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23rd April 2007, 1:28 AM
I checked my pokemons hidden powers on a kecleon they seem kinda weak but they have a good type. how can i find out exactly how strong without calculating ivs?

23rd April 2007, 5:37 AM
IIRC, Hidden Power is always a 60-70 power..

23rd April 2007, 6:36 AM
No, it's a 30-70 power attack.

23rd April 2007, 10:46 AM
well how do u find out how strong it is?

23rd April 2007, 1:26 PM
Only by using IVs, i'm afraid.

23rd April 2007, 3:50 PM
But if you don`t know your ivs, try using some attack of the same type, then using hidden power, lets say you use tackle on a Wurmple, then you use tackle, if its the same dmg, then its a bse of 35.

23rd April 2007, 6:37 PM
would it be worth having even with a low power? my raichus hp is grass whiscash n golem have ice and magmar has dragon but they hardly hurt a kecleon 5 - 10 levels lower

24th April 2007, 7:09 AM
No, if it has lower power then 60 i wouldnt keep it.

24th April 2007, 8:14 AM
use the hidden power calculator on the main site

The Mighty Wurmple
24th April 2007, 8:17 AM
It's easier to fight a Kecleon.