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No. 1 Machop Fan
4th November 2010, 12:25 PM
u mad because versailles is a better user than you and she doesn't want to have intimate relations with a fictional animal

No. lol

versailles rubbed me the wrong way a long time ago, that's all.


(GBS) i lost mine [virginity] when i was 15
(GBS) ive only done it with my gf tho
(Maiq) GBS: family members dont count :(

5th November 2010, 11:30 AM
[19:57] <Kirby> http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2010/11/p101105_01.html?e002=news pokedolls
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[19:58] <PoisonPokemonMaster> lol
[19:58] <Kirby> oh my god
[19:58] <Kirby> did I find a magical link that makes people /quit
[19:58] <Celebi_Fan> probably

7th November 2010, 1:16 AM
[19:14:46] wifiguest3216: battle plz, no nasty plot, or sword dance, or dragon dance, and u HAVE TO LET me set up bellyzard, and no taunt, or heracross, and NO WEAVILE, and no substitute unless I have it. And dont use that many attacks and NO ROAR or WHIRLWIND. AND IF IM GOING TO LOSE, then quit the fight.

7th November 2010, 6:49 AM
[16:36] <Smuglass> Pendoraa is the new Ariados
[16:36] <Smuglass> lol
[16:37] <Smuglass> And anything similar
[16:37] <SPPGuest1115> But Ariados isn't part Poison.
[16:37] <SPPGuest1115> Oh yes it is.
[16:37] <SPPGuest1115> Sorry.

No. 1 Machop Fan
14th November 2010, 5:18 AM
%(Fatal) goodnight, going to bed
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(Machop_Fan) the ops are away, let's play! :D
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14th November 2010, 12:03 PM
(08:59:41) * SPPGuest1983 is now known as i_love_raping
(08:59:43) <i_love_raping> hi
(08:59:46) * i_love_raping is now known as i_love_rapping
(08:59:53) <i_love_rapping> damn typos

7th December 2010, 8:37 AM
[02:16:39] <%bobandbill> (6:08:22 pm) «MacLovin» hello moderators, can i talk to u guys?
[02:16:39] <%bobandbill> (6:14:20 pm) «&SerebiiBot» [Ninten] nope
[02:17:19] <%bobandbill> (6:14:20 pm) *** SerebiiBot opped: Ninten
[02:17:19] <%bobandbill> *** MacLovin (SPPGuest7@PurpleSurge-576E7AC1.asm.bellsouth.net) has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)

looks like i came in at a bad time :'(

20th December 2010, 2:34 AM
(20:29:13) (Skiks) seriously why would you compare explosion to aura sphere
(20:29:24) (Victory_Chip) im not mentally retarded
(20:29:33) (Skiks) Explosion cannot be used more than once
(20:29:54) (Victory_Chip) yes, all you have to do is use a revive
Well he isn't wrong.

27th January 2011, 1:50 PM
<Maiq> Popeye: they werent 'girls' >_>
<Popeye> what then? hookers?

27th January 2011, 9:06 PM
[15:04:35] <Nexus> fatel your basketball team sucks
[15:04:58] <%Fatal> my basketball team has a 34-10 record
[15:05:02] <%Fatal> the team that I like
[15:05:05] <Nexus> what team is that

27th January 2011, 10:32 PM
Idk what the time was

SPPGuest:whats yaoi?
Talon_0389_6614_5817: its when two boys make sweet monkey love together,usually japanese

No. 1 Machop Fan
2nd February 2011, 8:57 AM
%(moot) hi
(Genesis) hi
(cara) hi
(cara) moot how did you come up with your nick
(cara) jw
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* SerebiiBot sets mode +h Aradia.
%(moot) i made it up all by myself
(Genesis) i made it up all by myself
(cara) oh? very imaginary eh
%(moot) yep
(Genesis) yep
(Butterfly) >_> i smell a script
%(moot) genesis plz stop
(Genesis) genesis plz stop
(cara) nah he can just type that fast
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Genesis' script was used against him! XD

The Guy
7th February 2011, 4:55 AM
[21:45] <raz> Zoroark is a <censored> badass. She kept ramming the <censored> out of that cage until it broke. The enraged blasts were awesome. What attack was that? She was fearless against all 3 crown beasts. She fought through the shock from Kodai and broke his gun. Seriously, we don't see Pokemon often that have this level of badassness.

Is badassness a word? :/

28th February 2011, 12:56 PM
<Popeye> now blow mw
<Popeye> *me
<PS-Guest778> What in the world
<Machop_Fan> I thought you were gonna blow me!

1st March 2011, 12:33 AM
Today we had a good conversation about fat and smelly people, then kat went into god tier.

