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Arena Tycoon
20th April 2007, 3:08 PM
I need some advise/help.

I want to breed for a Chansey. But not a normal one. I want it to have Natural Cure as trait, Bold as Nature, Aromatherapy as Egg Move, and a 31 IV in SDef and HP. How can I do this most effective?

I found out that because it is only female, I can't use Ditto, because I then will not pass over Aromatherapy...

I have a Chansey, a Roselia with AT, 2 Ditto's with 31 IV's in SDef and HP, and a Bold Ditto with Everstone. Oh, and I'm using Emerald.

Help please!

20th April 2007, 3:24 PM
You will have to pass on the flawless IVs from Ditto on to Roselia. Hatch until you obtain Male Roselia with the two flawless stats. Level it up until you get Aromatherapy.

Hatch a Bold Chansey using the Everstone Trick.

Then breed
- Bold Chansey (with Everstone attached) and
- Male Roselia with Aromatherapy and flawless stats

While hatching, you may get a Bold Chansey with one of the flawless stats. Replace the mother with that baby. Then continue breeding. Eventually you will get you Bold Chansey with flawless HP & SDef and Aromatherapy. Abilities are random. There is no way to influence them.

Arena Tycoon
21st April 2007, 12:10 AM
Ah, I didn't looked at it that way.

I think this will do. Thanks a lot!

21st April 2007, 12:36 AM
Ah, the everstone trick only work on Ditto. Too bad. :(

22nd April 2007, 11:49 AM
Everstone trick works on the mother as well.