.

[19:35] <&#37;Delcatty> do itttttttttttttttt
[19:35] <%Delcatty> D:<
[19:35] <%Tekirai> in the butt
[19:35] <%Delcatty> fine
[19:35] <%Delcatty> I'll do it myself
[19:35] <%Tekirai> ok

And Teki wins more internets.

21st February 2009, 10:58 PM
[21:59] <%Delcatty> where do they sell duck balls?

good thing that u wasn't an i amirite

actually yeah since '<censored> balls' wouldn't have been as funny =(

22nd February 2009, 12:22 AM
(18:21:06) (%Ellie) i think some people on sppf have my number since its on my fb and i have/had some online peeps there
(18:21:11) (%Ellie) but idc as long as its not creepers
(18:21:44) (@Erik_Destler) i know ellie's number ;)

...so yeah

22nd February 2009, 1:35 PM
[15:56:16] <pedro> hey look!a charizard lv 70!
[15:56:28] * Professor_Layton (PS-Guest15@PurpleSurge-EE77AD04.vic.bigpond.net.au) Quit (Quit: Lombre-lla by Rihanna and a Lombre!! :)
[15:56:39] <+Midna> ..
[15:56:49] * pedro sends a ball!
[15:57:10] <pedro> yay!at the first shoot!
[15:57:18] <&#37;Fenix> sometimes, silence is better than saying something lame
[15:57:25] <%Fenix> isn't it, pedro?
[15:57:26] * +Midna agrees
[15:57:36] <pedro> a lv 62 hypno happered!
[15:57:44] <%Fenix> ..
[15:57:45] * +Midna headdesk
[15:57:54] <pedro> ?
[15:57:57] <+Delio> lol
[15:58:07] <%Fenix> happered lmao
[15:58:17] <pedro> what?
[15:58:27] <pedro> lv 46 pupitar
[15:59:08] <pedro> a moltres in the grass!!!!

idk why I found it funny

EDIT: <Temporargirl> Fenix if i'm a moron than your an ideotic cursing cheat!!!!!!

27th February 2009, 12:15 AM
(6:01:51 pm) «marymaple» icd wat yall say about milotic ..i love her

What is it about pokemon that brings out the furriness in people? :x

27th February 2009, 12:24 AM
(6:01:51 pm) «marymaple» icd wat yall say about milotic ..i love her

What is it about pokemon that brings out the furriness in people? :x

Not necessarily a furry comment... it could simply refer to the sort of love some people have for ugly dogs--the sort that a lot of people think is incredibly stupid, but they don't really seem to care.

1st March 2009, 11:05 PM
Not necessarily a furry comment... it could simply refer to the sort of love some people have for ugly dogs--the sort that a lot of people think is incredibly stupid, but they don't really seem to care.

I suppose it's the perspective I was reading it in, I suppose.

(17:01:08) (%[PU]WRX_FSTI) I'm tired but that doesn't stop me going back for more <censored>
(17:01:17) (@Yeti) yeah you are trying to be an idiot LOL
(17:01:31) (@Yeti) you are a toxicroak <censored>
(17:01:32) (%[PU]WRX_FSTI) I don't have to try IYO.
(17:01:42) (%[PU]WRX_FSTI) What kind of an insult is that?
(17:01:48) (%[PU]WRX_FSTI) I love pokemon.
(17:01:54) (@Ming-Ming) Furry.
(17:02:00) (%[PU]WRX_FSTI) So?

Sure, it's from another chan, but [PU]WRX_FSTI did say he wanted it to be quoted, so au revoir.

The Thrashmeister
15th March 2009, 2:06 AM
19:04… Omegabite: Raikuga, only vegetarians go to Starbucks and order something. Vegans feel bad because there's whipped cream.
19:04… &#37;Raikuga: I do too
19:04… %Raikuga: Whipped sounds to... wimpy
19:04… %Raikuga: I like mine beaten like Rihanna

...too soon?

19:42… Venomothim: I have a bad habit of highlighting people. for example: Caboose

Forretress Fan
15th March 2009, 3:36 AM
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> I was in biology class once, and the teacher said there was sugar in sperm
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> And a girl asked why doesn't it taste sweet then
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> When she realised what she said her face became red like a spanked monkey ***
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> Then the teacher said, because you taste sweetness with the front of your tongue, not the part of your tongue back in your throat
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> The girl started crying and left class ^^


[20:21] <Brooklyn> AURORA IS GAY!?!
[20:21] <Zuko> Obv
[20:21] <Female_Link> he's still hot

15th March 2009, 4:45 AM
[02:46:57] <Tsuki> Serebii should have a moveset thing like smogon i hate going to smogon for stuff. It makes me feel....dirty

Joe's site makes people... Dirty?

15th March 2009, 5:46 AM
Joe's site makes people... Dirty?

who is joe

anyways, the funniest one i've heard is that a butterfree beat down a garchom, lol

16th March 2009, 10:54 PM
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> I was in biology class once, and the teacher said there was sugar in sperm
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> And a girl asked why doesn't it taste sweet then
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> When she realised what she said her face became red like a spanked monkey ***
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> Then the teacher said, because you taste sweetness with the front of your tongue, not the part of your tongue back in your throat
[17:12] <Venku> <Eticam> The girl started crying and left class ^^

Isn't this like... straight copypaste from bash? >_>;

Aaanyways this'll be verrrrrrry old so let's see if anybody remembers THIS probably not sob

(basically, cloning troll/noob Desperate Deoxys/Flaming_Chimchar is sucking, SPP attacking front that composed of me, Inc and Magmortar)
[23:10] <Inc> because he's a <censored>
[23:10] *** Josh||Away sets channel #SPP mode +b *!*@d57-140-121.home.cgocable.net
[23:10] *** Inc was kicked from #SPP by Josh||Away (LOLI HAET YOU ;~; (1861))
[23:10] <CJ> that seems very inappropriate
[23:10] <DesperateDeoxys> lol
[23:10] <Flaming_Chimchar> :)
[23:10] <CJ> lol
[23:10] <+Tekirai> Nuuu
[23:10] <+Tekirai> Inc
[23:10] *** Shoot quit (Serebii.net Rules!!)
[23:10] <NTF_Sasuke> im 16
[23:10] <+Tekirai> I will avenge you ;_;
[23:10] <Magmortar> Nooooo
[23:10] <Magmortar> Inc
[23:10] <Magmortar> :o
[23:10] <+Tekirai> DOEXYS
[23:10] <+Tekirai> ...
[23:10] <+Tekirai> YES
[23:10] <Magmortar> ...
[23:10] <Flaming_Chimchar> a-- ----
[23:10] <+Tekirai> DEOXYS
[23:10] <DesperateDeoxys> what
[23:10] <Ridley-X4> DesperateDeoxys is just a alternate account of Flaming_Chimchar
[23:10] *** SPPGuest5828 quit (Serebii.net Rules!!)
[23:10] <+Tekirai> D<
[23:11] <Magmortar> Teki is about to shoot someone
[23:11] *** Ledian_X quit ( )
[23:11] <DesperateDeoxys> no
[23:11] <+Tekirai> *shotgun reload*
[23:11] <Ridley-X4> Yes.
[23:11] <Magmortar> Yes she is.
[23:11] <DesperateDeoxys> no
[23:11] <Magmortar> And now...
[23:11] <DesperateDeoxys> no
[23:11] *** Asuka sets channel #SPP mode +b *!*@dpc6745230061.direcpc.com
[23:11] *** DesperateDeoxys was kicked from #SPP by Asuka (We are not deaf, thx. Now stfu and stop repeating.)
[23:11] <Magmortar> ...
[23:11] <+Tekirai> BOOM
[23:11] <+Tekirai> HEADSHOT
[23:11] <Ridley-X4> yes!
[23:11] <WiFiGuest9001> Nice shot.
[23:11] <Magmortar> ROTFL
[23:11] <Ridley-X4> Huzzah
[23:11] * Magmortar falls on floor
[23:11] <Ridley-X4> Somebody cap this
[23:11] <Magmortar> OMG

Good times...

27th March 2009, 12:54 AM
(18:49:15) (SPPGuest2019) omg, cyrus' gyarados is hard
Oh yeah.

28th March 2009, 7:30 PM
I'd like to qoute myself for a moment:
In soviet Russia, Roflsaurus laughs at you!

2nd April 2009, 4:08 PM
(09:55:43pm) (Jublilife) in emerald all the trainers speak in CAPS. Isnt that eerie?
(09:55:49pm) (Jublilife) at the battle frontier
(09:55:51pm) (Julius_Belmont) they are all sppguests

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

4th April 2009, 1:15 AM
LOL. I love you, Kiori!

(06:01:22 PM) (%Delcatty) If a guy typed with his penis, that'd be gross.
(06:01:29 PM) (%nub) ...
(06:01:34 PM) (%nub) where the **** did that come from
(06:01:35 PM) (%nub) ...
(06:01:36 PM) (%Delcatty) lol
(06:01:37 PM) (%nub) no pun intended
(06:01:43 PM) (%Delcatty) (06:00:51 PM) (%Delcatty) (06:00:39 PM) (Opal) Are you typing with your..stylus? <-- "stylus" ;o
(06:01:45 PM) (%Delcatty) and LOL
(06:03:17 PM) (%Kiori) ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(06:03:21 PM) (%Delcatty) ?
(06:03:25 PM) (%Kiori) penis comment
(06:03:27 PM) (%Kiori) >_>
(06:03:28 PM) (%Delcatty) LOL
(06:03:28 PM) (%Kiori) ewwwwwwwwwwww
(06:03:39 PM) (%Delcatty) Your ewws are shrinking
(06:03:40 PM) (%Delcatty) ..
(06:03:45 PM) (%Delcatty) YOU'RE GETTING USED TO THE IDEA!!

8th April 2009, 5:06 AM
<Blackbelt> he is straight from Luisiana
[19:55] <Julius_Belmont> finally
[19:55] *** Elma has quit (Quit: )
[19:56] <Blackbelt> unless I miss spelled that
[19:56] <Butterfly> Louisana
[19:56] <Ranulf> hey raving
[19:56] <Kakashi1432> lol
[19:56] <Blackbelt> nice
[19:56] <Julius_Belmont> you missed that by a mile

Yay, I showefd off my intelligence points.

12th April 2009, 10:47 AM
This is in #SPP:

[11:26:01] <halo> who is a girl?
[11:26:04] <%Fenix|away> me

Yeah... I was bored.

So it PMs me:

[11:26:18] <halo> so hi
halo is SPPGuest20@5C42CA20.1E199C7F.7BFD46A1.IP * Java User
halo on #spp
halo using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
halo End of /WHOIS list.
[11:26:29] <Fenix|away> hi
[11:26:42] <halo> how old u
[11:26:57] <Fenix|away> 17
[11:27:04] <halo> me to
[11:27:09] <halo> wow
[11:27:12] <halo> u have bf
[11:27:15] <Fenix|away> no
[11:27:33] <halo> me to my older sister has one
[11:27:43] <Fenix|away> haha
[11:28:30] <Fenix|away> so, wanna be my bf?
[11:28:52] <pika> what oh u talk to my sister w8 i call her
[11:29:02] <pika> hey
[11:29:05] <pika> ok
[11:29:38] <pika> r u there
[11:29:44] <Fenix|away> yes
[11:29:46] <pika> m
[11:29:52] <pika> oh ok i will be ur bf
[11:30:31] <Fenix|away> <3
[11:30:40] <pika> so u r my bf
[11:30:59] <Fenix|away> wait
[11:31:04] <Fenix|away> I thought I was the girl
[11:31:08] <Fenix|away> that makes me your GF
[11:31:11] <Fenix|away> not bf
[11:31:18] <pika> oh
[11:31:28] <pika> so u r my bf\
[11:31:45] <pika> oh srry
[11:31:50] <pika> so u r my gf
[11:32:04] <Fenix|away> yes
[11:32:25] <pika> so what do u need to talk about sweety
[11:32:55] <Fenix|away> anything you like
[11:33:08] <pika> ya about u know what
[11:33:31] <Fenix|away> ?
[11:33:38] <pika> so
[11:34:39] <Fenix|away> so?
[11:34:50] <pika> so
[11:34:59] <Fenix|away> so?
[11:35:11] <pika> hmmm
[11:35:19] <pika> let us talk about sex
[11:36:16] <pika> r u there?
[11:36:23] <Fenix|away> yeah
[11:36:23] <Fenix|away> ok
[11:36:28] <Fenix|away> whatever you want
[11:36:32] <pika> so u first
[11:36:54] <Fenix|away> uhh
[11:36:55] <Fenix|away> no
[11:37:00] <pika> let us talk about sex
[11:37:04] <Fenix|away> you first
[11:37:12] <pika> ok i see u naked
[11:37:39] <Fenix|away> you "see" me naked?
[11:37:41] <Fenix|away> how?
[11:37:55] <pika> easy bathroom
(I kickbanned it from #SPP at this point)
[11:38:47] <pika> so r u there
[11:39:54] <Fenix> yes
[11:40:01] <pika> so muw u
[11:40:21] <Fenix> what?
[11:40:30] <pika> nothing bye
[11:40:47] <Fenix> bye
[11:40:57] <pika> u banned me
[11:41:28] <Fenix> of course
[11:41:59] <Fenix> what did you expect?
[11:58:50] No such nick/channel

The Thrashmeister
12th April 2009, 10:59 PM
15:56… SPPGuest0995: So, does everyones wifi suck on Platinum or just mine?
15:57… Thrashmeister: just yours
15:57… SPPGuest0995: k thx
15:57… Thrashmeister: np
15:57… SPPGuest0995: Happy Easter
15:57… SPPGuest0995 has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)

14th April 2009, 10:00 PM
[19:44] <%Shiranui> my name is now Riyu
[19:44] <%Shiranui> and I say
[19:44] <%Shiranui> draw a
[19:44] <SPPGuest9472> poop
[19:44] <%Shiranui> ...
[19:44] * +Midna facepalm

[20:05] <Caboose> where is my e-gf at?
[20:05] * Leona (JaiHo@Love.Sex.Magic) has joined #spp

Erik Destler
27th April 2009, 12:36 AM
#SPP? Please.
#SPP-lovechat more like.

17:23 • SPPGuest9160 [SPPGuest91@PurpleSurge-F694D8FF.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #spp
17:24 • SPPGuest9160 is now known as ivan
17:24 ****ainer_Melissa] i once went on a date with an ace trainer
17:24 [ivan] hi EVERYONE im ivan
17:24 ****ainer_Melissa] hi ivan im melissa
17:24 ****ainer_Melissa] wanna go on a date
17:24 [ivan] hi MELLISA
17:24 ****ainer_Melissa] wanna be my boyfriend ivan
17:24 [ivan] sure
17:25 ****ainer_Melissa] yay im in a relationship
17:25 [ivan] :)
17:25 [&#37;MisterCow] ...
17:25 [Ryushiko] That's sad.
17:25 [+LightningKimba] ... Nuu.
17:25 [+Thrashmeister] ....Wow.
17:25 [@Erik_Destler] creepy
17:25 ****ainer_Melissa] you guys are just all jealous
17:25 [ivan] SO...........
17:25 ****ainer_Melissa] ivan and me we go way back
17:25 • Erik_Destler sets mode [+b *!*@PurpleSurge-F694D8FF.hsd1.il.comcast.net]
17:25 • This [*!*@PurpleSurge-F694D8FF.hsd1.il.comcast.net] ban affects: [ivan]
17:25 • ivan was kicked by Erik_Destler [Don’t spam in my pokemon channels!!!!]
17:25 ****ainer_Melissa] hey that wasn't nice to kick my boyfriend
17:26 ****ainer_Melissa] how would you like mr. erik
17:27 ****ainer_Melissa] but i still miss my boyfriend
17:27 ****ainer_Melissa] stupid erik and his power to kick
17:27 ****ainer_Melissa] ivan where are you
17:27 [+Thrashmeister] do you even know your boyfriend's last name
17:28 ****ainer_Melissa] come to me honey
17:28 ****ainer_Melissa] i do but i don't wanna say it online cuz theres predators out there
17:28 [koala929] ...
17:28 [Ryushiko] ........
17:28 [Ryushiko] Wow.
17:28 [Ryushiko] That's.
17:28 [koala929] Epic Fail
17:28 [Yuupi_Shimabara] Roleplaying, wut?
17:28 [Ryushiko] That's sad Trainer_Melissa. That's really sad.
17:28 [koala929] like, that's so sad.
17:29 ****ainer_Melissa] Trainer_Melissa cries
17:29 [Caboose] Trainer_Melissa ive been on here for 2 years and ive only seen a shemale on this server
17:29 [Ryushiko] Trainer_Melissa, if you want real dating, go to eHarmony, don't pick up a random dude in and IRC
17:29 &#187; Trainer_Melissa waiting until my one true love comes back
17:29 [+Thrashmeister] ...
17:29 [+Thrashmeister] You have serious mental problems, Trainer_Melissa.
17:29 [+Thrashmeister] Get help.
17:30 ****ainer_Melissa] dont tell me what to do
17:30 [Caboose] yeah
17:30 • koala929 is now known as koala929[Stanley]
17:30 [Caboose] Trainer_Melissa is a he i bet
17:30 ****ainer_Melissa] you boys are such pigs
17:30 [Yuupi_Shimabara] Lol "one true love."
17:30 [koala929[Stanley]] I'm not a pig.
17:30 [Caboose] and he is probably a trap
17:30 [+SpritingKimba] Falcomon is win btw.
17:30 • wade85 [SPPGuest61@PurpleSurge-EBD299C0.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] Quit [Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!]
17:30 ****ainer_Melissa] chuvanistic also i bet
17:30 ****ainer_Melissa] caboose if you don't have anything nice to say dont say it at all
17:31 [Caboose] I know so
17:31 [+SpritingKimba] These are, the questions.
17:31 [+Thrashmeister] She is the one that asked a random SPPGuest to be her boyfriend within 10 seconds of joining
17:31 [Caboose] Trainer_Melissa that was nice
17:31 &#187; +SpritingKimba rants off about William Shatner.
17:31 • Yuupi_Shimabara is now known as Admiral_Ackbar
17:31 [+Heracross] lol
17:31 [Admiral_Ackbar] :D
17:31 [Ryushiko] Trainer_Melissa, look who's talking!
17:31 [Ryushiko] :D
17:31 [+DryBones] Kimba: 3 eggs hatched so far lol, no joy yet xD
17:31 [koala929[Stanley]] Hehe.
17:31 [Caboose] you should be happy i even called you a predator.
17:31 ****ainer_Melissa] im just retaliating
17:31 [+SpritingKimba] Lmao Dave.
17:31 [Ryushiko] Trainer_Melissa, you called Erik stupid for kicking your "boyfriend" you got like 3 minutes ago!
17:31 [koala929[Stanley]] that's bad.
17:31 [+Heracross] kill joo
17:31 [%Ayumu] &#171;Trainer_Melissa&#187; you boys are such pigs <-- if boys are such pigs, why are you dating a guy?
17:31 ****ainer_Melissa] bc that was mean
17:31 [%Ayumu] :x
17:31 [Ryushiko] LOL!
17:31 [koala929[Stanley]] Pwn
17:31 ****ainer_Melissa] i didn't say ivan was a pig
17:31 &#187; Ryushiko loves bashing the troll. |D
17:31 • SPPGuest6870 [SPPGuest68@PurpleSurge-99BC718D.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #spp
17:31 ****ainer_Melissa] ivan is my cuddley bear
17:31 [%Ayumu] ivan is your bf, correct?
17:32 [Caboose] lol you are dating a russian
17:32 [Ryushiko] But Ivan is a GUY.
17:32 [xKioshinx] in other words you're saying he's not a boy
17:32 [%Ayumu] bf = boyfriend
17:32 [koala929[Stanley]] Bears eat humans
17:32 • SPPGuest6870 is now known as Ryan
17:32 [%Ayumu] so uhm :x
17:32 [Ryushiko] LOLOLOL.
17:32 ****ainer_Melissa] yes he is
17:32 [Ryushiko] This is so sad.
17:32 [Bombsey] thanks for explaining what bf stands for
17:32 [xKioshinx] then he's a pig
17:32 [koala929[Stanley]] Agreed.
17:32 [xKioshinx] according to you
17:32 ****ainer_Melissa] cuddley bears only cuddle with humans
17:32 [Caboose] Oh sheet she is dating a russie.
17:32 [koala929[Stanley]] on everything.
17:32 • Ryan is now known as Ryguy
17:32 [koala929[Stanley]] Bears also eat humans too.
17:32 [xKioshinx] my girlfriend > melissa
17:32 • Gh3tt0_G33k [Stillborn@PurpleSurge-5EE647C.direcpc.com] has joined #spp
17:32 ****ainer_Melissa] your gf kio is probably some fat <censored>
17:32 [xKioshinx] she actually can back up her insults without making herself into an idiot xD
17:32 ****ainer_Melissa] yea i went ther
17:32 [Ryguy] How do you use the wi-fi chat\
17:33 [Ryushiko] Ivan = a buy and a guy, and you said guys are such pigs, meaning you're saying all guys are pigs Trainer_Melissa.
17:33 [xKioshinx] type this, Ryguy: /j #SPP-Wifi
17:33 [Drunk] Do /j spp-wifi
17:33 [+Heracross] Whut going on
17:33 [Caboose] some fat censored?
17:33 [koala929[Stanley]] Melissa, you suck.
17:33 &#187; Ryushiko thinks Trainer_Melissa should be kicked.
17:33 • Trainer_Melissa [SPPGuest17@C782758B.54B367BA.CA9D9DB2.IP] Quit [Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!]


oh god, there's more :C

17:35 • SPPGuest0127 [SPPGuest01@C782758B.54B367BA.CA9D9DB2.IP] has joined #spp
17:35 [@Erik_Destler] XD;
17:35 [Drunk] Now we know
17:35 [Bombsey] [23:34:31] <Ryushiko> Lol. And here we go. Posting Trainer Melissa on Fail blog. :D <- can't wait for that not to be posted!
17:35 [Drunk] And knowing is half the battle.
17:35 [Caboose] dont be a <censored> xKioshinx
17:35 [+SpritingKimba] Hm.
17:36 [xKioshinx] Caboose i have been putting up with this BS for the last 2 days
17:36 • SPPGuest0127 is now known as AA_Top
17:36 [+SpritingKimba] Cowgirl or Pokemon Ranger?
17:36 [xKioshinx] and seriously it is ticking me off
17:36 • houndoomer [SPPGuest64@PurpleSurge-54BB32EA.ed.shawcable.net] Quit [Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!]
17:36 [Caboose] who cares
17:36 • veikko5 [veikko5@PurpleSurge-36BF5B18.dhcp.inet.fi] Quit [Quit:]
17:36 • SPPGuest4156 [SPPGuest41@PurpleSurge-9774A3DC.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com] Quit [Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!]
17:36 [Caboose] just say "go to #spp-wifi"
17:36 • Beautiful_Blaze [cat_empres@PurpleSurge-C73CC090.jan.bellsouth.net] has joined #spp
17:36 • SPPGuest3489 [SPPGuest34@PurpleSurge-54BB32EA.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #spp
17:36 [Caboose] or get a life.
17:36 [%MisterCow] AA_Top: sup melissa
17:36 [xKioshinx] Caboose=fail
17:36 [Falcomon] I said
17:36 [AA_Top] uh what
17:36 [Caboose] and Melissa we can see your Ip.
17:36 • Beautiful_Blaze is now known as Silver_Cat
17:36 [+Heracross] I'm so hungry
17:36 [+SpritingKimba] NP: JAM Project - Rising Force
17:36 [Caboose] so dont try that crap
17:36 [AA_Top] again uh what
17:36 [koala929[Stanley]] Own.
17:36 [+DryBones] You mean her hostmask
17:36 [%MisterCow] here comes a "my brother/cousin/friend was using my computer"
17:36 [Caboose] yeah
17:36 [Caboose] ok
17:37 [koala929[Stanley]] Or pet spider
17:37 [AA_Top] nope not at all,


The Thrashmeister
27th April 2009, 12:59 AM
17:56… +Thrashmeister: I'm only apathetic towards Pokemon storylines because they suck, typically
17:57… ShayminGardens: Then why do you play?


30th April 2009, 7:11 PM
[13:07:13] MurderMachine: Tess.
[13:07:17] MurderMachine: Moar bad nicks.
[13:07:19] MurderMachine: O:
[13:07:25] Blizzard: why is pokemongo a bad nick?
[13:07:25] pokemongo: hMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm]
[13:07:27] × %Tekirai sees nothing
[13:07:34] pokemongo was kicked by Tekirai (spammy)
[13:07:49] Blizzard: ¬_¬ Tekirai is being nice today
[13:07:55] Blizzard: no bans
[13:07:56] Blizzard: hmm
[13:07:58] %Tekirai: ...
[13:08:06] Blizzard: whoa
[13:08:07] Blizzard: no
[13:08:07] MurderMachine: Tess, you already kicked that guy, too.
[13:08:07] Blizzard: wait
[13:08:10] %Tekirai: I'm never <censored> nice in this place
[13:08:18] %Tekirai: I kick band <censored> ban every <censored> idiot in here
[13:08:18] Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode: +b *!*@the.one.eyed.twinkle.twinkle.alcoholic.star
[13:08:18] This *!*@the.one.eyed.twinkle.twinkle.alcoholic.star ban affects: %Tekirai
[13:08:19] Tekirai was kicked by Dratini927--sleep-- («««« Inappropriate Kick Number 33525 »»»»)

3rd May 2009, 11:11 AM
(04:10:43 AM) (WiFiGuest0639) help! i have been playing diamond for 349 hours and spent 3 days catching ralts. during the first day, i kept on encountering them, the next day, they still show up, but this day, i've been using the pokeradar for hours, yet no ralts shows up. Is it because their population in the area are already depleted? is global warming starting in my game, causing the ralts to migrate near snowpoint city? need help!

Global warming in pok&#233;mon games?? Come hear the latest news in #SPP!!

5th May 2009, 4:48 PM
(10:41:16) (~Serebii) GMs back
(10:41:25) (&#37;Tekirai) yay
(10:41:43) (~Serebii) I blame you
(10:41:48) (%Tekirai) :(
(10:42:00) (%Tekirai) okay first I was the staff janitor and now I'm the scapegoat
(10:42:05) (%Tekirai) what's with all the promotions
(10:42:31) (%Umbreon) Joe doesn't have a woman to push around so he uses you?
(10:42:33) (%darkgamerGS) Lucky


8th May 2009, 6:54 AM
(12:50:31) (@Captain_Chris) My only problem with Dr Pepper
(12:50:34) (@Captain_Chris) It runs out too quickly.
(12:50:35) (@Captain_Chris) ;;
(12:50:38) —› quit: (Ranulf) (hax@PurpleSurge-4F678002.dial1.chicago1.level3.net) (Quit: Im not cool enough for a quit message)
(12:50:42) (%Ellie) it runs?
(12:50:42) (SaberLion) Take tiny sips >:O
(12:50:47) (&Asuka) lol
(12:50:50) —› join: (SPPGuest7999) (SPPGuest79@PurpleSurge-2F7F823C.ri.ri.cox.net)
(12:50:52) (@Captain_Chris) YOU DO NOT TAKE TINY SIPS OF DR PEPPER
(12:50:52) (&Asuka) SAVOR IT CHRIS
(12:50:53) —› quit: (SPPGuest7999) (SPPGuest79@PurpleSurge-2F7F823C.ri.ri.cox.net) (Quit: SPPGuest7999)
(12:50:57) (+Nami) You can't take a tiny sip.
(12:51:00) (@Captain_Chris) YOU TAKE LONG, BIG GULPS
(12:51:01) (+Nami) It's impossible.
(12:51:01) (SaberLion) ;-;
(12:51:07) (@Captain_Chris) Oh god
(12:51:11) (@Captain_Chris) That sounded sexual.

Eff yeah it did.

12th May 2009, 9:37 PM
(15:35:29) (@Kirby) being Joe's twin would be hot
(15:35:34) (&#37;Slowking) no
(15:35:38) (%Slowking) being joes twin would be fat
(15:35:39) • %Slowking run
(15:35:41) (@Kirby) two for the price of one?
(15:35:42) (@Dragonite) Being George's twin would be...
(15:35:43) (@Kirby) I'd hit that up
(15:35:45) (@Dragonite) D:
(15:35:53) (@Kirby) yea
(15:35:53) (@Kirby) what Drag said
(15:35:54) (%Skiks) (15:35:43) (@Kirby) I'd hit that up
(15:35:54) (@Kirby) lol
(15:35:58) (@Dragonite) XD
(15:36:00) (%Skiks) assuming Joe 2 has a better personality
(15:36:01) (%Skiks) rite
(15:36:06) (%Slowking) haha
(15:36:06) (~Awayebii) ...
(15:36:08) (~Awayebii) I hate you Skiks
(15:36:09) (~Awayebii) its over
(15:36:14) (%Skiks) odear
(15:36:16) (@Kirby) haha
And to this moment I feel a sense of impending doom looming over me.

Edit: Uhhhhh...
(17:39:01) (~Awayebii) Kirby - like Erik Destler?
(17:39:05) (~Awayebii) that guy does my head in
(17:39:06) (@Kirby) YEA!
(17:39:09) (&Jess) YEA
(17:39:16) (@Kirby) haha which head
(17:39:17) (@Kirby) .
(17:39:25) (&Jess) ROFLMAO
(17:39:41) (~Awayebii) I walked into that one lol
(17:40:09) (~Awayebii) the HGSS forums are going to be a mess by launch :D
(17:40:46) (&Jess) ...:(
(17:40:50) (&Jess) STOP IT DONT SAY THAT
(17:41:12) (%Tekirai) but he just did :(
(17:41:25) (@Erik_Destler) [~Awayebii] that guy does my head in <- ;)
(17:41:26) (@Kirby) I wish I had some gum :(
(17:41:27) (@Erik_Destler) anyway
(17:41:39) (~Awayebii) Search your feelings
(17:41:42) (~Awayebii) you know it to be true
(17:41:44) (@Kirby) am trading jolly ranchers for gum PM for details???
(17:41:51) (@Erik_Destler) what feelings
(17:41:57) (@Kirby) ....
(17:42:00) (@Kirby) ewwwwwwww
(17:42:03) (@Kirby) erik x joe

20th May 2009, 9:49 AM
(03:45:39) (+LightningKimba) And also, Dawn does not wear panties.
(03:45:41) (pokeradar) cool!!!