13-14:44:56- (+JoshYEAH) >guy is a fat nerd
13-14:45:02- (+JoshYEAH) >fat nerd gets made fun of on random blog
13-14:45:10- (+JoshYEAH) >does a thing
13-14:45:24- (+JoshYEAH) >blogger says "yo i'm going to the same con as you so how about an interview and whatnot to set it straight?"
13-14:45:26- (+JoshYEAH) >this happens
13-14:45:31- (+JoshYEAH) "sounds more of like they're trying to lure me out to either jump me or, I dunno, try to make fun of me. I'm sorry, but I'm not one of those fat nerd kids you guys can pick on.
13-14:45:38- (+JoshYEAH) I'm one of those guys who'll pound your face in for talking trash about me. Yes, I do own a **** ton of plastic boobed figures, so what? What about it? Are you gonna try to come up with some cut on me with that?
13-14:45:42- (+JoshYEAH) Did you actually watch the video? Did you understand what I said? Do you know what I do, who I am and all that ****? No? Then STFU.
13-14:45:50- (+JoshYEAH) Go back to your little coffee shop and read your dumb little poetry to all the other emo kids.
13-14:45:55- (+JoshYEAH) No one's listening to you, and apparently, you're all listening to me, otherwise, why are you responding to this thinking I'm not gonna stand up for me and the other otaku on that show."
13-14:46:14- (+JoshYEAH) reminder: the guy who is now threatening violence over the internet is the man on the right of the photograph
13-14:46:15- (+JoshYEAH) http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xrlLNMZcNkU/TWe_Awo_ElI/AAAAAAAAAFk/KjaIYZgStUo/s1600/Ryan+Tumaliuan.png
-14:47:24- (%Aradia) ugh
-14:47:27- (%Aradia) its like
-14:47:29- (%Aradia) wow
-14:48:34- (%Aradia) man i dont know but it makes me embarrassed to enjoy anime with these people
-14:49:01- (&Ellie) do these people not realize that people in japan make fun of people like this
-14:49:05- (&Ellie) **** man
-14:49:26- (%Aradia) the ones that aren't exactly like them in japan yeah
-14:50:07- (&Ellie) thats true
13-14:50:13- (+JoshYEAH) -14:49:01- (&Ellie) do these people not realize that people the world over make fun of people like this
-14:50:26- (&Ellie) but i feel like theres less people that are THAT creepy in japan.. or maybe i just dont see them lol
-14:50:29- (&Ellie) yea true josh
-14:50:37- (&Ellie) i just think its funny bc theyre like in love w/ japan
-14:50:44- (&Ellie) when japan doesnt even want creepers like that
-14:50:45- (%Aradia) you dont see them because they never go outside
-14:50:47- (%Aradia) much like these dudes
-14:50:51- (&Ellie) omg
-14:50:54- (&Ellie) that reminds me
-14:51:01- (&Ellie) uyesterday i was downtown with my friend
13-14:51:03- (+JoshYEAH) HIKKIKOMORI
13-14:51:08- (+JoshYEAH) WELCOME TO THE NHK
-14:51:08- (&Ellie) and theres this new place downtown
-14:51:11- (&Ellie) and its like
-14:51:14- (&Ellie) all these computers
-14:51:18- (&Ellie) where people just sit and play
-14:51:27- (&Ellie) and almost everyone there was playing wow or some game like that
-14:51:41- (&Ellie) and they all looked like they prob got sunburnt from the sunlight coming in the windows
13-14:51:58- (+JoshYEAH) most sunlight they've ever been exposed to in the last 12 months
13-14:52:05- (+JoshYEAH) like a giant lobster pot
13-14:52:07- (+JoshYEAH) for humans
-14:52:14- (%Aradia) dude places like that make no sense
-14:52:18- (%Aradia) YES LETS GET OUT OF THE HOUSE
-14:52:23- (%Aradia) to go sit on a computer
-14:52:27- (%Aradia) somewhere else
-14:52:36- (%Aradia) you probably had to pay to get in too
-14:53:48- (&Ellie) yeah
-14:53:51- (&Ellie) it was funny cuz like
-14:54:13- (&Ellie) i didnt know what it was and i saw they were putting in a new place and they put down an email and said to email job apps there
-14:54:23- (&Ellie) and i need a job really badly so i was considering doing it
-14:54:27- (&Ellie) but i forgot about it
-14:54:30- (&Ellie) and now its like
-14:54:43- (&Ellie) if i knew what it was and i got the job i think i would have died having to work there
-14:55:04- (%Aradia) you would have been hit on by sweaty pimply otaku's
-14:55:16- (&Ellie) ye
-14:55:16- (&Ellie) a
-14:55:17- (%Aradia) god forbid any of them found out you played pokemon ever in your life
-14:55:31- (&Ellie) i already get creeped on at gamestop
-14:55:32- (&Ellie) omg
-14:55:40- (&Ellie) if they found out i asked my parents for bw for a bday present
-14:55:42- (&Ellie) hahahaha
-14:56:14- (%Aradia) oh god
13-14:56:20- (+JoshYEAH) YEAH I PLAY POKEMON
13-14:56:21- (+JoshYEAH) every
13-14:56:22- (+JoshYEAH) single
13-14:56:23- (+JoshYEAH) one
13-14:56:24- (+JoshYEAH) staring
-14:56:56- (%Aradia) i'd just be like *****ES DON'T KNOW ABOUT MY FUTACHIMARU and watch all the nerds jizz on themselves
13-14:57:17- (+JoshYEAH) every one then buys you gifts
-14:57:18- (&Ellie) LOL
13-14:57:20- (+JoshYEAH) outcompeting the other
13-14:57:25- (+JoshYEAH) until you have
13-14:57:28- (+JoshYEAH) everything you ever wanted
13-14:57:31- (+JoshYEAH) and then after this
-14:57:35- (&Ellie) thats true i could use it to my advantage
13-14:57:41- (+JoshYEAH) you stroll in with your new ~*super legit boyfriend*~
13-14:57:46- (+JoshYEAH) and they're all immediately on their blogs
13-14:57:54- (+JoshYEAH) posting about how some ginger girl BETRAYED THEIR TRUST
-14:57:58- (&Ellie) hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
-14:57:59- (&Ellie) omg
-14:58:03- (&Ellie) or how girls dont like nice guys
-14:58:07- (&Ellie) and my bf is a douche
13-14:58:15- (+JoshYEAH) and how her new boyfriend DID DRUGS ONCE I SHOULD TELL HER
-14:58:21- (&Ellie) how many ****ing times have i seen fat nerds say that on forums ugh
-14:58:25- (&Ellie) hahahahahahhahaa
-14:58:26- (&Ellie) omg
-14:58:32- (&Ellie) sppf relationship thread
-14:58:34- (&Ellie) right thurr
13-14:58:57- (+JoshYEAH) everyone wants THE BAD BOYS
13-14:59:19- (+JoshYEAH) i wish i was an attractive girl so i could get fat people to buy me things
-14:59:22- (&Ellie) dude i actually gave the ugly nerd guy a chance once in hs
-14:59:24- (&Ellie) because i felt bad
-14:59:36- (&Ellie) and then i dumped him because it was so awkward and i couldnt deal with i
-14:59:37- (&Ellie) t
13-14:59:45- (+JoshYEAH) i bet
13-14:59:50- (+JoshYEAH) when you agreed to go out with him
13-15:00:07- (+JoshYEAH) he ****ing SPRINTED home as fast as his little chubby legs could carry him (so kind of like a mild jog i guess)
13-15:00:16- (+JoshYEAH) went straight to his livejournal or xanga or whatever the christ
-15:00:23- (%Aradia) its true though i dated nothing but huge douchebags up until now
-15:00:25- (%Aradia) well
-15:00:27- (%Aradia) thats a lie
13-15:00:27- (+JoshYEAH) and wrote a huge update about how SHE SAID YES I'M GOING TO MARRY HER ONE DAY
-15:00:28- (&Ellie) LOL
-15:00:33- (&Ellie) its quite possible
-15:00:36- (&Ellie) he had me on fb
-15:00:40- (&Ellie) and when we were dating or w/e
-15:00:40- (%Aradia) my boyfriend is a huge ****ing ******* now but
13-15:00:44- (+JoshYEAH) and then two days alter when you dump him
-15:00:49- (&Ellie) he liked literally everything i ever put up on fb
-15:00:52- (&Ellie) it was so creepy
-15:01:00- (%Aradia) not the kind that doesnt shower so he's good
-15:01:07- (&Ellie) LOL
-15:01:19- (&Ellie) hahahahahahahhaa
-15:01:21- (%Aradia) oh god
-15:01:31- (%Aradia) i hate when guys do that
-15:01:38- (%Aradia) that guy i dated that doesnt shower
-15:01:39- (%Aradia) like
-15:01:49- (&Ellie) i dont know what he ever said about me because i literally havent talked to him since then
-15:01:59- (&Ellie) he just stopped talking to me and i was cool with that
-15:02:02- (%Aradia) after we broke up we had an argument because we hated each other
13-15:02:05- (+JoshYEAH) yeah one of my exes did that and i was like "lol the only thing i'll be missing is your dvd collection get out"
-15:02:07- (%Aradia) and he was like
-15:02:21- (%Aradia) and like i was furious so i just blasted him
13-15:02:25- (+JoshYEAH) ...
13-15:02:27- (+JoshYEAH) you shot him?
-15:02:27- (%Aradia) GOOD THINGS ****ING SHOWER YOU PIECE OF ****
13-15:02:36- (+JoshYEAH) damn
13-15:02:39- (+JoshYEAH) kat that's
-15:02:41- (&Ellie) ROFL
13-15:02:43- (+JoshYEAH) a bit over the top :S
-15:02:44- (&Ellie) omg i love you
13-15:03:01- (+JoshYEAH) oh god dammit my imagination
-15:03:16- (%Aradia) after that he didnt talk to me for a while because i embarrassed the **** out of him in front of everyone
13-15:03:16- (+JoshYEAH) just had picture in my mind of this smelly dude arguing with kat
13-15:03:27- (+JoshYEAH) and then kat pulls out a ****ing RPG and blasts him in the face
-15:03:32- (%Aradia) it was me and my friends and him and his friends passing by in the park
-15:03:34- (%Aradia) hahahaha
13-15:03:35- (+JoshYEAH) walks away and just mutters under her breath "shower more"
-15:03:54- (%Aradia) and like i said that loud in front of everyone
13-15:03:58- (+JoshYEAH) and he's like just IMPALED against the wall and i guess his intestines are blasted into a shower
-15:04:07- (%Aradia) and i had his best ****ing friend crying laughing
13-15:04:08- (+JoshYEAH) ichi that owns
13-15:04:09- (+JoshYEAH) you own
13-15:04:17- (+JoshYEAH) if i could i'd give you a legit high five rn
-15:04:30- (&Ellie) hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
-15:04:32- (%Aradia) i guess but he just got on my nerves
-15:04:34- (&Ellie) you are the best
13-15:04:46- (+JoshYEAH) i like how
13-15:04:52- (+JoshYEAH) a conversation about fat japanophiles
13-15:04:58- (+JoshYEAH) turned into ichi being ****ing awesome
13-15:05:00- (+JoshYEAH) funny, that.
-15:05:08- (&Ellie) the onyl thing that i didnt like about breaking up w/ the guy i dated was that we had a lot of friends in common.. but they didnt really care haha
-15:05:10- (&Ellie) rofl ikr
-15:05:18- (%Aradia) i have experience with unappealing people unfortunately

