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I am bored
16th April 2007, 4:26 PM
http://www.dragonflycave.com/wpay.aspx"><img src="http://www.vilhjalmur.com/butterfree/yatyranitar.jpg" alt="I am a Tyranitar!" title="Find out what Pokémon you are at The Cave of Dragonflies"></a>

I am bored
16th April 2007, 4:27 PM
darn it didn't work >_<

16th April 2007, 6:10 PM
Was it something for us to rate? Next time make sure you preview before posting.

I am bored
16th April 2007, 9:46 PM
sorry about that

16th April 2007, 9:49 PM
id like to find out who i am lol, give a regular link

17th April 2007, 4:37 AM
If you're trying to see if an image will show up or something, try using your Signature for that. You can preview your sig.