... I even have proof on that topic. ;>_>

(01:58:50) (+LightningKimba) Quilava obviously fails.
(01:58:52) (Quilava) I know!

26th May 2009, 8:30 AM
[09:30:06] <&#37;Fenix> This is the story of a legend
[09:30:08] <+Saber> dohohoho
[09:30:10] <%Fenix> ... of a STORy
[09:30:12] <Insecteon> TY PokePro, I'm gonna have to bookmark that page.
[09:30:14] <%Fenix> STORY*
[09:30:15] <Katya> hahahaha
[09:30:16] <+Saber> Let em tell you my legend!
[09:30:24] <Anon4575> The Fantastic Legend of Torno
[09:30:24] <%Fenix> about the worlds greatest pokemon trainer
[09:30:30] <Tenko> I live 5 mins from Sylvia park, the only game store there is Gamesman, and thats owned by Electronic Boutique now.. so if thats the case why wouldnt all other eb stores do it lol
[09:30:30] <%Fenix> KNUCKLES THE ECHINNA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xty86UlHoH8\

Then this... thing PMs me:

[09:30:36] <brokle> helo
brokle is SPPGuest44@PurpleSurge-9A2EDFFC.alshamil.net.ae * Java User
brokle on #spp
brokle using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
brokle has been idle 1sec, signed on Tue May 26 08:44:26
brokle End of /WHOIS list.
[09:30:42] <Fenix> hi
[09:31:22] <brokle> u can tal me the store
[09:31:44] <brokle> legands
[09:34:28] <Fenix> what?
[09:35:12] <brokle> fak you


Lmao he PM'd me as a wifiguest:

[10:06:40] <WiFiGuest7011> helo
WiFiGuest7011 is WiFiGuest7@PurpleSurge-9A2EDFFC.alshamil.net.ae * Java User
WiFiGuest7011 on #SPP-WiFi
WiFiGuest7011 using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
WiFiGuest7011 has been idle 1sec, signed on Tue May 26 09:54:00
WiFiGuest7011 End of /WHOIS list.
[10:07:13] <Fenix> fak you lol
[10:07:54] <WiFiGuest7011> helo
[10:09:34] <WiFiGuest7011> u have frand name josh
[10:09:40] <Fenix> no
[10:10:34] <WiFiGuest7011> u tok wath ham
[10:10:59] <Fenix> WHAT
[10:11:45] <WiFiGuest7011> u beat me
[10:12:17] <WiFiGuest7011> fak you
[10:12:22] <WiFiGuest7011> fakyou
[10:12:24] <Fenix> haha you're funny
[10:20:07] <WiFiGuest7011> u and lol not funny
[10:20:17] <Fenix> hahaha
[10:41:32] <WiFiGuest7011> oky
[10:41:35] <WiFiGuest7011> oky
[10:41:37] <WiFiGuest7011> oky
[10:41:50] <Fenix> .
[10:41:57] <WiFiGuest7011> ....
[10:42:00] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:03] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:04] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:05] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:06] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:07] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:07] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:08] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:08] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:09] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:10] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:10] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:11] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:11] <WiFiGuest7011> >
[10:42:23] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:24] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:25] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:25] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:26] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:26] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:27] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:27] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:28] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:28] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:30] <WiFiGuest7011> ..
[10:42:30] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:31] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:32] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:33] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:34] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:34] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:36] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:38] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:39] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:42:40] <WiFiGuest7011> .
[10:45:04] <WiFiGuest7011> how old are u
[10:45:24] <Fenix> 11
[11:03:25] <WiFiGuest7011> 11
[11:03:33] <Fenix> yes 11
[11:04:29] <WiFiGuest7011> u like a garil
[11:04:40] <Fenix> a what
[11:04:59] <WiFiGuest7011> me yes
[11:05:13] <WiFiGuest7011> u
[11:05:19] <Fenix> ..

26th May 2009, 11:35 AM
(22:59:14) (~Mandy) dustin, i know you'd be delighted to know that 30% of our prison population consists of illegal immigrants
(22:59:55) (+Omegabite) Pft. Tag their ears and send them back to the hellholes they came from.
(23:00:02) —› join: (Nny) (ishere@worst.vhost.ever) hmm....
watz wit the short ears..? because its realy funny...

and its ok but realy i went 2 die laughing....hehehehehehehe....

30th May 2009, 8:04 PM
[18:42] * Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-83698238.austin.res.rr.com
[18:42] * Tom was kicked by Dratini927--sleep-- (9,1«8«9,1«8« Too Many Caps. (5 mins) (100% Caps)2 7Kick Number 42505 9,1»8»9,1»8»)

This was in the middle of Dragonite and I talking about Britain's Got Talent and a guy in it whose doodle poked out of his outfit for the rest of the act. It... made this a lot funnier that it seems.

30th May 2009, 10:16 PM
Just J says: damnit
Just J says: i like you
Just J says: you're like me but with the powers of reason and unbias
I'm as honest as the day is long; the longer the daylight, the less I do wrong: She's a lot to handle
Rhu-rhu: so am i!
Rhu-rhu: gawd your so mean
Rhu-rhu: lol
I'm as honest as the day is long; the longer the daylight, the less I do wrong: Yeah but.... I enjoy handling you
I'm as honest as the day is long; the longer the daylight, the less I do wrong: That came out wrong

We were talking about a new girl at work. "I'm as honest" is me, "rhu-rhu" is a female friend of mine.

Erik Destler
31st May 2009, 3:50 AM
Just so you know, this thread is for Chat Quotes from the IRC Chatroom. XD;

1st July 2009, 4:14 PM
In #SPP:

[17:40:34] <plato> need help
[17:40:36] * SPPGuest1430 is now known as Radium
[17:40:43] <Ray> What's the problem?
[17:40:44] <plato> plz sonm1 help me
[17:40:57] <plato> how i get to the spp chat


6th July 2009, 9:20 AM
Double post because I'm pro.

[10:37:57] <WiFiGuest7690> hello?
WiFiGuest7690 is WiFiGuest7@PurpleSurge-1C169316.hsd1.ca.comcast.net * Java User
WiFiGuest7690 on #SPP-WiFi
WiFiGuest7690 using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
WiFiGuest7690 End of /WHOIS list.
[10:38:02] <Fenix> hi
[10:38:15] <WiFiGuest7690> where am i?
[10:38:41] <Fenix> on the internets?
[10:38:56] <WiFiGuest7690> Define normal using approximately ten words.
[10:39:16] <Fenix> huh?
[10:39:35] <WiFiGuest7690> Define normal
[10:39:48] <Fenix> normal = something that is not abnormal
[10:40:07] <WiFiGuest7690> how do i kick people?
[10:40:40] <Fenix> you aim for the ***
[10:40:46] <Fenix> and kick them with your foot
[10:41:07] <WiFiGuest7690> no, on this chat\
[10:41:21] <Fenix> why do you want to know
[10:42:02] <WiFiGuest7690> why did u kick me :(
[10:42:17] <Fenix> I did?
[10:42:52] <WiFiGuest7690> idk but maybe u can reconect me
[10:43:03] <WiFiGuest7690> unkick me
[10:43:32] <WiFiGuest7690> i challange u 2 a pokemon battle
[10:44:02] <WiFiGuest7690> hello?
[10:44:24] <Fenix> ..
[10:44:27] <WiFiGuest7690> how do i become a 'leader' or host like u and ur gang?

7th July 2009, 11:07 AM
Triple post oh yeah.

Session Start: Tue Jul 07 10:29:21 2009
Session Ident: Marriland
[10:29:21] Session Ident: Marriland (PurpleSurge, Fenix) (WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-1C169316.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
[10:29:21] <Marriland> yo this is marriland
01[10:29:28] <Fenix> and?
[10:29:51] <Marriland> i was wondering
[10:29:54] <Marriland> if u could help me out
01[10:29:58] <Fenix> with?
[10:30:23] <Marriland> so u might know im 17 now and....
[10:30:56] <Marriland> ive never kissed a girl
[10:31:01] <Marriland> HELP!
01[10:31:06] <Fenix> ....
[10:31:26] <Marriland> what can i do to get the ladies
[10:32:14] <Marriland> hello?
01[10:32:34] <Fenix> uhh
01[10:32:41] <Fenix> get off the internet for a start?
[10:33:19] <Marriland> wait why?
[10:33:27] <Marriland> girls dont like that?
[10:34:04] <Marriland> watch this vid and look at me
[10:34:10] <Marriland> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4gB6cCdlp0
01[10:34:18] <Fenix> I'm not clicking that sorry
[10:35:43] <Marriland> no one on serebii helps me... my site is better!
01[10:35:53] <Fenix> whatever
[10:41:11] <Marriland> are u tiffany?
01[10:41:16] <Fenix> yes
01[10:41:19] <Fenix> why?
[10:41:51] <Marriland> u kicked me...
[10:42:10] <Marriland> how long must i wait now?
01[10:42:16] <Fenix> forever.
[10:42:43] <Marriland> no... please
[10:42:56] <Marriland> cant u unkick ppl?
01[10:43:03] <Fenix> yes I can
01[10:43:08] <Fenix> but this is a pokemon site
01[10:43:14] <Fenix> not a dating chat
[10:43:39] <Marriland> well can u unkick me?
[10:43:45] <Marriland> pretty please!!
[10:44:22] <Marriland> please
[10:46:07] <Marriland> did u do it?
01[10:46:17] <Fenix> No, and I'm not going to
[10:46:25] <Marriland> i cant go to public chat
[10:46:33] <Marriland> what....
[10:46:36] <Marriland> why not?
01[10:46:54] <Fenix> You PM me asking to help you with girls
01[10:46:55] <Fenix> and you expect to NOT be banned?
[10:46:59] <Marriland> so ur a girl?
01[10:47:12] <Fenix> yes I am, so what?
[10:47:28] <Marriland> would u date me?
01[10:47:43] <Fenix> No.
[10:47:53] <Marriland> why not?
[10:47:59] <Marriland> im a pokemon master!
[10:48:29] <Marriland> hello?
01[10:48:32] <Fenix> what now?
[10:49:19] <Marriland> im the greatest trainner ever! why wouldnt u dat me?
[10:49:44] <Marriland> do u get a lot of PMs?
01[10:49:54] <Fenix> Can you leave me alone?
[10:50:31] <Marriland> please just 2 questions.. then i will stop talking forever.
01[10:51:02] <Fenix> What.
[10:51:33] <Marriland> question number 1:
[10:51:33] <Marriland> do u get a lot of PMs?
01[10:51:44] <Fenix> Yes.
[10:52:12] <Marriland> question number 2
[10:52:17] <Marriland> im the greatest trainner ever! why wouldnt u date me?
01[10:53:06] <Fenix> Because you are fat and you are trying to find a date on a pokemon chatroom.
[10:53:46] <Marriland> fat people are jolly
01[10:53:56] <Fenix> You asked your 2 questions.
[10:53:59] <Marriland> question 3
01[10:54:20] <Fenix> <Marriland> please just 2 questions.. then i will stop talking forever. ---> 2 =/= 3
[10:54:23] <Marriland> could i get 2 more...
[10:54:43] <Marriland> ur the only person i can talk too...
[10:54:50] <Marriland> im banned...
01[10:54:53] <Fenix> whatever MAKE IT FAST
01[10:54:58] <Fenix> LAST TWO QUESTIONS
[10:55:30] <Marriland> hey, if u un ban me i could bug someone else, how does that sound?
01[10:55:56] <Fenix> doesn't sound good to me
[10:56:32] <Marriland> questin 2
[10:56:43] <Marriland> how old are you?
01[10:56:58] <Fenix> not gonna answer that, NEXT QUESTION.
[10:57:20] <Marriland> how much do u weigh?
01[10:57:35] <Fenix> 67 Kilograms
01[10:57:44] <Fenix> and idk how much that is in imperial
01[10:57:51] <Fenix> ok you asked your qeustions
01[10:57:54] <Fenix> HAVE A GOOD DAY.
[10:58:04] <Marriland> no wait!
[10:58:16] <Marriland> rip off!
[10:58:28] <Marriland> i want a redo
[10:58:43] <Marriland> i have no other friends...
[10:59:02] <Marriland> tiffany
[10:59:12] <Marriland> tiffany can u hear me?
[10:59:42] <Marriland> tiffany!!!! why did u leave me>???!!!
[10:59:57] <Marriland> i loved u...
[11:00:35] <Marriland> Tiffany can u hear me? please respond
[11:01:04] <Marriland> Tiffany
[11:01:10] <Marriland> Tiffany?!
[11:01:17] <Marriland> Tiffany?!
[11:01:17] <Marriland> Tiffany?!!!!!
[11:01:40] <Marriland> fine.
[11:02:06] <Marriland> my thoughts are comming back...
[11:02:18] <Marriland> thoughts of SUICIDE
01[11:06:07] Marriland No such nick/channel
01[11:06:07] Marriland End of /WHOIS list.
Session Close: Tue Jul 07 12:25:44 2009

7th July 2009, 3:03 PM
[08:59] <Serebii> &#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; My IP is &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;
[08:59] <Serebii> hmm
[08:59] <Serebii> didnt mean to do that
[08:59] <Serebii> lol

Posted just in case. You never know. =o

8th July 2009, 10:32 AM
(4:29:18 pm) &#171; Joins: [SPPGuest2085] (SPPGuest20@PurpleSurge-B9765354.tcso.qwest.net) &#187;
(4:29:33 pm) &#171;SPPGuest2085&#187; sry for advertising the other time serebii bot
(4:29:43 pm) *** SPPGuest2085 (SPPGuest2@PurpleSurge-B9765354.tcso.qwest.net) has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
(4:29:56 pm) &#171; Joins: [XXX] (Reaper@who.fades.through.the.night) &#187;
(4:30:06 pm) &#171;Kreis&#187; It's a bot.
(4:30:21 pm) &#171;Soap&#187; Are you seriously apologizing to a bot...?

8th July 2009, 9:13 PM
(15:01:22) (%superior) i hate subway
(15:01:24) (%superior) well it's my fault
(15:01:27) (%superior) other wise it's bomb
(15:01:39) (%superior) i cut my esophagus on a sandwich from there
(15:01:49) —› nick: (superior) is now known as (Tiffany)
(15:01:55) (@Dragonite) O.o
(15:01:57) (@Dragonite) How?
(15:02:12) (%Tiffany) idk
(15:02:16) (%Tiffany) there was cucumbers in it
(15:02:22) (%Tiffany) so it scratched my throat
(15:02:23) (%Gardevoir) Should have chewed it more then
(15:02:28) (%Tiffany) it was really ****ing painful
(15:02:43) (%Tiffany) i know :P
(15:02:51) (&JoshYEAH) -20:01:47- (%superior) i cut my esophagus on a sandwich from there
(15:02:54) (&JoshYEAH) ****** what
(15:06:10) (&JoshYEAH) -20:02:24- (%Tiffany) there was cucumbers in it
(15:06:11) (&JoshYEAH) -20:02:30- (%Tiffany) so it scratched my throat
(15:06:13) (&JoshYEAH) PHALLUS
(15:06:13) (&JoshYEAH) PHALLUS
(15:06:13) (&JoshYEAH) PHALLUS
(15:06:14) (&JoshYEAH) PHALLUS
(15:06:14) (&JoshYEAH) PHALLUS
(15:06:17) (%Tiffany) NO
(15:06:18) (@Kirby) LMAOOOOOOOOO
(15:06:42) (%Skiks) I gigled
(15:06:44) (%Skiks) bad tiff
(15:06:49) (%Tiffany) skiks
(15:06:51) (%Warfare) LOL
(15:06:51) (%Tiffany) suck ****
(15:06:55) (&JoshYEAH) Quote: [-00:37:32- (&DiasFlac) im pretty sure joe's face is on the wikipedia entry for **** ]
(15:06:55) (%Skiks) no u do
(15:06:57) (%Skiks) apperently
(15:06:58) (&JoshYEAH) :VVVVVVVVVV
(15:06:59) (%Skiks) :C
(15:07:03) (%Warfare) smd tiff pls.
(15:07:04) (%Warfare) :333
(15:07:06) (%Warfare) no wait what
(15:07:08) (%Tiffany) no >:[
(15:07:19) (%Tiffany) ;__;
(15:07:22) (%Tiffany) rofl if someone's wang
(15:07:23) (%Tiffany) was
(15:07:24) (%Warfare) erik_destler
(15:07:25) (%Tiffany) that long
(15:07:25) (%Warfare) http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/7240/stfum.png
(15:07:27) (%Tiffany) that'd be terrible
(15:07:29) (&JoshYEAH) Tiffany
(15:07:31) (&JoshYEAH) all i have to say
(15:07:32) (%Tiffany) and they're probably mutated
(15:07:32) (&JoshYEAH) is
(15:07:35) (&JoshYEAH) ****** ****
(15:07:40) (%Tiffany) NEVER
(15:07:48) (%Tiffany) black **** scares me to be honest
(15:07:58) (%Tiffany) :|
(15:08:12) (&JoshYEAH) "yeah baby i love it when you suck my fourteen inch throbbing monstrosity like that yeah yeah let me rip your tonsils out and destoy the innards of your throat mmm yeah"
(15:08:14) (%Tiffany) SHUT UP
(15:09:09) (%Tiffany) **** i'm never gonna live this down
(15:09:12) (%Tiffany) awesome!!
(15:09:15) (&JoshYEAH) y so siggd
ilurly Tiff.

8th July 2009, 9:23 PM
I'll kill you Skiks.

8th July 2009, 10:28 PM
[04:45] <Serebii> The official site revealed no further information than that which we got last week
[04:46] <Kreis> You're fast. D:
[04:47] <Serebii> Thats how I'm #2
[04:47] <Serebii> *#1
[04:47] <Serebii> worst typo ever lol


Midnight Lucario
9th July 2009, 2:09 AM
[19:07] <Midnight_Lucario> hey you know where did the YEAH in your name come from
[19:07] <JoshYEAH> it came from the fact that i am so awesome
[19:07] <JoshYEAH> everytime someone see's me
[19:07] <JoshYEAH> they just scream out YEAHHHHHHHHHHH

9th July 2009, 6:17 AM
«@Erik_Destler» if a person has a + by their name, it means they're HIV+
«@Erik_Destler» if a person has % by their name it maens they have split personality
«@Erik_Destler» if somene has @ it means they're <censored> awesome
«+Cheyenne» I only have a couple months left :(
«@Erik_Destler» if someone has & it means they're using a condom

Erik kinds explains the system.

Mr. Mudkip
9th July 2009, 7:18 AM
[22:20] <Sonic> 06 was decent

Midnight Lucario
9th July 2009, 8:36 PM
[13:35] <SPPGuest0240> Can anybody help me with my team?
[13:35] <the_SPY_pwns_all> what team?
[13:35] <SPPGuest0240> Pokemon team


Midnight Lucario
10th July 2009, 3:13 AM
double post

[20:10] <AuraLucario3> SINNOH IS THE BEST
[20:10] *** Dratini927 sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-FB965F29.static.tpgi.com.au
[20:10] *** AuraLucario3 has been kicked by Dratini927 (&#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; Too Many Caps. (5 mins) (100&#37; Caps) Kick Number 57446 &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;)
[20:11] <XDDD> how do the ops kick so fast?
[20:11] <XDDD> its insane

14th July 2009, 12:05 PM
(6:02:02 pm) *** Sedna (lightforsp@PurpleSurge-68FBD5C8.singnet.com.sg) has quit IRC (Quit: Kidding?!)
(6:02:27 pm) (6:02:27 pm) &#171;blitztedfur&#187; hey sedna

16th July 2009, 10:53 AM
«SPPGuest6245» am i unbanned
«Kreis» Lol.

18th July 2009, 7:41 AM
<p0kemew> shake your booty! shake it! make it! cake it! lick it! stick it!
<mitch156> not thanks =)
<Captain_Olimar> haha you psychic
<mitch156> *no
<p0kemew> =)

21st July 2009, 7:53 AM
[09:21:44] <WiFiGuest8101> offering erik destler meat

Mr. Mudkip
21st July 2009, 8:37 AM
[23:35] <toolS> Erik is gay.
[23:36] <toolS> no lie
[23:36] <Fenix> tools shut up
[23:36] <toolS> But I didn't imply it was derrogatory.
[23:36] <toolS> silly.
[23:36] <toolS> You just made it sound like a bad thing.
[23:36] <Fenix> just don't say it
[23:36] <Fenix> I don't care
[23:36] <toolS> Fenix is a gay hater.
[23:36] <Fenix> yes
[23:36] <Fenix> what now?
[23:37] <Fenix> your e-peen boosted enough
[23:37] <Fenix> are you fapping already?

[23:41] You've been kicked out of #spp by Fenix (die in a gutter || Noise Erased: 8221)

21st July 2009, 9:02 AM
^ You do realize gay gets censored by the server?

<toolS> Fenix is a <censored> hater. --> this is how it looked to me, and being the only active wifi Hop in that time doesn't leave me time nor mood to understand you people's silly jokes. Your own fault for trying to be funny.

Also it took me some time to ban you because I was waiting for approval.

Anyway you're unbanned, you could have PMed me on irc by the way.

Mr. Mudkip
21st July 2009, 9:03 PM
Oh, I didn't care about the ban.
But that's wierd, it didn't show up censored on my screen, why should it?

[12:06] *** DontSpamSpammingIsBad has been kicked by Awayebii («««« Repeating is not allowed. 162149 »»»»)

21st July 2009, 9:19 PM
Oh, I didn't care about the ban.
But that's wierd, it didn't show up censored on my screen, why should it?

[12:06] *** DontSpamSpammingIsBad has been kicked by Awayebii («««« Repeating is not allowed. 162149 »»»»)

Because nothing you say will show censored to you. I could drop 327498237489 f bombs and it would show on my screen, but not yours. It's just the way it works.

But this isn't the right topic to be discussing it.

Midnight Lucario
22nd July 2009, 7:18 PM
[12:13] <DragonLord> can i be OP ?
[12:13] <Midnight_Lucario> ...
[12:13] *** Yami-Ron sets mode -b on *!*@F0079613.4F0B3397.2C1B9A2C.IP
[12:13] <Dragonite> no
[12:13] <Arius> almost long range on most of them
[12:13] <Revan> Ahaha
[12:13] <Dragonite> you can't
[12:13] <Arius> oh yeah im not a sniper right?
[12:13] <Dragonite> I can set mode +b on your if you'd like though DragonLord :)
[12:13] <Arius> I dont really go for the head...
[12:13] <Revan> Nope.
[12:13] <Secun> [12:12:58] <+Revan> How does that make the other people feel < Because then we have to put up with his STEROID RAGE
[12:13] <Arius> but
[12:13] <Secun> :\
[12:13] <Arius> I have about 170 headshots
[12:13] <DragonLord> yes i will like

[12:14] <Dragonite> you seriously want me to set +b on your DragonLord?
[12:14] <DragonLord> Dragonite , can u OP me ?
[12:14] <Megaman> mcds, bk, taco bell..
[12:14] <eazy> kfc!
[12:14] <Arius> finally...
[12:14] <DragonLord> yes

22nd July 2009, 8:03 PM

random guardian
22nd July 2009, 11:32 PM
17:19 <doroty> battle
17:19 <Megaman> tabber
17:19 <doroty> battle
17:19 <namey> no battle
17:19 <Megaman> n.n
17:19 <Megaman> one more time doroty
17:19 <doroty> battle
17:19 --- Awayebii has banned *!*@7B1335B4.C63C160C.1B0956D8.IP
17:19 *** doroty was kicked by Awayebii (���� Repeating is not allowed. 162589 ����)
17:19 <Megaman> woo
17:19 <namey> haha
17:19 <DB> Harsh Gabe, harsh
17:19 <Kreis> That works too.

I was just the backround dude namey so I have to give credit to Megaman. I also edited the conversation so it looks neater.
I guess that was only funny to people who excperenced it one to many times.

23rd July 2009, 12:06 AM
«Kreis» 1984 by George Orwell is orgasmic.
«TotalPotato» I'm going to ask my sister if she had an orgasm when she read 1984

25th July 2009, 12:52 AM
[18:49] <SerebiiBot> 8=======D

Here is the log I got:

[18:49] <Megas> ...
[18:49] <Pokeruler> lol
[18:49] <SerebiiBot> 8=======D
[18:49] <Pokeruler> thanks :D
[18:50] <Megas> a cess pool of idiocracy...
[18:50] <Erik_Destler> -.-
[18:50] <Megaman> erik
[18:50] <Erik_Destler> Now Playing: Energetic by BoA on the album BoA played 3 times
[18:50] *** MrSaturn is now known as MrSaturn\gamin
[18:50] <Megaman> leave the bot alone
[18:50] <Megaman> NOW
[18:50] <Megas> SerebiiBot, what the hell?
[18:50] <Kaleon> megas, dont you mean the cesspool of the internet?
[18:50] <SerebiiBot> Megaman it's not Erik Mwahahahahaha
[18:50] <GekiBlue-Ranger> i dont know why but the razor claw in PBR is up the critical ratio instead of the flinch rate
[18:50] <Renelia> Chris C.: Leave SerebiiBot alone
[18:50] <Megas> Oh..right. My mistake.
[18:50] *** SPPGuest9398 has joined #spp
[18:50] <GekiBlue-Ranger> razor fang *
[18:50] <Renelia> Is it Jan?
[18:50] <Pingouin7> [18:49] <SerebiiBot> 8=======D <-- WTF
[18:50] <Megas> xD

Erik Destler
25th July 2009, 12:55 AM

LOL irl ;munchlax;

Midnight Lucario
25th July 2009, 1:00 AM
[17:52] <Midnight_Lucario> wait
[17:52] <Midnight_Lucario> no its erik in the bot
[17:52] *** AlanWarpZone has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[17:52] <o> lol everyone has brown text
[17:52] <Midnight_Lucario> D:
[17:52] <Mpython74> your face is different
[17:52] <GekiBlue-Ranger> Midnight_Lucario > no
[17:52] <Megaman> it's erik
[17:52] <GekiBlue-Ranger> nop
[17:52] <Blizzard> Eric is a bot :o
[17:52] <Megaman> hops can't control the bot right
[17:52] *** MrSaturn\gamin is now known as MrSaturn
[17:52] <GekiBlue-Ranger> it someone else
[17:52] <Erik_Destler> WSTOP <censored> SHIGHLIGHT MING

Erik Destler
25th July 2009, 1:03 AM
17:57 [Midnight_Lucario] erik = fenix????


Erik Destler
25th July 2009, 7:34 AM
00:32 [@Erik_Destler] Fenix
00:32 [@Erik_Destler] uh.... OMG !! I can't believe I'm writing on THE Erik Destler's profile x333333333
00:32 [@Erik_Destler] .3. o3o .3.
00:32 • SPPGuest7311 [SPPGuest73@PurpleSurge-F70000B0.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #spp
00:32 [@Erik_Destler] congratulations on being a homosexual
00:32 [&#37;Fenix] <3

25th July 2009, 10:42 AM
(4:41:02 am) «~Serebii» circumcision is risky and it cuts the feeling guys get from touch down there

Joe was giving the chatroom a sex lesson.

Midnight Lucario
27th July 2009, 6:10 AM
[23:03] *** SPPGuest8399 is now known as masterbationwithacarrotkilledme

Someone has been watching too much of the show "1,000 Ways to Die"

28th July 2009, 7:20 PM
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:52:04] WiFiGuest6453: i challenge you to a battle, to reclaim my honor
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:52:28] darkgamerGS: ...I don't battle people I don't know
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:52:33] darkgamerGS: No exceptions
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:52:41] WiFiGuest6453: you do know me, im the guy you just kicked
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:52:52] darkgamerGS: I kick a lot of people out
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:01] WiFiGuest6453: you know them to
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:06] darkgamerGS: No I don't
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:11] WiFiGuest6453: lol
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:14] darkgamerGS: Kicking someone out doesn't mean I know them
[19:25:23] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:19] WiFiGuest6453: yeah,their the people you just kicked lol
[19:25:24] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:37] darkgamerGS: That's like "oh, I shot this Nazi in WWII, that means I know him"
[19:25:26] <%darkgamerGS> [11:53:55] WiFiGuest6453: not true
[19:25:27] <%darkgamerGS> [11:54:02] WiFiGuest6453: for we are actual people
[19:25:28] <%darkgamerGS> [11:54:06] WiFiGuest6453: while they are npc

Lol'd hard.

29th July 2009, 12:34 AM
[3:05pm] T-ler: you got a boyfreind
[3:06pm] T-ler: awnser
[3:08pm] T-ler disconnected from the server.
[3:12pm] T-ler: what to kiss

Midnight Lucario
29th July 2009, 7:02 PM
[12:00] <Richboy> shut up
[12:00] <darkgamerGS> don't tell ops to shut up
[12:00] <LingeringSentiment> You're a half-op.