13th March 2011, 6:56 AM
<Rapidash> i am on the island now should i wait to challenge victini when i have better balls

14th March 2011, 1:46 PM
<Maiq> topic change:
<SPPGuest1882> i can haz
<Shonuff> i do
<Machop_Fan> fail
<Popeye> go there
<Maiq> umm boobs
<Machop_Fan> ew no

16th March 2011, 5:22 AM
(01:19:11) <%darkgamerGS> [23:17:53] × @Ness goes to #SPP-wifi looking for a boyfriend, brb
(01:19:13) <%darkgamerGS> ^sup


No. 1 Machop Fan
18th March 2011, 10:17 AM
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(SPPGuest3805) hello
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(Machop_Fan) ishnu-dal-dieb
(SPPGuest7246) kangaskan does way more damage with return
(Machop_Fan) ^
%(moot) Machop_Fan
%(moot) war
%(moot) wat
(Machop_Fan) lol
+(Butterfly|KHReCoded) war
(Machop_Fan) craft
* moot has kicked Butterfly|KHReCoded out of #spp. (war)
(TheGamingGuy) fixed mine by deleting "fallout3.exe.cfg" in the "\steam\steamapps\common\fallout3" directory. I found a fix if anyone wants to know, my screen resolution was set to the wrong one, so i changed it and it worked. some things I found Ram
(tenchi) dragon dancing for an audino...
(tenchi) :[
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(Butterfly|KHReCoded) war
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(Machop_Fan) rofl
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(Butterfly|KHReCoded) war
(Machop_Fan) craft
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Never seen anything like THAT before!!

30th March 2011, 9:40 AM
[18:22] <Noran> Fennel > Skyla >Elesa
[18:22] <Raziel> skyla does enjoy showing...skin...
[18:22] <Raziel> then again
[18:22] <Dragraika> Now Fennel is cute.
[18:22] <Raziel> lol
[18:22] <excy> Juniper and Fennel went to college together
[18:22] <El> I wonder what Skyla and Cedric were doing on that plane....
[18:22] <Noran> lol i am in love with Fennel
[18:22] <Raziel> but juniper looks older than fennel.
[18:22] <excy> draw your own conclusions
[18:23] <Raziel> what the <censored>?
[18:23] <Raziel> lol
[18:23] <Dragraika> Oh good god excy
[18:23] <Dragraika> That's disturbing
[18:23] <excy> it's in the game
[18:23] <Dragraika> and hot

7th April 2011, 5:45 AM
[23:43] * SPPGuest9001 (SPPGuest90@PurpleSurge-384E0F64.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #SPP

Just over 9000.

10th April 2011, 10:14 PM

Best ever.

11th April 2011, 4:10 AM
<Mr-Tummy> The Magic conch shell says no

14th April 2011, 9:43 AM
hehe very nice i like it good stuff for entertainment

15th April 2011, 4:36 PM
(12:00:02) <WiFiGuest7765> wow you can cuss can you stick your hand in your pants and fart while you watch tv poser?

15th April 2011, 9:12 PM

Best ever.
and that is one of the few things i miss about going on chat =(

15th April 2011, 9:21 PM
I don't go to the chat here, but I do go to another place...

[21:28]Person 1: What in tarnation
[21:29]Person 1: What is tarnation?
[21:29]Person 2: Tar Nation.
[21:29]Person 3: ._.

16th April 2011, 2:14 PM
and that is one of the few things i miss about going on chat =(

come back then ._.

No. 1 Machop Fan
19th April 2011, 7:04 AM
(Reaver) attack with massive boner!
(Reaver) ....
(Reaver) bone*
(Reaver) wtf

25th April 2011, 11:41 PM
<@Jirachi> where does an eel's butt start

26th April 2011, 5:47 PM
[11:33:05] Broski: hey guys
[11:33:56] Broski: when's serebii gonna put global link back up

8th May 2011, 4:41 AM
<+Dratini927> my nipples are cold btw
<SPPGuest3403> why
<+Dratini927> no shirt on
<+Dratini927> sunburn
<+JoshYEAH> wowoww
<+JoshYEAH> ok
<+JoshYEAH> tyy for info
<Reaver> lol
<+Dratini927> yw
<+Dratini927> always a pleasure


<SPPGuest3437> How do i evolve my eevee into umbreon in white?
<[]BlackIce> you make it happy at night
<SPPGuest3437> how do u make it happy??
<[]BlackIce> ;)

No. 1 Machop Fan
11th May 2011, 8:20 AM
(super_piplup) when can i get the DW Eeveelution
(Machop_Fan) no-one knows yet
(super_piplup) ok so weres no-one

%(moot) god damn col,.d here
~(Serebii) it's <censored> today
@(Dragonite) I haven't looked outside today
~(Serebii) it's grey
@(Dragonite) I can just see sun
~(Serebii) must be a Ninetales in the area
~ * Serebii shot
@(Dragonite) get out
* Serebii has left #SPP. ( SPP@serebii.net )
(SPPGuest8573) Ha!
* Dragonite sets ban on *!*@serebii.net

14th May 2011, 5:56 AM
<SPPGuest0683> The Pope has issued a proclamation on Michael Jackson. If he hears any more allegations about little boys, the Pope says he'll have no choice but to make him a priest.

