View Full Version : My Alakazam.

16th April 2007, 3:33 AM
I was wondering why my Alakazam doesn't have max speed when it has perfect IVs in speed? It's already at level 100 And I EV trained it perfectly. Could it be because I didn't give 252 EVs in Speed? I only put 129. I didn't use the calculator, but I used the old man in Emerald to figure out what its best IV is.

16th April 2007, 3:43 AM
The Alakazam's speed would be he higher if you put the full 252 EV's into it. Also, EV's level a stat up in multiples of 4. So for each 4 EV's, that stat goes up a level when you grow a level. 4 doesn't go into 129 evenly, so that's kind of wasting an EV. (You could bring it up to 132 than lower the other one down to 120) That won't do much good now that he's lvl 100, but his speed wont be lowered that much from that (30 points total)

The Mighty Wurmple
16th April 2007, 3:56 AM
He already has high enough Speed in my opinion. Use Modest with 252 SATk/ 252 SPD/ 4 Whatever (Not attack though)