Erik Destler
30th July 2009, 7:46 AM
00:43 • FIRETRAINER is now known as FIRE
00:43 [@Dratini927] lol
00:43 [+Megaman] ahahaha
00:43 [&#37;Ellie] you just imagined me naked
00:43 [Kreis] Erik, TMI.
00:43 • Erik_Destler is now known as WIND
00:43 [%Fenix] <@Erik_Destler> she has a firecrotch
00:43 [@Dratini927] Tyler is thinking straight
00:43 [%Fenix] <%Ellie> how do you know
00:43 [Kreis] :S
00:43 • FIRE is now known as TRAINER
00:43 • ESPER is now known as HEART
00:44 • WOLF [SPPGuest42@PurpleSurge-FF6446F9.sav.bellsouth.net] Quit [Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!]
00:44 [%Fenix] <@Erik_Destler> she has a firecrotch
00:44 [%Fenix] <%Ellie> how do you know
00:44 [@WIND] omg TRAINER fails
00:44 • Dratini927 is now known as EARTH
00:44 [%Ellie] i meant
00:44 [+HEART] by your powers combined.....
00:44 [+HEART] i am slowking
00:44 [%Ellie] how does he know if i do
00:44 • Ellie is now known as WATER
00:44 [@WIND] LOL
00:44 [+Moogles] XD
00:44 [@EARTH] YES

30th July 2009, 9:18 PM
[22:46:06] * Bakiansu Fenix u r makeing yourself Bad Please Just get your Act up and be Nice im tire of u argument with other just learn to grown Up and Megaman u too u r Just some stuff that who hurt people's feels and u need Learn too just agree with Erik_Destler

Midnight Lucario
2nd August 2009, 7:06 AM
[00:05] <PS-Guest195> i have raped all your sisters and mothers that have big breasts

2nd August 2009, 8:11 AM
<&#37;CM> i might reset my game
<%Brinstar> you mean like
<%Brinstar> start it over

2006 r3pr3s3nt

3rd August 2009, 7:06 PM
(2:32:39 pm) &#171; Joins: [Serebii2]
(2:34:00 pm) &#171;&Sunain&#187; why is there 2 serebii's
(2:34:05 pm) &#171;&Sunain&#187; isnt one bad enough lol
(2:36:40 pm) &#171;@Gremolin&#187; its how he shed all that weight, by simply creating a second person

7th August 2009, 1:22 PM
[07:15:42] +LightningKimba: I think I'll make a Speed Shuffling team.
[07:16:04] loucas (Mibbit@6D8BDB13.18F9D7AF.997FE33C.IP) has joined #spp
[07:16:18] +LightningKimba: A team based on using Roar and Whirlwind.
[07:17:18] loucas: team based in stealth rock, spikes, toxic spikes and toxic
[07:18:00] VEEK: lol
[07:18:02] VEEK: so
[07:18:08] VEEK: basically rapid spin <censored> your team
[07:18:12] VEEK: way to go
[07:18:14] ShinyRiolu: woah, hi veek.
[07:18:25] Togepi121: lol
[07:18:27] VEEK: hi whoever you are
[07:18:28] loucas: disable your rapid spin
[07:18:39] loucas: who would have rapid spin? kinda stupid

10th August 2009, 4:10 AM
[22:07] <dragon> A question in pokemon platinum my pedometer stopped counting what do I do
[22:07] * Catman np: Rammstein: Reise Reise
[22:07] <Dracorex> Reset it.
[22:07] <dragon> how
[22:07] <Reaver> it only counts up to 9999 I think...
[22:07] <Pingouin7> scream and throw your game at the wall
[22:07] <Pingouin7> yes but
[22:07] <Pingouin7> once it reaches 99999
[22:07] <Sukura> omg Ive spelled pigeon wrong all this time?!! omg ;;
[22:07] <Dracorex> You call that music?
[22:07] <Pingouin7> it goes back to 0
[22:07] <dragon> my numbers stopped at 32756
[22:07] <Reaver> uh...
[22:07] <Dracorex> Dear god.
[22:08] <Reaver> reset it.
[22:08] <Pingouin7> press the C
[22:08] <dragon> how
[22:08] <Reaver> o.o
[22:08] <Pingouin7> by touching it on the screen.
[22:08] <heyitsme030> wow

10th August 2009, 10:09 AM
«~Awayebii» Some say I have a god complex
«~Awayebii» I say God has a Joe complex

10th August 2009, 10:32 AM
<Kreis> I only listen to high quality music.
<Kreis> Kelly Clarkson FTW.

10th August 2009, 10:46 AM
<Kreis> I only listen to high quality music.
<Kreis> Kelly Clarkson FTW.

Uggh, you're always ridiculing me. >:[

«%Guybrush_Threepwood» I don't abuse, I'm a nice hop =^_^=

10th August 2009, 8:26 PM
[20:22:54] <SPPGuest7159> what the hell is a pedobear

11th August 2009, 1:09 AM
[18:56] <SPPGuest7073> guys instead of playing pokemon how about go on ebay and get a life

There's this pretty long one too:

[23:04] <Pingouin7> Let's say random stuff!
[23:04] <smexy> ok
[23:04] <asd> it feels right
[23:04] <smexy> sexy party!
[23:04] <Pingouin7> that isn't random
[23:04] <asd> cheese
[23:04] <mattxx> cuz ur ugly asz isnt sexy
[23:04] <Pingouin7> you lost
[23:04] <Pingouin7> the game
[23:04] *** {SV}AFKliq is now known as {SV}uliq
[23:04] <smexy> how u know?
[23:04] <Pokefan64> shoot
[23:04] <asd> butter
[23:04] *** {SV}uliq is now known as {SV}Uliq`
[23:04] <Pingouin7> he looked
[23:04] <mattxx> im physcic
[23:04] <asd> coco
[23:04] <mattxx> <censored>
[23:04] <Pingouin7> physcic?
[23:04] <asd> cellphones
[23:04] <Pokefan64> cheese
[23:04] <asd> drums
[23:04] <Pingouin7> macaroni
[23:04] <Zaphod_Beeblebrox> Cows with Guns.
[23:04] <mattxx> soap
[23:04] <Pokefan64> sand
[23:04] <asd> box
[23:05] <Pingouin7> banana in an oven
[23:05] <Pokefan64> ox
[23:05] <asd> toy
[23:05] <Pokefan64> monkeys in a barrel
[23:05] <Zaphod_Beeblebrox> Banana Boat.
[23:05] <Pingouin7> wtf
[23:05] <asd> chiken on head
[23:05] <asd> horse on the run
[23:05] *** SPPGuest8539 is now known as yoshiro
[23:05] <mattxx> roastbeef
[23:05] <asd> swings
[23:05] <Pokefan64> Shoe on the phone
[23:05] <Zaphod_Beeblebrox> Big load of nothing
[23:05] <asd> dogs
[23:05] <mattxx> phone on the shoe
[23:05] <asd> hamsters
[23:05] * {MD}Mikey just poopded
[23:05] <asd> tennis
[23:05] <mattxx> rats
[23:05] <Zaphod_Beeblebrox> BUDGIE
[23:05] <Pingouin7> ping pong
[23:05] <Pokefan64> stars
[23:05] <Pingouin7> moon
[23:05] <mattxx> wallie
[23:06] <asd> football
[23:06] <mattxx> sunnnnnnn
[23:06] <Pingouin7> empty wallet
[23:06] <asd> pokemon
[23:06] <Pingouin7> scroll bar
[23:06] <asd> chi
[23:06] <mattxx> phone
[23:06] <Pokefan64> full wallet
[23:06] <Kreis> 2 girls, 1 cup.
[23:06] * {MD}Mikey <censored> a goat
[23:06] <Zaphod_Beeblebrox> My left little toe.
[23:06] <asd> goat
[23:06] *** Beatlesfan4ever has quit (Quit: www.purplesurge.com)
[23:06] <asd> monkey
[23:06] <asd> me
[23:06] <asd> i
[23:06] <Pokefan64> your right big toe
[23:06] <mattxx> 2 guys one cup
[23:06] <Pingouin7> DSi
[23:06] <mattxx> ds
[23:06] <Pokefan64> DS lite
[23:06] <asd> ok <censored>! i give
[23:06] <Pingouin7> gameboy
[23:06] *** {MD}Mikey has quit (Quit: www.purplesurge.com)
[23:06] *** Megaman is now known as Zero
[23:06] <mattxx> ds dark
[23:06] <Pokefan64> Gameboy micro
[23:07] <asd> lol ds dark
[23:07] *** SPPGuest8261 has joined #spp
[23:07] <asd> where did you get that from
[23:07] <mattxx> ok SHUT up now
[23:07] *** SPPGuest8261 is now known as Shantz
[23:07] <asd> i agree
[23:07] *** firepokemon has quit (Quit: bah)
[23:07] <Pokefan64> I never said anything
[23:07] <Pingouin7> it was fun while it lasted

11th August 2009, 8:35 PM
[22:00:06] <SPPGuest8508> if you're an op member pm me i have a problem
[22:01:21] <SPPGuest8508> ok an person in wifi chat named <[DA]PaleNight> called me a ' <censored> ' for no reason and i already have low selfesteem
[22:01:51] <&#37;Fenix> use /ignore
[22:02:22] <SPPGuest8508> ok what about my low selfesteem?

15th August 2009, 9:35 PM
[22:56:56] <Ivysaur> r u fenix?
Ivysaur is SPPGuest54@PurpleSurge-3D0979BC.dsl.ksc2mo.sbcglobal.net * Java User
Ivysaur on #spp
Ivysaur using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
Ivysaur End of /WHOIS list.
[22:57:04] <Guybrush_Threepwood> Why do you ask
[22:57:17] <Ivysaur> i need talk to him
[22:57:30] <Guybrush_Threepwood> I can leave him a message
[22:57:39] <Ivysaur> i don't trust you
[22:57:49] <Guybrush_Threepwood> I'm his best friend ._.
[22:58:01] <Ivysaur> but i can stand up and im not scared of you and Him
[22:58:15] <Guybrush_Threepwood> Ok, what do you need to tell him, anywa
[22:58:16] <Guybrush_Threepwood> y
[22:58:22] <Ivysaur> why do you have to be mean
[22:58:34] <Ivysaur> u r being jerk
[22:58:43] <Guybrush_Threepwood> You wanted to tell Fenix that?
[22:58:52] <Ivysaur> none of ur business
[22:59:21] <Guybrush_Threepwood> I'm mean because I can
[22:59:25] <Guybrush_Threepwood> any problems?
[22:59:44] <Ivysaur> people will hate you if u keep doing that
[22:59:55] <Guybrush_Threepwood> That will be my own problem
[23:00:27] <Guybrush_Threepwood> I'm calling fenix
[23:00:30] <Guybrush_Threepwood> wait
[23:01:04] <Fenix> so
[23:01:08] <Fenix> what did you want to tell me
[23:01:27] <Ivysaur> i need talk to you
[23:02:04] <Fenix> ?
[23:02:10] <Ivysaur> and yes im Venusaur who Post forums because Muddy body was found Dead lay there and but it was not her it was other girl and she was Treated to be killed and it thank to Jeff he is her girlfriend in real life
[23:03:09] <Ivysaur> Jeff saved her Life
[23:03:15] <Fenix> thanks for telling me
[23:03:17] <Fenix> I banned you
[23:03:25] <Ivysaur> Lol i will Return

Midnight Lucario
18th August 2009, 12:39 AM
<AAA> What if I told you I was Bill Gates, and I was not lying. What would be the first thing you would say to me?
<SPPGuest0695> Do you want a Giratina

23rd August 2009, 1:46 AM
[19:40] * Deku_Link becomes a giant butt
[19:40] * Megaman pokes Deku_Link

Oh, and this one is funny too:
(We're talking about Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza in HG/SS)

[23:48] <Hadrianus> well considering they were never mentioned in johto, they have absolutely no backstory or reason to be there, yeah I'd say thats a good reason for them not to be there
[23:49] <Hadrianus> johto has its own legends
[23:49] <Hadrianus> that do not include those 3
[23:49] <Pingouin7> what tells you they have no story?
[23:49] <Hadrianus> stick them on a random island and forget them
[23:49] <Pingouin7> they could have one in hg/ss
[23:49] <Hadrianus> because I played Gold and Silver
[23:49] <Hadrianus> and there was no mention of them

I've deleted the irrelevant stuff, and kept the right stuff, so you could see.

27th August 2009, 9:17 AM
Okay this is long, but I assure you that it's worth the read because this logs are BLOODY HILARIOUS.

Session Start: Thu Aug 27 09:36:06 2009
Session Ident: WiFiGuest6686
[09:36:06] Session Ident: WiFiGuest6686 (PurpleSurge, Fenix) (WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-8589B4C7.dsl.bell.ca)
[09:36:06] <WiFiGuest6686> i changed it
01[09:36:07] WiFiGuest6686 is WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-8589B4C7.dsl.bell.ca * Java User
01[09:36:07] WiFiGuest6686 on #SPP-WiFi
01[09:36:07] WiFiGuest6686 using alias.purplesurge.com Your Alter Ego
01[09:36:07] WiFiGuest6686 End of /WHOIS list.
01[09:36:31] <Fenix> ok
[09:36:44] <WiFiGuest6686> so your not angry with me anymore
01[09:36:55] <Fenix> I was never angry with you
[09:37:35] <WiFiGuest6686> oh i just asumed you were angry with me so i hurt myself
[09:38:03] <WiFiGuest6686> but now i feel beter
[09:38:31] <WiFiGuest6686> sins your not angry would oyu like to be my freind
01[09:39:05] <Fenix> uhhh
[09:39:12] <WiFiGuest6686> my mom and dad say i should try to make freinds
01[09:39:17] <Fenix> Why do you want to be frien-
01[09:39:19] <Fenix> ...
[09:39:50] <WiFiGuest6686> because even tho i did somthing wrong you still helped me to realize it without hurting me
[09:40:00] <WiFiGuest6686> or beaing mean
[09:40:35] <WiFiGuest6686> so would you be my freind i dont have many
01[09:41:12] <Fenix> Go out and make friends in real life?
[09:41:15] <WiFiGuest6686> please! i feel so alone
[09:41:54] <WiFiGuest6686> i can bearly wake up in the morning becasue i dont know why i should my life is so worthless
[09:42:32] <WiFiGuest6686> please please i cant handle you not talking back
01[09:43:03] <Fenix> lol
[09:43:14] <WiFiGuest6686> whats so funny
01[09:43:25] <Fenix> you are funny
[09:43:40] <WiFiGuest6686> so you want to be my freind then?
01[09:43:46] <Fenix> no
[09:43:52] <WiFiGuest6686> why?
[09:44:04] <WiFiGuest6686> wait i understand
[09:44:11] <WiFiGuest6686> i dont blame you
[09:44:31] <WiFiGuest6686> i dont deserve friends do it?
[09:44:35] <WiFiGuest6686> i*
[09:45:09] <WiFiGuest6686> but i dont understand why do you not like me i try to be nice
[09:45:17] <WiFiGuest6686> im i beaing mean?
01[09:45:22] <Fenix> I didn't say I don't like you
01[09:45:36] <Fenix> But I don't make friends with random people on the internet
[09:45:48] <WiFiGuest6686> i understand
[09:47:06] <WiFiGuest6686> i wish the best of life to you. im going to do somthing now so i wont bother you when im done going were everybody even my parents want me to go
[09:47:48] <WiFiGuest6686> please pray for me
01[09:48:26] <Fenix> uh
01[09:48:37] <Fenix> Do you realize that I don't believe you?
01[09:48:47] <Fenix> And I doubt anyone else with half a brain would?
[09:49:54] <WiFiGuest6686> im not gonna kill myself but i feel like it and i realy have no freinds and stuff and i realy felt like doing it but im not
[09:50:14] <WiFiGuest6686> and im realy sad right now and i dont know what to do
[09:50:50] <WiFiGuest6686> i just realy need sombodys help
01[09:51:22] <Fenix> Go and play outside ^_^?
[09:52:07] <WiFiGuest6686> i would but i live in a bad are and i was stollen from once and now its realy scary for me to even go outside but i still do
01[09:53:04] <Fenix> Uhhh, play videgames?
[09:53:13] <WiFiGuest6686> and my dad has started to be abusive ever sins my mother diedtrying to have her second baby
[09:53:45] <WiFiGuest6686> all i have are video games
[09:55:25] <WiFiGuest6686> my dad got angry with me and smashed my ds then when i cryd he wipped a chunk of it at my head and i had to tell my teachers i fel
[09:56:46] <WiFiGuest6686> my dad told me to **** off when i asked him about christmas presents and he ended up not geting me anything at all just got beer
[09:56:55] <WiFiGuest6686> sorry to swear
[09:57:56] <WiFiGuest6686> and it just makes me feel so bed that you hate me and tho im not gonna kill myself i realy feel like doing it
06[09:58:38] * Fenix yawn
[09:59:06] <WiFiGuest6686> i dont understand why you dont beleive me
[09:59:20] <WiFiGuest6686> why would i lie
01[09:59:29] <Fenix> Why would I care?
[09:59:43] <WiFiGuest6686> you honestly dont care?
01[10:00:11] <Fenix> Umm, so... if a random wifiguest from a pokemon chatroom PMed you
01[10:00:18] <Fenix> started to talk about his/her life
01[10:00:31] <Fenix> and how he has abusive parents and feels suicidal and whatnot
01[10:00:34] <Fenix> would YOU care?
[10:00:57] <WiFiGuest6686> i would care about any human being going through that
01[10:01:08] <Fenix> Good for you
01[10:01:34] <Fenix> I don't.
01[10:01:55] <Fenix> (and I still don't belive you, either)
[10:02:01] <WiFiGuest6686> not at all you dont care that i have to live in this hell
[10:02:05] <WiFiGuest6686> ?
[10:02:32] <WiFiGuest6686> i dont understand
[10:02:54] <WiFiGuest6686> how can god let me live this life
[10:03:12] <WiFiGuest6686> i have no one
[10:03:29] <WiFiGuest6686> why cant you believe me?
[10:04:08] <WiFiGuest6686> would you honestly care if i killed myself
[10:04:09] <WiFiGuest6686> ?
01[10:04:26] <Fenix> Ok
01[10:04:28] <Fenix> My turn
01[10:04:34] <Fenix> Wanna know about me?
01[10:04:37] <Fenix> I'm an alien
01[10:04:45] <Fenix> I come from Alpha Centauri
01[10:04:50] <Fenix> I'm here to spy on humans
01[10:04:55] <Fenix> I send weekly reports
01[10:05:02] <Fenix> about human behaviour
[10:05:05] <WiFiGuest6686> man dont make fun of me
01[10:05:09] <Fenix> We plan to colonize earth
01[10:05:15] <Fenix> I'm not making fun of you
01[10:05:21] <Fenix> I'm just telling you my story
01[10:05:27] <Fenix> and expecting you to believe it
[10:05:39] <WiFiGuest6686> why would i lie i dont understand the reason you think so
01[10:05:47] <Fenix> I'm not lying
01[10:05:52] <Fenix> I'm really an alien
01[10:05:53] <Fenix> Hzzzzt
[10:06:21] <WiFiGuest6686> just one question then ill leave you alone
01[10:06:30] <Fenix> ok
[10:06:53] <WiFiGuest6686> would you honestly not care at all if i killed myself?
01[10:07:28] <Fenix> I don't believe you would do it
[10:07:45] <WiFiGuest6686> but would you care if i did?
01[10:08:07] <Fenix> Hmmm, do you know how many people die every day?
01[10:08:30] <Fenix> Just in Africa, do you know how many kids starve to death?
[10:08:30] <WiFiGuest6686> just yes or no then im out off your life for good
01[10:08:43] <Fenix> Do I care for every single human that dies?
01[10:08:45] <Fenix> Of course no
01[10:09:03] <Fenix> And you are no different than anyone else, because I don't know you.
[10:09:25] <WiFiGuest6686> Alright i wont bother you any more
01[10:09:32] <Fenix> Have a good day
[10:10:28] <WiFiGuest6686> and your a mod so if you see a guy named superboy29 can you just say to him keep it
[10:10:37] <WiFiGuest6686> and say its from kyle
01[10:10:43] <Fenix> No I wont
[10:10:52] <WiFiGuest6686> comon please
01[10:11:26] <Fenix> Just wait
[10:11:30] <WiFiGuest6686> you could easily do it for me and its only if you see him
01[10:11:31] <Fenix> and tell him yourself
[10:11:38] <WiFiGuest6686> i can
[10:11:41] <WiFiGuest6686> cant*
[10:11:50] <WiFiGuest6686> i have to do somthing
01[10:11:59] <Fenix> Well then, too bad
[10:12:57] <WiFiGuest6686> well i would hope that you would do that for me to nice sins it would onlly take you a second but its ok if you dont goodbye
01[10:13:08] <Fenix> bye
[10:16:23] <WiFiGuest6686> hey man what are you telling my son?
[10:16:45] <WiFiGuest6686> he says that you told him to kill himself and that he doesnt matter
01[10:16:52] <Fenix> dude
01[10:16:57] <Fenix> you are trying way too hard
01[10:17:16] <Fenix> and anyway
01[10:17:22] <Fenix> what does it matter to you, you beat him up
[10:17:22] <WiFiGuest6686> listen were can i contact whoever runs this thing
[10:17:59] <WiFiGuest6686> hey how i dissiplin my son is non of your bissness
01[10:18:03] <Fenix> hahaha
[10:18:21] <WiFiGuest6686> were can i contact whoever runs this place
[10:18:37] <WiFiGuest6686> im making i huge complaint
01[10:18:53] <Fenix> PM serebiibot
[10:19:26] <WiFiGuest6686> its not answering me
[10:19:39] <WiFiGuest6686> get me an emial adress
[10:20:06] <WiFiGuest6686> if i have to get it from somone els it will only look wores for you
[10:20:26] <WiFiGuest6686> what the hell were you telling him anyway
[10:21:42] <WiFiGuest6686> because now he in his room crying and telling me that no one carres about him and that he should die
[10:21:53] <WiFiGuest6686> and he said you told him that
[10:22:17] <WiFiGuest6686> are you going to answer me?
01[10:22:23] <Fenix> er
01[10:22:25] <Fenix> sorry
01[10:22:31] <Fenix> was too busy laughing at you
01[10:22:36] <Fenix> forgot to reply
[10:23:12] <WiFiGuest6686> ok im going to look through this whole website for an email adress if you dont tell me what the hell you did
01[10:23:37] <Fenix> Go on
[10:24:22] <WiFiGuest6686> listen i know he can be a whinny ***** somtimes but you cant tell the kid to kill himself
01[10:25:01] <Fenix> I didn't tell "your kid" to go kill himself
01[10:25:09] <Fenix> "he" asked me if I cared if he did it
01[10:25:13] <Fenix> I told "him" no
01[10:25:17] <Fenix> which is the truth
01[10:25:18] <Fenix> lol
[10:25:50] <WiFiGuest6686> hey thats not to cool to say to a 10 year old no mater how mucch you hate him
01[10:26:31] <Fenix> dude, this is getting boring
01[10:26:34] <Fenix> but good act
01[10:26:37] <Fenix> 7/10
[10:28:05] <WiFiGuest6686> listen can you just tell him you were just anoid and did it out of anger and tell him you would care if he died then ill block the site from my computer and we can be done with this stupid ****
[10:28:45] <WiFiGuest6686> the kid wont stop crying
01[10:28:51] <Fenix> Dude just a tip
01[10:29:02] <Fenix> next time you want to pose as someone else
01[10:29:08] <Fenix> and EXPECT PEOPLE TO BELIEVE YOU
01[10:29:15] <Fenix> change the way you spell words
[10:30:19] <WiFiGuest6686> listen dude i dont know what the **** you think all i know is this kid wont stop crying and your the only one who can stop him
[10:30:35] <WiFiGuest6686> its late i wana seelp please just tell him
01[10:31:14] <Fenix> tough luck
[10:31:48] <WiFiGuest6686> ok then you know what im gonna right a complaint
01[10:32:03] <Fenix> by all means, do it
[10:32:31] <WiFiGuest6686> if your so sure of yourself give me the email to do it so i dont have to look
01[10:32:46] <Fenix> go to serebii.net
01[10:32:52] <Fenix> contact us section
01[10:32:55] <Fenix> have fun
[10:33:32] <WiFiGuest6686> i hope they fire you for being that evil to a 10 year old child
[10:34:08] <WiFiGuest6686> oh and in the complaint im pasting the whole conversation
01[10:34:17] <Fenix> Good to know
01[10:34:23] <Fenix> I'm pasting the whole conversation
01[10:34:33] <Fenix> in the "funny chat quotes" thread in the forums
01[10:34:40] <Fenix> thought you should know :)
[10:35:05] <WiFiGuest6686> lmao ok i realy thought i could get you with the last bit
[10:35:24] <WiFiGuest6686> good game
01[10:35:36] <Fenix> gfg

28th August 2009, 3:51 AM
Yeah, but it's not as funny when you say "putting this on the funny chat quotes thread."

Anyway, here's mine:

[21:10] <AAA> I went to school naked.
[21:10] <AAA> Turns out it was naked day.

28th August 2009, 6:14 AM
POKEMAN: i hav a girlfriend who only speeks spanish and i only speek english.
POKEMAN: its a lil wierd cuz i hav to hang around with her friend to know wat shes saying. but she asked me out and i was just freinds. i am lot lying about my girlfriend who sppeks spanish only.

POKEMAN: its hard two find chicks who like pokemon and dinosaurs like me. the girlfriend im dating now is hot for a pokefan.

11th September 2009, 2:59 AM
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> Garra
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> say Ok three times.
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> ok
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> ok
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> ok.
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> Like that.
[20:51] <Garra> ok ok ok
[20:51] <skyshaymin777> look on the left side of the chat room and there's the wifi chat
[20:51] <Megas> ...
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> >.>
[20:51] <FauxKatalognr> Seperate lines.
[20:51] <Megas> This is a smart moron.
[20:51] <Garra> ok
[20:51] <Garra> ok
[20:51] <Garra> ok
[20:51] *** Dratini927 sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-3C2342E3.abhsia.telus.net
[20:51] *** Garra has been kicked by Dratini927 («««« Stop Repeating! (5 mins) Kick Number 80192 »»»»)
[20:51] <Raikuga> How about not trying to make people get kicked on purpose
[20:52] <Megas> Nevermind.,
[20:52] <Megas> xD
[20:52] *** Raikuga sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-E53D8600.dhcp.clmb.ga.charter.com
[20:52] *** FauxKatalognr has been kicked by Raikuga (Be nice ||||||||1512 quarrelers quarantined||||||||)
[20:52] <Megas> 0.0
[20:52] <XANA> Haha
[20:52] <Megas> I was just watchin'. <-<;;
[20:52] <skyshaymin777> same
[20:52] *** Raikuga sets mode -b on *!*@PurpleSurge-3C2342E3.abhsia.telus.net
[20:52] <i_spit_out_jumpluff> go Titans :D
[20:52] <Megas> Oh God no...
[20:52] *** Garra has joined #spp
[20:52] <Garra> im back
[20:53] *** SPPGuest5561 has joined #spp
[20:53] <XANA> Good.
[20:53] <Megas> Only because you were unbanned.
[20:53] <skyshaymin777> it was 3 mins
[20:53] *** Jasper has quit (Ping timeout)
[20:53] <Garra> i wasnet kicked
[20:53] <skyshaymin777> huh>?
[20:54] <Megas> Garra, you were.
[20:54] <Smeargle> fail counter
[20:54] <Garra> oh
[20:54] *** Gardevoir has joined #spp
[20:54] <Garra> well so
[20:54] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Gardevoir
[20:54] <Garra> so
[20:54] <Garra> so
[20:54] <Garra> so
[20:54] *** SoulSilverebii sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-3C2342E3.abhsia.telus.net
[20:54] *** Garra has been kicked by SoulSilverebii («««« Repeating is not allowed. 171908 »»»»)
[20:54] <Megas> ...
[20:54] <skyshaymin777> ...
[20:54] <XANA> ...what?
[20:54] <Raikuga> Not unbanning that one

13th September 2009, 1:40 AM
[19:35] * SPPGuest0889 has joined #spp
[19:35] * SPPGuest0889 is now known as Floppy
[19:35] * Floppy is now known as MonkeyJizz
[19:36] <MonkeyJizz> All behold
[19:36] <MonkeyJizz> I am the CLitt warlord
[19:36] <Shaymew> More like Wailord.
[19:36] * Shaymew runs
[19:36] <[L2K]Hailfire> <censored> warilord?
[19:36] <MonkeyJizz> NO BROTHERS
[19:36] * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*@A01CED56.EE0CD043.59CD9F51.IP
[19:36] * MonkeyJizz was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Too Many Caps. (5 mins) (100% Caps) Kick Number 80792 »»»»)
[19:36] <PTS-SoulSilver> lol
[19:36] <[L2K]Hailfire> pwned
[19:36] <Shaymew> ^
[19:37] <Shaymew> This is MADNESS
[19:37] <Lumiseon> No
[19:37] <Lumiseon> This is Sparta
[19:37] <SPPGuest9005> this is... beat me to it
[19:37] <Shaymew> I was waiting for someone to do it in all caps.
[19:37] <Shaymew> Then get banned.
[19:37] * Shaymew runs
[19:38] <Hobo> wat.
[19:38] * Chickenjuice has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[19:38] <Hobo> I wanna see if I get banned.
[19:38] <Hobo> THIS IS MADNESS.
[19:38] * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*@I.make.monies.by.selling.pot.in.a.can
[19:38] * Hobo was kicked by Dratini927 («««« Too Many Caps. (5 mins) (100% Caps) Kick Number 80793 »»»»)

15th September 2009, 4:04 AM
[11:39:36] <Neji> Chest devices suck, and if you ever discuss them again, I will personally come over to your house and cut your throats... and maybe lecture you on why it's bad to use them
[11:39:45] <Michiru_Kaioh> Chest devices?
[11:39:47] <Neji> Seriously, why the hell would you rely on a machine to make the games easier for you?
[11:39:48] <Michiru_Kaioh> Geez Ryan
[11:39:54] <Neji> Isn't that the point of playing games?
[11:39:57] <Neji> ...
[11:40:00] <Neji> Wait, what?
[11:40:06] <KATYARD> [02:39:36] <%Neji> Chest devices suck <- huh
[11:40:09] <Neji> What about chest devices?
[11:40:10] <Neji> ...
[11:40:15] <Neji> ..............
[11:40:20] <Neji> Cheat *
[11:40:25] <Gallade> women benefit from chest devices ;P
[11:40:26] * Gallade run
[11:40:44] <noobers> When I saw "chest devices" I read that as "chestbusters" from Alien
[11:40:44] <Neji> ...
[11:40:50] <Neji> CHEAT *
[11:40:53] <Lunareon> good job ryan xD
[11:40:57] * Neji kick keyboard

16th September 2009, 3:20 AM
[21:17] <Secun> [20:16:23] <The_one> get a female -> [20:16:29] <Faylin> ..But I am a female? xD < That's when it turns kinky.