Ukulele Pichu
14th May 2011, 7:43 AM
<11DBHK> When life gives you lemons make lemonade...
then find someone whose life has given them vodka and have a party

Flame Mistress
15th May 2011, 10:40 PM
<Flame Mistress> Ok F*** I'm ready!
<Flame Mistress> ...crap
<Flame Mistress> I meant Duck! I'm serious!
<Ducksgomooful> ... you are so dead Flame.

From another forum, but oh well. And I did the full swear word. :|

20th May 2011, 2:20 AM
This is mine xD:
[18:48] <Alfredo3001> *Creams in pain**Smacks Pingouin7 with the dimension*
^Lol best typo EVER!

No. 1 Machop Fan
29th May 2011, 12:15 PM
+(pokemew) I do a crap
(linkin-park) lol
(Machop_Fan) ew
+(pokemew) but it's just SO hard
%(moot) ..
+(pokemew) uhhh
+(pokemew) *GIVE
% * moot sets new quiot
+(pokemew) guys, I give craps ;_;
%(moot) quit
(Machop_Fan) Funny Chat Quotes Thread time! :p
+(pokemew) siiigh

I love being in the right place at the right time! :p

29th May 2011, 11:43 PM
There was a group talking about Final fantasy

[17:42] <Thunderkitty-saphire-> Thunderkitty's internal battery has run dry.

29th May 2011, 11:51 PM
+(pokemew) I do a crap
(linkin-park) lol
(Machop_Fan) ew
+(pokemew) but it's just SO hard
%(moot) ..
+(pokemew) uhhh
+(pokemew) *GIVE
% * moot sets new quiot
+(pokemew) guys, I give craps ;_;
%(moot) quit
(Machop_Fan) Funny Chat Quotes Thread time! :p
+(pokemew) siiigh

There was a group talking about Final fantasy

[17:42] <Thunderkitty-saphire-> Thunderkitty's internal battery has run dry.

itt: doing it wrong

30th May 2011, 1:31 AM
<Luxray> Mods of the chat, hear my prayer. Ban this pile of waste for ten min or an hour.
[19:31] <bfly|crashofthetitans> be quiet!
[19:31] <Secun> Luxray, there is no God listening.
[19:31] <Excel> yes my lord
[19:31] * Excel watches the clouds close
[19:31] <Luxray> ooh I ryhmed
[19:31] <Godot> Guards!
[19:31] <Godot> Take him away!

30th May 2011, 3:26 AM
jesus h christ @ that signature
also rule number 1 of funny quotes is

don't quote yourself

3rd June 2011, 7:22 AM
dubble poast

(03:19:27) <%Fatal> wow i feel so young again
(03:19:49) <%Fatal> I was out with my friend and his little sister and I held a crayon for the first time in 15 years
(03:19:56) <GoombaFan333> huh
(03:20:02) <GoombaFan333> is she hot?
(03:20:06) <%Fatal> dude she's 4

Hatsune Miku
3rd June 2011, 7:57 AM
I hate bidoof I named mine Your turd and when it got KO'd it said your turd got knocked out I nearly wet my self.

not really a chat quote but it is a quote

7th June 2011, 9:56 PM
[18:50] (JoshYEAH) -02:50:03- (@korusan) you know mr. spock from star trek<-- who?
[18:50] (korusan) my ex is like a combination of mr. spock and captain picard from star trek
[18:50] (JoshYEAH) what so she's
[18:50] (JoshYEAH) bald and old?

[18:51] Dratini927 o.O @ this headline
[18:51] Dratini927 Weiner admits lying about lewd photo, won't quit
[18:51] Rave brb food
[18:51] Dratini927 MY WEINER WON'T QUIT

[20:06] (Rave) you just got in, in time for me to bust out a random chat rap
[20:06] (moot) COOL STORY BRO
[20:06] (Rave) enough to show my words can bust a cap
[20:06] (Rave) to all those who dont give a crap
[20:07] (darkgamerGS) Sooooooooo

[11:00] (JoshYEAH) it's just ridiculous that mario games are heralded as some shining light in the gaming abyss
[11:00] (GhostAnime) CoD/Halo have hardly any gaps in sequels
[11:00] (JoshYEAH) when they're just
[11:00] (butterfly) yeah i see that
[11:00] (JoshYEAH) fat man jumps around a lot
[11:01] (JoshYEAH) saves princess
[11:01] (butterfly) they're just well-made games is all
[11:01] (JoshYEAH) sometimes he uses a hose
[11:01] (JoshYEAH) gasp.

[11:26] *** GhostAnime quit (Ping timeout)
[11:26] *** GhostAnime2 is now known as GhostAnime
[11:26] +++ ChanServ has given voice to GhostAnime
[11:26] (GhostAnime) i miss anything
[11:26] (Slip) no
[11:27] (GhostAnime) oh
[11:27] (GhostAnime well
[11:27] (luna) You missed alot
[11:27] (GhostAnime) as i was saying...
[11:27] (luna) the dinosaurs are gone
[11:27] (luna) a velocirapture happened
[11:27] (luna) we lost sarah palin.
[11:27] (GhostAnime) eh foget it the discussion died

12th June 2011, 10:25 PM
<rattatak> hey! why does liepard suck?
<GLaDOS11> it sucks because it has no teeth, otherwise it would chew

Along with

<fibby> always hide your ds if u get in trouble I got a F on my test so my dad released my entire pokemon team


<Dolph_Ziggler> no more pokemon games for me? watch the psvita get the next gen pokemon games

OK Computer
3rd July 2011, 8:00 AM
* Machop_Fan (saw.th@coming.a.mile.away) has left #SPP-Misc (I've decided that I don't like this channel. I shall leave with my pride and will intact.)

11th July 2011, 9:30 PM
* @Amaterasu (Amaterasu@The.Great.August.Kami.who.shines.in.the .Heaven) Quit (Quit: Midna)
* Daphne (Midna@PurpleSurge-D9AD69BA.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #spp
* Daphne (Midna@PurpleSurge-D9AD69BA.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) has left #spp (Rejoining because of user@host change)
* Daphne (DAPHNE@PurpleSurge-D9AD69BA.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #spp
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* Daphne (DAPHNE@TU.ES.UN.VISAGE.DE.JERK) has joined #spp
<&SerebiiBot> [Daphne] (09:36:21) <&Cofagrigus> not that way this ditm nwhbdfwe
* SerebiiBot sets mode: +o Daphne
<@Daphne> oh
<@Daphne> I typed /quit Midna
<@Daphne> instead of /nick Midna
<@Daphne> rofl

No. 1 Machop Fan
14th July 2011, 10:47 AM
(SPPGuest0077) is there any girls to trade
~(Serebii) Sorry, we don't do human trafficking here

EDIT: We just had a small netsplit, but poor butterfly, who has a script that asks a certain question to some visiting staffies, didn't survive :(

* Wildclaw888 has quit (patience.purplesurge.com fortitude.purplesurge.com) ( TheClaw@rage.Wildclaw888 )
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When the netsplit ended a minute later, the script activated three times in quick succession, and this is what resulted:

* ninten has joined #SPP. ( ninten@PurpleSurge-CFC8E526.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com )
* SerebiiBot sets mode +o ninten.
+(sleeperfly) what does nh actually stand for..?
+(sleeperfly) what does nh actually stand for..?
* Mismagius has joined #SPP. ( guesswhat@PurpleSurge-71CD1EFD.hsd1.ma.comcast.net )
+(sleeperfly) what does nh actually stand for..?
* SerebiiBot sets mode +a #SPP Mismagius.
* SerebiiBot sets mode +o Mismagius.
* Rensleepelia sets ban on *!*@butterfly.is.asleep
* Rensleepelia has kicked sleeperfly out of #spp. (Repeating too often! (5 minute ban))

22nd August 2011, 8:51 AM
i got 1
[00:47] <pikachuu> can some1 rate my dnite
[00:47] <Renelia> What's its moves?
[00:48] <pikachuu> surf thunder dragon pluse and hurricane
[00:48] <Kirby> [23:48] <@Renelia> What's its moves? <-- kick, ban, gline, /kill

27th August 2011, 5:22 PM
[11:20] <+Serebii> I have a Volt Tackle Lightningrod Pikachu with Light Ball
[11:20] <+Serebii> Because I'm ****ing Serebii Joe

27th August 2011, 8:57 PM
[11:20] <+Serebii> I have a Volt Tackle Lightningrod Pikachu with Light Ball
[11:20] <+Serebii> Because I'm ****ing Serebii Joe

Then I must be Serebii Joe too then.

14th September 2011, 3:19 AM
[18:15] <tim> charizard who do you think you are tough guy you trying to kick me out like i spilt milk u better man up and throw it down like a wild orangatang buddy boy because i dont take being kicked out kindly cowboy go ahead kick me out again make my day sunshine i could whoop ur phany in a pog battle pokemon battle and even a rumble in a chuck e cheese ball pit anytime anywhere just do it

9th November 2011, 10:36 PM
I don't get sex, so why should my Pokémon - serebii joe, over FB chat

No. 1 Machop Fan
20th December 2011, 12:04 PM
These are some old logs, back when everyone was less mature. :p

[13:17] <SoulSilver97> wow i feel stuipid.....i was looking for terrakion in "challenge's cave" not victory rode lol lol
[13:17] <SPPGuest8556> omg
[13:17] <SPPGuest8556> people don't know the difference between RODE and ROAD!?
[13:17] <Rawr> lol
[13:17] <Reaver> feh
[13:17] <Reaver> -sigh-
[13:17] <SoulSilver97> but i rode, road, close enough
[13:17] <Reaver> close enough!?
[13:17] <Rawr> .....
[13:18] <Reaver> you're not even in the same galaxy!
[13:18] <SPPGuest8556> lol
[13:18] <SoulSilver97> i said close ENOUGH
[13:18] <SoulSilver97> if i type
[13:18] <Reaver> its nowhere near close enough *******
[13:18] <Secun> Oh god.
[13:18] <Reaver> they're two totally different things.
[13:18] <SoulSilver97> victory rode, and victory road, YOU STILL KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT
[13:18] <Reaver> Rode = past tense of ride
[13:18] <Reaver> Road = something you DRIVE ON
[13:18] <Kaerose> rhode = person from d. gray man
[13:18] <SoulSilver97> i am not a *******
[13:18] <Reaver> how <censored> dumb...
[13:19] <Reaver> go back to school and this time dont fail SPECIAL ED english
[13:19] <Reaver> ugh!
[13:19] <SoulSilver97> Rhode, rode, and road, except for the 1st one, you still understand what i am trying to say
[13:19] <Fangirl> Lol'd
[13:19] <YogiBear> Reaver, stop trolling.
[13:19] <Reaver> Bite me derp.
[13:19] <Griggs> Yeah reaver stop trolling QQ
[13:19] <SoulSilver97> i passed english with a 102.6%
[13:19] * Fangirl used Bite! The foe's Reaver flinched!
[13:19] <Rawr> lol he's not trolling

23rd January 2012, 3:30 AM
Aussies are people too!!! Lol J/K the more the merrier!!!!

8th February 2012, 5:42 PM
[16:12:40] <@Legal> it's cooooooooooooooold
[16:24:01] <%Fenix> yeahhh
[16:24:08] <%Fenix> wearing gloves on my right hand atm
[16:24:27] <%Vanille|FFXIII-2> gloves? you have more than one on? :P
[16:31:05] <%Fenix> yes vanille
[16:31:06] <%Fenix> 2
[16:31:12] <%Fenix> on the same hand
[16:35:32] <@Legal> [16:24:08] <%Fenix> wearing gloves on my right hand atm
[16:35:38] <@Legal> .................................................. .................................................. .....
[16:35:45] <@Legal> .........................
[16:35:53] <%Fenix> whatt
[16:35:58] <%Fenix> oh
[16:36:03] <%Fenix> hahaha
[16:36:08] <@Legal> |:o
[16:36:21] <%Fenix> well my skin's damaged so I applied a lot of moisturizer on it
[16:36:26] <@Legal> oh yes you were saying before
[16:36:31] <@Legal> ......my bad :U
[16:36:43] <%Fenix> and to keep it warm and not make everything cream-y I wear globves
[16:36:48] <@Legal> .................


15th February 2012, 8:39 AM
23:36 <%Doroni> Joe
23:36 <%Doroni> might want to ban these
23:36 <%Doroni> as well
23:36 <%Doroni> http://serebiiforums.com/memberlist.php?do=getall
23:36 <~Serebii> you want me to ban every user on the forums?

18th February 2012, 10:13 PM

[20:44:53] <Nagato> Yes, I am horribly offended and buttravaged.
[20:44:59] <@Legal> misread as buttraged
[20:45:08] <@Legal> and honestly like that word a little better
[20:45:17] <%Raikuga> anally anguished
[20:45:21] <@Legal> I'm not just enraged I am BUTTRAGED
[20:45:37] <DLR> I'm 18 tomorrow, and yet I look at this and laugh.
[20:45:43] <Nagato> Rectum Roasted is the best.