[21:18] <The_one> i like furry
[21:18] <KATYARD> ...
[21:18] <AYCRB> :|
[21:18] <KATYARD> what
[21:18] <The_one> its kinky so i like it
[21:18] <KATYARD> ...
[21:18] <The_one> :P
[21:18] <Sharp_Dressed_Fur> secun, my books arent covered in paws ;)
[21:18] <The_one> meow
[21:18] <Secun> [20:18:16] <Sharp_Dressed_Fur> doesnt mean everything i eat/breathe/sleep/do is furry < Actually yeah on that last one.


We wonder how we get on these things...


[21:55] <Blizzard> Hey Vegas! :D
[21:55] <Blizzard> *Megas
[21:56] <Megas> ...
[21:56] <Hobo> lol Vegas..
[21:56] <Megas> D:
[21:56] <Faylin> Las Vegas.
[21:56] *** trance has joined #spp
[21:56] <Gohan> Minis!
[21:56] <Megas> I'm not sin city.
[21:56] <Gohan> *Megas
[21:56] <Blizzard> D
[21:56] <Blizzard> xD
[21:56] <Secun> Las Megas >:3
[21:56] <Megas> o-0
[21:56] <Megas> xD
[21:56] <Faylin> What happens in Megas, stays in Megas.
[21:56] <Blizzard> rofl
[21:56] <Secun> lmao
[21:56] <Blizzard> LOl
[21:56] <Megas> ...
[21:56] <Megas> rofl!

17th September 2009, 8:32 PM
(14:30:46) (&#37;McGraw) if my gf wore cat ears in bed
(14:30:48) (%McGraw) i would be confused
(14:31:03) (~azurill) lol
(14:31:06) (~azurill) what gf..

18th September 2009, 12:01 PM
(14:30:46) (%McGraw) if my gf wore cat ears in bed
(14:30:48) (%McGraw) i would be confused
(14:31:03) (~azurill) lol
(14:31:06) (~azurill) what gf..
Reminds me of this quote from 2005:

<+Alfonso||STFU> See my ****?
<+Alfonso||STFU> Suck on it, kiyone/
<kiyone> suck on what
<+Alfonso||STFU> My ****
<kiyone> what ****
<+Alfonso||STFU> Your mothers
<+Alfonso||STFU> ;D
<kiyone> wow aren't you funny

19th September 2009, 5:26 AM
[22:52] *** Channel mode is +ntrSCTGf [4c#C5,7j#i1,5n#N5]:5

I never lol'd as much as this time.

19th September 2009, 8:19 PM
I don't even remember who Alfonso is


20th September 2009, 7:13 AM
"I lost the game" - me!

20th September 2009, 11:26 AM
[22:52] *** Channel mode is +ntrSCTGf [4c#C5,7j#i1,5n#N5]:5

I never lol'd as much as this time.
Yeah, that's pretty ****ing hilarious.

Edit @ kiyone: Alfonso was just some guy who was in the 'in-crowd' with Josh, Jynxo (NIGGRRRRRRRRR), et al. Alfonso liked me but he really hated you for some reason, lolol.

20th September 2009, 7:15 PM
Oh, he was that *** that hated women? Typical.

21st September 2009, 6:11 AM
[00:00] <Sleepeon> a
[00:00] <Zink> b
[00:00] <Pingouin7> a?
[00:00] <Sleepeon> typo o.o

21st September 2009, 6:16 AM
Oh man, Kiyone's back as well. It's like 5 years ago all over again, haha.

21st September 2009, 11:19 PM
<Bruce_Chan> Make Me a Ops For 1 Min
<Bruce_Chan> Please
<Chrono> Haha, retard!
<@Dratini927> dumb
<Chrono> Asking to be an op is DUMB
<Bruce_Chan> Make Me a Ops For 1 Min
<Chrono> And will get you absolutely nowhere
<StephanieSacrificial> Crono, be nice.
<Tidsu> yup also it's a rule that's being broken
<Chrono> No!
<&#37;Gardevoir> Don't op beg
<Chrono> Op begging is dumb
<Tidsu> since your not supposed to ask for it
<Chrono> The only way to be an op is to...I dunno
<DemonLabRat> ... Deep down, everyone here is op begging
<StephanieSacrificial> Not me.
<Venomothim> yes
<Venomothim> lol jk
<Chrono> I think if you sleep with one of them you can be an op!
<Bruce_Chan> I was a op for a second before
<Chrono> ;)
<%Chelc> lmfao
<Chrono> Just like in real life
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +o Bruce_Chan
SerebiiBot sets mode: -o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: -o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: -o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: -o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +o Bruce_Chan
* SerebiiBot sets mode: -o Bruce_Chan
<Chrono> Hahaha
<Venomothim> LOLOLOL
<+DryBones> lol
<Tidsu> lawl
<Blxrose> lawl
<@Dratini927> there
<@Dratini927> the deed is done

Jirachi Forever
22nd September 2009, 12:34 AM
>Tommy(personality 1)< I like Charlie the Unicorn!
>Tommy(personality 2)< You weirdo, Chad Vader is waaaaaay funnier
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Nu Uh!
>Tommy 2< Yu Hu!
>Tommy 1< Yu hu........

22nd September 2009, 5:51 AM
[23:49] <Fawful> I doubt Nintendo is smart enough to make a camera function in Pokemon
[23:49] <Fawful> Yeah, "to cut this tree take a picture of scissors"

22nd September 2009, 2:25 PM
Oh man, Kiyone's back as well. It's like 5 years ago all over again, haha.
I know right. Veterans hibernate I swear.

23rd September 2009, 4:50 AM
[22:47] <iPhione> Today, we got our math tests back after being graded. One of my answers I knew was wrong, so I had drawn a stick figure next to it with the caption "this is a ninja in disguise. He is here to guard my answer from the Red Pen.". Next to my answer my teacher wrote "you need a new ninja." He had graded my test in blue. MLIA.

26th September 2009, 8:23 AM
(11:20:56 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest4718&#187; Ok, lets start off with are you single?
(11:21:00 pm) &#171;nwobhm&#187; lf toxic orb
(11:21:02 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest4718&#187; woops
(11:21:10 pm) &#171;WiFiGuest4718&#187; stupid sister changed the copy n paste

Pikablu Lv.X
26th September 2009, 8:29 AM
<wolfboy> wii is only fun if you have friends

29th September 2009, 5:04 PM
<Wormow> I'm 11, and 99 lbs. Am I too fat? D:
<iPhione> i see
* SPPGuest3886 (SPPGuest38@PurpleSurge-ECDE4EF0.range86-158.btcentralplus.com) has joined #SPP
<Sky_Forme> Wormow = not 11
* SPPGuest3886 is now known as pidgey
* Rory (pbguest@AC4E56AE.21A4F14D.54BD89E5.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
<Wormow> o_o;
<Wormow> The-
<Sky_Forme> 11 year olds cant use IRC
<Nyarlathotep> Mormow's typing ability excells a typical 11 year old...
<SPPGuest7917> Nyarlathotep: Yes. Yes I am.
<Sky_Forme> precisely
<SPPGuest7917> Late replies: The BEST replies!!
<regi> is there aoer channel in serebii
<regi> imean oter
<Nyarlathotep> aoer?
<Wormow> I like how you guys judge people on their grammar, etc.
<+Heracross> Oh wait
<SPPGuest7917> ... I love to do that
<Wormow> dos dis maik me look 11 yet?? it dos!11
<Nyarlathotep> That's because all humans love to judge others.


Pikablu Lv.X
1st October 2009, 5:31 PM
*<SPPGuest9263> arg we ar the pirates of the carribean
*[068:56pm14]Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode:06 +b *!*@355FD1DE.22F04FC0.99F5030A.IP
*[068:56pm14]Kick:SPPGuest5817 was kicked by Dratini927--sleep-- 1414(069,1&#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; No Action Replay Discussion (5 mins)Kick Number 85759 &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;)

2nd October 2009, 10:53 PM
[21:17] <Secun> [20:16:23] <The_one> get a female -> [20:16:29] <Faylin> ..But I am a female? xD < That's when it turns kinky.

We wonder how we get on these things...


[21:55] <Blizzard> Hey Vegas! :D
[21:55] <Blizzard> *Megas
[21:56] <Megas> ...
[21:56] <Hobo> lol Vegas..
[21:56] <Megas> D:
[21:56] <Faylin> Las Vegas.
[21:56] *** trance has joined #spp
[21:56] <Gohan> Minis!
[21:56] <Megas> I'm not sin city.
[21:56] <Gohan> *Megas
[21:56] <Blizzard> D
[21:56] <Blizzard> xD
[21:56] <Secun> Las Megas >:3
[21:56] <Megas> o-0
[21:56] <Megas> xD
[21:56] <Faylin> What happens in Megas, stays in Megas.
[21:56] <Blizzard> rofl
[21:56] <Secun> lmao
[21:56] <Blizzard> LOl
[21:56] <Megas> ...
[21:56] <Megas> rofl!

[21:56] <Faylin> What happens in Megas, stays in Megas. <----- You ruined it T_T..

3rd October 2009, 2:08 AM
*<SPPGuest9263> arg we ar the pirates of the carribean
*[068:56pm14]Dratini927--sleep-- sets mode:06 +b *!*@355FD1DE.22F04FC0.99F5030A.IP
*[068:56pm14]Kick:SPPGuest5817 was kicked by Dratini927--sleep-- 1414(069,1«««« No Action Replay Discussion (5 mins)Kick Number 85759 »»»»)
Reminds me of my typo kban:

I'm Mondo.

<Awaymeister> hi whatever you are
<-- e-Jay has quit (Ping timeout)
<Mondo> ...
<Mondo> you copying my greeting again?
<Awaymeister> i said "Whatever"
<Sasuke`> Dani, when was the last time you used it? ;o
<Alchemist`Away`> ...
<Mondo> it WAS in my chan tpoi****il a yesterday
<Mondo> :P
--- AL_Sleep sets ban on *!*Mondo@*.B9E0A245.2D8220FE.IP
--- #SPP :You are banned (#SPP)
--- You have been kicked from #SPP by AL_Sleep («««« If you swear, you can leave to go to the trash pile!! Kick Number 170 »»»»)
--- Cannot join #SPP (You are banned).
--> You are now talking on #SPP
--- Topic for #SPP is Welcome to #SPP The Place for the # 1 Pokémon Site: http://www.serebii.net/ and its forums http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/ |Christmas Is In 10 Days| RfOtD - Christmas Comes But Once A Year!
--- Topic for #SPP set by PiPikachu at Wed Dec 15 03:41:02 2004
<Mondo> *topic until
<Mondo> :P
<Mondo> * -a
<Mondo> XD
<Awaymeister> XD
<Mondo> omfg, that was hilarious
<Alchemist`Away`> ahhhh
<Sasuke`> that's quite a common occurence surprisingly ;[
<Alchemist`Away`> dani said c.u.n.t.
<Mondo> I was about to fix the typo when I got kicked
<Awaymeister> Laughing Out Loud
* Mondo quotes

5th October 2009, 12:39 AM
I thought this was funny:

[18:37] <SPPGuest3253> anyone have a girlfriend?
[18:37] <Blizzard|Away> ...
[18:37] <Blizzard|Away> #spp-wifi
[18:37] * Blizzard|Away whistles
[18:37] *** Catsune_Neko has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[18:37] <Pingouin7> inb4kick
[18:37] <MondoTR> XD
[18:37] <Megas> ...
[18:37] *** Dratini927 sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-2EFAA5C1.hsd1.wv.comcast.net
[18:37] *** SPPGuest3253 has been kicked by Dratini927 (&#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; GIRLFRIEND? ON MY INTERNET? Kick Number 86865 &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;

5th October 2009, 8:21 AM
This one needed a screenshot (http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/1714/weegee.png).

5th October 2009, 8:26 AM

5th October 2009, 6:52 PM
lol @ eyebrows

6th October 2009, 4:50 AM
This one is recent:

[22:49] <sebdog> neji why can you type in all caps
[22:49] <sebdog> that's unfair
[22:49] <Blizzard> hax
[22:49] <Pingouin7> Neji is an half op
[22:49] <Blizzard> and $
[22:49] <Blizzard> a lot
[22:49] <MondoTR> how come you can evade kbans as HOp but I never could?
[22:49] *** SPPGuest0058 has joined #SPP
[22:49] <Pingouin7> it's not unfair
[22:49] <Neji> Cause I'm an op and Joe's not on with his Communist scripts

And this one:

[21:27] <stef> yo secun
[21:28] <stef> while i was making noodles
[21:28] <stef> i imagined a giant butt
[21:28] <Secun> loool.
[21:28] <Secun> Did you see one in the noodles?
[21:28] <stef> i saw one everywhere

And this:

[23:07] <Velociraptor> You're welcome, I would've said something sooner but I had a jalapeno pepper in my mouth :3 My thoughts were a little cloudy.

And this:

[16:37] * Marion gives Delcatty a piece of construction paper

This one surprised me:

[16:54] <Pingouin7> Why of all things does Delcatty have to be away?
[16:54] -Awaycatty- I have been away for 11mins 52secs: Getting customer support for my router. (haha, like that'll ever happen) (since 2009-10-09, 15:41:52) (one-time response to highlight)

11th October 2009, 7:43 AM
(10:42:25 pm) &#171; Joins: [BBTBGuest631] (BBTBGuest6@PurpleSurge-317C49CC.riv10.nsw.optusnet.com.au) &#187;
(10:42:28 pm) &#171;BBTBGuest631&#187; hi can i ask u guys a question
(10:42:41 pm) &#171;ShinyPurpleLugia&#187; go ahead
(10:42:51 pm) &#171; Parts: [BBTBGuest631] (BBTBGuest6@PurpleSurge-317C49CC.riv10.nsw.optusnet.com.au) &#187;

11th October 2009, 8:29 AM
Australians are ****ing stupid.

11th October 2009, 8:37 AM

11th October 2009, 10:05 AM
jeff's "quitter challage" in spp, good read. (http://pastebin.com/mfa738d2)

15th October 2009, 2:50 AM
Oh! Good post. It makes me laugh.
:D :D :D
I laughed, I cried...ok, no crying but I laughed until tears were rolling down my cheeks!

18th October 2009, 7:21 AM
[01:17:13] * SPPGuest4085 (SPPGuest40@PurpleSurge-D2DB6AAD.spkn.qwest.net) has joined #SPP
[01:17:16] * SPPGuest4085 is now known as imtheking8
[01:17:24] <imtheking8> I HAVE RETURNED
[01:17:25] * Dratini927 sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-D2DB6AAD.spkn.qwest.net
[01:17:25] * imtheking8 was kicked by Dratini927 (Too Many Caps. (5 mins) (100&#37; Caps) Kick Number 90301)

19th October 2009, 2:32 AM
[17:49] <@Dratini927> |&#175;&#175;| |&#175;&#175;| |&#175;&#175; |
[17:49] <@Dratini927> |&#175;&#175;\ |__| |&#175;&#175; |__
[17:49] <SPPGuest4543> omg
[17:49] <@Dratini927> o |&#175;&#175;|
[17:49] <@Dratini927> o |&#175;&#175;

This is my typing error streak:

[20:20] <Pingouin7> j/SPP-Wifi
[20:20] <Pingouin7> fail...
[20:20] <Pingouin7> B/j SPP-Wifi
[20:20] <Pingouin7> /j SPP-Wifi

Another one:

[20:16] <Seven> Nobody in the world of Pokemon is a virgin
[20:16] <Seven> Because of Ditto

21st October 2009, 5:28 AM
«~Awayebii» hey Dani
«~Awayebii» didnt know you came back
«+MondoTR» what?
«~Awayebii» I havent seen you in the chat for years
«+MondoTR» what're you talking about?
«+MondoTR» I PMed you a few weeks ago
«~Awayebii» oh yeah
«~Awayebii» sorry
«+MondoTR» XD
«~Awayebii» past 5 weeks are a massive mess
«+MondoTR» I've been back since the beginning of last month
«~Awayebii» been working since the beginning of last month lol
«~Awayebii» HGSS has killed me
«+MondoTR» back on the forum too if you didn't already notice
«+MondoTR» new account though
«~Awayebii» yeah I saw
«+MondoTR» k
«+MondoTR» (4:06:26 pm) «~Awayebii» HGSS has killed me - :/
«~Awayebii» so much work had to be done
«+MondoTR» at least now that you havem ost the coverage out of the way you can relax a bit
«~Awayebii» but I got the best coverage :)
«+MondoTR» *have most
«+MondoTR» yeah
«+Entei» best coverage, hehe

Poor Joe, HGSS fried his brain. ;(

23rd October 2009, 3:29 AM
This one:

[20:10] <Adriyel> How can a pokemon not be legit?

And this one:

[21:18] <NulNul> Oh you and your alternate colour axhwmes
[21:18] <NulNul> schemes*

And this one:

[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\e
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\e
[22:06] <meme> ewer
[22:06] <Yuffie> everyone makes mistakes
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\ee
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eer
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerq
[22:06] * Blizzard slaps meme around a bit with a large trout
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqr
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrr
[22:06] <Pingouin7> inb4ban
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrrs
[22:06] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrrst
[22:07] *** SPPGuest5768 has joined #spp
[22:07] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrrsts
[22:07] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrrstst
[22:07] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrrststst
[22:07] <meme> go to keez movie!! to see new 5 gen poke\eerqrrstststdsfg
[22:07] *** Gardy[Forza3] sets mode +b on "*!*@C81237EF.FCE113FF.CAC8CA72.IP"]*!*@C81237EF.FCE113FF.CAC8CA72.IP
[22:07] *** meme has been kicked by Gardy[Forza3] (&#171;&#171;Headshots: •6969• &#187;&#187;)


[22:16] *** Cait_Sleep has quit (Quit: ARCEUS ARCREUS ARCEUS, IM LOOKING FOR A EVED ARCEUS, take that spp-wifi. anyways good bye girls. dont forget, sex increase the population)

23rd October 2009, 4:55 PM
<Guest9057> Anyone here chinese?
<MondoTR> guest - dunno but why's it matter?
<Daiki> lol
<shiny-shiny> look im going before i get mad at sum1 sorry guys will be on in like 14 hours cya
<Guest9057> Because im a pedophile
<Daiki> lol
<MondoTR> night
<shiny-shiny> cya
<MondoTR> wtf
* darkgamerGS sets ban on *!*@AA47760F.D24D724C.DCA423BC.IP
 darkgamerGS has kicked Guest9057 from #SPP (At least you're honest... || Body count: 2364)
<MondoTR> heh
<shiny-shiny> can i get a kick for style?
<darkgamerGS> There's nothing stylish about kicks
<shiny-shiny> well snce i asked?
<shiny-shiny> please?
 darkgamerGS has kicked shiny-shiny from #SPP (*Sigh* Fine... || Body count: 2365)
 SPPGuest0117 (SPPGuest01@PurpleSurge-34BE3215.dial.dyn.ihug.co.nz) has joined #SPP
<SPPGuest0117> sorry ty cya
 SPPGuest0117 has quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)

23rd October 2009, 11:24 PM
<Spike> Ellie, you've done the right thing on being Ellie
* SPPGuest7711 (SPPGuest77@PurpleSurge-4AF7002C.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) has joined #SPP
<RandomSilence> ... Shush, Spike
* SPPGuest9423 (SPPGuest94@PurpleSurge-A4700897.aubnin.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SPP
<Pingouin7> Ellie is away
<&#37;Ellie|Away> what
<%Fenix> ellie sucks
<%Ellie|Away> what do you guys want
<Spike> ellie is the best
<Spike> :(
<%Ellie|Away> stop highlighting me
<%Ellie|Away> go bug fenix
<%Ellie|Away> >:(
<%Fenix> ellieee
<Pingouin7> Ook
<I_Squirtle> fenixxx
<I_Squirtle> oh fenixxx
* {UA}speedy7 is now known as {UA}speedy
<RandomSilence> ... Fenix, can we bug you?
<%Ellie|Away> fenix you suck
<I_Squirtle> lolololol
<Pingouin7> FENIX
* LightningKimba (~Kimba.is@Hannin.wa...Omae.Da) has joined #SPP
<%Fenix> NO
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +v LightningKimba
* SPPGuest7711 is now known as Samboa
<%Fenix> stop
* SPPGuest6764 (SPPGuest67@PurpleSurge-7C485BBC.net) has joined #SPP
<Ryuu> wb kimba
<I_Squirtle> ahaha
* SPPGuest6764 is now known as catfish
<SPPGuest9423> Can someone tell me where EXACTLY the claw that evolves gligar is in platinum?
<catfish> hey guys
<Metamon> :-|
<RandomSilence> ... Highlighting. it rocks.
<I_Squirtle> hey fenix milan sucks
<I_Squirtle> sorry
<Pingouin7> I'm bug-type-Pok&#233;mon'ing you
* {UA}speedy is now known as shutup
<Samboa> how come u ops only talk about stuff here? on wfi all u say is, " please stay on topic"
* SPPGuest4814 (SPPGuest48@PurpleSurge-D43212A6.bb.online.no) has joined #SPP
<%Ellie|Away> i squirtle dont bug fenix
<Metamon> i stole one pokemon from each elite 4
<%Ellie|Away> i was just kidding
<I_Squirtle> i wont
<%Ellie|Away> dont bug him or else
<I_Squirtle> i was too
<I_Squirtle> kidding that is
<RandomSilence> ... I'm scared of this 'else' now.
* shutup is now known as {UA}SHUTup
<%Fenix> you should be

25th October 2009, 7:17 AM
LOL I got quoted :D

25th October 2009, 5:49 PM
[14:10] <Rezzo> is everyone out shopping?
[14:11] <Tidsu> reso do you have HG/SS?

27th October 2009, 3:14 PM
(08:01:13 AM) (gundamcharizard) ya im not looking forward to all the papers in college im a jr in highschool but im gonna have to make a hard decision on what i want to be my major its eather gonna be something in medicine or zooligy
(08:01:57 AM) (M7md) I may go for medicine
(08:02:06 AM) (M7md) one year left for college
(08:02:14 AM) (gundamcharizard) ya i wanna be like scrubs

(08:06:43 AM) (gundamcharizard) ya i get straight a's and b's in all my classes and i have an amazing girl friend just the one thing that sucks about my life...... i am addicted to pokemon but only in the mornings from 6:30 - 2:30 after that its just like i loose all intrest in it
(08:06:50 AM) (Mushu) lol
(08:06:54 AM) (Mushu) ^5
(08:07:30 AM) (Smogonism) what's wrong with liking pokemon
(08:07:50 AM) (M7md) yeah what;s wrong with liking pokemon
(08:08:17 AM) (M7md) its just a game , to have fun and enjoy =s
(08:08:36 AM) (Mushu) question for you gundamcharizard, Does your over obsession with pokemon affect your Girlfriend?
(08:08:51 AM) (gundamcharizard) speaking of pokemon ok my team is ralts 11 and combusken 20 now who should i get chimchar turtwig or piplup and nothings wrong with it its just during those hours its like all i can focus or think about lol its like a diesese or drug

28th October 2009, 11:25 PM
<Rex|Busy> Is the chat failing or than usual.
<Rex|Busy> *more

30th October 2009, 12:55 AM
<~Awayebii> Yeti - Believe it or not
<~Awayebii> I know what is best more than they do

<~Awayebii> It's because I don't capitulate to their demands
<~Awayebii> They're like the damned postal union at the moment
<~Awayebii> greedy
<~Awayebii> semi idiotic
<~Awayebii> and selfish

People will be laughing because of the comparison. I laughed because of what he actually said.

1st November 2009, 9:24 PM
[15:19] <pyrodragon> Ryutei change your nick to spiderman and do /me
[15:19] *** Ryutei is now known as Spiderman
[15:19] <toast> do me??? XD ROFL
[15:19] <Spiderman> LOL
[15:19] <pyrodragon> oops
[15:19] <Spiderman> Win

;munchlax; Harharhar.

2nd November 2009, 1:56 PM
<WiFiGuest3097> do you want to battle
<Tony> yes
<Tony> rules are: 9 vs 9
<WiFiGuest3097> ou or nu
<Tony> 4th stage pokemon only
<Tony> only 9th generation pokemon
<Tony> remember to have a digimon
<WiFiGuest3097> no have time
<WiFiGuest3097> ou
<WiFiGuest3097> OU
<Tony> remember 9th generation digimons only

3rd November 2009, 4:15 AM
Oh hey time for some actually funny quotes. Granted only Mother fans will get it, but it's much funnier than anything quoted on this page.

.:21:57:06:. <Ninten> [21:58:50] <+Jacqueline> Our love of Mother goes far beyond anything <-- actually... you have a point
.:21:57:15:. * Jacqueline is now known as Lucas
.:22:01:36:. * azurill is now known as Claus
.:22:02:32:. * dammit is now known as Giygas
.:22:02:33:. <Giygas> yes
.:22:02:34:. <+Ninten> why am i the only protagonist with no offense
.:22:02:35:. <Giygas> i got it
.:22:02:37:. <Giygas> crew you all
.:22:02:38:. <+Ninten> :(
.:22:02:39:. <Giygas> and stuff
.:22:02:45:. * Ninten is now known as Pokey
.:22:02:46:. <+Pokey> lucas sux
.:22:02:48:. * Pokey is now known as Ninten
.:22:02:48:. <+Lucas> But you get defeated every game
.:22:02:49:. <+Lucas> So
.:22:02:54:. <+Lucas> You don't win
.:22:03:17:. <+Lucas> Also Pokey say that to my face and not in a protection ball and see what happens
.:22:03:25:. <+Ninten> LMAO fekijhrkjsrh

the jman
3rd November 2009, 4:36 AM
.:14:21:13 &<Ethan> hey joe ni-
.:14:21:17 &#37;<serebii> Go away quit stalking me
.:15:54:15 *<profesco> Hey wanna have a 3 on 3-
.:23:12:52 $<0 post stalker> hey are you the web-master of this sight?
.:01:23:11 *<ellie> and so we mourn the lost of our beloved Joe

3rd November 2009, 7:11 AM
^ You're an idiot.

3rd November 2009, 7:41 AM
^ You're an idiot.
I concur, +1

6th November 2009, 8:51 AM
[02:47:27] <+Michiru_Kaioh> How far are you now, Katya?
[02:48:07] <azurill> uhh
[02:48:16] <azurill> 31/100 notes, 1/10 jiggies, 0/2 honeycombs
[02:48:17] <azurill> in MMM
[02:48:56] <SPPGuest2798> why are you catching those specific ammount of pokemon?
[02:49:20] <azurill> wha
[02:49:25] <Ninten> ...
[02:49:43] <@pokemew> haha

10th November 2009, 7:56 PM
(13:53:38) (+Swampy) You're way too old for me now azurill
(13:53:44) (+azurill) yeah what a great birthday present

10th November 2009, 8:37 PM
[22:03:36] <Rezzo> because i lack a ps3
[22:03:39] <Rezzo> :(
[22:03:46] <&#37;Fenix> yeah but Dragon age origins is better
[22:04:11] <SPPGuest3581> P&#248;wned
[22:04:39] <+Swampy> lol ps3
[22:04:47] <+Swampy> people game on those?
[22:04:56] <SPPGuest3581> PS3 sucks.
[22:05:00] <+Skiks> it has games?!?!
[22:05:17] <SPPGuest3581> Someone actually bought the damn thing?!?
[22:05:19] <+Swampy> Skiks - in****s straight out of 2008
[22:05:22] <+Swampy> I love it
[22:05:29] <+Swampy> insults*
[22:05:31] <+Skiks> bwhahaha

Adding Jeff's newest shenanigans. (http://pastebin.com/f6c9e958c)

16th November 2009, 4:47 AM
(22:45:08) (+Skiks) so Desiree...
(22:45:16) (+Skiks) I heard if you run real fast
(22:45:17) (WiiTarded) hola
(22:45:21) (+Skiks) you do a little dance
(22:46:04) (DESIREE_JENNINGS) no skiks that's when i slow down
(22:46:10) (DESIREE_JENNINGS) it fixes as soon as i start running
(22:46:22) (+Skiks) oic
(22:46:37) —› nick: (Skiks) is now known as (Flu_Shot)
(22:46:46) —› mode: (Renelia) sets mode (+b *!*@PurpleSurge-8A781A74.brasd1.vic.optusnet.com.au)
(22:46:47) —› This (*!*@PurpleSurge-8A781A74.brasd1.vic.optusnet.com.au) ban affects: (DESIREE_JENNINGS)
(22:46:47) —› kick: (DESIREE_JENNINGS) was kicked by (Renelia) (Too many caps used. (100&#37; Caps) (5 minute ban))

(21:14:00) (+Chieftainess_Katya) iis it cannibalism if a guy eats his own jizz
(21:14:40) (+Chieftainess_Katya) hold that thought i just sickened myself
(21:14:51) (%Skiks) ..
(21:14:57) (%Skiks) oh lovely
(21:15:17) (@miyamoto-llama) hey time for some more THANKSGIVING food let's just plop down here and read some more ir-
(21:15:32) (%Skiks) so this came from..?

27th November 2009, 10:29 PM
[21:18:34] * {SV}Quilava lols at the idiots
[21:18:34] * Renelia sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-74287971.nrth.cable.ntl.com
[21:18:35] * {SV}Quilava was kicked by Renelia (You can't use /me actions here. (5 minute ban))

28th November 2009, 8:21 PM
<SPPGuest7849> EVs are like pregnancy
<SPPGuest7849> unwanted ones may come if you are careless

Katya Ivanova
29th November 2009, 8:07 AM
not a funny quote, rather an expression of severe disdain at the blatant lack of anything funny in this thread.