[20:49:10] <Joko450|AWDS> rectum roasted
[20:49:14] <Joko450|AWDS> butt raged
[20:49:18] <Joko450|AWDS> anally anguished
[20:49:22] <Joko450|AWDS> lmao...
[20:49:25] <Joko450|AWDS> 8/10
[20:49:36] <%Raikuga> derriere destroyed
[20:49:42] <@Legal> bottom busted
[20:49:47] <Kaison> ...
[20:49:49] <Kaison> wut
[20:50:00] <@Legal> *** annihilated
[20:50:00] <Joko450|AWDS> i don't even know
[20:50:01] * firepokemon is now known as dead
[20:50:02] <Joko450|AWDS> why im laughing
[20:50:04] <Joko450|AWDS> so hard
[20:50:09] <+dead> you bottom talkers are quite disturbing
[20:50:30] <DLR> I find it exciting :)
[20:50:36] <%Raikuga> fanny flogged
[20:50:36] <Joko450|AWDS> backside burned?
[20:50:37] <FlamingDragon> You tell them mr dead person.
[20:50:42] <@Legal> rofl
[20:50:50] <@Legal> rump ravaged
[20:51:11] <Joko450|AWDS> rear raped
[20:51:14] <Joko450|AWDS> ...
[20:51:16] <Joko450|AWDS> wait no
[20:51:17] <%Raikuga> woah
[20:51:19] <%Raikuga> You went too far
[20:51:23] <Nagato> Terrible show old chap.
[20:51:23] <Joko450|AWDS> yeah...
[20:51:26] <DLR> Naughty
[20:51:32] <Oniwaka> At least these guys are articulate. I can't complain.
[20:51:43] <@Legal> patookie pilfered?
[20:51:47] <@Legal> I just stole yo ***
[20:51:52] <Joko450|AWDS> also, i can't think of any other words for
[20:51:54] <Joko450|AWDS> rofl
[20:51:56] <Joko450|AWDS> patookie
[20:51:58] <Joko450|AWDS> what
[20:52:01] <@Legal> it's tagalog I think
[20:52:01] <Oniwaka> Well played.
[20:52:06] <Joko450|AWDS> ...
[20:52:12] * Joko450|AWDS googles synonyms for butt
[20:52:20] <MentalFission> oh gawd
[20:52:24] <DLR> Didn't one of you guys say this place wasn't bad?
[20:52:27] <Nagato> Tushie toasted
[20:52:30] <@Legal> behind betrayed
[20:52:33] <DLR> I think you need to reconsider your position
[20:52:36] <Joko450|AWDS> posterior pwned
[20:53:03] <MentalFission> rofl
[20:53:09] <Kaison> lulz
[20:53:17] <%Raikuga> hindquarters hindered
[20:53:17] <MentalFission> I'm really laughing about all of this
[20:53:19] <MentalFission> harder than I should be
[20:53:23] <@Legal> me too lmao
[20:53:28] <Kaison> I'm not really
[20:53:29] <DLR> ...
[20:53:30] <Joko450|AWDS> there's keister
[20:53:32] <Kaison> It confuses me
[20:53:34] <Joko450|AWDS> i can't think of anything
[20:53:37] <@Legal> uhhhh
[20:53:39] <@Legal> a k word
[20:53:39] <Joko450|AWDS> that goes with that
[20:53:43] <MentalFission> keister knicked?
[20:53:45] <Joko450|AWDS> yeah, there aren't much
[20:53:46] <@Legal> keister kastrated?
[20:53:46] * MentalFission shrug
[20:53:51] <@Legal> that's cheating I think
[20:53:51] <+butterfly> kick?
[20:53:54] <@Legal> KEISTER KICKED
[20:53:55] <+butterfly> knickers?
[20:53:56] <@Legal> there we go
[20:53:58] <MentalFission> rofl
[20:53:58] <%Raikuga> keister kicked
[20:53:59] <Nagato> tooshie toasted?
[20:54:01] <%Raikuga> aww
[20:54:02] <+butterfly> knickers
[20:54:03] <Oniwaka> lol
[20:54:07] <@Legal> raikuga ur 2 slow
[20:54:10] <%Raikuga> NOU
[20:54:11] <Joko450|AWDS> i need to collect all of these
[20:54:13] <Joko450|AWDS> for something
[20:54:16] <Joko450|AWDS> i don't know what yet
[20:54:19] <MentalFission> rofl
[20:54:24] <DLR> You're all very very disturbing
[20:54:26] <DLR> Please continue
[20:54:30] <%Raikuga> haunches launched
[20:54:36] <@Legal> ehhh
[20:54:38] <@Legal> almost
[20:54:42] <Oniwaka> Almost have one for every letter
[20:54:46] <Joko450|AWDS> stern stifled
[20:54:52] <MentalFission> we need a z one
[20:54:52] <@Legal> bum bombed
[20:55:00] <Nagato> fanny harmed
[20:55:05] <@Legal> we had fanny already
[20:55:11] <Oniwaka> Hiney harmed
[20:55:15] <@Legal> yesss
[20:55:37] <@Legal> uuuuuuh
[20:55:41] <DLR> Interesting fact of the moment: This place is meant to be suitable for kids :D
[20:55:43] <%Raikuga> croup chafed
[20:55:51] <@Legal> croup? lo
[20:55:52] <Oniwaka> I apologise.
[20:55:53] <@Legal> l
[20:55:56] <@Legal> DLR it's butts
[20:56:01] <Joko450|AWDS> there are so many words for butt
[20:56:02] <@Legal> this is the most kid appropriate topic ever
[20:56:03] <%Raikuga> i looked at a thesaurus
[20:56:04] <MentalFission> everybody has a butt
[20:56:05] <%Raikuga> :|
[20:56:06] <Nagato> There is a disclaimer when you install your web browser/IRC to be 16+.
[20:56:07] <Joko450|AWDS> behind beaten
[20:56:09] <Nagato> Not our problem.
[20:56:11] <FlamingDragon> How did this even start?
[20:56:18] <%Raikuga> Well
[20:56:22] <Nagato> Legal made a hiney joke.
[20:56:29] <@Legal> when a mommy butt and a daddy butt love each other very much
[20:56:30] <%Raikuga> All of the chat's butts were compressed into a single point
[20:56:34] <%Raikuga> and then there was a big butt bang

[20:57:23] <DLR> Legal, in countries outside of the US, Fanny doesn't refer to butt
[20:57:31] <DLR> It refers to something I don't have
[20:57:42] <@Legal> not everyone here is american ~_~
[20:57:48] <MentalFission> donkey punched
[20:57:48] <Joko450|AWDS> you don't have a butt?
[20:57:51] <Joko450|AWDS> what?

[20:58:04] <MentalFission> I am a Nigerian Prince
[20:58:11] <Joko450|AWDS> how do you unload?
[20:58:13] <Joko450|AWDS> also
[20:58:13] <%Raikuga> wine is measured in butts
[20:58:16] <Oniwaka> Badonkadonk bashed.
[20:58:17] <DLR> I mean, in America, Fanny is butt, but elsewhere, something else
[20:58:18] <Joko450|AWDS> can unloader be a term
[20:58:20] <Joko450|AWDS> for butt
[20:58:22] <@Legal> yes....
[20:58:27] <Joko450|AWDS> Unloader Undone
[20:58:28] <Reaver> yes....
[20:58:28] <@Legal> being outside of america I am aware of this.....
[20:58:28] <%Raikuga> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butt_%28volume%29
[20:58:35] <@Legal> lmao raikuga
[20:58:36] <@Legal> really
[20:58:37] <Reaver> prepare all bungholes for TP
[20:58:39] <Oniwaka> ahahahahaha
[20:58:45] <MentalFission> what in gods name
[20:58:46] <MentalFission> rofl
[20:59:03] <Joko450|AWDS> moon massacred
[20:59:11] <%Raikuga> Tradition has it that George, Duke of Clarence, the brother of Edward IV of England, was drowned in a butt of malmsey on February 18, 1478.
[20:59:11] <Joko450|AWDS> I could go alll dayyyy
[20:59:12] <Reaver> ahhhh
[20:59:14] <Reaver> hell yeah
[20:59:17] <%Raikuga> Somebody drowned ina butt
[20:59:24] <@Legal> what a tragic way to die
[20:59:27] <SPPGuest8688> 4th gen battle pm me
[20:59:28] <MentalFission> a butt of water
[20:59:30] <MentalFission> oh lord
[20:59:32] <@Legal> dude there is a wifi chat
[20:59:34] <@Legal> battle there
[20:59:34] <Joko450|AWDS> dark side damaged

everything must always be interrupted by some random misdirected wifi user

18th March 2012, 1:03 PM
( 08:54:37 pm ) <lulu> i am reading the funny chats thread
( 08:54:57 pm ) <lulu> and it is funny how these "funny quotes" of darkgamergs talking about weird sexual acts
( 08:55:05 pm ) <lulu> are probably just him being serious

1st April 2012, 2:02 PM
[06:55] <Serebii> I love living with my parents
[06:55] <Serebii> it's cheaper
[06:55] <Serebii> plus I get meals cooked for me
[06:55] <Kirby> Serebii is the epitome of lazy
[06:56] <Serebii> hey, I cook for the family at least twice a month
[06:56] <Serebii> I enjoy cooking
[06:56] <Kirby> ...lol
[06:56] <pokemew> clearly
[06:56] <Kirby> I hate cooking
[06:56] <Kirby> I burn everything
[06:56] <pokemew> I cook it right the first time
[06:56] <Serebii> Food just tastes better when someone else made it :p
[06:56] <Kirby> speaking of
[06:56] <pokemew> get overconfident and burn it or undercook it the next time =/
[06:56] <Kirby> I am so making homemade beef soup for dinner tomorrow
[06:57] <Kirby> because vegetable beer is awesome
[06:57] <Kirby> bveer
[06:57] <Kirby> BEEF
[06:57] <Kirby> Piece of crap keyboard

[07:17] <Fenix> reflections really good
[07:17] <Kirby> ¦|
[07:17] <pokemew> Canada or Peru...
[07:17] <moot> ©|
[07:17] <Kirby> CYCLOPS
[07:17] <Fenix> ͍|
[07:17] <moot> ¦(
[07:17] <Guest43514> canada
[07:17] <Guest43514> screw peru
[07:18] <Fenix> 。|
[07:18] <Kirby> A cyclops with a birth defect?
[07:18] <moot> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rZKodKboyo
[07:18] <Fenix> を|
[07:18] <moot> @ fenix
[07:18] <Fenix> lmao
[07:18] <moot> °(
[07:19] <Kirby> whoa god
[07:19] <moot> 。(
[07:19] <Guest43514> i think we should all listen to hi hi puffy amiyuki
[07:19] <Guest43514> or whatever it's called
[07:19] <Kirby> I am laughing irl at those faces
[07:19] <moot> 。 °(
[07:19] <Kirby> LMAO
[07:19] <moot> :downs:
[07:19] <Kirby> it's like that dude from the goonies
[07:19] <moot> heh
[07:19] <Fenix> An error occurred. Please try again later.
[07:19] <Fenix> screw you yutube
[07:20] <Gaylen50> I hate when that message appears
[07:20] <Fenix> ロ|
[07:20] <moot> ਙ
[07:20] <moot> ×(
[07:20] <Fenix> monocle cylcops
[07:20] <moot> lmao
[07:20] <Kirby> looks for like lego face cyclops
[07:20] <Kirby> more*
[07:20] <Kirby> ghghghghghghghgh
[07:21] <moot> ╪(
[07:21] <Fenix> い|
[07:21] <Kirby> the hell
[07:21] <Kirby> I do not even have words to describe those