(18:06:14) <+Chieftainess_Katya> you know honestly
(18:06:17) <+Chieftainess_Katya> judging by most of the quotes in this thread
(18:06:25) <+Chieftainess_Katya> most of the posters have seen that a funny quotes thread exists
(18:06:28) <+Chieftainess_Katya> went to the chat
(18:06:28) <ATHENAONAPOLLO> #spp is fairly unamusing ?
(18:06:36) <+Chieftainess_Katya> and sat there watching intently
(18:06:42) <+Chieftainess_Katya> until the first semi-interesting thing happened
(18:06:49) <+Chieftainess_Katya> just to contribute to this new discovery of theirs

29th November 2009, 8:49 AM
Dan The Poke Man: I like carrots :P
NoNameDude: I ****ed you mama
What is this supposed to be?

I heartily agree with Katya.

29th November 2009, 8:57 AM
What is this supposed to be?

I heartily agree with Katya.

At least it wasn't as bad as this:

.:14:21:13 &<Ethan> hey joe ni-
.:14:21:17 %<serebii> Go away quit stalking me
.:15:54:15 *<profesco> Hey wanna have a 3 on 3-
.:23:12:52 $<0 post stalker> hey are you the web-master of this sight?
.:01:23:11 *<ellie> and so we mourn the lost of our beloved Joe

29th November 2009, 10:20 AM
A decent troll in #SPP, finally:

[11:57:01] <+Kirby> I'm honry
[11:57:02] <+azurill> ._.
[11:57:02] <%Fenix> FFS >.<;;; KIRBY
[11:57:04] <+azurill> hahahaahahaahaaha
[11:57:06] <+Kirby> that's who I am
[11:57:07] <+azurill> FFS >.<;;;;
[11:57:13] <Blazaking> me so honry
[11:57:13] <Question> +__________+
[11:57:15] <+azurill> tastes like... an pink blob thing o.o;;;
[11:57:22] <Question> To blazes with you!
[11:57:30] <Blazaking> me love you long time
[11:57:54] <Question> What the!?
[11:57:59] * Revan|DragonAgeOrigins is now known as Revan
[11:58:00] <Daiki> lol
[11:58:01] <Question> Im not supposed to be in this crap
[11:58:03] <Question> See ya!
[11:58:05] <%Fenix> bye
[11:58:06] * Question (SPPGuest11@PurpleSurge-281F95A2.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
[11:58:10] * SPPGuest5097 (SPPGuest50@PurpleSurge-281F95A2.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #spp
[11:58:20] * SPPGuest5097 is now known as Question
[11:58:26] <Question> Is this serebii.net?
[11:58:32] <Question> im sure of it.
[11:58:35] <+Revan> It's 4chan
[11:58:42] <Question> it cant be...
[11:58:46] <Question> Im confused...
[11:58:47] <Blazaking> lololo omg 4chan xD
[11:59:02] <Question> Ace Trainers RULE THE WORLD!
[11:59:05] <+LightningKimba> 4chan would actually be an improvement.
[11:59:07] * bed is now known as Disappointed
[11:59:20] <+LightningKimba> + Ace Trainers suck as much as the other trainers in-game.
[11:59:28] <+Kirby> hey
[11:59:28] <+Revan> Yeah, at least their boards are a step up.
[11:59:37] <+Kirby> has anyone here ever ordered from staples' website?
[11:59:45] <Question> Why?
[11:59:55] <Question> Why do ace trainers suk?
[11:59:56] <Daiki> altaria appeared
[11:59:59] <Question> Im an ace trainer!
[12:00:02] <+Kirby> I have a question about my order and it's not answered on their site
[12:00:06] <Question> Yes?
[12:00:10] <%Fenix> Question
[12:00:17] <%Fenix> I thougt you said you shouldn't be here?
[12:00:19] <Question> Kirby already asked me
[12:00:22] <+Kirby> okay know what
[12:00:29] <Question> I typed serebii.net
[12:00:30] <+Kirby> I have an inquiry about my order and it's not answered on their site
[12:00:33] <Question> it seems u tricked me!
[12:00:37] <Question> OK!
[12:00:39] <Question> Kirby
[12:00:40] <Question> Ask it
[12:00:50] <+Kirby> have you even ordered from their site?
[12:00:56] <SPPGuest2219> hey guys, when Ash, Misty and Brock were walking around in the wild, where do u think they went to the bathroom?
[12:01:01] <Question> Wat site?
[12:01:03] <+Kirby> ...
[12:01:05] <%Fenix> ...
[12:01:09] <+Revan> ...
[12:01:12] <Question> ...
[12:01:13] <Blazaking> Question
[12:01:14] <+Revan> Good lord you're dense.
[12:01:16] <Eevee1> ...
[12:01:18] <Blazaking> This is 4chan not serebii
[12:01:20] <Blazaking> Why are you here
[12:01:21] <+LightningKimba> (03:29:52) (Question) Im an ace trainer! <-- Then your power level is = Bug Catchers.
[12:01:21] <Question> What does dense mean?
[12:01:24] <Daiki> haha
[12:01:26] <%Fenix> Question
[12:01:29] <Gohan> oh wow
[12:01:29] <Daiki> gotcha altaria
[12:01:30] <%Fenix> I salute you
[12:01:33] <%Fenix> as an old troll
[12:01:39] <Question> LightningKimba
[12:01:40] <Gohan> i walked in on noob hour didn't I
[12:01:43] * %Fenix tips hat
[12:01:44] <Question> WHat do u mean by that?
[12:01:47] <+Revan> Yep, ya did.
[12:02:05] <Question> how is my power level= Bug trainer?
[12:02:08] <Question> Im no bug trainer!
[12:02:09] <Daiki> hmmm
[12:02:12] <Question> IM AN ace trainer!
[12:02:25] <Daiki> yes you are
[12:02:30] <Daiki> a bug trainer
[12:02:34] <+Revan> Yeah, I'm the <censored> General of the Army.
[12:02:36] <Gohan> your powerlevel is 8999
[12:02:38] * %Latias (Lati@s.did.not.kiss.Ash) Quit (Ping timeout)
[12:02:39] <Daiki> because you bug me
[12:02:42] <Gohan> proving you fail
[12:03:03] <+LightningKimba> Gohan.
[12:03:04] <Question> No
[12:03:08] <Question> My powee level is!
[12:03:09] <Eevee1> Fine.
[12:03:10] <Question> 1000000000000000000000
[12:03:11] <+LightningKimba> His power level is actually 1.
[12:03:16] <Question> How is it 1?
[12:03:17] <Eevee1> Brock's cooking makes you unable to go.
[12:03:18] <Question> Where is that!
[12:03:19] <Daiki> lol yeah
[12:03:19] <Eevee1> Forever.
[12:03:21] <Question> How can u change it?
[12:03:23] <Question> DUDE!
[12:03:26] <+LightningKimba> 1 just because he could touch an amoeba.
[12:03:27] <Question> POOP!
[12:03:39] <Question> Whats amoeba?
[12:03:52] <Eevee1> Make it 0.
[12:03:54] <%Fenix> shut up question
[12:03:59] <%Fenix> you might me an ace trainer
[12:04:02] <Question> U have a question Fenix?
[12:04:03] <Question> Hey!
[12:04:15] <%Fenix> BUT I'M A WATER SOLDIER OF NAVY
[12:04:19] <Question> Thats not how u spell fenix!
[12:04:19] <Question> Its spelled Phoenix
[12:04:24] <Question> noob!
[12:04:26] <+azurill> hahahaahhhhaahahaahahhahahahaaahaahhhaahahahaahaah aahhahhaaaahahhaaahaha
[12:04:32] <Blazaking> Oh my God
[12:04:32] <Eevee1> I remember my time in the navy.
[12:04:33] <+LightningKimba> boon!
[12:04:36] <Blazaking> Hahahahahahahahaha
[12:04:36] <Question> my dad tol me
[12:04:37] <Gohan> LOL
[12:04:40] <Blazaking> That was the best thing ever
[12:04:41] <+Revan> Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. Ha ha ha.
[12:04:44] <Eevee1> Gun the engines and get the battleships on the land.
[12:04:50] <Question> Spell Supercalifragilepokemondocious
[12:04:51] <Blazaking> He <censored> owned you Fenix
[12:04:54] <%Fenix> yeah
[12:04:55] <%Fenix> :(
[12:04:56] <Question> Yes i did!
[12:05:02] <Blazaking> Like just
[12:05:03] <%Fenix> owned by Question
[12:05:10] <Blazaking> How can you even show your face around here after that
[12:05:10] <Question> BOOYABONKS!
[12:05:11] <%Fenix> BURNED by Question
[12:05:16] <Question> Fenix
[12:05:17] <Question> Leave
[12:05:20] <%Fenix> ;_;
[12:05:23] <Question> u terrible spellet
[12:05:25] <%Fenix> mercy
[12:05:25] <Question> speller
[12:05:29] <Question> NO!
[12:05:31] <Question> I said leave!
[12:05:33] <Question> Now!
[12:05:40] <Blazaking> Have mercy on Fenix
[12:05:41] <Question> its spelled Phoenix!
[12:05:42] <Blazaking> ;;
[12:05:44] <Gohan> all of you
[12:05:45] <Question> Be gone!
[12:05:46] <Blazaking> Fenix no
[12:05:47] <Gohan> get out
[12:05:47] <dude> OMFG.
[12:05:49] <Question> BE gone from my sights!

There's more to it, but I'd have to get it from my log files and I cba.

1st December 2009, 1:06 AM
This occured when I was playing Pokemon Yellow AND chatting at the same time.

(12:03:13 am) &#171;tyson&#187; it 6:03 at me
(12:03:16 am) *** Guest4293 is now known as Omega_Zero
(12:03:21 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; bte rezzi
(12:03:24 am) &#171;Davidda&#187; oh god
(12:03:26 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; typo

(12:03:50 am) &#171;SPPGuest8578&#187; anyone got mystery dongeon 2?
(12:03:53 am) &#171;Davidda&#187; that means midnight
(12:03:55 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; i dont
(12:04:21 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; yeah i get it lol

(12:04:34 am) * ulikemudkipz revives guest
(12:04:40 am) * Davidda dies
(12:04:47 am) &#171;SPPGuest8578&#187; can you save me please? lol
(12:04:59 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; ba ba baaaaa. ba ba baaaaaa
(12:05:06 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; i just saved u!
(12:05:17 am) &#171;starfire_jirachi&#187; Sure thing. Just send me the SOS mail through PMs.

(12:17:35 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Whatever. I got a Pikachu.
(12:17:47 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; i never use the pika i get in yellow
(12:17:59 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; i just catch a nidoran and level it up to a nidoking
(12:18:03 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; :O Gary challenged me >:D
(12:18:09 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; just tackle
(12:18:19 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; dont growl or tale whip
(12:18:34 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; love the good old trainer battle theme
(12:18:39 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; xD
(12:18:41 am) &#171; Joins: [Tiffany] (Tiffany@PurpleSurge-ADD6C339.dsl.snfc21.sbcglobal.net) &#187;
(12:18:41 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; nostalgia!
(12:18:43 am) &#171;tyson&#187; you know what funny you guys said gary is speedy and good but ash sucks get it
(12:18:52 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; :O
(12:18:57 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; LAWL!
(12:18:59 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; OMG.
(12:18:59 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; O_o

(12:19:39 am) * ulikemudkipz is flattered
(12:20:01 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; O_O Gary's Eevee used Tail Whip 2 times then Tackle. And the Tackle failed. Just when my defence was low. Whew....
(12:20:05 am) *** masrelga (chatzilla@B8611E2A.75C5FA5B.C736B8D.IP) has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.15/2009101601])
(12:20:22 am) &#171;SPPGuest8578&#187; looool lucky u
(12:20:22 am) * WiFiGuest2012 hacks the pikachu and gives it SUBMISSION! uses submission on EEVEE
(12:20:26 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Tail whip again...
(12:20:26 am) &#171;tyson&#187; haahahaha
(12:20:27 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; gets a critical hit, kthxbai
(12:20:31 am) &#171; Joins: [SPPGuest1519] (SPPGuest15@PurpleSurge-EAAFE89E.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) &#187;
(12:20:40 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; <censored>
(12:20:44 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; My thundershocks will electrocut Gary.
(12:20:47 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; i hate how toxic misses
(12:20:49 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; i mean tackle
(12:20:55 am) * ulikemudkipz gets pwnzored by davidda's pikachu
(12:20:58 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; ahhh!
(12:21:01 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; :O
(12:21:04 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; BZZZZZZZT.
(12:21:08 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; I beat him.
(12:21:13 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; GG.
(12:21:17 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Take that, impatient Gary!

(12:23:33 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; I got $175!
(12:23:40 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; ... not much i know
(12:23:42 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; if u lose the first battle and talk to pikachu it is so pisssed lol
(12:23:45 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; u got 175 POKEDollars
(12:23:50 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; O_o
(12:23:56 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; that pikachu wants to zap u

(12:29:25 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; A wild RATTATA Appeared!
(12:29:30 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Good old times...
(12:29:31 am) &#171;StephanieSacrificial&#187; It was kinda crappy, tbh
(12:29:33 am) *** SPPGuest5503 (SPPGuest55@PurpleSurge-F8B56DC1.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net) has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
(12:29:42 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; the 1st gen was the best
(12:29:43 am) &#171; Joins: [SPPGuest9399] (SPPGuest93@PurpleSurge-F8B56DC1.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net) &#187;
(12:29:45 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; no it wasnt
(12:29:47 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; the 2nd was
(12:29:47 am) *** SPPGuest9399 (SPPGuest93@PurpleSurge-F8B56DC1.dsl.renocs.pacbell.net) has quit IRC (Quit: SPPGuest9399)
(12:30:08 am) &#171;StephanieSacrificial&#187; I have not seen a horror movie that can scare me so bad I can scream
(12:30:09 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; while the 3rd gen was....not so good in my opinion
(12:30:12 am) &#171;Turnips&#187; The graphics have gotten better through the generations
(12:30:16 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; 3rd gen was fun
(12:30:21 am) &#171;Turnips&#187; Yes
(12:30:22 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; 4th storyline sucked
(12:30:26 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; i got bored with it
(12:30:32 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; only thing making it fun was the wifi
(12:30:33 am) &#171;Turnips&#187; more than the others?
(12:30:36 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; yeah
(12:30:39 am) &#171; Joins: [SPPGuest7627] (SPPGuest76@PurpleSurge-8D53A1AB.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) &#187;
(12:30:44 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; 2nd was the best
(12:30:45 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; :O
(12:30:48 am) &#171;WiFiGuest2012&#187; 2,1,3,4
(12:30:50 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; OMG I JUST NOTICED
(12:30:51 am) *** Dratini927--out-- banned: *!*@PurpleSurge-5047B2CB.tbcn.telia.com
(12:30:51 am) *** You were kicked from #SPP by Dratini927--out-- (&#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; Too Many Caps. (5 mins) (100&#37; Caps) Kick Number 94729 &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;)

(12:37:31 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; My pikachu hates me :(
(12:37:39 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; you have...GOT to be kidding me.

(12:38:23 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Gary tells her sister to not lend me a Town Map. But his sister won't obey.
(12:38:33 am) &#171;Turnips&#187; what is this you speaketh of?
(12:38:35 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; why should she?
(12:38:39 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; shes older than him.
(12:38:40 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; yeah why
(12:38:40 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; OMG, anyone remember the days of GBC when u were ADDICTED TO pokemon gens 1 and or 2, and your battry runs down all the time and u have to keep buying them??
(12:38:41 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; OMG, anyone remember the days of GBC when u were ADDICTED TO pokemon gens 1 and or 2, and your battry runs down all the time and u have to keep buying them??
(12:38:47 am) &#171;Omega_Zero&#187; Women need to do what they're told, Davidda.
(12:38:50 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; his sister is a rebel
(12:38:56 am) *** The_Mega_Champion (omniheart9@PurpleSurge-2445E26.woh.res.rr.com) has quit IRC (Quit: Cartoon Network are mentally retarded)
(12:38:58 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Laughing Out Loud
(12:39:04 am) &#171;Turnips&#187; Pppppth to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12:39:04 am) *** Dratini927--out-- banned: *!*@D6101F13.205787B8.2DAA01F0.IP
(12:39:04 am) *** Turnips was kicked by Dratini927--out-- (&#171;&#171;&#171;&#171; Overusing Characters (5 mins) Kick Number 94730 &#187;&#187;&#187;&#187;)
(12:39:05 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; OR.
(12:39:12 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; Daisy obviously said "Eff you spikey head ill give red a map if I WANT to"
(12:39:23 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; if ur GBC battery cover was missing, and yur battery would pop out
(12:39:23 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; ...
(12:39:33 am) *** WiFiGuest2012 (PS-Guest36@PurpleSurge-CAAC2C7E.hsd1.ar.comcast.net) has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
(12:39:36 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; My name is ASH. A-S-S
(12:39:36 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; whateva I do wut I want.
(12:39:41 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; A-S-H*
(12:39:46 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; O_O
(12:39:50 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; lollololololol
(12:39:52 am) &#171;Omega_Zero&#187; ><
(12:39:56 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; failue
(12:39:56 am) &#171;Omega_Zero&#187; old joke is old.
(12:39:58 am) &#171;LordReaver&#187; failure*
(12:39:59 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; that was epic fail
(12:40:03 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; O_o
(12:40:07 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; oops.

Notice the typo error in the end.

And on top of that..

(12:40:54 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; another damn wild RATTATA
(12:40:58 am) * ulikemudkipz breaks the silence
(12:41:06 am) *** Cait_bathroom is now known as cait_cait
(12:41:06 am) * PS-Guest354 uses dark void
(12:41:07 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; i was first :D
(12:41:14 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; ahhh nooo!

(12:42:41 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Wild SPEAROW!
(12:42:45 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; hmm...
(12:42:56 am) &#171; Joins: [SPPGuest7451] (SPPGuest74@PurpleSurge-CEACD951.dsl.intelnet.net.gt) &#187;
(12:42:57 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Electric vs. Flying
(12:42:57 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; O_O
(12:43:01 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Hard choice.
(12:43:03 am) &#171;PS-Guest354&#187; BZzt... ohkoED
(12:43:18 am) *** SPPGuest7451 is now known as toast
(12:43:22 am) *** PS-Guest354 is now known as Butter
(12:43:30 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; WHile Mine is lvl6 Spearow is lvl3
(12:43:32 am) * ulikemudkipz sings original pokemon theme song
(12:43:41 am) &#171;toast&#187; hm, Butter...
(12:43:45 am) &#171;Butter&#187; "I wanna be the very best, like noone ever was"
(12:43:52 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; i wanna be the very best, that no one ever was, ba ba ba ba
(12:44:06 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; Good old times.
(12:44:08 am) *** Dratini927--out-- unbanned: *!*@D6101F13.205787B8.2DAA01F0.IP
(12:44:13 am) &#171;Butter&#187; "to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause"
(12:44:16 am) &#171;Butter&#187; da da da
(12:44:22 am) &#171;ulikemudkipz&#187; ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
(12:44:26 am) &#171;Davidda|PokemonYellow&#187; toast and Butter does a Sandwich

16th December 2009, 6:42 PM
[05:39] <DemonLabRat> Huzzah!
[05:39] <DemonLabRat> I inspired a greet!
[05:39] <Prinplup> Well done!
[05:40] <Prinplup> If only somebody cared!

razor fire
16th December 2009, 8:26 PM
[20:10] <Kabutops> damn where is burger king
[20:11] <razor_fire> to the right of McDonalds
[20:11] <Kabutops> dude I mean the priplup
[20:11] <Kabutops> lol wtf

21st December 2009, 3:46 AM
<sppguest7849> evs are like pregnancy
<sppguest7849> unwanted ones may come if you are careless


29th December 2009, 8:37 PM
[13:33] <Vickadee> ban me plx =D
[13:33] *** WiFiGuest5349 has joined #SPP-WiFi
[13:33] <Kaoendry> Looking For Shiny Evd Cloyster PM me!!!
[13:33] <Pokefan21> why?
[13:33] *** WiFiGuest4042 has joined #SPP-WiFi
[13:33] <Vickadee> Hey renelia Ban me plz =D
[13:33] *** Dope has quit (Ping timeout)
[13:33] <WiFiGuest4443> If u herd we liek mudkipz, u herd rong.
[13:33] <WiFiGuest9811> LF PokePark Jirachi offers inside PM
[13:33] <Vickadee> Maryland is a weird state...
[13:33] <Pokefan21> the state?
[13:33] *** Renelia sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-A04286FF.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
[13:33] *** Vickadee has been kicked by Renelia (Wish granted)

8th January 2010, 3:19 PM
A LOL + Smiley fight earlier today. On my own birthday :P

(2:58:47 pm) *** Kirlia is now known as Davidda
(2:59:01 pm) «Predator» ohh hi davidda
(2:59:02 pm) «Predator» :D
(2:59:10 pm) «magnetrise» yes we can clone @ hg
(2:59:23 pm) «Davidda» Didn't you know that Kirlia is me, Predator? Hi btw.
(2:59:24 pm) «Predator» really?
(2:59:29 pm) «Predator» nope
(2:59:31 pm) «Predator» -.-'
(2:59:34 pm) «Davidda» :P
(2:59:37 pm) «Predator» lol
(2:59:37 pm) «LadyLatias» lol
(2:59:42 pm) «magnetrise» lol
(2:59:47 pm) «Davidda» lol
(2:59:53 pm) «Predator» ok stop lolong
(2:59:57 pm) «Predator» loling*
(3:00:00 pm) «Davidda» :P
(3:00:02 pm) «LadyLatias» lol?
(3:00:05 pm) «Davidda» :O
(3:00:07 pm) «magnetrise» :))
(3:00:10 pm) «Davidda» LOL >:O
(3:00:14 pm) «Predator» :}
(3:00:24 pm) «Davidda» time to mess a little :P
(3:00:28 pm) «Davidda» XP
(3:00:36 pm) «LadyLatias» :o
(3:00:43 pm) «Davidda» <.o
(3:00:51 pm) «Predator» :-O
(3:00:56 pm) «Predator» lol
(3:01:00 pm) «Davidda» <('.')>
(3:01:04 pm) «magnetrise» lol alert
(3:01:07 pm) «Davidda» L
(3:01:08 pm) «Davidda» O
(3:01:10 pm) «Davidda» L
(3:01:16 pm) «magnetrise» lawlz
(3:01:19 pm) «Predator» stop flooding
(3:01:23 pm) «Davidda» lolziamez.
(3:01:30 pm) «LadyLatias» lol?
(3:01:33 pm) «Predator» epic lolz
(3:01:34 pm) «LadyLatias» x.x
(3:01:39 pm) «Davidda» lolz ftw.
(3:01:43 pm) *** Davidda is now known as LOL
(3:01:49 pm) «Predator» >.>
(3:01:53 pm) *** LOL is now known as LOLZ
(3:01:57 pm) «LOLZ» <------
(3:01:59 pm) *** Predator is now known as LOL
(3:02:02 pm) «LadyLatias» LOLZ how are you
(3:02:04 pm) «LOL» OHH
(3:02:07 pm) *** LOL is now known as LOL1
(3:02:08 pm) «LOLZ» Im lolling.
(3:02:10 pm) «LOLZ» :P'
(3:02:13 pm) *** LOL1 is now known as epic
(3:02:19 pm) *** LOLZ is now known as Epic_LOL
(3:02:27 pm) «Epic_LOL» LOL
(3:02:30 pm) «epic» lol
(3:02:37 pm) «Ki[Away]» Nubs >_>
(3:02:39 pm) «Epic_LOL» 01
(3:02:41 pm) «Epic_LOL» ...
(3:02:41 pm) «LadyLatias» lols are everywhere
(3:02:43 pm) «Epic_LOL» .101
(3:03:01 pm) *** epic is now known as Predator
(3:03:06 pm) *** Epic_LOL is now known as Davidda
(3:03:07 pm) «magnetrise» A wild LOL appeared!
(3:03:13 pm) «Davidda» whoa.
(3:03:19 pm) «magnetrise» go, Mr.Lulz!
(3:03:19 pm) «LadyLatias» :o
(3:03:22 pm)* Davidda throws a pokeball at LOL
(3:03:25 pm) «Predator» ...
(3:03:27 pm) «Predator» omg
(3:03:31 pm) «Davidda» :P
(3:03:35 pm) «LadyLatias» did u get it
(3:03:39 pm) «Davidda» wait...
(3:03:42 pm) «Davidda» D'OH
(3:03:46 pm) «Davidda» it broke out.
(3:03:47 pm) «Predator» so close
(3:03:51 pm) «LadyLatias» weaken it
(3:03:53 pm) «LadyLatias» :p
(3:04:02 pm) * Predator uses master ball
(3:04:03 pm) «Predator» its mine!
(3:04:05 pm) «Predator» LOL
(3:04:09 pm) «Davidda» f*beep*
(3:04:09 pm) «LadyLatias» you LOL stealer
(3:04:15 pm) «Davidda» lolz
(3:04:19 pm) «Predator» u sob
(3:04:20 pm) «magnetrise» The Wild LOL used teleport!
(3:04:22 pm) «Predator» :D
(3:04:22 pm) «Davidda» omg
(3:04:25 pm) *** VEEK (VCTR@Im.12.and.what.is.this) has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
(3:04:29 pm) «Davidda» >:O
(3:04:35 pm) «LadyLatias» aww wild LOLs are rare to
(3:04:40 pm) «Predator» dont take it seieous
(3:04:55 pm) *** Davidda is now known as Davidda|DIED_FROM_LOL
(3:05:01 pm) «LadyLatias» omg
(3:05:03 pm) «Predator» .....ok
(3:05:04 pm) «Davidda|DIED_FROM_LOL» X.X
(3:05:14 pm) «LadyLatias» hmm funeral?
(3:05:19 pm) «Predator» finally he is dead!
(3:05:31 pm) «magnetrise» let's go to lavender town
(3:05:37 pm) «LadyLatias» k
(3:05:39 pm) «magnetrise» laewlz
(3:05:45 pm) *** Davidda|DIED_FROM_LOL is now known as Dead
(3:05:45 pm) «LadyLatias» *mourn*
(3:05:56 pm) «LadyLatias» lol?
(3:06:12 pm) «magnetrise» hey i found a LOL egg!
(3:06:18 pm) «Predator» guys im bored of this...
(3:06:24 pm) «LadyLatias» :o
(3:06:26 pm) «Predator» x.x
(3:06:26 pm) «Dead» let''s stop it, OK?
(3:06:32 pm) «LadyLatias» k
(3:06:37 pm) «Predator» ok.......LOL
(3:06:37 pm) «magnetrise» ok let's just talk about 5th gen
(3:06:41 pm) «Dead» lol.
(3:06:45 pm) «Dead» anyways...
(3:06:49 pm) «Predator» ok now stop
(3:06:52 pm) «Predator» :p
(3:06:55 pm) «Dead» *mysteriously wakes up*
(3:06:56 pm) «LadyLatias» if there is one i want a proper wolf pkmn
(3:06:58 pm) «LadyLatias» simple
(3:07:01 pm) «Predator» l....
(3:07:03 pm) «Predator» ....o
(3:07:06 pm) «Dead» L
(3:07:07 pm) «magnetrise» some new region near hoenn wud be kewl
(3:07:08 pm) «Predator» *_*
(3:07:14 pm) «Dead» X.O
(3:07:22 pm) «LadyLatias» ...
(3:07:26 pm) «Dead» X.-
(3:07:37 pm) «LadyLatias» -.-
(3:07:40 pm) «Predator» if i say lol im gonna explode...wait wut? BOOM!
(3:07:44 pm) *** Dead is now known as Davidda|Recovered
(3:07:51 pm) «LadyLatias» wow its a miricle
(3:08:02 pm) *** Davidda|Recovered is now known as Davidda

13th January 2010, 11:16 AM
Australians are ****ing stupid.

You know what really amuses me? The fact that 90% of the garbage in this thread are unfunny, rehashed jokes that make absolutely no sense. I guess joking about pregnancy and fast food is still classified as 'hilarious'. I have no idea how eleven year old children even have the capacity to understand how to log onto IRC anyway.

23rd January 2010, 4:33 PM
Haha wow this is all very long I almost got lost in it kinda funny tho haha like it :D

25th January 2010, 3:32 AM
[20:26] <RunJollyGarchomp> Can i say <censored> in here
[20:26] <RunJollyGarchomp> Yep, sure can.
[20:26] *** Renelia sets mode +b on *!*@PurpleSurge-A3B8C134.sd.sd.cox.net
[20:26] *** RunJollyGarchomp has been kicked by Renelia (:|)

28th January 2010, 2:48 AM
(5:48:31 pm) &#171;SPPGuest8905&#187; dratini927 ... can i speak with you in whisper?

31st January 2010, 9:48 PM
[23:56:03] <sinbad> cheesus , fenix , gardevoir and mistercow lol at all of you how does it feel to be low ranking mods in this chat at the bottom of the mod totem poll lol i bet you kiss all the higher up mods phanys lol at u guys lets see witch one of you little babymods kicks me out first for this and wets your diaper your all chickens bok bok you prove your chickens if you kick me out

2nd February 2010, 8:36 PM
[23:56:03] <sinbad> cheesus , fenix , gardevoir and mistercow lol at all of you how does it feel to be low ranking mods in this chat at the bottom of the mod totem poll lol i bet you kiss all the higher up mods phanys lol at u guys lets see witch one of you little babymods kicks me out first for this and wets your diaper your all chickens bok bok you prove your chickens if you kick me out
lol, just lol.

2nd February 2010, 8:37 PM
[23:56:03] <sinbad> cheesus , fenix , gardevoir and mistercow lol at all of you how does it feel to be low ranking mods in this chat at the bottom of the mod totem poll lol i bet you kiss all the higher up mods phanys lol at u guys lets see witch one of you little babymods kicks me out first for this and wets your diaper your all chickens bok bok you prove your chickens if you kick me out
lol, just lol.