[07:19] <Kirby> it's like that dude from the goonies
[07:19] <moot> heh
[07:19] <Fenix> An error occurred. Please try again later.
[07:19] <Fenix> screw you yutube
[07:20] <Gaylen50> I hate when that message appears
[07:20] <Fenix> ロ|
[07:20] <moot> ਙ
[07:20] <moot> ×(
[07:20] <Fenix> monocle cylcops
[07:20] <moot> lmao
[07:20] <Kirby> looks for like lego face cyclops
[07:20] <Kirby> more*
[07:20] <Kirby> ghghghghghghghgh
[07:21] <moot> ╪(
[07:21] <Fenix> い|
[07:21] <Kirby> the hell
[07:21] <Kirby> I do not even have words to describe those
[07:21] <moot> ╪╪╪╪╪
[07:21] <Kirby> THAT IS A LADDER
[07:21] *** Midna sets mode +b on *!*@lint.licker
[07:21] <moot> ╊╊╊╊╊
[07:21] *** Kirby sets mode -b on *!*@lint.licker
[07:21] <moot> ∩_∩
[07:21] <Kirby> shoots and ladders
[07:21] <Fenix> ٰ|
[07:21] <Guest43514> lets play o's and x's7
[07:22] <moot> ∩o
[07:22] <Guest43514> áéíóú
[07:22] <Kirby> <(-^_^-)> Kirby :>
[07:22] <moot> ᶑ
[07:22] <Fenix> ☼|
[07:22] <moot> ᶑ-_-∩]
[07:22] <Fenix> ≈|
[07:23] <Kirby> ʘ‿ʘ
[07:23] <moot> LMAO
[07:23] <Fenix> ˘|
[07:23] <moot> everytime
[07:23] <Gaylen50> lol
[07:23] <moot> jhhahaah
[07:23] <Kirby> Dude why does one eye look HUGE on my screen
[07:23] <Fenix> §|
[07:23] <Kirby> but the other eye is teeny
[07:23] <Fenix> §_§
[07:23] <moot> 餠ꂹ52♦긁5
[07:23] <Fenix> ‼
[07:23] <Fenix> HAH
[07:23] <Fenix> ‼!‼
[07:24] <moot> ꂹ_ꂹ
[07:24] <Fenix> lmao
[07:24] <Kirby> ಥ_ಥ
[07:24] <Fenix> ˝_˝
[07:24] <pokemew> stupid question
[07:24] <Kirby> ❀◕‿◕❀
[07:24] <Fenix> ☻|
[07:24] <moot> ___
[07:24] <pokemew> which countries in Europe only speak English, apart from England?
[07:24] <Fenix> ☻ ☻ ☻
[07:24] <Fenix> ireland
[07:24] <Fenix> for you lulu
[07:24] <Fenix> ☻
[07:25] <Fenix> ☻☺
[07:25] <Serebii> Fenix - Irish also speak Gaelic
[07:25] <Kirby> ㋡
[07:25] *** SPPGuest1424 has joined #SPP
[07:25] <Fenix> well isnt their 1st language english
[07:25] <pokemew> do they often speak Gaelic?
[07:25] <Kirby> ☠
[07:25] <Michele> Scotland
[07:25] <Fenix> シ
[07:25] <Fenix> ツ
[07:25] <Fenix> ツ ッ
[07:26] <moot> ஌
[07:26] <Serebii> Scotland also speaks Gaelic
[07:26] <Acre> If you change rotoms form can you cange it back to regular rotom?
[07:26] <Michele> yep
[07:26] <Kirby> o(╥﹏╥)o
[07:26] <Fenix> rofl
[07:26] <moot> loooool
[07:26] <pokemew> but do they really speak it much
[07:26] <moot> ____________
[07:26] <moot> <|_________|>
[07:26] <moot> baby whale
[07:26] <Kirby> SQUARE HEAD
[07:26] <Kirby> LMAO
[07:26] *** Midna sets mode +b on *!*@lint.licker
[07:26] *** SPPGuest1424 is now known as Krypto
[07:27] <Kirby> oh my god that autocorrect
[07:27] <Kirby> I laughed for hours at that thing
[07:27] <Fenix> ( ゚Д゚) ┐ = "GET OFF MY LAWN"
[07:27] *** bobandbill sets mode +b on *!*@So.Zetta.Slow
[07:27] *** Fenix sets mode -b on *!*@So.Zetta.Slow
[07:27] *** Fenix sets mode -b on *!*@lint.licker
[07:27] <Fenix> (*´Д`)
[07:27] <Kirby> ╔═══╗ ♪
[07:27] <Kirby> ║███║ ♫
[07:27] <Kirby> ║ (●) ♫
[07:27] <Kirby> ╚═══╝♪♪
[07:27] <Fenix> lol I feel like flowton
[07:27] <Kirby> ipod
[07:27] <Fenix> haha
[07:28] <Gaylen50> lol
[07:28] <Fenix> your ipod
[07:28] <Fenix> has grown a face
[07:28] <Kirby> it got mutilated
[07:28] <moot> ,(`3`),
[07:28] <Serebii> pokemew - they speak it as much as the Welsh speak Welsh
[07:28] <Kirby> LOL
[07:28] <moot> i am flowton irl
[07:28] <Serebii> which is never
[07:28] <Fenix> (*≧▽≦)
[07:28] <Fenix> LOL
[07:28] <Fenix> (ヾ(´・ω・`)
[07:28] <Kirby> what
[07:28] <Kirby> is that
[07:28] <moot> ʚ_ʚ
07:28] <Fenix> wtf
[07:28] <Fenix> ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
[07:29] <Kirby> looks like a pig with...
[07:29] <Kirby> 8U
[07:29] <Fenix> it is supposed to be dancing
[07:29] <Kirby> lmao
[07:29] <Fenix> (。_゜)
[07:29] <Fenix> (*・_・)ノ⌒*
[07:30] <moot> ◟▽ノ
[07:30] <Fenix> (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)
[07:30] <Fenix> \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
[07:30] <Fenix> i feel gay
[07:30] <Kirby> :I
[07:30] <pokemew> <~Serebii> pokemew - they speak it as much as the Welsh speak Welsh <--- doesn't help
[07:30] <Kirby> I know that feeling
[07:30] <pokemew> oh
[07:30] <Fenix> (*・)σσσ(*゜Д゜*)
[07:30] <Kirby> whut
[07:30] <Kirby> looks bad
[07:30] <Kirby> ;(
[07:31] <Fenix> ζ~(∂_∂)~ζ
[07:31] <Fenix> fishing: (*^_^;)_o/━━━━━━>゚)))≫彡 ~ ~ ~
[07:31] <moot> ȣ_lj
[07:31] <Rainbow-Dash> Do any pokemon have more than one pre-evolution?

[07:32] <Serebii> no
[07:32] <Fenix> lmao the description of this one says "st valentine"
[07:32] <Fenix> ー(>ω<*)ノノ田♥
[07:32] <Fenix> wth
[07:32] <Rainbow-Dash> Thanks
[07:32] <moot> Ϫ_Ϫ

29th May 2012, 5:58 AM
( 01:47:15 pm ) <Kea> Omg brony
( 01:47:20 pm ) <Kea> *Bro hoof*
( 01:49:35 pm ) * Fluttershy brohoofs Kea
( 01:49:41 pm ) <Kea> yes
( 01:49:44 pm ) <Fluttershy> sisterhoofs really
( 01:49:47 pm ) <Fluttershy> :L
( 01:49:55 pm ) <Fluttershy> (\
( 01:49:58 pm ) <Cynical_Cyndaquil> retardhoofs

30th May 2012, 12:09 PM
[03:05] <@moot> reaver
[03:05] <@moot> look how huge iam
[03:05] <@moot> http://i.imgur.com/3PIHz.jpg
[03:06] <~Serebii> take it to private

4th June 2012, 5:52 AM
20:48 -!- mode/#SPP-WiFi [+b *!*@Removing.The.Threat] by moot
20:48 -!- Irssi: This [*!*@Removing.The.Threat] ban affects: [NotSora]
20:48 -!- NotSora was kicked from #SPP-WiFi by moot [moot]

21st August 2012, 4:18 PM
[18:40:01] * Disconnected
[18:42:56] * Attempting to rejoin channel #spp-misc
[18:42:57] * Rejoined channel #spp-misc
[18:42:57] * Topic is '#SPP-Gasman: Tita Gasman is out! Download it here: http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/202935/download | When in doubt: http://bit.ly/NxmbWT | Game of Thrones S3 confirmed to prermiere on March 31, 2013 (brb cryosleep)'
[18:42:57] * Set by JoshYEAH on Tue Aug 21 05:15:48
[18:42:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao Fenix Fenix
[18:43:09] <&moot> what did you think frenix
[18:43:45] <&moot> o
[18:43:57] <~JoshYEAH> ]i
[18:44:00] <~JoshYEAH> <disconnect>
[18:44:03] <~JoshYEAH> <connect>
[18:44:04] <~JoshYEAH> thought
[18:44:05] <~JoshYEAH> <disconnect>
[18:44:06] <~JoshYEAH> <connect>
[18:44:08] <~JoshYEAH> it was
[18:44:09] <~JoshYEAH> <disconnect>
[18:44:10] <&moot> wh
[18:44:11] <~JoshYEAH> <connect>
[18:44:18] <~JoshYEAH> really pretty damn
[18:44:19] <&Fenix> lmao
[18:44:19] <~JoshYEAH> <disconnect>
[18:44:20] <~JoshYEAH> <connect>
[18:44:22] <~JoshYEAH> good
[18:44:25] <~JoshYEAH> fenix.txt

1st October 2012, 5:09 PM
[21:22:05] <SPPGuest3085> im sorry fenix but chad kroger and avirl lavigne just got married so we can now put them in the same category as other musical power couples like john lennon and yoko ono and kurt cobain and courtney love so that means chad kroger and avril lavigne are the john lennon and yoko ono of our time

27th June 2013, 8:35 PM
Lolz these are funny