6th February 2010, 6:56 AM
What happens when a revolt is called for.

[22:39] *** p20 has been kicked by Ellie («««« i said no Haters: 9292 »»»»)
[22:39] <i_spit_out_jumpluff> wow what a noob
[22:39] <Fenix> he did have a point thouhg
[22:39] <Kreis> He did.
[22:40] <Fenix> look at ellie
[22:40] <Kreis> I was going to say something, but I didn't want to be banned. :<
[22:40] <Ellie> fenix must have a small heart :(
[22:40] <Fenix> banning innocents
[22:40] <Kreis> Haha.
[22:40] <Meical> (stays out of it)
[22:40] <Starz> hahahha
[22:40] <Blizzaga> ^
[22:40] <Fenix> let's revolt
[22:40] *** Guest44956 has quit (Ping timeout)
[22:40] <Fenix> VIVA LA REVOLUCION
[22:40] <Blizzaga> Revolt!
[22:40] *** Fenix has been kicked by Ellie («««« i crush your little revolucion Haters: 9293 »»»»)
[22:40] *** Fenix has joined #spp
[22:40] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Fenix
[22:40] *** Blizzaga is now known as Tekkaman_Blade
[22:40] <Fenix> oppressor
[22:40] *** Fenix has been kicked by Ellie («««« irregardo Haters: 9294 »»»»)
[22:40] *** Fenix has joined #spp
[22:40] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Fenix
[22:40] <Tekkaman_Blade> Voltekka!!!
[22:40] <Fenix> oppressor!
[22:40] <Starz> yeahh i was gonna say tht didnt seem too smart
[22:40] <Fenix> one day you will fall
[22:40] *** Fenix has been kicked by Ellie («««« you like it ;] Haters: 9295 »»»»)
[22:40] *** Fenix has joined #spp
[22:40] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Fenix
[22:40] <Aduck> lol
[22:40] <Tekkaman_Blade> xD
[22:40] <Fenix> and I will be there
[22:40] <i_spit_out_jumpluff> lol
[22:40] <Renelia> LOL
[22:40] <Fenix> to laugh
[22:40] <Meical> Lol
[22:40] *** Fenix has been kicked by Ellie («««« i'm laughing right now Haters: 9296 »»»»)
[22:40] *** Fenix has joined #spp
[22:40] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Fenix
[22:41] <Fenix> this is NOT THE END
[22:41] <Kreis> Fight, Fenix, fight the power.
[22:41] <Tekkaman_Blade> Crash Intrude!
[22:41] *** Ellie sets mode +b on *!*@So.Zetta.Slow
[22:41] *** Fenix sets mode -b on *!*@So.Zetta.Slow
[22:41] *** Fenix has been kicked by Ellie («««« yes it is Haters: 9297 »»»»)
[22:41] *** Fenix has joined #spp
[22:41] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Fenix
[22:41] <Fenix> LOL
[22:41] <Ellie> NO
[22:41] <Fenix> fail
[22:41] <i_spit_out_jumpluff> she might as wekk go for 9300 kicks
[22:41] <Tekkaman_Blade> xD
[22:41] <Ellie> SCREW YOUR SCRIPT
[22:41] <i_spit_out_jumpluff> well
[22:41] <Ellie> AAAAAA
[22:41] *** Ellie sets mode +b on *!*@So.Zetta.Slow
[22:41] *** Fenix has been kicked by Ellie («««« Haters: 9298 »»»»)
[22:41] <Ellie> YS
[22:41] <Ellie> YESD
[22:41] <Tekkaman_Blade> Damn...
[22:41] <Meical> Hahaha
[22:41] <Ellie> hahahahahahaha
[22:41] <Ellie> ok kiddies do not follow my example i am a bad child
[22:41] <i_spit_out_jumpluff> my goodness
[22:41] *** Fenix has joined #spp
[22:41] *** SerebiiBot sets mode +h on Fenix
[22:41] *** Guest44774 has quit (Ping timeout)
[22:41] <Fenix> WHAT THE <censored>
[22:41] <Ellie> VHOST EVASION
[22:41] <Tekkaman_Blade> xD
[22:41] <Ninten> rude
[22:41] <Ellie> GLINE
[22:41] <Fenix> BITE ME
[22:41] <Kreis> Ban!
[22:42] <Ellie> hahahahahahahha
[22:42] <Ellie> fenix ilu

8th February 2010, 1:51 PM
[07:48] <josphmeraz> Gyarados is pretty hidious.
[07:48] <shiny-shiny> meh ill just replace charizard with garchomp
[07:49] <Draaza> Gyarados could swallow my head whole
[07:49] <CherylCole> THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
[07:49] * CherylCole fled
[07:49] <CherylCole> !

17th February 2010, 10:01 PM
A minor chuckle in the middle of the day.

[13:49] <boytoy> catch the gingerbread man
[13:49] <SPPGuest2787> and the pokerus
[13:49] <ShinyCelebi> ¬_¬
[13:49] <%Midna> Please stay on topic. The topic is requesting battles/trades/rescues.
01[13:49] <Meical> You chop his legs off
[13:49] <%Midna> If you have a regular question, go to the regular chatroom. Type: /j spp
[13:49] <ShinyCelebi> Oh!
[13:49] <%Midna> Oh wait
[13:49] <Dusk> midna
[13:49] <%Midna> this is SPP
[13:49] <Dusk> ...
01[13:49] <Meical> ...
[13:49] <ShinyCelebi> I have a pokemon with pokerus.
[13:49] <loki> BY Running as fast as you can
[13:49] <Dusk> /facepalm
[13:49] <%Midna> I'll err...just erm...
[13:49] <lewii> go to drury lane. + ask in another chatroom
[13:49] <loki> Midna, wrong chat
[13:49] <StrongestBidoof> hehehe
[13:50] <%Midna> loki, I realised -.-
[13:50] <Dusk> fool
[13:50] <SPPGuest2787> oops better scoot
[13:50] <lewii> LOL. midna :')
[13:50] <%Midna> WHAT?!
[13:50] <SPPGuest2787> past my bedtime
[13:50] <%Midna> I can't kick myself?!

19th February 2010, 10:53 PM
[07:48] <josphmeraz> Gyarados is pretty hidious.
[07:48] <shiny-shiny> meh ill just replace charizard with garchomp
[07:49] <Draaza> Gyarados could swallow my head whole
[07:49] <CherylCole> THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
[07:49] * CherylCole fled
[07:49] <CherylCole> !

Ha ha, very funny

19th February 2010, 11:12 PM
[07:48] <josphmeraz> Gyarados is pretty hidious.
[07:48] <shiny-shiny> meh ill just replace charizard with garchomp
[07:49] <Draaza> Gyarados could swallow my head whole
[07:49] <CherylCole> THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
[07:49] * CherylCole fled
[07:49] <CherylCole> !


Also, 10char.

23rd March 2010, 10:01 PM
[15:21:06] @Midna: join
[15:21:06] ~Spoink: Midna wants to play Uno! Type join in the channel to join the game. Game will start in 30 seconds.
[15:21:07] ~Spoink: Midna will play!
[15:21:08] %Tekirai: join
[15:21:08] ~Spoink: Tekirai will play!
[15:21:09] darkgamerGS: join
[15:21:11] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS will play!
[15:21:12] %Tekirai: fuuuck
[15:21:29] darkgamerGS: Eww
[15:21:36] ~Spoink: Playing this round: Midna Tekirai darkgamerGS
[15:21:36] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 7 ]
[15:21:42] @Midna: p r 2
[15:21:43] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 2 ]
[15:21:47] %Tekirai: p r 9
[15:21:48] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 9 ]
[15:21:50] darkgamerGS: p y 9
[15:21:51] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 9 ]
[15:21:56] @Midna: p y dt
[15:21:56] ~Spoink: Tekirai DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:21:57] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ DT ]
[15:22:01] darkgamerGS: p y 0
[15:22:02] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 0 ]
[15:22:03] %Tekirai: I don't like being after you
[15:22:05] @Midna: p y 6
[15:22:05] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 6 ]
[15:22:06] @Midna: rofl
[15:22:09] %Tekirai: p y 6
[15:22:09] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 6 ]
[15:22:12] darkgamerGS: d
[15:22:14] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:22:14] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 6 ]
[15:22:18] @Midna: d
[15:22:20] @Midna: p y 5
[15:22:20] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 5 ]
[15:22:25] %Tekirai: p y 4
[15:22:25] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 4 ]
[15:22:28] darkgamerGS: d
[15:22:31] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:22:31] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 4 ]
[15:22:33] @Midna: d
[15:22:35] @Midna: pass
[15:22:35] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 4 ]
[15:22:38] %Tekirai: d
[15:22:41] %Tekirai: pass
[15:22:41] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 4 ]
[15:22:43] darkgamerGS: d
[15:22:46] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:22:46] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 4 ]
[15:22:48] @Midna: d
[15:22:50] @Midna: pass
[15:22:50] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 4 ]
[15:22:50] %Tekirai: rofl
[15:22:51] darkgamerGS: Are we having fun yet?
[15:22:51] @Midna: rofl
[15:22:52] %Tekirai: d
[15:22:53] @Midna: c
[15:22:53] ~Spoink: Midna: 6 Tekirai: 8 darkgamerGS: 8
[15:22:54] %Tekirai: p y 9
[15:22:55] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 9 ]
[15:22:57] @Midna: Yay
[15:23:00] darkgamerGS: OMG FINALLY
[15:23:05] darkgamerGS: Another card to look at
[15:23:06] darkgamerGS: d
[15:23:09] %Tekirai: lmao
[15:23:09] @Midna: lol
[15:23:10] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:23:10] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 9 ]
[15:23:12] @Midna: d
[15:23:13] %Tekirai: was waiting for that
[15:23:14] @Midna: pass
[15:23:15] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 9 ]
[15:23:15] %Tekirai: and that
[15:23:19] %Tekirai: ...and this
[15:23:20] %Tekirai: d
[15:23:23] %Tekirai: f*ck
[15:23:23] %Tekirai: pass
[15:23:23] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 9 ]
[15:23:25] @Midna: aww
[15:23:29] darkgamerGS: d
[15:23:32] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:23:33] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 9 ]
[15:23:34] @Midna: d
[15:23:36] @Midna: pass
[15:23:36] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 9 ]
[15:23:38] @Midna: c
[15:23:38] %Tekirai: NO 9S
[15:23:38] ~Spoink: Midna: 8 Tekirai: 8 darkgamerGS: 10
[15:23:40] %Tekirai: d
[15:23:41] @Midna: lmao
[15:23:42] %Tekirai: p y 1
[15:23:42] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 1 ]
[15:23:44] @Midna: yay
[15:23:46] darkgamerGS: ...
[15:23:47] %Tekirai: d
[15:23:48] darkgamerGS: d
[15:23:49] %Tekirai: rofl
[15:23:51] @Midna: XD
[15:23:51] %Tekirai: hahahahahahahaa
[15:23:53] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:23:54] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 1 ]
[15:23:56] @Midna: d
[15:23:58] @Midna: pass
[15:23:58] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 1 ]
[15:23:58] %Tekirai: ...
[15:23:59] %Tekirai: seriously
[15:24:00] %Tekirai: d
[15:24:03] %Tekirai: p y 2
[15:24:03] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 2 ]
[15:24:03] @Midna: I'm not joking XD
[15:24:08] × darkgamerGS Uno savior
[15:24:10] darkgamerGS: p b 2
[15:24:10] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 2 ]
[15:24:13] %Tekirai: YAAAAAY
[15:24:13] @Midna: p b 3
[15:24:13] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 3 ]
[15:24:18] darkgamerGS: saviour *
[15:24:24] %Tekirai: I'll reward your game saviourness
[15:24:27] %Tekirai: p b s
[15:24:27] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS is SKIPPED.
[15:24:27] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ S ]
[15:24:29] darkgamerGS: ;.;
[15:24:30] @Midna: p b 0
[15:24:30] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 0 ]
[15:24:35] @Midna: pibbo
[15:24:35] %Tekirai: p b 6
[15:24:35] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 6 ]
[15:24:46] darkgamerGS: p w color yellow
[15:24:48] darkgamerGS: =>
[15:24:52] @Midna: lol
[15:24:56] darkgamerGS: p dt
[15:24:58] darkgamerGS: p b dt
[15:24:59] ~Spoink: Midna DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:24:59] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ DT ]
[15:25:03] %Tekirai: p b 5
[15:25:04] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 5 ]
[15:25:07] darkgamerGS: p b s
[15:25:08] ~Spoink: Midna is SKIPPED.
[15:25:08] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ S ]
[15:25:11] %Tekirai: justice
[15:25:11] @Midna: c
[15:25:11] ~Spoink: Midna: 9 Tekirai: 5 darkgamerGS: 8
[15:25:12] %Tekirai: p b 5
[15:25:13] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 5 ]
[15:25:13] @Midna: ;o;
[15:25:17] darkgamerGS: p b 7
[15:25:17] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 7 ]
[15:25:21] @Midna: p b 9
[15:25:21] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 9 ]
[15:25:25] %Tekirai: p b 3
[15:25:25] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 3 ]
[15:25:29] darkgamerGS: p b 2
[15:25:29] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 2 ]
[15:25:35] @Midna: p g 2
[15:25:35] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 2 ]
[15:25:38] %Tekirai: p g 3
[15:25:39] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 3 ]
[15:25:41] darkgamerGS: p g 8
[15:25:42] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 8 ]
[15:25:43] @Midna: p g dt
[15:25:43] ~Spoink: Tekirai DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:25:43] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ DT ]
[15:25:45] %Tekirai: lol my remain-
[15:25:49] %Tekirai: now they don't
[15:25:50] @Midna: :P
[15:25:52] @Midna: c
[15:25:52] ~Spoink: Midna: 6 Tekirai: 4 darkgamerGS: 5
[15:25:53] %Tekirai: they made a face before
[15:25:54] %Tekirai: :(
[15:25:57] darkgamerGS: p r dt
[15:25:58] ~Spoink: Midna DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:25:58] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ DT ]
[15:26:01] @Midna: ;o;
[15:26:02] %Tekirai: p r 3
[15:26:03] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 3 ]
[15:26:07] darkgamerGS: p r 7
[15:26:07] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 7 ]
[15:26:15] @Midna: p b 7
[15:26:15] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 7 ]
[15:26:19] %Tekirai: p b 8
[15:26:19] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 8 ]
[15:26:21] darkgamerGS: d
[15:26:24] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:26:24] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 8 ]
[15:26:28] @Midna: p r 8
[15:26:28] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 8 ]
[15:26:33] %Tekirai: p r 8
[15:26:34] ~Spoink: Tekirai has UNO!
[15:26:34] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 8 ]
[15:26:38] darkgamerGS: p r s
[15:26:38] @Midna: let me play
[15:26:38] ~Spoink: Midna is SKIPPED.
[15:26:39] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ S ]
[15:26:40] @Midna: ...
[15:26:41] @Midna: you idiot
[15:26:42] darkgamerGS: ...
[15:26:42] %Tekirai: lmao
[15:26:43] %Tekirai: d
[15:26:46] %Tekirai: pass
[15:26:46] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ S ]
[15:26:48] darkgamerGS: d
[15:26:50] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:26:51] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ S ]
[15:26:53] %Tekirai: :(
[15:26:54] @Midna: p wd4
[15:26:54] ~Spoink: Tekirai DRAWS FOUR cards.
[15:26:54] ~Spoink: Choose a color Midna. Type color red, color blue, color yellow, or color green.
[15:26:58] darkgamerGS: <3
[15:26:58] %Tekirai: figured
[15:26:58] @Midna: color green
[15:26:59] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ GREEN ]
[15:27:03] darkgamerGS: p g 0
[15:27:03] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 0 ]
[15:27:06] @Midna: p g r
[15:27:06] ~Spoink: <- REVERSE
[15:27:06] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ R ]
[15:27:09] %Tekirai: YES
[15:27:15] darkgamerGS: p g 6
[15:27:15] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 6 ]
[15:27:18] %Tekirai: p g dt
[15:27:18] ~Spoink: Midna DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:27:19] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ DT ]
[15:27:24] darkgamerGS: p g 2
[15:27:24] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS has UNO!
[15:27:24] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 2 ]
[15:27:27] %Tekirai: p g 9
[15:27:27] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 9 ]
[15:27:31] @Midna: p g r
[15:27:31] ~Spoink: REVERSE ->
[15:27:31] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ R ]
[15:27:34] %Tekirai: d
[15:27:37] %Tekirai: p g 5
[15:27:37] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 5 ]
[15:27:39] darkgamerGS: d
[15:27:42] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:27:43] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 5 ]
[15:27:46] @Midna: p g 8
[15:27:46] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 8 ]
[15:27:50] %Tekirai: p y 8
[15:27:50] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 8 ]
[15:27:54] HotSkittyOnWailordAction: c
[15:27:54] ~Spoink: Midna: 4 Tekirai: 3 darkgamerGS: 2
[15:27:55] darkgamerGS: p y 3
[15:27:55] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS has UNO!
[15:27:55] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 3 ]
[15:27:57] @Midna: p y 8
[15:27:58] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 8 ]
[15:28:02] %Tekirai: p y 4
[15:28:02] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 4 ]
[15:28:04] darkgamerGS: d
[15:28:07] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:28:07] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 4 ]
[15:28:09] @Midna: d
[15:28:10] @Midna: pass
[15:28:11] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 4 ]
[15:28:12] %Tekirai: d
[15:28:14] darkgamerGS: I just noticed
[15:28:14] %Tekirai: pass
[15:28:14] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 4 ]
[15:28:17] darkgamerGS: WE'RE ON YELLOW
[15:28:19] %Tekirai: DEJA VU HUH GUYS
[15:28:19] darkgamerGS: O.O!
[15:28:21] @Midna: XD
[15:28:22] darkgamerGS: d
[15:28:25] darkgamerGS: p r 4
[15:28:25] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 4 ]
[15:28:28] @Midna: p r 9
[15:28:29] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 9 ]
[15:28:30] @Midna: phew
[15:28:32] %Tekirai: c
[15:28:32] ~Spoink: Midna: 3 Tekirai: 3 darkgamerGS: 2
[15:28:36] %Tekirai: p r dt
[15:28:36] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:28:36] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ DT ]
[15:28:38] @Midna: p r 5
[15:28:38] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 5 ]
[15:28:41] %Tekirai: p r 5
[15:28:41] ~Spoink: Tekirai has UNO!
[15:28:41] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 5 ]
[15:28:44] darkgamerGS: p r 6
[15:28:44] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 6 ]
[15:28:47] @Midna: d
[15:28:49] @Midna: p r r
[15:28:49] ~Spoink: <- REVERSE
[15:28:49] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ R ]
[15:28:52] darkgamerGS: d
[15:28:56] darkgamerGS: p wd4
[15:28:59] darkgamerGS: ^_^
[15:29:00] @Midna: yoosh!
[15:29:02] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:29:02] %Tekirai: lmao
[15:29:03] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ R ]
[15:29:04] @Midna: oh
[15:29:06] @Midna: ;o;
[15:29:08] darkgamerGS: Sowwies
[15:29:11] %Tekirai: WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW
[15:29:12] %Tekirai: d
[15:29:15] %Tekirai: pass
[15:29:16] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ R ]
[15:29:17] @Midna: d
[15:29:19] @Midna: pass
[15:29:19] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ R ]
[15:29:19] @Midna: c
[15:29:20] ~Spoink: Midna: 3 Tekirai: 2 darkgamerGS: 4
[15:29:21] darkgamerGS: d
[15:29:23] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:29:24] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ R ]
[15:29:26] %Tekirai: d
[15:29:29] %Tekirai: .......
[15:29:29] %Tekirai: pass
[15:29:30] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ R ]
[15:29:32] @Midna: will we get sick of this one too?
[15:29:33] @Midna: d
[15:29:33] darkgamerGS: WHAT AGAIN?
[15:29:35] @Midna: p r 6
[15:29:35] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 6 ]
[15:29:36] @Midna: yay
[15:29:38] darkgamerGS: p g 6
[15:29:38] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 6 ]
[15:29:39] darkgamerGS: Yay
[15:29:42] %Tekirai: p g s
[15:29:42] ~Spoink: Midna is SKIPPED.
[15:29:42] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ S ]
[15:29:46] darkgamerGS: p y s
[15:29:47] ~Spoink: Tekirai is SKIPPED.
[15:29:47] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ S ]
[15:29:49] %Tekirai: D:
[15:29:50] %Tekirai: NO
[15:29:51] @Midna: p y 7
[15:29:52] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 7 ]
[15:29:55] darkgamerGS: p y dt
[15:29:56] ~Spoink: Tekirai DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED.
[15:29:56] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ DT ]
[15:29:57] @Midna: d
[15:29:58] %Tekirai: NO
[15:30:00] @Midna: pass
[15:30:00] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ DT ]
[15:30:03] %Tekirai: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
[15:30:04] darkgamerGS: p y 7
[15:30:04] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS has UNO!
[15:30:04] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 7 ]
[15:30:07] %Tekirai: f*ck you
[15:30:08] %Tekirai: d
[15:30:09] @Midna: grr
[15:30:10] @Midna: fuk u
[15:30:11] %Tekirai: FCK
[15:30:12] %Tekirai: MY EAR
[15:30:14] %Tekirai: IT FIXED ITSELF
[15:30:14] %Tekirai: SAYASDFE
[15:30:15] %Tekirai: HEDF
[15:30:15] %Tekirai: TEWE
[15:30:15] %Tekirai: DHY
[15:30:15] %Tekirai: TFSD
[15:30:15] %Tekirai: F
[15:30:17] %Tekirai: TAAAAAAAAAAY
[15:30:18] @Midna: did I do you hard in the ear?
[15:30:29] %Tekirai: p y 5
[15:30:29] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 5 ]
[15:30:29] %Tekirai: YES
[15:30:32] %Tekirai: FINALLY
[15:30:33] @Midna: p g 5
[15:30:33] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 5 ]
[15:30:34] %Tekirai: I CAN HEAR
[15:30:36] darkgamerGS: d
[15:30:39] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:30:39] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 5 ]
[15:30:43] %Tekirai: c
[15:30:43] ~Spoink: Midna: 2 Tekirai: 4 darkgamerGS: 2
[15:30:46] %Tekirai: hm
[15:30:49] %Tekirai: p g s
[15:30:49] ~Spoink: Midna is SKIPPED.
[15:30:49] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ S ]
[15:30:51] darkgamerGS: d
[15:30:53] @Midna: ;o;
[15:30:54] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:30:54] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ S ]
[15:30:58] %Tekirai: p g 3
[15:30:58] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 3 ]
[15:30:59] @Midna: p g 4
[15:31:00] ~Spoink: Midna has UNO!
[15:31:00] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 4 ]
[15:31:02] darkgamerGS: d
[15:31:05] darkgamerGS: pass
[15:31:05] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 4 ]
[15:31:07] %Tekirai: d
[15:31:09] %Tekirai: p g 9
[15:31:09] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ 9 ]
[15:31:12] @Midna: d
[15:31:15] @Midna: pass
[15:31:15] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ 9 ]
[15:31:18] darkgamerGS: p b 9
[15:31:18] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ 9 ]
[15:31:21] %Tekirai: c
[15:31:22] ~Spoink: Midna: 2 Tekirai: 2 darkgamerGS: 3
[15:31:27] %Tekirai: p b r
[15:31:27] ~Spoink: Tekirai has UNO!
[15:31:27] ~Spoink: REVERSE ->
[15:31:27] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ R ]
[15:31:37] darkgamerGS: p y r
[15:31:37] ~Spoink: <- REVERSE
[15:31:38] ~Spoink: Tekirai up: [ R ]
[15:31:41] %Tekirai: d
[15:31:43] %Tekirai: pass
[15:31:43] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ R ]
[15:31:45] @Midna: d
[15:31:47] @Midna: pass
[15:31:48] %Tekirai: this is a really long game
[15:31:48] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ R ]
[15:31:50] darkgamerGS: p r r
[15:31:50] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS has UNO!
[15:31:50] HotSkittyOnWailordAction: Somebody better win soon
[15:31:50] ~Spoink: REVERSE ->
[15:31:50] ~Spoink: Midna up: [ R ]
[15:31:55] @Midna: p r s
[15:31:55] ~Spoink: Tekirai is SKIPPED.
[15:31:55] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS up: [ S ]
[15:31:57] darkgamerGS: p r 1
[15:31:57] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS WINS UNO!
[15:31:58] ~Spoink: Duration: 10mins 22secs
[15:31:58] ~Spoink: Midna: [ 4 ][ 1 ]
[15:31:58] ~Spoink: Tekirai: [ 6 ][ 1 ]
[15:31:58] ~Spoink: Points this game darkgamerGS: 12
[15:31:59] ~Spoink: darkgamerGS (darkgamerGS): 1336 points <19 wins / 33 losses> Place: 5th.
[15:31:59] ~Spoink: The current game has been ENDED by darkgamerGS
[15:32:02] @Midna: lol
[15:32:03] %Tekirai: 10 minutes
[15:32:06] @Midna: 10...yeah
[15:32:07] %Tekirai: half of it was
[15:32:08] %Tekirai: d
[15:32:09] %Tekirai: pass
[15:32:09] %Tekirai: d
[15:32:10] %Tekirai: pass
[15:32:12] @Midna: omg
[15:32:13] darkgamerGS: Best game ever
[15:32:15] @Midna: 1336
[15:32:15] %Tekirai: SHUT UP SPOINK

23rd March 2010, 10:50 PM
.~.[20:40:16].~. <Fenyx> What's the deal with Shiny pokemon anyway, I've never ever seen one. I think this is a Myth

25th March 2010, 5:22 PM
[flying-pikachu] i HATE ruby sapphire
[BAy4R] 3rd gen and 4th gen pokemon games ar the worst ever
Mode #spp +b *!*@PurpleSurge-EACF8BF4.hnglo1.ov.home.nl by Dratini927--out--
=-= BAy4R was booted from #spp by Dratini927--out-- («««« No Action Replay Discussion (5 mins) Kick Number 103344 »»»»)
[Benedict] oh my god
=-= Mode #spp -b *!*@PurpleSurge-EACF8BF4.hnglo1.ov.home.nl by Gardevoir
[Benedict] that was so unfair
[Fox] lol
[Fox] rofl
[flying-pikachu] yeah it was
[Gardevoir] QWERTY000106, you are not one to be calling someone else a noob
[flying-pikachu] uhh
[Benedict] saying are without the e
[flying-pikachu] no action discussion
[BAy4R] i only said
[Benedict] it triggered the script thinking you were
[Azure] if thequick question
[Fox] you said ar which usually means Action Replay
[Fox] neither of which can be mentioned
[Toxicfrawg] good to know
[BAy4R] that the 3rd and 4th gen were the worst pokemon gens ever created. what the hell does that has to with action replay?
=-= Mode #spp +b *!*@PurpleSurge-EACF8BF4.hnglo1.ov.home.nl by Dratini927--out--
=-= BAy4R was booted from #spp by Dratini927--out-- («««« No Action Replay Discussion (5 mins) Kick Number 103345 »»»»)
[Benedict] how come you don't get ki- oh year, you are na op
[Benedict] lmao
[Benedict] lmaaao
[Azure] i finally caught a calm lugia but on the IV calculator he has def and speed as 1 is that bad
* Fox facepalms
[Benedict] unban him
[flying-pikachu] omg
[Toxicfrawg] *chuckle*
[Benedict] only fair
=-= Mode #spp -b *!*@PurpleSurge-EACF8BF4.hnglo1.ov.home.nl by Fox

a few minutes later

BAy4R> im back again
[Azure] lol
[BAy4R] -.-
[theghostof6277] Ist generation pokemon ar the best
=-= Mode #spp +b *!*@BF13419B.C8662212.85747C60.IP by Dratini927--out--
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[Benedict] *sigh*
[Azure] lol
=-= flying-pikachu is now known as flying-gardevoir
[Azure] pwned
* Gardevoir facepalm
[Fox] BAy4R, don't say ar or Action replay
[flying-gardevoir] muahahahhaha
[Toxicfrawg] wat
-->| SPPGuest1466 (SPPGuest14@PurpleSurge-BDF8844B.upc-j.chello.nl) has joined #spp
[LKratos] ROFL
[Fox] ugh
=-= Mode #spp -b *!*@BF13419B.C8662212.85747C60.IP by Fenix
[DragonBreath] how can that happen twice in 5 minutes?
-->| SPPGuest0482 (SPPGuest04@BF13419B.C8662212.85747C60.IP) has joined #spp
[flying-gardevoir] *destroys storm*
[QWERTY000106> like <censored>

27th March 2010, 2:01 AM
i thought this was for #spp and #spp-wifi channels only... *cough*

27th March 2010, 2:35 AM
I thought this was for funny chats too.

18th April 2010, 6:52 PM
[19:35:05] <TheRealGamerX> Excuse me.
[19:35:20] <TheRealGamerX> *taps on shoulder*
[19:36:17] <TheRealGamerX> Ah-hem. Exxxxcuuuussseee me.
[19:36:34] <TheRealGamerX> *is proding you in the shoulder*
[19:38:13] <TheRealGamerX> EXCUSE ME!
[19:38:38] <Fenix> what
[19:38:40] <TheRealGamerX> *flounders you over the cranium with a diamond spectre*
[19:39:29] <TheRealGamerX> Ah, yes, I believe you have cruelly and undeniably banned me without just cause.
[19:40:09] <TheRealGamerX> In the event of such a malicious act in my world, I must see to it that an apology is retrieved and peace is endured by both parties.
[19:41:19] <Fenix> blah blah blah
[19:41:44] <TheRealGamerX> :) > :/
[19:43:57] <TheRealGamerX> Now, listen Fenix, I shan't hold it against it you for something that you clearly thought was in the line of your duty, it's just that you and your nitpick gang of ops cannot keep going around and banning people not just without reasonable cause, but without verbal warnings as well.
[19:44:46] <TheRealGamerX> This act is latent abuse of power that many would say fall similar to acts of tyranny.
[19:46:21] <Fenix> you're talking about a pokemon chatroom
[19:47:32] <TheRealGamerX> Regardless of the topic at hand, I was simply distributing good natured pokemon-related salesman humor, nothing more, what do you think Serebii would have to say to this obvious attack on the civilian population?
[19:49:33] <TheRealGamerX> Regardless of what the room was built for, it was built, you being one of the malicious weasels who clawed and backstabbed to get into your position, and you want to go around abusing your power. Not to say that I wouldn't do the same of course, but you still have compassion and reason, stop this before it escalates.

[19:57:23] <@JoshYEAH> -16:20:23- (JoshYEAH) Hell there, I hear you are having some issues with an Op of the #SPP chatroom, do you have a moment?
[19:57:25] <@JoshYEAH> -16:21:15- (JoshYEAH) TheRealGamerX?
[19:57:27] <@JoshYEAH> -16:22:46- (TheRealGamerX) Salutations, might I ask who you are?
[19:57:29] <@JoshYEAH> -16:23:35- (JoshYEAH) I am JoshYEAH, and have been a chatroom operator of #SPP for approximately four years now. If you're a new member of the chat (in the last three to four months) you'll not have met me as I have been working abroad and thus have not been able to get onto IRC.
[19:57:31] <@JoshYEAH> -16:23:35- (TheRealGamerX) Ah, but I probably have a pretty good idea of why you're here.
[19:57:33] <@JoshYEAH> -16:24:12- (TheRealGamerX) Ah, but I care not for who you are, but rather for why you are here when you could be elsewhere.
[19:57:35] <@JoshYEAH> -16:24:46- (JoshYEAH) You care not for who I am yet you asked who I am. Puzzling. I am here because of what I said in the first message I sent - -16:20:23- (JoshYEAH) Hell there, I hear you are having some issues with an Op of the #SPP chatroom, do you have a moment?
[19:57:37] <@JoshYEAH> -16:24:59- (TheRealGamerX) It seems you are attempting to stall me, so Fenix can have his undeserved peace of mind, no doubt.
[19:57:39] <@JoshYEAH> -16:25:16- (JoshYEAH) I am here to talk to you about the problem you have with Fenix.
[19:57:41] <@JoshYEAH> -16:25:19- (TheRealGamerX) I asked for who you are, but then it crossed my mind why you would be here.
[19:57:43] <@JoshYEAH> -16:25:32- (TheRealGamerX) Which is why I switched priorities.
[19:57:45] <@JoshYEAH> -16:25:34- (JoshYEAH) However if you'd prefer not to talk to me about this problem - Which I am within my power to fix - Then that is fine and I can be on my merry way.
[19:57:47] <@JoshYEAH> -16:25:50- (TheRealGamerX) Hmmm, please continue.
[19:57:49] <@JoshYEAH> -16:25:55- (JoshYEAH) If you feel the neccesity to be somewhat rude towards my courteous act then so be it, I can just say "Whatever Fenix, keep him banned" and be on my way.
[19:57:52] <@JoshYEAH> -16:26:14- (JoshYEAH) Or you can cut the rudeness and talk to me in a somewhat more civil manner - You are not very good at first impressions.
[19:57:54] <@JoshYEAH> -16:27:02- (JoshYEAH) Your call.
[19:58:39] <@JoshYEAH> -16:27:16- (TheRealGamerX) Very well then, list your demands.
[19:58:40] <@JoshYEAH> -16:27:40- (JoshYEAH) I was actually hoping you might list the issues you are having with Fenix, as well as any other operator of the #SPP chatroom.
[19:58:42] <@JoshYEAH> -16:27:54- (JoshYEAH) I am not here to demand anything, only to fix what apparentley is an issue.
[19:58:44] <@JoshYEAH> -16:28:21- (JoshYEAH) We here at #SPP try to keep our valued users happy as much as possible - Hence, I would like to know what is causing your problems.
[20:04:04] <@JoshYEAH> -16:29:32- (TheRealGamerX) Let's see, the system of these "operators" is clearly flawed and acutely lacking in a sense of justice, if justice even exists, operators seldom issue warnings, they ban for the simplest things, you'd find more excitement in a graveyard as a result, and my brand of comedic entertainment goes unnoticed as a result of all of this.
[20:04:06] <@JoshYEAH> -16:29:58- (JoshYEAH) I see.
[20:04:08] <@JoshYEAH> -16:30:13- (JoshYEAH) What brand of comedic entertainment might this be, if you could perhaps elaborate?
[20:04:12] <@JoshYEAH> -16:31:29- (TheRealGamerX) Pokemon-related salesman humor, you know, pretending to sell things that individuals might find impractical, like Torkoal cigars or Lucario Shorts, two of my hottest selling items.
[20:04:14] <@JoshYEAH> -16:31:40- (JoshYEAH) Fascinating.
[20:04:16] <@JoshYEAH> -16:31:56- (JoshYEAH) How do you feel that the operator system is flawed and lacking justice, if I may ask.
[20:04:18] <@JoshYEAH> -16:33:08- (JoshYEAH) This is a Pokémon chatroom, a sense of justice need rarely be met - If someone is causing a distruption to the ongoing aims of the Serebii.net chatroom then the operators who are called into their position via being an active and helpful member of the chat for a long period of time - called into position by Serebii himself - are well within
[20:04:20] <@JoshYEAH> their right to remove the wrongdoer.
[20:04:22] <@JoshYEAH> -16:33:30- (JoshYEAH) Please note also that most bans occuring in the Serebii.net chatroom and all associated chatrooms are approximately five minutes in length.
[20:04:24] <@JoshYEAH> -16:33:56- (TheRealGamerX) Again, I would have to elaborate on the lack of verbal warnings, which greatly reduces the gleam of this site, as well as the lack of compassion in general from the operators, a chat room and it's team ought to be one, both human and machine capable of punishing those who truly deserve it, not this, this dictatorship, If I may be so bold.
[20:07:32] <@JoshYEAH> -16:35:11- (JoshYEAH) I should like to point out with all due respect here that this is very much run as a Dictatorship - Serebii and his Iron fist is not to be trifled with, in fact I daresay if it weren't for the operators such as myself this wrath would be placed upon the users of the chat as it was in years past. The chat nowadays is far removed from the very
[20:07:34] <@JoshYEAH> real dictatorship it once was.
[20:07:36] <@JoshYEAH> -16:35:50- (JoshYEAH) By and large the operating staff here at Serebii.net are also encouraged to use verbal warnings, however they may do so in the same vein that they may mete out a ban - At their own discretion - The verbal warning part of proceedings is purely optional.
[20:07:38] <@JoshYEAH> -16:35:59- (JoshYEAH) I also feel it necessary to point out the following;
[20:07:40] <@JoshYEAH> -16:36:32- (JoshYEAH) Being in the serebii.net chatroom is not a right. It is a privilege. This is not the chatroom of the users. This is our chatroom. And by and large the only reason people are allowed to use the chatroom here on Serebii.net is because we let them use it.
[20:07:42] <@JoshYEAH> -16:36:53- (JoshYEAH) If it is deemed necessary to remove a person from the chatroom, then the operating staff are well within their discretion to do so.
[20:07:44] <@JoshYEAH> -16:37:08- (TheRealGamerX) And we as the people could choose not to come here.
[20:07:46] <@JoshYEAH> -16:37:17- (JoshYEAH) That is correct.
[20:16:54] <@JoshYEAH> -16:37:50- (TheRealGamerX) In fact, I could easily open up my own pokemon chat rooms and be on my way, but not until my business here is concluded.
[20:16:56] <@JoshYEAH> -16:38:14- (JoshYEAH) How would your business here go about being concluded?
[20:16:58] <@JoshYEAH> -16:39:42- (TheRealGamerX) I have several trades active at this time, would see this chat room as an excellent resource center for online combat, and of course, my pokemon salesman humor was just a front from the very beginning to attract an operator like you.
[20:17:02] <@JoshYEAH> -16:40:19- (JoshYEAH) I'm waiting for the and / but.
[20:17:04] <@JoshYEAH> -16:41:09- (TheRealGamerX) Oh, forgive me for my lack of complexity in my previous statement.
[20:17:06] <@JoshYEAH> -16:43:18- (JoshYEAH) Why would you want to attract an operator like myself, perchance?
[20:17:08] <@JoshYEAH> -16:43:29- (TheRealGamerX) Now, onward to my first order of business, when can I expect a change for the better in this flawed system of yours?
[20:19:00] <@JoshYEAH> -16:43:29- (TheRealGamerX) Now, onward to my first order of business, when can I expect a change for the better in this flawed system of yours?
[20:19:02] <@JoshYEAH> -16:44:18- (JoshYEAH) You can't expect one. Ever. This is the way the chatroom has been run since its conception, if you are at odds with the manner in which we do things here you are by no means obligated to stay and can leave at any time.
[20:19:04] <@JoshYEAH> -16:44:38- (TheRealGamerX) Oh yes, the methodlogy behind my behavoir was to get a chance to talk one on one with an operator like yourself.
[20:19:06] <@JoshYEAH> -16:44:50- (JoshYEAH) The choice is basically "accept things and stay" or say "screw this and leave."
[20:19:08] <@JoshYEAH> -16:45:16- (JoshYEAH) Flawed as some may say it is, the majority claim otherwise and it's been working well for the last seven years or so.
[20:19:10] <@JoshYEAH> -16:45:19- (TheRealGamerX) Or have my javascript hacker come in and reshape this pitiful world as I see fit, hmm?
[20:19:12] <@JoshYEAH> -16:45:34- (TheRealGamerX) Wouldn't that be spectacular?
[20:19:14] <@JoshYEAH> -16:45:41- (JoshYEAH) Be my guest, I don't really have anything to gain or lose from that sort of things, I'm just an operator here.
[20:19:16] <@JoshYEAH> -16:46:05- (TheRealGamerX) Well, possibly losing your job is one, I can guarantee that.
[20:19:18] <@JoshYEAH> -16:46:09- (JoshYEAH) Also note: This chatroom is actually based on IRC, the Java client for all sense and purposes is pretty removed from it.
[20:19:22] <@JoshYEAH> -16:46:21- (JoshYEAH) The job doesn't pay and I just do it in my spare time, I'll manage.
[20:19:22] <@JoshYEAH> -16:46:50- (TheRealGamerX) You'll thank me for my efforts eventually.
[20:19:25] <@JoshYEAH> -16:47:04- (JoshYEAH) Be my guest.
[20:19:26] <@JoshYEAH> -16:47:47- (JoshYEAH) Any other demands or requests, or are you off to go hack into a java platform because you took a Pokémon website too seriously and couldn't just live and let live?
[20:19:29] <@JoshYEAH> -16:48:03- (TheRealGamerX) Alright, I would like to thank YOU for taking the time out off your meaningless life to find me and enlighten me on your Hitler-esque ways.
[20:22:14] <@JoshYEAH> -16:48:27- (JoshYEAH) That's no problem, I would like to thank you for providing me with some entertainment for the half hour we have spent conversing.
[20:22:16] <@JoshYEAH> -16:48:42- (JoshYEAH) There is nothing I enjoy more than the people that come here like you and take me for being a reasonable guy.
[20:22:18] <@JoshYEAH> -16:48:48- (JoshYEAH) It's heart warming ^_^
[20:22:20] <@JoshYEAH> -16:48:58- (TheRealGamerX) You operators are quite literally the best hypocrites I have ever seen.
[20:22:22] <@JoshYEAH> -16:49:11- (JoshYEAH) We do try.
[20:22:24] <@JoshYEAH> -16:49:24- (JoshYEAH) I mean if we didn't try we wouldn't be able to get people like yourself so riled up about it!
[20:22:26] <@JoshYEAH> -16:49:40- (TheRealGamerX) You have me here in a private channel, yet you insist on being so kind when you can't hide the obvious truth of how despicable creatures you are as operators.
[20:28:14] <@JoshYEAH> -16:53:06- (JoshYEAH) I gotta ask one thing before you go and hack pokémon websites
[20:28:16] <@JoshYEAH> -16:53:11- (JoshYEAH) How old are you and is your name max?
[20:28:18] <@JoshYEAH> -16:53:31- (TheRealGamerX) 21, and my identity is not important to the likes of you.
[20:28:20] <@JoshYEAH> -16:53:59- (TheRealGamerX) All that truly matters is that freedom and liberty is restored to this sector.
[20:28:22] <@JoshYEAH> -16:54:07- (TheRealGamerX) *are restored
[20:28:24] <@JoshYEAH> -16:55:39- (TheRealGamerX) And if that means going through mobs of operators like yourself, so be it.
[20:28:26] <@JoshYEAH> -16:57:01- (JoshYEAH) When's the movie due?
[20:28:28] <@JoshYEAH> -16:57:13- (TheRealGamerX) I beg your pardon?
[20:28:30] <@JoshYEAH> -16:57:22- (JoshYEAH) Sounds like it'll be something worthy of Star Wars fame
[20:28:32] <@JoshYEAH> -16:57:52- (JoshYEAH) All this "I will fight them on the beaches! I will restore order to this sector! I will travel all the way to Mordor, one mod at a time, anything to fight the tyranny of serebii.net!"
[20:28:34] <@JoshYEAH> -16:57:56- (JoshYEAH) It's quite theatrical
[20:28:36] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:00- (JoshYEAH) So, when's the movie due?
[20:28:38] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:01- (TheRealGamerX) I'm quite serious, this act of blatant tyranny will not stand.
[20:29:58] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:01- (TheRealGamerX) I'm quite serious, this act of blatant tyranny will not stand.
[20:29:59] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:10- (JoshYEAH) You go Churchill.
[20:30:01] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:12- (TheRealGamerX) When I'
[20:30:03] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:14- (JoshYEAH) Fight those nazi's!
[20:30:05] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:34- (TheRealGamerX) When I'm done with this site, I'll be nice and spiffy, just like Kongregate.
[20:30:07] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:40- (TheRealGamerX) *It'll
[20:30:09] <@JoshYEAH> -16:58:51- (JoshYEAH) Kongregate is pretty cool have you played Bloons Tower Defence 4 yet?
[20:30:11] <@JoshYEAH> -16:59:06- (TheRealGamerX) No, I hate tower defense games.
[20:30:13] <@JoshYEAH> -16:59:13- (TheRealGamerX) I just play for the badges.
[20:30:15] <@JoshYEAH> -16:59:22- (JoshYEAH) That's a shame, I was playing it for ages the other day.
[20:30:17] <@JoshYEAH> -16:59:38- (JoshYEAH) Yeah I usually just blast through games for the badges whenever I have some free time away from being a SPP Tyrant.
[20:31:46] <@JoshYEAH> -17:00:26- (TheRealGamerX) In any case, before you can stall me any more than you already have, I will simply state that I hope that this website's condition improves.
[20:31:48] <@JoshYEAH> -17:00:36- (TheRealGamerX) If not, I will gladly interfere.
[20:31:50] <@JoshYEAH> -17:00:41- (JoshYEAH) Sweetie
[20:31:52] <@JoshYEAH> -17:00:54- (JoshYEAH) This website has been declining since the third gen pokémon games came out.
[20:31:54] <@JoshYEAH> -17:01:02- (JoshYEAH) There's no amount of hacking anyone can do.
[20:31:56] <@JoshYEAH> -17:01:07- (JoshYEAH) Believe me, they've tried.
[20:31:58] <@JoshYEAH> -17:01:09- (JoshYEAH) Life goes on
[20:32:00] <@JoshYEAH> -17:01:24- (JoshYEAH) but if you succeed
[20:32:03] <@JoshYEAH> -17:01:27- (JoshYEAH) I'll be rooting for you
[20:32:08] <@JoshYEAH> -17:01:54- (JoshYEAH) (by the by you've been unbanned from #SPP for like 45 minutes)
[20:33:46] <@JoshYEAH> -17:02:00- (TheRealGamerX) Well, I feel for your eventual loss, I guess there is no need for my efforts then, so I suppose I simply finish up here by completing my trades.
[20:33:48] <@JoshYEAH> -17:02:24- (JoshYEAH) I have nothing to lose whatever you do.
[20:33:50] <@JoshYEAH> -17:02:31- (JoshYEAH) Anyway thanks for the entertaining chat.
[20:33:52] <@JoshYEAH> -17:02:41- (JoshYEAH) You have livened up a dreary sunday afternoon, and for that, I thank you.

20th May 2010, 3:17 AM
<MakutaFawful> [20:13] <Lynne> I have!!! <-- thats what she said!!!
<Lynne> Isn't anything that I say technically 'what she said'?
<Mudkipz27> and anything that MakutaFawful says is "What it said"

29th May 2010, 1:46 PM
I just loooooove 5th gen. XD

( 12:33:14 ) ( Rukian ) O_O dude
( 12:33:24 ) ( Rukian ) can i have that nickname please
( 12:33:46 ) ( Reshiram ) Nope.
( 12:34:03 ) ( Rukian ) ;-; i will do anything for it
( 12:34:38 ) ( Reshiram ) Still no.

And also...

( 00:42:08 ) ( Guest12838 ) hi
( 00:42:25 ) ( LightningKimba ) Hello.
( 00:43:41 ) ( Guest12838 ) can i have Reshiram
( 00:43:48 ) ( LightningKimba ) No.
( 00:44:08 ) ( Guest12838 ) you where so fast lucky
( 00:44:26 ) ( LightningKimba ) It isn't luck.
( 00:44:31 ) ( LightningKimba ) :\
( 00:44:55 ) ( Guest12838 ) where you checking the site none stop
( 00:45:06 ) ( Guest12838 ) ill pay for it
( 00:45:50 ) ( LightningKimba ) No, and no.
( 00:45:58 ) ( Guest12838 ) how much you want
( 00:46:06 ) ( Guest12838 ) 50 bucks
( 00:46:12 ) ( LightningKimba ) Still no.
( 00:46:23 ) ( Guest12838 ) 100 bucks
( 00:46:32 ) ( LightningKimba ) Sorry, but no.
( 00:46:50 ) ( Guest12838 ) 126 bucks
( 00:46:58 ) ( Guest12838 ) thts all i have
( 00:47:10 ) ( LightningKimba ) I'm sorry, but I'm not giving you the nick Reshiram.
( 00:47:22 ) ( Guest12838 ) why
( 00:47:40 ) ( LightningKimba ) Because it is, for now, one of my registered nicks.
( 00:47:41 ) ( Guest12838 ) u realy like it

He signed on later as...

( 00:51:51 ) ( Guest43176 ) you only got that nick of the new pokemon
( 00:52:07 ) ( LightningKimba ) I have others, why?
( 00:52:14 ) ( Guest43176 ) wich
( 00:52:28 ) ( LightningKimba ) Does that matter?
( 00:53:30 ) ( Guest43176 ) i wanna see im just wondering
[ Nicklist here ]
( 00:54:51 ) ( Guest43176 ) no i mean off the new pokemon
( 00:55:29 ) ( LightningKimba ) What do you mean...?
( 00:56:17 ) ( Guest43176 ) 5th generation pokemon
( 00:56:27 ) ( Guest43176 ) any registerd nicks
( 00:56:33 ) ( LightningKimba ) I only have Reshiram for a 5th gen nick.
( 00:56:40 ) ( Guest43176 ) bisids Reshiram
( 00:56:43 ) ( LightningKimba ) There's no reason to bother with Japanese names.
( 00:57:12 ) ( Guest43176 ) anyway there all registerd
( 00:57:35 ) ( LightningKimba ) Your point is?
( 00:58:23 ) ( Guest43176 ) i want a new pokemon nick :(
( 00:58:42 ) ( LightningKimba ) I don't care, honestly.
( 01:00:05 ) ( Guest43176 ) thn can i have it you say you dont care
( 01:00:24 ) ( LightningKimba ) I'm not going to give away a nick to some beggar.
( 01:00:56 ) ( LightningKimba ) If I were to drop the nick, I would give it to a friend of mine, not someone who's so desperate for a nickname, he wants to purchase it.
( 01:01:08 ) ( LightningKimba ) No offense, but I'vee registered the nick.
( 01:01:20 ) ( LightningKimba ) If I wish to keep it, you just simply have to deal with it.
( 01:01:21 ) ( LightningKimba ) -e
( 01:02:07 ) ( Guest43176 ) " ;( "
( 01:02:39 ) ( LightningKimba ) ... So yeah. Leave me alone and whatnot.

And also an added bonus:

( 07:28:57 ) ( chevy-impala ) can u make me a channel operater?
( 07:29:03 ) ( Reshiram ) No.,
( 07:29:23 ) ( chevy-impala ) y not?
( 07:29:42 ) ( Reshiram ) We have enough operators.
( 07:29:53 ) ( Reshiram ) I'm afraid you must come back at a later time and apply later.
( 07:30:06 ) ( chevy-impala ) plz just me then thats all plz
( 07:30:10 ) ( chevy-impala ) ill do anything
( 07:30:49 ) ( Reshiram ) You must first type in exactly this: /quit I WILL BECOME AN OPERATOR
( 07:31:58 ) ::: ( • ) Quit: chevy-impala ( jonas.cart@PurpleSurge-192391BE.lns4.pie.bigpond.net.au ) quited from IRC [ Quit: I WILL BECOME AN OPERATER ]
( 07:33:10 ) ::: ( • ) Join: chevy-impala:#spp ( jonas.cart@PurpleSurge-192391BE.lns4.pie.bigpond.net.au ) joined #spp
( 07:33:31 ) ( chevy-impala ) Y DID U DO THAT!
( 07:33:42 ) ( chevy-impala ) what did i do to u ha?
( 07:34:05 ) ( Reshiram ) You did nothing to me, yet.
( 07:34:20 ) ( chevy-impala ) yet im not even gonna do anything
( 07:35:16 ) ( Reshiram ) Well, I've put you on file as applicants trying to become an operator.
( 07:35:29 ) ( chevy-impala ) u hav?
( 07:35:38 ) ( Reshiram ) Yes, I have.
( 07:35:51 ) ( chevy-impala ) so ill be an operater?
( 07:35:57 ) ( Reshiram ) Perhaps.
( 07:36:13 ) ( Reshiram ) Me and the other staff members will have a vote in due time.
( 07:36:19 ) ( chevy-impala ) ok
( 07:37:13 ) ( chevy-impala ) so now wat?
( 07:37:40 ) ( Reshiram ) You will have to wait.
( 07:37:48 ) ( chevy-impala ) how long?
( 07:38:05 ) ( Reshiram ) Until the next staff meeting.
( 07:38:19 ) ( Reshiram ) Don't worry, I'll try to tell them how ambitious you are. ;p
( 07:39:10 ) ( chevy-impala ) ok
( 07:39:28 ) ( chevy-impala ) when the next staff meeting?
( 07:40:04 ) ( Reshiram ) In two weeks.
( 07:40:20 ) ( chevy-impala ) two weeek!!!
( 07:40:51 ) ( Reshiram ) Yep.
( 07:41:50 ) ( chevy-impala ) cant u just make me one?
( 07:42:04 ) ( Reshiram ) Not... Yet. ~_^
( 07:42:42 ) ( chevy-impala ) oww y cant the staff meeting be now :(
( 07:45:02 ) ( chevy-impala ) ?
( 07:45:30 ) ( chevy-impala ) oww this stinks

30th May 2010, 7:15 PM
<Shiinyy> LightningKimba, 15 is not the age to get laid :p And i'm too shy to ask a girl out :§
<ShoopdaWooper> then ask a guy

13th June 2010, 11:01 PM
.:16:59:15:. * Awayebii (SPP@PurpleSurge-B175AFE4.know.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #spp
.:16:59:17:. <@Shiranui> bad boys bad boys
.:16:59:19:. <Lulu> now she told me to text her my response
.:16:59:20:. <@Dratini927> whacha gonna do
.:16:59:20:. <Awayebii> Op me Jimbo
.:16:59:25:. <@Dratini927> aw damn
.:16:59:27:. <@Dratini927> the cops are here
.:16:59:28:. * SPPGuest4903 (SPPGuest49@PurpleSurge-D19A737A.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #spp
.:16:59:28:. <@Dratini927> FLEE
.:16:59:29:. * badboys is now known as badgirls
.:16:59:29:. <charmanderisbeast> does anybody have pokemon mac n chese
.:16:59:30:. * Reno sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-B175AFE4.know.cable.virginmedia.com
.:16:59:33:. <@Jacqueline> **** hide the beer
.:16:59:33:. * Awayebii was kicked by Reno (Reno)
.:16:59:33:. <@Reno> (y)
.:16:59:34:. * SPPGuest4903 is now known as Mayo
.:16:59:35:. <@Jacqueline> ROFL
.:16:59:38:. <@Dratini927> hahahahahhahahahahaha
.:16:59:38:. <Lulu> LOL RENO
.:16:59:38:. <charmanderisbeast> i like pokemon pizza
.:16:59:38:. <@Shiranui> RENO
.:16:59:39:. <Lulu> ROFL
.:16:59:40:. <@Shiranui> LOOOOL
.:16:59:40:. <@Dragonite> Reno that was joe
.:16:59:41:. <Lulu> HAHAHA
.:16:59:41:. <@Dratini927> that was fcking classic
.:16:59:43:. <Amaterasu> :(
.:16:59:43:. <@Dratini927> hahahahahahhahaha
.:16:59:47:. <Lulu> OMG ROFL
.:16:59:48:. * Dragonite sets mode: -b *!*@PurpleSurge-B175AFE4.know.cable.virginmedia.com

26th June 2010, 1:12 AM
(19:10:35) (Nintenstar) who cares? they don't call Serebii the webmaster for nothing he will take care of it.
I think I should win ironic post of the month don't you?

Anarchy was happening in Serebii today:
(19:29:26) (Starscream) As for now, use bulba lulz
(19:29:28) —› join: (SPPGuest4975) (SPPGuest49@PurpleSurge-E42A2F53.dyn.iinet.net.au)
(19:29:29) (&#37;Jacqueline) Can't you just stick it on that thing that notices whenever someone joins the chat
(19:29:36) (~Busyebii) Starscream - tell people to do that again and I'll ban you
God forbid someone suggest such a thing.

12th July 2010, 12:13 AM
[6:02pm] SPPGuest0730: darkgameGS Ellie cheats on you by the way
[6:02pm] darkgamerGS: ...what?
[6:02pm] SPPGuest7414 joined the chat room.
[6:02pm] darkgamerGS: Where the hell did you come up with that?
[6:02pm] psychopath: i thought you liked kushina
[6:03pm] SPPGuest0730: I did not come up with that its a fact
[6:03pm] Chelc: ROFL
[6:03pm] darkgamerGS: Do not
[6:03pm] Kushina left the chat room. (Ping timeout)

13th July 2010, 11:46 PM
<SPPGuest4478> anyone has balls??
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> 4478 waitwut
<SPPGuest4478> why didnt anyone answered my question
<SPPGuest4478> guess no one has balls
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> 4478 we all got balls, which kind are you searching? Oh and if youre going to ask for them, pay a visit to #spp-wifi
<SPPGuest4478> thats what you get for having no balls
<SPPGuest4478> oh
<SPPGuest4478> Kirlia
<SPPGuest4478> where are you keeping your balls??
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> ...Yes?
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> In my bag?
<SPPGuest4478> oh
<SPPGuest4478> so thats the name of you ballsack??
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> ...You are making fun of me, aren't you?
<SPPGuest4478> no
<SPPGuest4478> im just an innocent guest which is curious about balls
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> ...
<Kirlia-VS-Pkmn_Red> Innocent, it should be said.

16th July 2010, 6:41 AM
this wasn't in spp or even on purplesurge but seeing as it makes fun of yutss people should like it

(o 8:31:07 pm o) <%Kurtrill> we should play brawl or something
(o 8:33:16 pm o) <%Kurtrill> actually i think i'm done
(o 8:33:49 pm o) <%Kurtrill> i'll probably come back on this eventually like i have the last 90 times
(o 8:33:56 pm o) * %Kurtrill (trill@Pinch.a.loaf.on.the.bard) Quit (Quit: )
(o 9:28:24 pm o) <~Yeti> who wants to take bets on the time before yutss returns
(o 9:32:38 pm o) * Kurtrill (trill@Pinch.a.loaf.on.the.bard) has joined #superior-channel-goes-here
(o 9:32:38 pm o) * ChanServ sets mode: +h Kurtrill
(o 9:32:40 pm o) <%Kurtrill> not a word
(o 9:32:41 pm o) <%Kurtrill> ddddddddddddddd
(o 9:32:46 pm o) <&Clefairy> hahahahaha
(o 9:33:00 pm o) <~versailles> ...
(o 9:33:20 pm o) <~Yeti> lol
(o 9:33:35 pm o) <%Kurtrill> not a word
(o 9:33:59 pm o) <~Yeti> if you only knew
(o 9:34:39 pm o) <%Kurtrill> this thing
(o 9:34:42 pm o) <%Kurtrill> it's like a drug
(o 9:35:07 pm o) <%Kurtrill> no matter how bad it is for me i keep going to it

Kaji Motomiya
22nd July 2010, 6:38 AM
This is funny to me. You know....because....I'm easy to please.

....VERY easy.

[00:35] <Guest63538> How do I join the Wi-Fi sever?
[00:36] <Kaji_Motomiya> Okay, what you need to do is
[00:36] <Kaji_Motomiya> ask someone who knows

23rd July 2010, 2:07 AM
^ Quoting yourself. First mistake of quoting.


(5:05:33 pm) «~Dratini927» (5:04:58 pm) «****]DL41996» shut up hitmon.
(5:05:33 pm) «~Dratini927» (5:05:12 pm) «[Hitmon]» Eat a Diglett TD

Eat a diglett....how rude. :(

23rd July 2010, 5:28 AM
These are funny. Pity the funnies are dying down lately.

[13:35] <Blizzard> [21:34] <spata> Since everyone is in love with zoroak <--- :0
[13:35] <Blizzard> That's 2 for spata

[13:32] <Blizzard> [21:32] <spata> And maybe get something useful in the short rum <-- :0
[13:32] <spata> Damn it Blizzard

[13:36] <spata> [23:36:32] <Blizzard> Hmm, "you typos" can feed the funny quotes thread <-- :o
[13:36] <spata> Notice how I specified the typo

26th July 2010, 8:29 PM
There should be an award given to Guests for incessant stupidity that actually spins around to being awesome. I dub it... The Sunflower Awards, named after the triple downs Guest, EricGirasole. Such a Guest I have logs of is deserving of such an award.

[19:43:42] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[19:43:52] <SPPGuest4780> someone told me a mean word
[19:44:38] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[19:44:58] <SPPGuest4780> your not helping me
[19:46:08] <Riyu> Stop PMing me
[19:46:37] <SPPGuest4780> but you said a mean word
[19:47:03] <Riyu> And you're a moron for trying to get everyone to do as you like
[19:47:07] <Riyu> You won't get staff
[19:47:07] <Riyu> ever
[19:47:10] <Riyu> So give up
[19:47:41] <Riyu> And serebii won't get taken over by nexus haha
[19:47:43] <SPPGuest4780> i know i wont
[19:47:45] <Riyu> I dare you to even try
[19:48:11] <SPPGuest4780> i thought about it
[19:48:37] <SPPGuest4780> im not going to stay on the computer for 6 hours a day
[19:48:52] <SPPGuest4780> i have a great life
[19:48:58] <Riyu> That's good for you
[19:49:10] <SPPGuest4780> so are you going to help me
[19:49:22] <SPPGuest4780> someone said a mean word to me
[19:49:25] <Riyu> If someone is cursing at you just type /ignore theirnickname
[19:49:32] <Riyu> that'll block their messages
[19:49:48] <SPPGuest4780> know but he went too far
[19:50:14] <Riyu> So?
[19:50:22] <Riyu> What do you want me to do?
[19:50:26] <Riyu> Go to his house and spank him?
[19:50:29] <SPPGuest4780> ban him
[19:50:38] <SPPGuest4780> you called me retared
[19:50:52] <Riyu> I don't ban just because someone went "oooh someone said a mean word to me ban them"
[19:50:54] <SPPGuest4780> i have a brother with a mental condation
[19:50:58] <Riyu> and they didn't even provide evidence
[19:51:24] <SPPGuest4780> <Samus_Aran> so just shut up and leave me alone, retard.
[19:51:39] <SPPGuest4780> i take offence to that
[19:51:45] <Riyu> Haha
[19:51:53] <SPPGuest4780> what
[19:51:54] <Riyu> If you take offence to something petty like that
[19:51:59] <Riyu> I suggest you switch of your pc
[19:52:01] <Riyu> and go play outside
[19:52:04] <Riyu> because this is the internet
[19:52:06] <Riyu> and nobody cares
[19:52:17] <SPPGuest4780> well if no cares
[19:52:28] <SPPGuest4780> bye bye
[19:53:28] <Riyu> Bye
[19:53:37] <SPPGuest4780> k
[19:54:21] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[19:56:00] <SPPGuest4780> hey
[19:56:27] <Riyu> Weren't you gonna go
[19:56:37] <SPPGuest4780> what
[19:57:37] <SPPGuest4780> i dont know what your talking about
[19:57:57] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[19:58:26] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[19:58:31] <Riyu> If you aren't gonna stop PMing everyone that "nexus is going to take over serebii.net!!!!"
[19:58:38] <Riyu> I will personally have you akicked from both channels
[19:58:42] <Riyu> Capiche?
[19:58:57] <SPPGuest4780> i understand
[19:59:03] <Riyu> Good.
[19:59:21] <SPPGuest4780> but hades277 is the one that is talking about nexus
[19:59:35] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[19:59:36] <Riyu> If I hear one more complaint, things will get ugly.
[20:00:22] <Riyu> hades277 messaged me expressing concern that the site will get taken over by nexus
[20:00:32] <Riyu> Obviously you were the one who told him that
[20:00:42] <Riyu> Same with the person who called you a retard.
[20:00:51] <Riyu> Samus_Aran
[20:00:55] <SPPGuest4780> yeah
[20:01:22] <Riyu> So if I get one more complaint from someone that got annoyed by you because you go around saying nexus is going to take over serebii.net
[20:01:44] <Riyu> It's going to be messy
[20:02:11] <SPPGuest4780> ask hades277 if im annoying
[20:02:19] <Riyu> Okay, I will.
[20:02:50] <SPPGuest4780> ok
[20:04:16] <SPPGuest4780> hello
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:02:40] <Riyu> Do you find that guy who messaged you about the site being taken over annoying?
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:03:08] <hades277> is he the quest of the actual nexus
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:03:18] <Riyu> Yeah
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:03:32] <Riyu> He goes around telling everyone the site is going to be taken over
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:03:32] <hades277> becasue the are both annoying to be - only so much harassment i can handle on a day lol
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:03:59] <Riyu> I've had other complaints from people who got messaged by him too
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:04:04] <Riyu> Do you find him annoying?
[20:04:24] <Riyu> [20:04:12] <hades277> very much so
[20:04:29] <Riyu> That's what they said
[20:04:37] <Riyu> So yes, they definitely do find you annoying.
[20:04:45] <SPPGuest4780> who
[20:05:12] <Riyu> hades277, obviously.
[20:05:52] <SPPGuest4780> no he doesnt
[20:06:15] <Riyu> Whatever, dude.
[20:06:20] <Riyu> Just stop being obnoxious.
[20:06:55] <SPPGuest4780> he finds nexus annoying
[20:07:40] <SPPGuest4780> hey

27th July 2010, 11:08 AM
I know, I know, quoting mysself. But this is all too funny to leave anything out. A discussion about cooking Pokemon.

[18:56] <MushyGiantFriend> Relicanth.
[18:56] <ClaraTheDragonite> ^Rock cakes
[18:56] <PipBOY> luvdisc would only make a good apatizer
[18:56] <PipBOY> not a meal
[18:56] <uardian> lol
[18:56] *** uardian is now known as Guardian
[18:56] <Chaotic_Gengar> miltank steak
[18:56] <MushyGiantFriend> Feraligatr Stew
[18:56] <MushyGiantFriend> :D
[18:57] <JahRasta> a wobuffet buffet
[18:57] <Evil_Bob> eh, rare pokemon would taste the best
[18:57] <Guardian> wynaut hav some Dialga pie
[18:57] <Evil_Bob> perhaps a mew steak
[18:57] <ClaraTheDragonite> Nice one GUardian
[18:57] <MushyGiantFriend> lol
[18:57] <Eevee1> God steak
[18:57] <Chaotic_Gengar> mew2 would be genetically modified food
[18:58] <ClaraTheDragonite> Flame grilled Wailord platter. Plenty for everyone
[18:58] <PipBOY> i could get down with that
[18:58] <Guardian> the japanese eat wailord
[18:58] <[DA]DarkRaven> Flaming poo chimchar in a urine tar-tar sause
[18:58] <MushyGiantFriend> Wif a little Piketchup
[18:58] <ClaraTheDragonite> ...
[18:58] <JahRasta> sharpedo shark fin
[18:58] <ClaraTheDragonite> That was epic Mushy
[18:58] <MushyGiantFriend> ...
[18:58] <MushyGiantFriend> lol
[18:59] <ClaraTheDragonite> We really should write a recipe book.
[18:59] <MushyGiantFriend> yes.
[18:59] <PipBOY> poke recipes
[18:59] <PipBOY> !
[18:59] <Guardian> yes we should
[18:59] <MushyGiantFriend> xD
[18:59] <ClaraTheDragonite> "493 ways to cook Pokemon"
[18:59] <Guardian> lol
[18:59] <Chaotic_Gengar> lolz
[18:59] <Guardian> whos gonna get the pokemon?
[19:00] <PipBOY> some tauros rips in bbq sauce

30th July 2010, 9:02 PM
[14:28] <My_Michelle> Is serebii going to release new pokemon today
[14:28] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> ):<*
[14:28] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> perhaps
[14:28] <Hejiru> Serebii dosen't release new pokemon
[14:28] <IkeDavis> no
[14:28] <SPPGuest3290> who ius serebii?
[14:28] <psychopath> a guy
[14:28] <IkeDavis> ash ketchum
[14:28] <Hejiru> Oha Suta/CoroCoro/Pokemon Sunday do
[14:28] <My_Michelle> i thoguht serebii worked for nintendo
[14:28] <Hejiru> lol no
[14:28] <Jimmy_Piranha> lol
[14:28] <My_Michelle> so why cant he get them
[14:28] <Jimmy_Piranha> no
[14:28] <IkeDavis> nah he works for valve
[14:28] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> serebii is the jap. name for celebi
[14:28] <My_Michelle> oh
[14:28] <Hejiru> Serebii does not work for nintendo lol
[14:28] <Jimmy_Piranha> Serebii works for Team17
[14:29] <Hejiru> it's a FAN site
[14:29] <SPPGuest3290> i heard he worked for universal studios
[14:29] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> serebii works for food
[14:29] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> just like everyone else...
[14:29] <psychopath> serebii works for MI6
[14:29] <SPPGuest3290> i think serebii is a she
[14:29] <Purugly> rofl
[14:29] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> i think she eats cake
[14:29] <psychopath> lmao
[14:29] <Purugly> @ all of this
[14:29] <SPPGuest3290> lol
[14:29] <SsJ_EmPoLeOn> i lol'd
[14:29] <IkeDavis> i work for valve
[14:29] <SPPGuest3290> i thought serebii worked in a strip club

2nd August 2010, 4:53 AM
(7:51:19 pm) &#171;psychopath&#187; if i meet matt i am gonna cll him dratini just to embaraas him in public (no offense)

4th August 2010, 9:51 AM
[16:38] * PiplupRox has found a lolly! hurray! a mirical for mentioni9ng virgin mary!
[16:39] <Cyrus> mirical
[16:39] <PinkLapras[HuntingShinyLatias]> miracle
[16:39] <PinkLapras[HuntingShinyLatias]> lol
[16:39] <PiplupRox> sorry typo
[16:39] <SPPGuest5668> lol menti9ning
[16:39] <PiplupRox> typo!!!
[16:39] <Cyrus> that was an accident,
[16:39] <SPPGuest5668> yup
[16:39] <Cyrus> but the mirical was on purplse.
[16:39] <Cyrus> purpose*
[16:39] <Cyrus> FFS
[16:39] * PiplupRox does typos all da time...
[16:39] <SPPGuest5668> lol purplse
[16:39] <PinkLapras[HuntingShinyLatias]> FAIL
[16:39] <Cyrus> -__-
[16:39] <PiplupRox> fail
[16:39] <SPPGuest5668> hehheh
[16:39] <MeGaNiUm_mAn> i say that typo was a win.

4th August 2010, 6:29 PM
where are all the funny quotes??

5th August 2010, 9:55 PM
[22:55:28] <@Ellie> if Midna where to get naked infront of me and ask me to make love with her ... I would cry from my heart TT_TT

Midnight Lucario
7th August 2010, 1:07 AM
(6:05:37) <LightningKimba> Midnight_Lucario, yes, I'm a 12-year old girl with an apple bottom booty.

7th August 2010, 1:32 AM
[00:30] <@Naoto> holy crap I want to see this written like burning
[00:30] <SPPGuest0841> gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
[00:30] * Dratini927--out-- sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-6C8588C5.dsl.telstraclear.net
[00:30] * SPPGuest0841 was kicked by Dratini927--out-- (9,1«8«9,1«8« Overusing Characters (5 mins)2 7Kick Number 164883 9,1»8»9,1»8»)
[00:30] <@Naoto> someone is working on it
[00:30] <+LightningKimba> ...
[00:30] <+LightningKimba> Rofl.
[00:30] <TheBritish> Gg, man.
[00:30] <+LightningKimba> That guy continued your g, Tek.

I don't know

this just tickled me

11th August 2010, 2:51 PM
<Maiq> wheres Machop_Fan?
<Girachu> Go wake his arse up & tell him we need entertainment.
<AuntAcid> 3 hours of sleep the last time I slept
<Maiq> what abou the rest of him?
<Maiq> *about
<AuntAcid> Yeah, I could go for some Machop_Fan
<SouthPark> i could go for some <censored>
<Girachu> It took me a second to get that joke. LOL
<SouthPark> i still dont understand Maiqs joke
<Maiq> Girachu likes arse
<AuntAcid> who doesnt?!
<Maiq> Machop is a guy...
<SouthPark> yes...
<AuntAcid> oooooh
<Girachu> Wait, what did I say?
<Maiq> its more what you didnt say :p
<AuntAcid> That you could go for you some Machop_Fan
<SouthPark> oooooooo i finally get it
<Girachu> ^^^LOL
<AuntAcid> lol
<Maiq> delayed reaction much
<SouthPark> shut up
<SouthPark> :P

On the whole, a pretty stupid conversation :)

11th August 2010, 11:51 PM
14:48 StandUpComedian • over the course of a year fatal and I have been shareing a private homosexual e-relationship via pm , im sick of hiding it fatal now all shall know of our hidden romance

16:32:45 | Dark_Pikachu: i am smarter than you
16:33:51 | &#37;Fatal: Dark_Pikachu, do you know how many months have 28 days?
16:34:57 | Dark_Pikachu: Fatal: febuary on leap year

19th August 2010, 1:07 AM
[19:01:55] <Darrel> why would i waste my finger energy?
[19:02:14] <&#37;Ninten> how about i ban you and then you won't have to use any
[19:02:31] <Maiq> please do Ninten
[19:02:51] <Darrel> he cant ban somebody he doesnt like
[19:03:07] <Darrel> that's against the sacred law of op'ing
[19:03:21] <DarkFlame> he's a halfOP.
[19:03:34] <DarkFlame> he only follows half of the laws.

27th August 2010, 12:19 AM
[23:16] <Supiritto> So, it would seem the height challanged psychic escaped.
[23:16] <Supiritto> So
[23:16] * Supiritto puts on sunglasses
[23:16] <Supiritto> There's a small Medium at large


[23:41] <Gambit> I think the hoopla is dum
[23:41] <Gambit> b

27th August 2010, 4:12 AM
I like that one.

9th September 2010, 8:23 PM
[21:37:30] <@Shiranui> >Game is whispered to have a CERO B rating. There's some rather...saucy stuff in it, apparently.
[21:37:37] <@Shiranui> this is gold
[21:39:12] <&#37;darkgamerGS> Actually Saucy stuff in B/W has already been confirmed
[21:40:31] <@Shiranui> >>463
[21:40:31] <@Shiranui> I think they meant 'saucy' as in people dying and dramatic things, not sexual things.
[21:40:33] <@Shiranui> who
[21:40:36] <@Shiranui> on earth
[21:40:40] <@Shiranui> uses saucy to describe death
[21:40:51] <%darkgamerGS> Saucy
[21:40:56] <%darkgamerGS> As in blood = ketchup
[21:41:03] * %darkgamerGS shrug
[21:41:16] <%darkgamerGS> It's the only thing I could think of where saucy makes sense describing death
[21:41:36] <%Cheesus_Crust> for many people, sex and death are the same pleasure
[21:41:54] <@Shiranui> well if
[21:41:58] <%darkgamerGS> [14:11:38] %Cheesus_Crust: for many people, sex and death are the same pleasure <-- Necrophiliacs?
[21:41:58] <@Shiranui> all of these ended up being true
[21:41:58] <%Cheesus_Crust> You dont get reception in your doghouse
[21:42:02] <@Shiranui> 1) I will laugh to death
[21:42:05] <@Shiranui> 2) adultery!
[21:42:08] <@Shiranui> 3) people die
[21:42:12] <gligar13> Pokemon can't have sex
[21:42:13] <Tsutarja> lol sex and death the same pleasure???wtf r u saying Cheesus
[21:43:11] <%darkgamerGS> Adultery
[21:43:14] <%darkgamerGS> Like foul language?
[21:45:19] <%darkgamerGS> So fanservice'll be in B/W but not words like "damn" and "hell?"
[21:45:29] <%Fenix> darkgamerGS
[21:45:30] <@Shiranui> ryan
[21:45:32] <@Shiranui> do you really not know
[21:45:34] <@Shiranui> what adultery is
[21:45:36] <%Fenix> you stopped making sense a while back
[21:45:39] <%Fenix> just saying
[21:45:42] <%darkgamerGS> Unless it's sex, no
[21:45:58] <%darkgamerGS> Sex isn't a type of fanservice?

9th September 2010, 11:17 PM
^ i laughed

4th October 2010, 1:32 PM
<Machop_Fan> (Maiq) what was you ENTER? <-- only 35.9 :p
* Renzo warms Reaver
<Maiq> damn, you got higher than me :/
<moot> lolllllllllll
<Reaver> ...
<Machop_Fan> :O
<moot> it's funny because you were teasing him
<moot> I got an OP 7
<Machop_Fan> omg i did better then someone i did better then someone! :D:D:D
<Maiq> for maths i was
<Maiq> but you still fail Machop as you are still a virgin
<Renzo> lol
<Machop_Fan> lol
<Reaver> nah
<Reaver> he lost his virginity to a machop plushie.
<Machop_Fan> and proud of it

4th October 2010, 1:38 PM
Oh Machop_Fan.

You so silly

5th October 2010, 5:20 AM
(23:15:17) (Fayz-nite) remember wen u were starting college on aug 14 ur parents took ur DS

Well do you?

6th October 2010, 10:14 AM
(09:13:45) <Osama> M00000
(09:14:15) <Osama> M00000 <--- ALL CAPS NO BAN
(09:14:16) * Renelia sets mode: +b *!*@kemon.Is.Subliminal.War.Message
(09:14:16) <Ban> <Affects Osama>
(09:14:16) * Osama was kicked by Renelia (Too many caps used. (100&#37; Caps) (5 minute ban))

9th October 2010, 4:30 AM
[13:00] <Tuna> i want a hug D: you guys only punch me to sleep

[13:08] <Tuna> why is that otter's butt red?
[13:08] <Pink_Lapras> WTF Tuna?
[13:08] <Tuna> i think it got spanked :p

[13:11] <StephanieSacrificial> Addy!
[13:12] <Vuumbleman> Steph!
[13:12] <AddyLongLegs> STEPH!
[13:12] <AddyLongLegs> EEEEEEE!!!
[13:12] <Magikal> woah
[13:12] <StephanieSacrificial> Vuumble!
[13:12] <Pink_Lapras> Steph!
[13:12] <Vuumbleman> I'm on. :D
[13:12] <AddyLongLegs> woah
[13:12] <StephanieSacrificial> Lapras!
[13:12] <StephanieSacrificial> Woah everyone loves me.
[13:12] <Pink_Lapras> And you know it
[13:12] <AddyLongLegs> Stephanie, everyone

[13:18] <SPPGuest2542> can anyon ehelp me with breeding, pm me plz
[13:18] <Magikal> lol sppguest that sentence would be awkward out of context

[13:20] <Foxblaze> im a pretty skilled breeder
[13:20] <Magikal> lol
[13:20] <AddyLongLegs> I'm not a breeder
[13:20] <Tuna> ew >_<
[13:20] <Pink_Lapras> oh, the implications
[13:20] <Tuna> you breed with pokemon?

No. 1 Machop Fan
21st October 2010, 10:11 AM
(Tumorsyphilisitisosis) moot is a guy?
+(moot) ...
(Pink_Lapras) ...
(Machop_Fan) ...
+(moot) what made you think otherwise
* Machop_Fan is now known as Narrator
(Narrator) There was a shocked silence.

* Machop_Fan has joined #spp.
(aalyphaa) oh god no
(aalyphaa) please dont start this again
(Machop_Fan) as long as versailles isn't here, I won't

(the_bluray_pirate) Serebii im ur biggest fan!
+(moot|ScottPilgrim) rofl
(Machop_Fan) how many times a day doeshe get that? :p
(Machop_Fan) does he*
(Maiq) back off, i already claimed having his babies
(the_bluray_pirate) Serebii is a girl? :o
(Machop_Fan) lmfao!
(PBR_Lapras) lol
(PBR_Lapras) classic
(Raptor) haaahaa :D

31st October 2010, 10:43 AM
<Machop_Fan> well, I'M fat, ugly and a kid at heart... :/
[19:36] <the_bluray_pirate> ewwww you should change ur name to Snorlax Fan

1st November 2010, 5:19 PM
(01:14:53) * Zoro (Z@ro.The.Blade.Master) has joined #SPP-WiFi
(01:15:00) <Zoro> IM UNBANNED !!!!
(01:15:01) * Rensleepelia sets mode: +b *!*@ro.The.Blade.Master
(01:15:01) * Zoro was kicked by Rensleepelia (Too many caps used. (100&#37; Caps) (5 minute ban))

2nd November 2010, 11:18 PM
(16:58:09) (iRepNYC) i hope u get hit by car and die
(16:58:20) (Skiks) because I called pokemon a kids show?
(16:58:22) (Skiks) okay
(16:58:35) (iRepNYC) no
(16:58:45) (iRepNYC) because your ignorant
(16:59:14) (Skiks) because it is a kids show?
(16:59:24) (iRepNYC) no
(16:59:27) (Skiks) ignorance implies you don't know what you're talking about
(16:59:32) (Skiks) well I do
(16:59:42) (iRepNYC) proof?
(16:59:43) (Skiks) Shounen means young boy/male
(16:59:47) (Skiks) thats all you need
(16:59:59) (Skiks) if you need more it means you need some help
(16:59:59) (iRepNYC) thats not proof
(17:00:03) (Skiks) yes it is
(17:03:12) (iRepNYC) how does that justify what i'm meant to watch. people watch what they want to . companies market towards a audience but the show is meant for anyone.
(17:03:16) (iRepNYC) so doesnt prove
(17:03:19) (iRepNYC) anything
(17:03:24) (Skiks) I told you it's a kids show
(17:03:34) (Skiks) it just means it's a kids show
(17:03:40) (Skiks) I never said you couldn't watch it
(17:03:44) (Skiks) it's not hard to get
(17:03:47) (Skiks) just think
(17:03:59) (iRepNYC) its not a kids show its marketed towrds them
(17:04:08) (iRepNYC) do u understand what that means
(17:04:14) (Skiks) it is a kids show
(17:04:21) (Skiks) a kids show is a show marketed to kids
(17:04:26) (Skiks) this much is obvious
(17:04:27) (iRepNYC) no
(17:04:31) (Skiks) yes it is
(17:04:31) (iRepNYC) it isnt
(17:04:42) (Skiks) or else a kids show by that matter doesn't exist
(17:04:52) (iRepNYC) nit doesnt exist
(17:04:58) (Skiks) yes it does rofl
(17:05:07) (iRepNYC) i've beeen saying that the whole time
(17:05:18) (iRepNYC) there's no such thing as a "kids " show
(17:05:21) (Skiks) they do exist
(17:05:22) (iRepNYC) or a adult show
(17:05:28) (Skiks) it's for kids
(17:05:30) (Skiks) kids show
(17:05:34) (Skiks) it's in the title
(17:05:35) (iRepNYC) omggggg
(17:05:46) (iRepNYC) that means ABSOLUTELY nothing
(17:05:57) (iRepNYC) you fail at life
(17:06:04) (Skiks) yes it does
(17:06:36) (Skiks) apparently you don't know what it means to have a cartoon aimed at kids
(17:07:54) (iRepNYC) "aimed" keyword !!!
(17:07:57) (iRepNYC) not a kids show
(17:08:28) (Skiks) which is a kids show
(17:08:29) (Skiks) ...
(17:08:33) (iRepNYC) no!
(17:08:45) (iRepNYC) there no such thing as a kid show
(17:08:48) (iRepNYC) gtfo!!!
(17:08:50) (iRepNYC) omg
(17:08:54) (iRepNYC) u fckin dildo
(17:08:58) (Skiks) stop ignoring the fact that it's used
(17:09:08) (iRepNYC) are u from the south?
(17:09:15) (Skiks) ...r u?
(17:09:42) (iRepNYC) i never said it wasnt used . i'm just saying it doesnt make sense and people who say that are uneducated
(17:09:50) (iRepNYC) no i'm not
(17:09:55) (iRepNYC) obv
(17:10:03) (Skiks) dude an educated person will use the term kids show
(17:10:12) (iRepNYC) nope
(17:10:13) (Skiks) or are people who make these very shows uneducated?
(17:10:33) (iRepNYC) the peple who make the show are obv educated
(17:10:33) (iRepNYC) the peple who make the show are obv educated
(17:10:35) (iRepNYC) -___
(17:10:38) (iRepNYC) -__-
(17:10:42) (Skiks) but they call it a kids show
(17:10:44) (iRepNYC) u my friend are ignorant
(17:11:30) (iRepNYC) "they" who's they? u've heard every show creator say its a "kid" show for every show
(17:11:30) (Skiks) apparently you are...
(17:11:43) (Skiks) a vast majority have
(17:11:48) (Skiks) they don't kid themselves
(17:11:56) (Skiks) opps taboo word sorry
(17:12:40) (iRepNYC) So u are saying that you've hear a vast majority of show creators saying its a "kid" show for every show?
(17:12:57) (iRepNYC) -_- funny
(17:13:07) (Skiks) well what do you think they call it
(17:13:33) (iRepNYC) so thats a no i'm assuming.
(17:13:37) (Skiks) "intresting show that is aimed at kids and can work for adults"
(17:13:47) (Skiks) theres a reason kids show is used
(17:13:51) (Skiks) it's jsut easier to say
(17:13:54) (Skiks) just*
(17:13:59) (iRepNYC) lmfaoo
(17:14:20) (iRepNYC) i never said they dont call it a kids show . i'm simply saying theres no such thing as a kid show
(17:14:26) (Skiks) well they do
(17:14:37) (Skiks) I can always post this and let people "agree with you"
(17:15:34) (iRepNYC) thats not my point. my point was that you were simply stating opinions not facts.
(17:16:00) (iRepNYC) haha funny -_- i could careless what u do with this.
Well if you got through all that I commend you.

3rd November 2010, 9:01 PM
[18:48:12] <@Lewis> he needs peni too
[18:48:17] <~Naoto> peni
[18:48:17] <@Lewis> penises is a **** word
[18:48:18] <~Naoto> penny
[18:48:19] <~Naoto> pffffffffffffff
[18:48:22] <@Lewis> peni is better
[18:48:30] <~Naoto> blazaking needs more penny

[18:48:35] <@Naoto> guys
[18:48:46] <ZaxKellens> Teki
[18:48:46] <@Naoto> would anyone be interested in donating money to blazaking
[18:48:49] <@Naoto> even just a little bit
[18:48:51] <ZaxKellens> No
[18:48:55] <@Naoto> he just needs penny so damn bad
[18:48:56] <ZaxKellens> No o.o why?
[18:49:02] <Lewis> ...
[18:49:06] <StrongestBidoof> i needs my monies :U
[18:49:09] <Lewis> o u naoto
[18:49:11] <Lewis> o u
[18:49:14] <Lewis> ;)
[18:49:20] <@Naoto> please give blazaking penny he needs it!!
[18:49:22] <StrongestBidoof> ;9
[18:49:29] <Lewis> stop it
[18:49:33] <Lewis> stop mocking me
[18:49:41] <ZaxKellens> I cannot, for my pennies are for me to throw at poor people on street corners
[18:49:41] <@Naoto> I'm mocking blazaking not you technicallt
[18:49:44] <@Naoto> *technically
[18:49:48] <Lewis> i guess
[18:49:49] * Hitmonchan punches in sdpeed of light at a punching bag!
[18:49:53] <Lewis> carry on
[18:49:57] <@Naoto> why do you throw penny at hobos?
[18:50:03] * Sonario (super_mari@PurpleSurge-70CE288A.asm.bellsouth.net) has joined #spp
[18:50:05] <ZaxKellens> It's funny and they like the pennies
[18:50:07] <Lewis> because he thinks he's cool
[18:50:09] <@Naoto> ...
[18:50:12] <@Naoto> they like it???
[18:50:16] <Hitmonchan> sigh
[18:50:23] <ZaxKellens> I don't throw and hit them with it
[18:50:28] <ZaxKellens> I just toss it into their cup/bucket
[18:50:45] <ZaxKellens> But it's usually only like, 7 cents
[18:50:58] <@Naoto> woah
[18:50:59] <@Naoto> that's big
[18:51:03] <StrongestBidoof> awesome, new comforter~
[18:51:03] <Revan> Ask if the hobo's vegetarian
[18:51:09] <ZaxKellens> I don't use cash ever
[18:51:10] <Lewis> ZaxKellens do you get satisfaction from this
[18:51:10] <Lewis> ?
[18:51:32] <ZaxKellens> I like giving change to ho



(these logs aren't cut off at the end at all)

3rd November 2010, 11:55 PM
Machop_Fan has joined #spp.
(aalyphaa) oh god no
(aalyphaa) please dont start this again
(Machop_Fan) as long as versailles isn't here, I won't
u mad because versailles is a better user than you and she doesn't want to have intimate relations with a fictional animal

(17:03:59) (iRepNYC) its not a kids show its marketed towrds them
(17:04:08) (iRepNYC) do u understand what that means
(17:04:14) (Skiks) it is a kids show
(17:04:21) (Skiks) a kids show is a show marketed to kids
(17:04:26) (Skiks) this much is obvious
(17:04:27) (iRepNYC) no
(17:04:31) (Skiks) yes it is
(17:04:31) (iRepNYC) it isnt
just rofl

as for my own contributions i bring you a message from one of the better smogon community members. polelover44 is a smogon user btw, notable for forgetting details in his mafia games.
(9:36:48 pm) * sleepyluff (~alice@une.annee.sans.lumiere) has joined #polelover44
(9:36:54 pm) <sleepyluff> this is.. actually a channel
(9:36:54 pm) <sleepyluff> lol
(9:36:55 pm) <sleepyluff> n.o
(9:36:56 pm) * sleepyluff (~alice@une.annee.sans.lumiere) has left #polelover44

4th November 2010, 5:56 AM
CMZapdos: Roar that sh** or somthing.